Why Mercedes' F1 Car is Unbeatable

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    Mercedes AMG Petronas has the most wins out of any F1 team of the last Decade. With 6 back to back World Constructors Championships and a 7th on the way (lets be honest), the Toto Wolff pack has been smashing the competition. It's not just the talents of Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg, and Valtteri Bottas that have been getting the Silver Arrows the points though. Each of the V6 turbo hybrid era Mercedes F1 cars has been a dominant machine. In this video Jeremiah is going to dive deep into the tech of what makes the Mercedes AMG Petronas team so fast. From their unique approach to aerodynamics, to engine cooling, to the wild innovations that they've brought to the track. If you want to find out how the Mercedes keeps on winning, this is the place.
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    1. plrndl

      Excellent summary of the technical details; however there is another factor not mentioned. The Mercedes team is not just Hamilton, Wolfe, and a few brilliant engineers. Mercedes have a strength in depth that is not matched by any other team. There have been many times in recent years, where a particular combination of circumstances has given Ferrari (or occasionally another team) the upper hand. What usually happens is that someone somewhere in the "lower orders" makes a mistake and puts a virtual spanner in the works. And Mercedes wins again. In a high level sport (or any other activity), mistakes are inevitable. Mercedes makes far fewer mistakes than its rivals.

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    8. Muhammad Kiru

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    9. Musiq

      Clickbait u guys suck. Leave the F1 stuff to the F1 experts

    10. ninjaswordtothehead

      I just want one chance to prove I am the slowest professional F1 driver.

    11. akanephysic

      Using petronas syntium 3000 oil for my car. Ok ish

    12. Repulse CraMeZ

      I bet Haas f1 team is watching this Bet they will be champions this 2021 season🤔

    13. Smokey Yunick

      Only F1 car IMHO on performance that can match the merc, would be the two red Bull rb35’s I think there called, Verstappen’s a pretty good driver IMO I’m not sure about Alex I’m glad they didn’t go with Lando Norris he’s a young cocky jackass, the stroke on an F1 piston is only 44mm that like that’s a super short stroke and they built at operating temps so when the engine is cold it’s locked up it cants be turned over till they warm the engine up, and why they can rev to about 14000rpm, it helps them corner and stay stable and get higher speeds on the straights with 0 toe your gonna get the fastest speed possible by your car

    14. Samurai Army

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      It's petronas oil that give mercedes win f1 looks at motogp to when petronas sponsor yamaha give rossi,Lorenzo and marbodeli wins .

    21. Skeelar Peelar

      Mans really trolled me by giving me an add at 4:11 .....why😭😭

    22. Stephen W

      If you put Lewis Hamilton in a McLaren this year, it’s pretty safe to say he’d still be winning a championship.

    23. Stephen W

      That car is not unbeatable.

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    32. Mary Blood

      literally right when he said the thing about ads one came up at the very same moment

    33. Mr Confused

      The timing of the midroll thooo 😂😂

    34. Rushikesh Kamlapati

      It's not the car. It wasn't only car. It's the driver that matters. Hamilton is best of the best. If you think Mercedes is the best why doesn't bottas win every race?

    35. Mester Orange

      Mercedes is after all the greatest ever brand on motorsport history! doesn't matter where the silver arrows arrive, they WILL win

    36. Hunter Andrews

      I got a double ad as soon as you said “then the ad comes in”

    37. Richard

      breaking doen their car is like exposing their secrets bruh

    38. The champ

      It’s crazy to think a team will have to be more dominant than Mercedes and have a better driver than Lewis to beat all the records that they have

    39. kok bricks

      Potterheads be like: wow petronus muggles these days

    40. Parth Savyasachi

      Turbulent air is very important and wanted at certain places for reducing drag. For example golf ball its turbulence that reduces the drag not the laminar air.

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    46. Best shade of green

      Are there any electric f1 teams?

    47. Alpha

      My man really does look like Chase Stokes!

    48. mozac s

      Conspiracy theory

    49. Quicksilver_Cookie

      It's money. Really that simple. For years Mercedes have been enjoying the positive feedback loop from their success. It will take FIA years to unfuck the situation they've created where small teams are set for failure from the beginning.

    50. BC XII

      @Donutmedia Why does F1 only use Mercedes as a safety car?

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    52. James Nicholls

      also with the engine you missed out the thimble device that is around the spark plug. also increases efficiency by having the mixture be very lean in the cylinder but very rich around the spark plug. you get a very even explosion and less wear on the engine. Honda used a version in the first ccvc using a carburettor, when it was found out Honda were the laughing stock of the F1 Paddock, as they did not use it in their own engine. watch the wheeler dealers episode about it as edd explains it

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    62. Enoch Mogusu

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    63. Ado Box

      There are no such things as an unbeatable car. It will be beaten, as it has happened to any dominant car so far.

    64. Alex Xander

      They weren't always that good with aerodynamics, at all. trlocal.info/u/video/l2dokszdv3zQnoQ


      I used to follow f1 but Mercedes kept win and It got boring to watch.

    66. Sandy Wijaya

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    77. Saturn Turik

      I want to see elon musk have a try at innovating an f1 car

    78. Tomasz Kusmierz

      Toe in Toe out adjustments provides major improvements in braking / corner handling / straight line efficiency. This solution was already proven and tested on Williams where lifting and lowering a wheel would alter not only camber but also toe angle allowing for superior straight line performance that competition could not understand at the time. Also altho Merc defends them self that this is only adjusted by steering wheel, I bet that there is a controller that assists driver through every corner .... after all, not only audi did "diesel gate".

    79. Cal

      this was uploaded on my birthday

    80. 1989 Dodge Daytona ES

      My summer car sfx scattered through vid thats nice

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    86. Benjamin Boyle

      I don't think it's going to be that long before they take the drivers out of the f1 cars entirely. They'll all be driven by AI. Unlike most I think this is a good thing because it will do away with the illusion that having the better driver matters all that much.

    87. Nate Harris

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    96. ahmad syafiq

      petronas is from malaysia and i love it❤️❤️

    97. notfiveo

      Mercedes uses antigravity.

    98. Tiefsa Jr

      I think that f1 cars could lose weight by sealing the frame and pressurizing it with helium to loose weight

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