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    Sebastian Vettel starts the 2016 Formula 1 season with the maximum enthusiasm after a great first year in red in the Scuderia Ferrari. 3 wins, 13 podiums and third place in the drivers championship are reasons enough to thinking into do the final step this season: To fight for the Formula 1 World Championship against Mercedes and their drivers: Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton. Vettel worked really hard during the pre season testing and in the factory, along to the team, to make true his biggest dream, to be champion with the Cavallino Rampante. A second year in red for Sebastian Vettel to fight for the glory, or not...
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    1. FLoz

      Thanks for waiting. I hope you enjoy the second year in red for Sebastian. Just remember you help me a lot to keep creating more videos like this supporting this channel on Patreon: 📣 FANS Alex Pearce, Conner, Da Ju, Hellaseeb, Ioannis Spanias, Klaas Kramer, Kryštof Ledl, Lewis Levy, Malav Shah, neev mehta, Priscilla Bailey, Quentin Laroche, Richard Williams, Roy Fernley

      1. Jraybay

        It's a good time to release this my friend. Obviously Vettels time at Ferrari is over but it's good to look back at what he achieved there

    2. JustForFun

      I love SF16-H

    3. Femke van Kooten.

      I like this a lot, focusing on one driver instead of all. I would watch all years with nearly every driver haha.

    4. Femke van Kooten.

      Oh gosh I love this. Amazing. Thanks for making this

      1. FLoz

        I'm glad you like it

    5. dev ravi

      aah sebbbbbbbbbb

    6. Isaías CDMX

      Por favor saca un resumen del mundial de 2018 de Vettel vs Hamilton.

      1. FLoz

        ¡En 2020 empecé a hacerlo! aquí puedes ver la primera parte del documental dividida en varios episodios:

    7. Sbin

      Can you do 2016 rosberg vs ham

      1. FLoz

        I made it! In this video I explain how you can watch it:

    8. Howard Hsiao

      That was actually a much better season than I remembered

    9. Maxi F


    10. Federico -.-

      I've never seen Seb raging so much like in 2016

    11. Benny Lloyd-Willner

      I haven't seen half of this yet, but I just have to say: Great work once again mate! 🏆🏆🏆

      1. FLoz

        Thank you Benny! 👍

    12. John Simon Wijaya

      still.. kimi raikkonen is their last world champion (:

    13. Alternatiflos

      Can’t quite understand how anybody likes Max.

    14. Sama

      Awesome work !

    15. Michael Gager

      We need this for all his years in red

    16. Konsta Sedneff

      ..... Vettel in Green coming soon😉👉

    17. Micky Munns


    18. Krwler

      Funny thing, I was showing my brother why I like the song 'Stay' (because it reminds me of Vettel because of the first video) so I searched 'First Year in Red' and this video came up. Thanks again, FLoz.

      1. Krwler

        @FLoz your work got me back into F1 after not watching for ten years. Keep it up, bro.

      2. FLoz

        That's awesome! Thanks for sharing this amazing experience! I used the "stay" song at the beggining of the second year in red because I knew many people loved it, so you are a perfect example of that :)

    19. Berk Ç.

      *Please make Kimi Raikönnen version of this.*

    20. João Pinto

      Amazing driver, long lost team. Great jod mate!

    21. Bermuda5107

      can you do a video about the 2010 championship

    22. Bill Weeks

      21:02 Funny how people forget that Nico was a front runner at one time.

    23. Ronak Vora

      Don't usually subcsribe and wait on content by many creators, but you're one of them. Big fan of your work and it's been a great way to get my friends into F1 and help them get the context with history! Top notch buddy! Onwards and upwards :) @FLoz

      1. FLoz

        This is fantastic! Thank you so much and welcome!

    24. Troll486

      Vettel going to pits 2016: QUICK, END THAT VSC!!! Hamilton going to pits 2020: QUICK, GET THAT VSC!!!

      1. Troll486

        additional info: joke

    25. Sathyanarayan I

      The seagulls man... i tell you... the bloody seagulls...

    26. Ddub1083


    27. Sindhu Sojan

      Ferrari: “that’s the only way that we can undercut SOMEONE” *Strategy 100*

    28. Sindhu Sojan

      I think that torpedo incident in China wasn’t Kvyat’s fault, It was Vettel’s awareness which caused the incident

    29. Kinloch Van Der Spuy

      Love your work, its Art. From South Africa

      1. FLoz

        Thank you! All the best for South Africa!

    30. EmirhaN

      Cant wait the vettel third year in red great work

    31. RJ 29 GAMING

      Be great to see Hamilton first year in f1

    32. thejoeyg

      5:41 to this day I cant think of a more gangster move in the pitlane

    33. Dan Tickner

      Awesome job! Vettel drove brilliantly that year, but bad luck, missed opportunities and mediocre results meant his season descended into pure frustration. You captured it all! It was nice to see him smiling in the final interview, talking up his chances for next year.

    34. henshin587

      heh seb goes to complain to christian about kvyat, 10:45

    35. Will Hapgood

      Please do one for Vettel in 2020

    36. bro Nas

      Bless you for putting the seagull bit in there :D

    37. Sander Haugerud

      the video we needed, but not what we deserved

    38. Paul

      Hey floz, the video is just perfect, like every other videos of your content. Just amazing. Keep it up. We are loving it!! But where can I find the race highlights from 2016 with the commentary of David Croft?

    39. andrew Johnson

      This is Good ,,,Awsome Edit,,, watched F1 Netflix and this is on par,,keep up the good work

      1. FLoz

        Wow, thanks

    40. Roman Kovac

      Baaam!!! Another one. Thank you man.

      1. FLoz

        Any time!

    41. AREEB


    42. DSV5

      Movies of 2010 and 2012 season would be cool a lot, we got many contenders for the championship tittle.

    43. dudbike

      Nice! Would be good if you included points and finishing position instead of just going on to the next race. Keep up the good work.

      1. FLoz

        Thanks! I decided don't do it because Vettel was not in a position to fight for the title in any moment, but thanks for your advice!

    44. Martinsthetics

      10:36 Is that sutil?

    45. Kirill

      2016 started out with such a trash quali system, cars not going out at the end of Q3 lmao

    46. CyrilTheSquirrel 92


    47. LWHM

      Amazing content man, thanks so much for putting in the time and effort great video

      1. FLoz

        Glad you enjoyed it!

    48. Hermann26

      7:29 Vettel couldn't admit he was surprised by Kvyat being on the inside because he hadn't seen him is the part I don't like about Seb the most - the only bit I don't like about him tbh. Everyone quoting this, so I got this for you: "If you no longer go for a gap that is there, you are no longer a racing driver." Seb's fault, he crashed into Kimi, Kvyat was allowed to be there. His overreaction triggered Kvyat being kicked and Red Bull needed a stupid reason to fire him. And yet, Verstappen will never be champion with Red Bull.

      1. Sourojeet Dasgupta

        Kvyat got demoted for 9:52

    49. SandalphonCPU • 210 years ago

      Won’t be a Seb-era Ferrari without the unreasonable strategies

    50. Tuno Vettel7

      That Ferrari from 2016 SF6-H was very bad 😟, But again Nico won the title of world champion 2016! 😍

    51. TubeFake07

      Great Video 👍🏻♥️

    52. Vasu Mistry

      Liked your video before wattching :) Amazing as always

    53. Saiye Rugara


    54. Shadow

      2:22 well I think I have seen this uncountable times now. Great work Ferrari, great work.

    55. flint

      26:25 in 2020 he wouldn't have said "verstappen" but instead "we are looking"

    56. Yoffo Lippo

      fantastic video!! a few ideas for movies if you need them: -kimi räikkönen 2007 -lewis hamilton 2007 -the whole of 2010 -the whole of 2012

    57. JustForFun

      Nice, you used on the start the same music as on the end of 2015 video. Touching after 6 years :)

      1. FLoz

        Hey :) You know! I made it after reading your comments in the 2015 video, I know people love the song.

    58. Nicholas Ciconi

      Vetstapen:Sebastian hit Nico like an idiot. Also Vetstapen:THINGS SEBASTIAN SAY ON RADIO SHOWS NO RESPECT FOR ANYONE ,HE NEED TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL Me:What?😂😂🤦‍♂️

      1. Semick

        Yeah... Verstappen back then was too inmature for any interview or press conference and he still pointed finger at others. Glad he acts much better now

    59. Terence Ortigoza

      What music is this 45:29

      1. Markok

        Bsharry - Karma (feat. The Easton Ellises) FLoz chooses great credits tracks and even connects ending of First Year in Red with start of Second Year in Red :P

      2. Terence Ortigoza

        Yeah but which one song exactly

      3. FLoz

        In the description of this video it's the list with all music of the documentary

    60. Philth- E

      Max, talking about bad language? LOL!

      1. Troll486

        Phi, ok delete your comments, run away

      2. Troll486

        XD mature Yeah he is more mature, while having an interview. In the cockpit its the same guy

      3. Troll486

        And? As if he changed xD

      4. Troll486

        bwoah, I can't understand how can anybody like him

      5. Sindhu Sojan

        @Nirwanda M not as a teacher lol

    61. IBleedChrome


    62. Dylan Dan Bheekha

      U can tell in 2016 vettel was starting to get frustrated already

      1. Sbin

        Ye 2018 really hit him hard tho

    63. Dylan Dan Bheekha

      Ferrari is just weird, too many races where they messed up, 2016 could have been at least 2 wins for seb (Australia and Canada) and a third place in Monaco but Ferrari ruined everything with strategy, they also screwed seb in Bahrain with engine failure, 2017 Ferrari messed up Spain, silverstone, Malaysia an japan which cost vettel, 2018 was mainly on vettel, 2019 Ferrari threw away Bahrain, Germany, Russia, Mexico with strategy, these mistakes plus drivers mistake cost around 10 wins per season which Ferrari didn’t get, Ferrari needs two strong drivers and two strong cars with strong strategies to win the the title again

    64. Semick

      I'm glad that camera angle finally shows what's in front of the car. A bit at least

    65. They Race Me So Hard

      Two minutes in and Ferrari are messing up Seb’s pit stop... :(

    66. They Race Me So Hard

      I miss Rosberg

    67. leutrim topalli

      This just goes to show what a quality driver vettel is

    68. juan bardelli

      I haven't seen it yet, but i'm sure it would be great as always! Greetings from Argentina!

      1. FLoz

        Hope you enjoy it!

    69. Kieran Armstrong

      Can u do a series on vettels years at red bull this year

      1. devilz user00

        And last 3 years? That wolud be the best! :D

      2. - Neero

        i hope he can, its just sweet if he can do that...

      3. Saiye Rugara

        Would be sweet!

    70. rolf ski

      Max confirmed being the ultimate Seb 2016 bully

    71. mohammad ebrahimi

      i am glad to see that ferrari still has the exact problem in pitstop after 5 years, what a bunch of wankers!!!

    72. JERRY_Sim

      300th like, an honor

    73. Jan J. Raab

      Hamilton and Seb are so kind to each other 😂

    74. Ramon Perez Galera

      Nunca cerré las clases online tan rápido jajajaja Floz, grande laboro!!! Grazie ragazzi!!!

      1. FLoz

        Jajaja gracias Ramón!

    75. Victor Nag


    76. Sivasubramanian Narasimhan

      38:26 I have never seen a team principal so passionate for their driver. The combination of Maurizio and Seb would have got Ferrari the title. Hard luck ! As usual a great upload Floz !! Thank You !!

      1. DSV5

        @JustForFun Because it was either that way Ferrari 2019 engine to Mercedes and imagine the 2019 engine with that aero and chassis, mercedes would be untouchable(like they are not) the engine in 2019 it wasnt never confirmed to be illegal it is just mercedes exploited plotholes(lets call it like that) and had better engine then all other teams, i mean they worked on the engine and fia just decided to ban the 2019 engine just like 2020 das in mercedes, soem teams exploit that silver stuffs in F1 and some people consider them as illegal because they are working pretty fine for the team own benefit, and this is what were the rumours binotto to go in mercedes if maurizio stayed as TP and also after marchionne dead mid season of 2018 they team started to struggle, hope i explained it a bit to you

      2. JustForFun

        He was so passionate for Kimi also, they were good friends. Maurizio was a truly leader for Ferrari, I still don't get it why they fired him for this clown.

      3. Jex Koo

        Yeah Binotto sucks

    77. Kieran Armstrong

      Great again I still think if it wasn’t vettel that kvyat hit he wouldn’t have lost his drive

    78. Vitor Ferreira

      The amount of mechanical failures he had this season, alongside team strategy blunders was unbelievable... It was almost impossible to face that 2016 Mercedes, but he could've gotten win in Australia and Canada with his amazing starts if not for team strategy error (and also bad timing of the VSC ending). Splitting both Red Bulls with 4 DNFs more than Ricciardo (and the Red Bull was the better car for most of the season, especially in the 2nd half) was good enough IMO. A solid season, not bad, but not that magnificent either unlike his 2015 and 2017 seasons in Red.

    79. seb

      fucking masterpiece

    80. Chief Reef

      Let’s gooo

    81. Danieo Bohorquez

      Bro, your job is just amazing, a great hug from Colombia.

      1. FLoz

        Thank you so much 😀

    82. Rahil Arora

      You, Sir, are a Legend

    83. Panda

      Amazing work. I love it. I enjoyed the fact that it starts with the song that ended the first one. But again, very well done 👍

      1. FLoz

        Yes! Exactly. It's a connection I dedicated to veteran subs and fans of vettel first year in red :)

    84. Fabian Regener

      Sebastian who?

    85. Dreamy

      Ferarri treated Seb like a used condom 😔

    86. B3ARStyLE

      This is some top-tier content man!

    87. girish nayak

      I wonder how u have so less subscriber when you post quality stuff

    88. PaulStLedger

      I hope this doesn’t get taken down, wasn’t a great season for him tho.

      1. Guardian of the Blind

        @BezerkMaster no he's not fine. you also can't upload movies to youtube.

      2. BezerkMaster

        Not monitized so he’s fine

    89. Margin Trading

      Amazing work as always, It would be amazing to see little documentaries (10min-20min) of some interesting drivers/teams/highlights of F1 history! Keep it up!

    90. corne racing karts

      'i am a great fan of your work' (like tom stallard's radio messages to carlos sainz jr.)...

      1. Vinoth Kumar Pandurangan

        Who is this Tom Stallard you speak of? I only know Tomasso Stallardo.

      2. Robby Maria

        You stole the words from my mouth, literally...

    91. Cluz F1

      We just wait sunshine.. :)

    92. Xymsical 21

      We wait :) I hope this is the full video and not just the first part, your videos is much better when you upload it together :)

      1. FLoz

        It's the full video, don't worry :)

      2. ธนกฤต เจตนานุกิจชัย

        @FLoz please.I want to see full video;)

      3. FLoz

        It is! It's the documentary

      4. R S

        It is the full video I believe