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    1. Umran Qassim

      Magic turned against a magician 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


      U put 2 fulls of m and n


      Ooo i get it

    4. iyad The Stinky one

      he forgot to remove the m&ms

    5. Baylee Lowe

      Two of the green ones have candy in it

    6. HG ARMY

      Tik tok virus is here😂😂

    7. Taciana Vamos nos divertir

      She's like:OHHH NO NO NO SUKER SURPRISE SURPRISE i always say you chose you lose I now it doesn't make sense😅😅😅

    8. doreen knight

      I dont wrong her

    9. Haines


    10. John Ace

      What do you think happens to the money after she "wins"

    11. John Ace

      Imagine calling someone baby 9 times in less than a min

    12. Miro Bekavac

      Cringe please stop this pleaseeee

    13. - Gâbbie -

      Bruh i was scrolling and THERE WAS TWO VIDS OF IT ( T_T)

    14. shaira mae Gonzales


    15. the stupid Marco

      Netflix- one more episode Books- one more page This guy- one more chromosome

    16. ItzEfzy

      Just ban these people aleady

    17. UwU Sick my duck

      I’m amazed at how bad their acting are.

    18. Loigith Ramos

      Yey the girl won you learnd your lesson but im happy that the girl won

    19. Crey Gamer

      Tik tok is cancer

    20. filzah’s vlogs,games,tips and Gacha game

      Bro his hair looks bakugo

    21. Abby Harris

      The fact he didnt know it was the candy one

    22. fatima boufelja

      غزتي فيه

    23. Lia Fakatoumaulupe


    24. Lavin 99


    25. Elexale

      If I hear baby one more time

    26. Joel Lopez

      Do you think the viewers are stupid🙄

    27. Anjulika Lala

      Holy shit!!!😱😱 They have brain!!!!😭😭😭

    28. Emil Pavlov

      They both have candy lol

    29. RONIN

      He’s the annoying friend

    30. Vilma Macawiwili

      Its in the hand the anoyying ball little thing

    31. JADE rafael velario

      me: mom can we have comedy at home mom: we have comedy at home comedy at home:

    32. Ivang007

      This guy is the reasons why people die when they are killed

    33. Julie Kritikos

      The intornet is not working right now

    34. MrAlripken

      That's not $10,000. I know what 10g looks like, and that ain't it.

    35. Julie Kritikos

      It is cool how this guy got trolled by

    36. noob boon

      You should do a big frank and fusion doing what you can do is Gail is you can crank what was nothing in it then which one has a Holden and overhead stop

    37. Jennifer Webber

      It’s the blue one

    38. Rayan Al Abbasi

      My lego star wars set with a special r2d2 is more productive than these tiktokers

    39. Emmanuel Melocotones MJTM

      Lahat scripted

    40. sauceyTURTLEXD

      This guy is the reason they put instructions on shampoo

    41. Meliodas TheDragonSin

      Cause theres no possible way that all of them have candy in them

    42. pikasimp

      This guy is the type of person to freeze ice

    43. pikasimp

      This guy is the type of person to plug the extension plugger(?) to the extension

    44. Bosse Bosse

      His hair looks like Donald Trumps public hair...

    45. Petr Plakec


    46. Funk Daddy

      How do I stop these from getting recommended to me?

    47. B Couch

      This guy is the reason shampoo bottled have instructions

    48. Jake Durbin

      Am I missing something? They all have candy, so what's the point in putting one in your sleeve. Stupid is so hard to understand. Baby.

    49. Ishrat Mehboob

      The girl: tries to look surprised Also this girl: knows everything 😂

      1. Hdbzj Bdjxbd


    50. Jerome Sitati

      This guy jas a sad ass life

    51. potato_guy


    52. Jerome Sitati

      U really copying videos huh

    53. sayar sayar


    54. علي علي

      حطاله قوطيه ابردنه ههههه

    55. Cataerich


    56. Nofa Aslan

      🙏🏻👎👎. 😡 👍🤲🤲🤲👍👍👍😊😊

    57. Raine LCM

      People like these duds are the reason why i hate tik tok 😃🔪

    58. J1 Gaming

      You bannned me tiktok

    59. Aaron Arcega

      #Out smarted

    60. fake gimer

      the woman had one of those things under her arm and a blue one

    61. hello jisoo

      I miss these types of tube m and m now it's too hard to get these

    62. sandra cherono

      wow cool

    63. Wis Santiago

      I know that that one is not the only one with candy😒

    64. NeonLynxx_

      My guy looks like a crack addict

    65. Kyar Kuu Li

      Omg these contents are worse than my country adv

    66. caleb abernathy

      Hate all of his “pranks”

    67. E Liz

      i like the end

    68. Bmanbrennan520 Bman

      She said give that money

    69. Suzi Nunes


    70. Relative Tea

      pov: you see all the comments about "this guys is the reason."

    71. CO2Mysterious

      This video is dumb

    72. Puncake Duncake

      Tiktok ruined youtube

    73. sahab khan

      That was the most wastefull video ever. I just lost 1 min. I could have scratch the balls and had a great time . Fucking useless videos dislike from me.

    74. ramiro ortiz chila


    75. god

      Tiktok unband me please

    76. Jace Jonas

      She didn't check. Until she checked, she isn't entitled to the 10k

    77. Ayush Bhadouria

      This guy is the 13th reason

    78. Natalie Hedrick

      I saw him with another girl

      1. Natalie Hedrick

        Just kidding

    79. Marryanne Corcoran


    80. Gurke 1502

      I hate your videos

      1. Gurke 1502

        Why do i see u all the time

    81. Xander Nodes

      First of all the a fake 100 dollar bill on top of 1 and second of all who the f*ck is gonna give 10k to somebody for guessing what bottle has candy in it

    82. Jia Ying

      hes the type of guy who puts a ruler under his pillow to see how long he sleeps

    83. Liam Hopley

      This guy is the reason why there’s signs saying heavily protected and armed at a prison

    84. KaranScape


    85. Amy Keen

      This is fake for SO many reasons

    86. Ami Mada

      Dumb ,just dumb

    87. Kraze Vato

      This is the type of guy that would cook with baby oil

    88. Oscar Potter

      How is she that dumb they both have sweets in and its obviosly staged

    89. tora's slowed music

      The fook is wrong with his hair

    90. Jeremy Brown

      He’s trolling there’s both candy inside

    91. Jazmin Lilly

      Anyone else felt slow watching dis

    92. Ishan Deshpande

      This guy's hair looks like overgrown and out of control pubes

    93. Concordia

      Copy cat 🤣🤣

    94. Zachary White

      I've seen so many of those and only now i understand how it works.. god im stupid.

    95. Lord Supremasses

      His hair could challenge boris Johnson's

    96. Austin Currie

      Oh yea that's definitely 10 k.

    97. bolehsss

      This the type of the guy who makes me the normal human comment those type of comments.

    98. jayden C


    99. My'ani Karhtell

      Yall so special he shook his arm when she shook the bottle that's why he hid his arm when she shook it.....and better yet listen to the bottle when she drops it empty sound also speaks!

    100. Rain Irawan

      So cringe 😇