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    Throat Baby (Go Baby) · BRS Kash
    Throat Baby (Go Baby)
    ℗ 2020 LVRN/Interscope Records
    Released on: 2020-07-24
    Producer: AdamSlides
    Producer: Chi Chi
    Studio Personnel, Mixer: Jaycen Joshua
    Composer Lyricist: Kenneth Duncan
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    1. {keep_itCookie }

      And they say wap is dirty 😳😳😳

    2. Yhari Brinkley

      The biggest tree next to your song I love you and I like you song

    3. Jaleesa Haggerty


    4. Jose Rocafella


    5. Lajyrl Wise

      I like this song?

    6. Tameka Cooper

      Yall going wild bruh

    7. Ilesha headley

      This is my jam

    8. udy get some takis

      Come an get took!!! Boy smh I am not playing dis dood cusing!!!!!!!!!!!!👺👺👺

    9. Loyalty Royalty plz sub to my sister this is her biggest dream plz plz much love plz plz

    10. Kendra Sinclair

      I dont like this song lol..... damn it I'm torn between the freak in me and demanding respect!

    11. Radio Sixx

      This Song Came On In The Strip Club Lmfao It Was Epic Untalented Dancers Was Not Amused Wish I Wouldn't Of Wasted The Money But Ayyyyyyeeeee Throat Babies I'm Trying To Give Em To Ya

    12. Johnny Crawler Sr.

      This one of the top jams of 2020!! Damn shame its XXXX RATED

    13. Brandon Mclean

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    14. Alonna Johnson

      Who in the hell is mama and papa

    15. Loryn Culberson

      Man y’all I’m in my room dancing and all feeling myself and my sister come in and we had a whole dance party

    16. Aria Wade

      Moment of silence for the people who searched go baby 🤣😢

    17. Sofia martinez

      Love to you


      I can’t help but buy you flowers

    19. kharyah's world

      Why dose my play this all the time

    20. Regan Green


    21. Taja Moye

      Love this song

    22. Winter Bonnie

      The ghetto

    23. Evettea Lewis


    24. Janesea SHARPE

      I thought he Said Go Baby 😂

    25. Jay'Yani McClain

      yall know how yall be listing to this song and your parents tell you stop listibng to tht but they be listing to it like fr are you serious

    26. Brittany Yearwood


    27. Damonta Thomas

      This song reminds me of what my parents do at night n' they think ion hear them but little do they know I be up until 3:00am in the morning

    28. Brandon Horn

      im the papas

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    30. Erica Armstrong

      this is wholesome Christian music So when i wanna listen to this song Imma search for "wholesome Christian music"

    31. Diva Squad

      I just wanna say I searched up throw baby

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      1. Ugly jace


      2. Amya Lee


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    34. Lilith

      Ok so I keep seein “mamas n papas” on here buh tf that mean yo

    35. Jessica Forte


    36. Sky hg

      me tryna figure out who mamas and papas is: 👁👄👁

    37. Kenneth Hurd

      Me I never heard of it till now I don't like it at all

    38. Maisha Lewis

      I'm in love 😍

    39. Pretty Brown Girl Kaitlyn

      Ahhhhhh who still here in 2020

      1. Pretty Brown Girl Kaitlyn

        @Ugly jace oki

      2. Ugly jace

        me lol

    40. Olivia Epperson


    41. Rayihana Walls

      i love this song!

    42. Alyssa Garrett

      Hi 👋🏻

    43. Hannah Maples

      This shit str8 🔥

    44. Cops & Cancels

      > how many of you believed in Santa when you were a kid?

    45. J family hendersons


    46. chey peyton

      who else listened to this before mamas and now all you think about is mamas when u hear it

    47. Steven Schneider

      It bust it to the ladies 😉

    48. Najae Stevens

      the gehtto version wedding song

    49. Brianna cowan

      The best good for me

    50. Kodak Blox

      2 weeks ago I wanted to type this comment *i was scarred though**: Single Fellaz i know damn well within the first (72 hours) of hearing this song...You Personally went on a mission to release in a bih throat (and achieved it with a random ass woman lol)...#ForgivemeGawd

    51. Megan Cook

      True or tru

    52. mary faison

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    53. Mary Cole

      Check new artist out ..

    54. Kyra Beverly


    55. Da bratz Channel

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    56. dorian welch

      Im in the car singing the radio version........ Boyfriend: you know what he's really singing about right Me: yeah I know we listening to the PG 13 version, the song itself is catchy..... Me 2 seconds later: THROAT BABIEEESSSSSS.

    57. Jania Stephens

      this is lit on cap it on tik tok

    58. Kendall Hunt

      Nobody: Not even the rat beside the couch: Me: THROAT BABYYYYYY!!!

    59. A'Zyhia Morris

      I love his song

    60. Shonte Mcrath

      Zzzzzzzzczc my

    61. Kendra Stone

      omg omggggggggggggggggggg so good song

    62. rosyln todd


      1. rosyln todd

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      2. rosyln todd

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    63. Makayla Johnson

      I didNo I know that is awesome I love that it’s awesomeGo to😂😂😂

    64. Makayla Johnson

      BI love this song🥰

    65. Keta Barnes

      I love this song

    66. Kymberli Greene

      i love thsi love song

    67. Taylor Hosch


    68. GodDamnJxy

      This song go hard🔥🔥🔥

    69. Hidden Gem

      Da baby or money bagg will be on this remix ..I’m calling it now lol my prediction

    70. Kiana Jacobs

      I love this song...i listen too it every day just to get my day started♥

    71. Shontaja Williams

      Finally we comment again 😂😂😁

    72. jazzy2classy 1

      Y’all what the fuck is mamas and papas why everybody in the commemt saying that I’m lost

    73. Jamar Regin

      Im in my bag will listening to this shit

    74. RG Hundo

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    75. Dutchess_

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    77. Alexis Dixon


    78. Lakisha Daniels

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    79. Bh Blrndz

      I Dis your video

    80. ThePerfect Assassin

      Ight so like why lil baby not on this song tho🤔🔥

    81. Rocky Dog

      Not the (go baby)

    82. Ouuu ItzShanell

      Listen to it at 0.75 it sounds more like an r&b song😂

    83. HeavenAngel10

      I like this song my favorite

    84. terrion young

      ++1 +

    85. StacyMonique Ramangmou

      Love this Song let’s blow it up!! 😎🥵

    86. Melanie Evans

      I was listening to dis song my grandma came busting in and started twerking 🙂🙃🙊

    87. Pyt Niyaaa


    88. TRG Ova

      Mamas n papa 🍼 and 🍪 they meant for each other

    89. 0 0

      Love this song naughty 👹👿bedroom sexy yes❣💋🙌🤟👅

      1. 0 0


    90. Veronica Johnson

      YoTdesu Kdkfdkdkd

    91. Xavier Lucio

      Sounds like Montana 300

    92. ̶Ğr̶îz̶žl̶ý _

      He low key sound like lil baby the first verse 😂

    93. Sabree Angelique


    94. April Hughes

      Romantic freak luke nasty song @

    95. a.adriane

      nobody : me : thinks of mamas voive '' throat baBbBbBbYyYy''

    96. onnateeka brown

      When I hear this song all I think of and see is mamas and papas🤣🤣help

    97. Antoinette Celestine

      I like his music .. 😍

    98. 0 0

      Love hes songs forever🤪😘🙃🙂😜🥰😊😁🥳💞💯💙💯💯💯💯💯💯

    99. Joanne banegas


    100. Keeping Up With The Duncan’s

      THROAT BABY Is my favorite song