This Week: Episode 2 - January 15 2021

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    THIS WEEK: EPISODE 2 - 15/01/2021
    In this week's episode we take a look at what's happening at the Alpine F1 Team as an interim livery for the team's car was unveiled as part of the much publicised "Renaulution." We talk Mercedes, Ferrari, McLaren and Red Bull and take a look at what's going on with the 2021 F1 calendar.
    In addition to answering some of your questions there's news on W Series, Indycar, Formula E, Extreme E, MotoGP, the WRC, the Dakar and WEC as Toyota unveil their stunning hypercar.
    Apologies for the EXTREME close up. Got the audio fixed, but working with the Osmo Pocket for the first time I got the framing all off... who knows, next week I might get audio AND visual sorted!
    Thank you for your support, your comments and your subscriptions. Keep your questions coming and I hope you enjoy the episode.

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      Will you do a great job. Thank you for sharing your time with us.

    2. Matthew Sanders

      Please start a podcast just talking about stuff

    3. Don Starnes

      Thank you, Will B.!!! Great to (for once) not have to go for a full off season without your perspectives, viewpoints, and company in general! BRAVO!

    4. John Hillary

      Amazing how you manage to walk around in the woods with your phone and still be so great

    5. Julio Puac

      Really like these, Will you are the best:)

    6. Prashan Sasitharan

      I enjoy watching and listening to him to calming and chill, thanks for keeping my spirits up Will!

    7. Hadleigh Heasman

      A bit of a Mark Prestley inspiration for your intro? Love your work. 👊

    8. apm78229

      Pretty sure Marshall Pruett never slipped a word about Jenson in IndyCar all last year and on? Unless I’m forgetting it... #scoop

    9. Kurt Hodgson

      W series publicity stunt zzz

    10. Frico241

      Hello there will ! Love your content ! Sorry for another covid question but in some sports a few teams already vaccined their athletes, cf Team UAE in Cycling with in it Tour de France winner Tadej Pogacar for exemple, could we see F1 Teams have their whole factories or maybe just race staff to get vaccined to ease travelling ?

    11. Leo Smith

      What do you think the F1 2022 line-up will be?

    12. George Mann

      This is amazing 👏

    13. HeavyHarris

      12:50 The shade lmaooo

    14. Pedro Magalhães

      Hello folks

    15. kathie vanos

      Glad to have found you again. Loved your walk too.

    16. esciteach

      Will: Thank you so much for these vids: between you and Ted Talks I am making it thru the winter! Just subbed: and just a note : the Rolex 24 hours is still on this weekend (tweets and IG being sent to fans) at Daytona and tickets are still being sold for the Sebring 12 hours in March

    17. Filmumentaries com

      Wow that man can talk.;) Good on you mate. Hope to catch up with you soon. Congratulations on your latest success. J

    18. Jan Lotvall

      Suspicious Hamilton hasn't signed yet. Heard rumours he seemed a little greedy, which made one of the major owners quite annoyed. Now, WHEN exactly is the GO/NOGO DATE for that signature? If the discussions are continued to be procrastinated, WHO would sit in that car? I was hoping the Hulk... Getting George out of Williams should not be that easy...

    19. ISO Maldonado

      Red Bull have made redundancies because of the cap.

    20. Blue

      Add Timestamp please...🙏

    21. Diego Marin

      What if you do a quick Q&A at the end of every episode : )

    22. Henry Allende

      This should 100% be a podcast, "Walking With Will", and promote taking a brisk walk or run and listen to the podcast

    23. Chino Kawaii [チノかわいい]

      Love these vids, keep it up What do you think about the Brno Circuit and do you think people would like it if F1 raced there? Also would F1 cars even be able to overtake anywhere there?

    24. Jason Chamberlain

      I'm really enjoying these talks. I know you can't mention every series on the planet, but IMSA is about to start too. The Roar Before the 24 is this weekend. The 24 usually a good show.

    25. Rob Esposito

      Great video! Keep up the good work

    26. mvh808

      I love you Will for @12:50 !

    27. CJW Racing

      Another great episode! Loved the brexit dig 🤣 Missing the Haas puns though! Keep up the great work glad to see you're safe & well 💪

    28. Raghav Kejriwal

      Hey Will, loving the videos. One question related to brexit is will the teams in UK that have driver academies be affected by it? The reason this comes to mind is Premier League football clubs, under Brexit rules have/will be banned from signing Under 18 international players.

    29. Fabio Di Biase

      Great audio great format 👍

    30. CJ Johns

      This guy is THE voice of f1 Good dude

    31. Kamilla Halid

      Love this!

    32. Rerags

      the only thing missing here, is Lawrence wearing some fancy shoes xD

    33. ZEVOXP

      I have a question for you Will Buxton: You think maybe with the new incoming budget cap, can be possible on 2022 the F1 will have a major interest for new manufacturers like (for example): Lamborghini, Porsche, Audi, Ford, Toyota. Or maybe in the later future. What do you think? Love this video because i like having new on the Motorsport.

    34. TuroSaave

      Will can talk so much and so fast that when he slows down to a normal pace he can make a 20 minute plus weekly news shows mostly about Formula 1 during the offseason. #IMissWillBuxtonOnTheGrid

    35. TuroSaave

      Will looks like a cross between Tim Urban and Pedro Pascal.

    36. kitrcs

      deymmm... missed this audible... it's been like ages with no F1... keep safe will...

    37. raghunathevar

      I miss Lawrence's shoes!

    38. James Trotter

      I actually love that Will basically found a way to keep doing paddock pass from home. Great video series!

    39. mike placed

      Have you left F1 and following Mark Priestley's video blog walking concept around oxfordshire?

    40. gareth2612

      Please bring back proper paddock pass. This reminds me of the old days so much.

    41. grantar2

      Will now that you are out and about such as this TRlocal channel, any chance you start some merch, what I would really like to buy is an autographed copy of your book.

    42. Mert Diner

      Will thank you for starting the series. It’s great and please don’t stop... and do it throughout the season please! My question is -> Along your time in the F1 community, what was your most unforgetable season and why?

    43. Mista Fiftyone

      Meanwhile Kimi Raikkonen is at home skiing and drink vodka like a boss

    44. UltimatumNo5

      @Will_Buxton_Official "all the red bull formula 2 and formula 3 drivers....." - What?!

    45. T MartyF

      This guy needs more subs - subbed, thank you for giving me my fix out of season Will!

    46. Berk Ç.

      *I know this Netflix guy.*

    47. Oliver Rebanks

      is it true about the rumours about the monaco, baku, & Canadian GP's being cancelled?

      1. RottieShep CALIBRE

        Probably true. Covid ain't going anywhere anytime soon😯

    48. V12 hybrid RR3

      Question: Is there going to be season 3 of drive to survive?

    49. Alvin Ibáñez

      Awsome Vid!

    50. Carika Havenga

      Hey Will, thanks for another week of catching up on motorsport news. Question. In the 2020 F1 Season, there was a lot of backlash in the media when Checo tested positive for covid19. A lot of questions asked, like where did he get it, Instagram sleuthing to find pictures of him and his wife out and about. However, when the rest of the grid started to get it, the reaction from the media seemed a lot more mild. No questions as to how or where Hamilton got it just a quick footnote when the rest got it, no major news articles when Norris, Leclerc or anyone else tested positive. Why is this?

    51. Zee Formula 1 Amateur

      Always here to get news for my podcast, Zee F1 Amateur! Thank you Will!!!

    52. Adam Thomsen

      If I ever go to an F1 race Will Buxton is someone who I hope to run into. Will Vietnam make its way back on the F1 calendar?

    53. 939Batze

      Thanks Will! The new "walk and talk" format is really nice! Just one Suggestion: Put the Title in the Video Thumbnail to the left, at the right there is the Video Time on top of it :)

    54. Kenneth Parker

      Thank you for keeping us informed Mr. Buxton.

    55. Rhys Shaw

      Great job Will! Loving this even though it's a year late haha. Keep up the good work, you're an F1 treasure

    56. Barrington

      Hello Will, you should add F1 to your Video Titles. It helps people like myself to find your videos. For Example, These Videos Entries could be called / named This Week In F1 and Other Races. Keep up the Great Work... #GoWill #ThisWeekInF1 #ThisWeek #F1

    57. Barrington

      The Man and His Voice... Will Buxton's Conversations..... #WillBuxton #Will

    58. RAVI RANJAN RR17

      Continue this sir, please. I feel very lonely after every F1 season ends.

    59. Bullet_DuDe

      informative, classy, buxton

    60. Nazorith Morgath

      How does this man only have 22k subs!!

    61. Tom Saunders

      Do you have any idea what track will be the third round in the 2021 season?

    62. Curtis Tang

      Suddenly popped up in my recommendations. Never knew Will Buxton have a channel, quite a good vid!

    63. Impek667

      Do you have any news about the third season of Drive to survive?? I can't wait for it come out 🙆‍♂️

    64. Impek667

      Will, thank you so much for these updates! I'm a big fan, you're awesome 👍

    65. DeafBoi Gaming

      I have a question for the f1 gaming fans. Obviously you played a huge role in the evolution of the game with the my team feature, so can you give us any update as to the status of the new tracks Ie, imola and portimao. Are they going to be in the game or are we having to have another year of the same calendar even though we don’t have it in real life. Any information in the slightest would b greatly appreciated not only by me but millions of others😅! P.s these videos r very ez to watch and very enjoyable!

    66. lifeschool

      Thanks for making these shows. I know other channels already do this kind of Woodland Talk format, but as you can see, there are a lot of fans hungry for news. Thats all we might get if they decide to shut down half of the GPs again this year. Yourself, Lando and Sir Lewis already had the virus and are safe - maybe it would have been safer to infect everybody back last April.

    67. Curtis Tennant

      Just found your channel. I really enjoy the way you present videos. Subscribed. 🙂👍

    68. elmer escobar

      best intro

    69. Chris Miles

      Really enjoy these. Been following you since you replaced Peter Windsor, and miss you guys being our team. It's not the same anymore. The news about Jenson is pretty cool. Would love to see that!

    70. Barry Davies

      Stop dreaming about LH 's contract ... Merc wont bow down again to his salary and livery demands ... Cost cap put an end to that along with new chiefs at the top and who wants to see silver arrows rather than that god awful black arrows thing they raced last year? everyone except Sir LH of goldenbollox

    71. Eliza Beth


    72. Mark Campbell

      Great to get some inside knowledge in the off season, thanks Will!

    73. Enzoツ

      One thing is certain in Will's videos: Hello Folks

    74. AbdulRahman Ch

      again Will, how about a podcast?

    75. William Tynan

      Still awaiting details on Cyril's Departure ...

    76. Ronald De Regt

      He gave up his entire career so he wouldn't have to get the Tattoo?

    77. James Smith

      Please keep these videos up, I like Marc Priestley but you are better in my humble opinion!

    78. Zoturax

      Amazing audioquality nice voice and great information. Please continue this after the season starts.

    79. mirko060

      Is there any news about Luca Ghiotto?

    80. Ricky LC

      Lol who's filming?

    81. Alexander Trefz

      That brexit burn was spicyyyy

    82. ruan

      I think this is now my new favorite series on TRlocal!

    83. Marcus Adams

      Hi Will, really enjoying your weekly dose of motorsport news. Regarding Brexit, there is a goods passport system that affects transporting race cars, and it would be good to understand this further. Something to do with 40% of value of car. That’s a mighty big passport bill for 2 x F1 cars in each team isn’t it?!

    84. RYG

      Sound volume a bit low, also need a better mic

    85. Stevo Larry420stevens Lozz

      Nice one Will, hope you are gonna keep these up through the year?!

    86. will powell

      I am a F1 fan but I also really enjoy all the information about the other classes and races around the world. Look forward to the next one.

    87. 881Gino

      Hey Will, hello from West Australia mate.

    88. 74 Surfboards

      Absolutely brilliant, Will!!! All the best newsworthy motorsport info with very little rumor hyperbole. Look forward to many many many more This Week episodes!

    89. Ignas Kavaliauskas

      Best 20 mins of my day

    90. Deciduous 77

      Not the same without Lawrence and his shoes..

    91. Pitboy

      Is it just me or is that Toyota Gazoo 010 ugly? The profile to my eye is just butt ugly, bulbous, non streamed like usual hypers? Obviously designs are about aero and speed, and it must have achieved those aims ... but I just dont find it attractive.

    92. David Doran

      "Now onto something maybe a bit controversial - it's not... don't worry" Cheeky dig at Mazepin and shows the sentiment towards him from the F1 world.

    93. wujek

      These are really nice to watch Will, but we could use some photos of the news, I hope you stay safe. Can't wait to see you and Lawrence on weekend warmup!

    94. Amir Azraei

      hey, you're back!

    95. Landen Laudenbach

      What is it like to be involved in the F1 2020 game?

    96. Peppa Pig

      How does will keep his hair fresh during lock down?

    97. Demz

      Why do Formula One not consider using the Dubai Autodrome as a test track. Its got fast and slow corners, 90 degree turns and its unjunulating so why not.

    98. Ed Grabski

      Thanks for doing this, lots of Great information.

    99. G Schultz

      What's going on this week? What's this about. Where is the hair with the complicated shoes? Did you dump him in the woods? Lol I kid I kid.

    100. KJ Kiefcakes

      I know you read my comment because the lav mike placement and audio were flawless!! Really digging the show, I like the glimpses of the countryside.