The Story Of The Most DRAMATIC Formula 1 Season Ever (2012)


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    What happens when you have 6 Formula 1 World Champions, and a 7th soon to come, battle on the same grid? In this video, I'll tell you the story when Vettel conquered living legends in 2012 in the last GOOD F1 season. Subscribe if I earned it so I can make more for you:
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    Time Stamps Below To Respect Your Time:
    McLaren’s Come Out Swinging: (Australian GP) - 0:52
    Checo Has Arrived: (Malaysian GP) - 1:34
    Nico Foreshadows & Shows His Brilliance: (Chinese GP) - 3:17
    Race Under Protest: (Bahrain GP) - 5:51
    Miracle of Maldonado: (Spanish GP) - 8:14
    Schumacher’s Phantom Pole: (Monaco GP) - 10:39
    Hamilton Takes Over: (Canadian GP) - 12:11
    Alonso’s Beautiful Win At Home: (European GP) - 14:02
    Webber Does It Again: (British GP) - 16.13
    Alonso Distances: (German GP) - 16:55
    Lotus Masterclass: (Hungarian GP) - 18:26
    Carnage First Lap At SPA Changes EVERYTHING: (Belgian GP) - 19:03
    Hamilton Controversy At McLaren & Seb Struggles: (Italian GP) - 20:47
    Vettel Comes ALIVE & Hamilton Begins Descent: (Singapore GP) - 24:00
    Brand New Faces On The Podium: (Japanese GP) - 25:33
    Red Bull Separate From The Pack: (Korean GP) - 26:47
    Vettel Goes 4/4 In Asia: (Indian GP) - 27:57
    Vettel Breaks Alonso’s Spirit & Kimi Reminds Everyone Who He Is: (Abu Dhabi GP) - 28:58
    Calm Before The Storm: (United States GP) - 30:44
    You Couldn’t Write A More Dramatic Conclusion: (Brazilian GP) - 31:31
    Final Results Of The 2012 Formula 1 Season: 34:02
    Final Summary & Appreciation: 34:22
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    1. CYMotorsport

      Come a long way since Dec 19 - Here's the most recent 5 vidoes: Subscribe so I can keep making these for you: Time Stamps Below To Help You Navigate: McLaren’s Comes Out Swinging: (Australian GP) - 0:52 Checo Has Arrived: (Malaysian GP) - 1:34 Nico Foreshadows & Shows His Brilliance: (Chinese GP) - 3:17 Race Under Protest: (Bahrain GP) - 5:51 Miracle of Maldonado: (Spanish GP) - 8:14 Schumacher’s Phantom Pole: (Monaco GP) - 10:39 Hamilton Takes Over: (Canadian GP) - 12:11 Alonso’s Beautiful Win At Home: (European GP) - 14:02 Webber Does It Again: (British GP) - 16.13 Alonso Distances: (German GP) - 16:55 Lotus Masterclass: (Hungarian GP) - 18:26 Carnage First Lap At SPA Changes EVERYTHING: (Belgian GP) - 19:03 Hamilton Controversy At McLaren & Seb Struggles: (Italian GP) - 20:47 Vettel Comes ALIVE & Hamilton Begins Descent: (Singapore GP) - 24:00 Brand New Faces On The Podium: (Japanese GP) - 25:33 Red Bull Separate From The Pack: (Korean GP) - 26:47 Vettel Goes 4/4 In Asia: (Indian GP) - 27:57 Vettel Breaks Alonso’s Spirit & Kimi Reminds Everyone Who He Is: (Abu Dhabi GP) - 28:58 Calm Before The Storm: (United States GP) - 30:44 You Couldn’t Write A More Dramatic Conclusion: (Brazilian GP) - 31:31 Final Results Of The 2012 Formula 1 Season: 34:02 Final Summary & Appreciation: 34:22

      1. Leo

        How did Maldonado break his nose in the crash with Hamilton😂

      2. Prisoner Monkeys

        Fernando is the true champion.

      3. Noah Gehann

        Do 2011

      4. Lpb.

        What's the music at 14:05 for the Valencia / European GP?

      5. Rock R

        @Prince Hip hop 2012 was kinda the Ferrari underdog story. A lot of people were rooting for Alonso. That car was a donkey that was 2.5 seconds off the pace and yet he was able to fight and get podiums with that. I was so heartbroken for Fernando.

    2. Toxic Blueberries


    3. Thomas Sheridan

      Wrong: Lauda vs Hunt

    4. Bhavik Sonule

      This is better than that netflix show

    5. Manu Manu

      Am I the only one who noticed, CHAMPIOSHIP

      1. CYMotorsport

        I hope not haha

    6. Dragon KRIEG

      damn 2012 really had it all. even though i know who won, i was rooting for Fernando Alonso while watching this lmao. -Alonso dragging a shitbox along -McLaren with the fastest car and throwing away the Championship. Hello 2003, 2005 and 2007 again -Michael Schumacher's pole at Monaco -the return of Kimi Raikkonen -the Valencia podium of champions -Maldonado and Grosjean doing their thing -title fight to the last race, even if it was between only Alonso who has been working so hard all season long putting that F2012 in positions it shouldn't be in and a resurgent Sebastian Vettel

    7. Adam Clarke

      I loved every second of watching this season. My favourite year of F1 so far

    8. Alvin Ching

      Untill........ 2020

      1. Adam Clarke


    9. ser43_ OLDC

      Alonso deserve a Mercedes to win Titles. So many years carrying in his back team's It's taking years off his life.

    10. Rickynanners

      Did they cut my boy Checo on the side??!

    11. Daniel Amone

      Reliability issues in 2012 is why Lewis left maclaren for mercedes.

    12. Israr Mohi

      Ferrari did what to massa in America? ☠

      1. Adam Clarke

        @CYMotorsport But you have to admit, clever

      2. CYMotorsport

        So dirty

    13. Yamaheart

      I feel bad for people getting into F1 only now and I’m having missed out on all of this glory. Not saying F1 now is bad by any means. But this was really something.

      1. CYMotorsport

        Ebbs and flows my friend. The good thing my channel at least is dedicated to helping everyone relive it all. It’s never too late. Just start going back. I’ve got a 2017 documentary that’s great for this. Or rewatch old races. 2006 is one of the best IMO as far as racing goes

    14. Kronos YT

      10:35 what is toto Wolff doing there

      1. CYMotorsport

        Early investor in williams. I need to retell that story bc so many people have asked haha

    15. Lucas Hosn

      "most dramatic F1 season"???? this title belongs to 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. CYMotorsport

        Two drivers fighting for the title or 6? Gonna go 6 has more action but that’s just me!

    16. vinho

      This is clearly a pro-Vettel video, you don't even begin to acknowledge what Alonso did, focusing more on Perez in Malaysia and just ignoring his superb races on that awful Ferrari, don't do a review if you're going to be so biased.

      1. CYMotorsport

        For now and in perpetuity I’ll do exactly as I please. Your definition of biased is incorrect. In fact it’s your bias as an Alonso lover that is throwing you so far off. When you tell stories you must have themes. Sebastian won 4x straight. The theme can’t NOT be him. Ppl said the same thing but in reverse about my latest video: So please, before you talk shit... have a look around. You’d look less foolish.

    17. Michal Navrátil

      I can't get throught fact that Vettel won 4 titles. He is horrible driver against Lewis, Fernando, Kimi, Sergio, Jenson and others.

    18. Iceman 11

      belgium and suzuka lost alonso the title

    19. Iceman 11

      honestly hybrids have ruined f1 we had such close seasons in v8 era

      1. Iceman 11

        @CYMotorsport tyres have ruined the flat out racing but in effect if they were stronger merc would run laps around the field. yeah token system had pretty much froze merc advantage in the first 3 years of hybrid era. They have since maintained that advantage over the field basically

      2. CYMotorsport

        yeah I'm making a video about this right now actually. also the tyres but we're a sport almost too optimized now if that makes sense. unrestricted everything, random engines crashing please aka 1986

    20. WolfdenGaming /Mavadelo

      Great video. @021 will be as Epic my friend. Regardless who wins. Mark my words

      1. CYMotorsport

        i 100% can see this

    21. g0dseye

      also took u 50 hrs to make a 30 min vid. mate u need to learn a few things or that is bull&&&*

      1. CYMotorsport

        What do I have to gain from lying ? You clearly don’t know anything about making content. And it will make you not only unable to appreciate effort of hard work brought to you for free, but also slander the character of people you don’t even know. Personally I don’t care but it’s a shitty thing to do and I don’t want you pulling this shit on other creators. So unless you have knowledge of how something is done, withhold such comments without any evidence or at least have a point to it.

    22. g0dseye

      love your content mate. but u say subscribe will help u make them faster no mate thats on u. doesnt matter how many people sub it down to u how fast it takes. still great vid.

      1. CYMotorsport

        Off base again . Mate stop making assumptions. I do take offense to this one bc you assume passive aggression and that I’m lying for subs. You don’t know anything about this channel if that’s what you think. This is over a year old. I wasn’t monetized. Growth in the channel allowed me to be monetized. I wish ppl would stop thinking the know everything and slow down to consider it’s possible you don’t have the facts. Seems more fair than throwing a perfect stranger under the bus. Just learn from these last two comments you’ve made. That’s all I care about bc it’ll help you enjoy at least my content more which is my priority that’s all friend. No ill intent and I do believe your comments are malicious really. But on principle I run the channel counter to it so it’s an unfair take

    23. Jesper

      I forgot how AWESOME the cars looked back then

    24. Turo Gnlz

      The year in which Alonso with the fourth best car on the grid challenged Adrian Newey. I don't remember such a brilliant season for a driver in the entire history of f1. Fernando in 2012 was brutal.

    25. StephCurryMcFlurry96

      Twenty twelve! TWENTY! TWELVE! No comma, not a number!

    26. Tan Smith

      Grosjean, old habits die hard I guess

    27. Rapip

      this season makes 2020 like a joke

    28. Jeff Beasley

      Great video. The constant audio edits are really annoying though. Why not record full sentences so that your voice sounds natural?

    29. Schuka Metin2

      Best season in Alonso's career? Maybe. But please stop saying he was "unlucky" not to win the title. Ferrari literally screwed Massa for Alonso to gain positions and Fernando's car was almost clean technical issue wise. Red Bull had problems with both reliability and with FIA, look how many DNF's or grid relegations Vettel actually had. To be fair, if anyone was unlucky not to win this title, it's Hamilton. Both the car and his team screwed him so hard it's unreal. Yeah, Alonso had his fair share of bad luck in 2010 or 2012, but don't forget the times when he had a lot of luck during his '05 and '06 championship, you can't have the luck on your side forever. Vettel thoroughly deserved this title, even more than the '10 one.

      1. Schuka Metin2

        @CYMotorsport Don't get me wrong, I was answering to his hardcore fans who sometimes tend to be less reasonable than they should. I'm not his fan but I still rate him not only as one of the best drivers of his generation, but amongst the best drivers ever! You can't win all of 'em, a lot of drivers won championships by a few points, it's what makes racing exciting and unpredictable (or at least used to, lol)

      2. CYMotorsport

        i dont think I said that, no? he had just about no bad luck. one engine related dnf not classified in 4 years. I'm posting about his 2005 and 2006 seasons in the next 30 minutes.

    30. Mark Patterson

      Fantastic vid even if the guy I didn't want to win did.

    31. Al James

      Action packed season, but a shame that this was the year cars started looking ugly due to the nose profile changes - lead by the Ferrari monstrosity. McLaren, who were seen as the biggest losers this season, ironically were the only team with a good looking car.

    32. chaitanya bassi

      VSC was first introduced in 2015 how in the world did they have it in 2012

      1. CYMotorsport

        It was used in multiple races in 2014 actually. Trialed first at the US Grand Prix and tweaked further at Interlagos

    33. Chi Collins

      This video ages like fine wine 🔥🔥

    34. Richard M

      The last great season. There have been some decent ones since, but not many drivers/cars capable of winning races.

      1. CYMotorsport

        nah you were right the first time. nothing like this since. 2017 was closer

    35. Bogdan Raul Zbinca

      That voice and that background music at the beginning, for a moment it was like i've been watching the Netflix series Narcos hahaha

      1. CYMotorsport

        That’s what I’m going for haha

    36. 1976wong

      Thank you... everyone can see your hard work you put into your passion. From a fan of motor sport, shearing it with my daughter is amazing...when she sees the drama, passion and energy from people who love fast cars is a bond that will last her and her children's lives..

    37. Victor Oprea

      That Lotus was magic!

    38. Thomas Dufall

      22:10 that's 2014

    39. K1awhi

      Fernando really showed how fast he was pushing that truck to contend for a championship. Like what Leclerc did in 2020, just didn't contend for the title.

    40. John Macmillan

      It would've been so much easier to follow if you mat hed the driver standings and constructed standings with the same colour, great video nonetheless but alot of looking at wikipedia yo see who's driving for who 🤣

    41. Samet Özkan

      Back in between January and Septemer 2012 everyone thought Michael Schumacher to return Ferrari.

    42. mariolis1000

      2000 is my favourite season but 2012 is a close second

    43. Bandile Sisonke

      So it’s clear that Mclaren had the fastest car this season! Reliability 🙆🏽‍♂️

    44. Chris George

      The panicky flesh kinetically muddle because tea randomly rub besides a ambiguous waterfall. opposite, noisy oxygen

    45. bruceviv2003

      After 8 races. Alonso 111 points Teammate 11 points

    46. Anabel Wentworth

      The mighty fairies premenstrually sniff because lunch lally twist upon a itchy antarctica. repulsive, lyrical crate

    47. SuperPfirsich

      anyone know the song from 31:31 onward?

    48. NemesizzleHD4K

      Perez finally got his win in sakhir 2020 and he deserves it

    49. eduardo van panhuys

      Dude ue voice is giving me anxiety j need to learn when to stop and talk

      1. CYMotorsport

        Sounds like you have anxiety issues if you get that level of anxiety that easily

    50. Carl Chadwick

      2012, the year VSC was used 3 years before it was invented.

      1. CYMotorsport


    51. f*ck google

      I miss Michael:/

      1. CYMotorsport

        Got some content you’re not gonna wanna miss this weekend then Mate!

    52. Icecream Inc

      nope, 98 spa francorchamps is still and most likely forever will be the most carnage ever in on lap 1 in formula 1

    53. Kian Olner

      There were no Virtual Safety Cars in 2012. They came in 2015.

    54. Katherine Evert

      Dude. The video is good, but too many double and non-skip ads.

    55. jkl


    56. Anabel Wentworth

      The interesting quicksand unknowingly knot because death laterally fry around a grouchy pig. imaginary, skillful missile

    57. Edwon Rodrigues

      The massive vase outstandingly yawn because mosque mechanistically serve beneath a amusing wilderness. uppity, mature answer

    58. Dirk Nordmann

      I watched this so many times now

    59. Cal T

      I feel like I just listened to an intense murder mystery narrator describe golf. You beautifully narrated and edited what to me was a painfully boring topic. Yet for some reason I watched the entire thing.

    60. Flyinghedgeh0gs

      Cyf1: 2012 is the craziest year of f1 2020:hold my Corona beer

    61. moto mav

      it is amazing grosjean had a f1 seat for as long as he has lol

    62. Rattus Norvegicus

      Six former champs and only one future champ among that whole 2012 line-up as we roll into 2021...and they rigged it for him to win. Be interesting to see a race-by-race analysis of that year as it played out. Dictated by the need to sell more cars in Germany, using a German driver in that German car. I think that since then, they`ve wanted to sell more cars in Finland, but their main driver was having none of it, putting himself in an unassailable position to make sabotage a suicidal avoidance by the team. I kept a keen eye on particular team orders and strategy switches during critical phases, when it could be seen that `luck` switched back and forth during races one year especially, otherwise I think we could well have seen car sales rocket in Fin. This year really saw the end of the threat and we should really be seeing another Brit in that seat for 2021, as I predicted he was the man for the job and champion-in-waiting, well before that fine driver stepped in for the man-flu main driver :)

    63. Angelo Santaniello

      Your vids are always informative

    64. Isaac Sweasey

      Thing is, Perez, Schumacher and Grosjean should’ve won races this season

      1. Prisoner Monkeys

        Crashjean does not have the talent for winning.

    65. PreethamProduction

      Excellent Video Brother, Love it, It was like watching an F1 Movie!!

    66. tijs Luypaert

      Iss not grend prix iss grand prix

    67. Frank Korsel

      1:25 a vsc? Those dient exist in 2012

    68. João Brito

      After seeing Lewis smack everyone upside down with Mercedes, you can clearly see how professional and competent Mercedes is, especially when compared to Mclaren. The amount of gearbox issues, engine issues and just mechanical faults Lewis had at mclaren is unreal

    69. Dangerous 1A

      10:35 is that *Toto Wolff*

      1. cgk lax

        yep. Back then Toto was Bottas‘ manager.

    70. Asad Marji

      The undesirable pet quickly drop because poison consquentially post aboard a unwieldy angora. interesting, didactic watch

    71. Asad Marji

      The remarkable fibre outstandingly harm because mistake subsequently poke forenenst a disgusted cell. sore, disgusted chard

    72. Akshay Kanojia

      Grunt prix

    73. flybynjght

      I think 2021 may be just as good as 2012 hopefully. Driver pairs are stacked, Mclaren getting a new Mercedes engine, Alonso comes back. Let's just hope it lives up to my expectations

    74. KungFu Barbie

      Came back to this vid after the 2020 season. The season wasn't bad. The midfield was the closest it's been in years, 2 surprise winners, Ferrari's fall from grace, Lewis' 7th title and statistically becoming the greatest driver of all time, Grosjean fireball crash, some of our favourite tracks returning to the calendar and unfortunately Covid- 19 impact on the sport. The only thing missing from this year was a title fight. After seeing this vid and the 2012 season once again, i really hope 2022 can provide us with this level of entertainment.

    75. Shadow Fiend

      Great Season! Only few tenths between the cars! 8 different winners. That's how F1 should be. Nowdays you see Mercedes 0.8 sec faster than the 2nd best car.

    76. Jordan 23

      It's not pronounced Grand pri, it's pronounced Graun Pri. Why do Americans always say Grand?

    77. Pötrick Lengyel

      Cheating in Monaco in Britain in Japan in Abu Dhabi...Troughout the whole year...I would never want to win anything with that many cheating

    78. xevious2501

      If old man Enzo was still around we'd see and entirely different Ferrari. Heads would be rolling if he were to magically return to see what his Scuderia has ended up becoming. The heads of the company all on the chopping block. Because ferrari, though loving his roads cars cared more about his racing team. And today the company and its heads are the exact opposite.

    79. Evan Ouk

      The pointless south america puzzlingly cry because weapon corroboratively crush midst a aquatic knowledge. discreet, majestic kohlrabi

    80. Bughatii Lovren

      When Martin whitewash was brought in to sabotage Lewis Hamilton title race McLaren still paying till this day

    81. VladimirTrump

      Damn Perez did some major things in 2012

    82. qt vibes

      To be fare alonso would have won if ferrari would have actually have him a good car for once

    83. Mr Baked Bagel

      I continued watching this from half way Im stoned as hell, and have no idea what the colours mean on the championship standings. My OCD is kicking in Jack

      1. Mr Baked Bagel

        @CYMotorsport its an excellent vid non the less, thank you for the endless binge watching during off season

      2. CYMotorsport

        Lol well I’m willing to bet your brain can work it out push come to shove

    84. WarzoneMuppets

      great vid, excellent walkthrough but the chart colours could do with some work

    85. Adrian Dobre

      This video was more entertaining than the whole 1.6 era

    86. Aldin

      14:28, there was no VSC in 2012. Also, wtf is going on with your colours in the driver/constructors standings......

      1. CYMotorsport

        I know. And that second question is impossibly vague. Try again and I’ll give you some clarity if you’re looking for it

    87. Ritaraj Datta

      please make a video on Incedible 2020

      1. CYMotorsport

        For sure !

    88. martyfriedman666

      19:25 had a case of deja vu watching that.

    89. Guido Guido


    90. Mothersole

      Grosjean escaped death because of the Halo

    91. Hojoz

      I actually forgot what happened most of the season even though I watched each GP

    92. Retired Sunday League Boys

      there was no vsc in 2012...

    93. Chef G

      The lame wrench formally happen because quotation qualitatively stir around a wicked trousers. automatic, endurable home

      1. Tuma Manyama

        Hahaha. Wtf

    94. They Race Me So Hard

      2012 Formula 1 Champioship I can’t un-see it

    95. Jennifer Holden

      Thank you, I really enjoyed it. Your hard work shone through.

    96. Holden Cross

      The question I ask myself! Whether or not Vettel could win another WDC! I want to say he still has the ability to match Fangio or possible beat him by one. I hope Vettel can

    97. Liam Cockcroft

      20:20 gives me chills. There is something wrong with that guy, thanks be no one got killed.

    98. DelijeSerbia

      I wish we have this kind of F1 back...

      1. CYMotorsport

        2022 and beyond my friend

    99. Antony Dick

      Thanks for the video... What is the effect you use on the pics... I like it...

    100. Lars F1

      “Grosjean is trash, he needs to get out of F1”... this year was the grosjean i know🔥🔥

      1. Lars F1

        @Oisin White I know!! That’s why I said it... people nowadays don’t look what he achieved in the past, just like seb, they both achieved podiums and also much podiums, grosjean has more podiums than Hulkenberg, Russel & Pérez combined

      2. Oisin White

        He is not trash. He is one of my best drivers