The 10 Most Dramatic Crashes of the 2020 F1 Season


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    From a catalogue of collisions at Mugello to Romain Grosjean’s heart-stopping crash and escape in Bahrain.
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    1. AndreaLuise Ca.

      :D ... Gentlemen start t he engine ... 👍

    2. AndreaLuise Ca.

      love Th is am a F1 Fan

    3. YT SortFire

      Can we appreciate Kyvat was involved in BOTH Bahrain crashes.


      if you crash it is your fault for putting you in that position at that time.

    5. Speqp

      I remember watching grosjean and nearly having a hard attack

    6. DB25GAMES

      Sir Lewis Hamilton to become an 8 time f1 world champion this f1 calendar!

    7. Martin Basten

      Grosjean Tuscany: "This is the worst thing I've ever seen" Well that statement didn't age well for him..

    8. vxghostyyy

      1:54 Don't cut!

    9. gareth461

      Max is such a baby

    10. J

      8:04 legend

    11. Monalisa

      Worst year of Albon.

    12. Colin Pugh

      2020 british grand prix starting grid 1 HAM 2 VER 3 LEC 4 RIC 5 NOR 6 OCO 7 GAS 8 ALB 9 STR 10 VET 11 BOT 12 RUS 13 SAI 14 GIO 15 LAT 16 GRO 17 RAI 18 MAG 19 HUL PIT KVY

    13. Colin Pugh

      2020 british grand prix starting grid 1 HAM 2 VER 3 LEC 4 RIC 5 NOR 6 OCO 7 GAS 8 ALB 9 STR 10 VET 11 BOT 12 RUS


      Lance Stroll got a bad year... and red bull

    15. Juzo S.

      We all knew what place 1 was going to be. That was the worst Crash in years

    16. Yakup Özer

      Where is crash, there is Grosjean.

    17. Eduardo Vieira Scarpa

      Terrível acidente esse do Romain Grosgean!!! Nasceu de novo!!!

    18. Devdan Dharya Pramadana

      1:55 the camera might of broke because the camera got hit into the ground so thats why the recording stopped on the camera

    19. John Doughnut

      I've just got interested in F1 recently, so what happens when a teams car crashes. Do they have back up cars at the factory or do they try to fix it mostly?

    20. Jennifer Munslow

      On number five at silver stone I have been and watched cars race there

    21. Teresa Bachelor

      I love this

    22. Jos VES

      Engineer: Are you ok Alex? Alex: I'm fired, ain't I?

    23. Arrows Racing Team


    24. Tommaso Borsotti

      For Red Bull and alpha tauri was an unlucky year

    25. lol no u

      Basically everyone's first time playing a racing gane

    26. Frigodedo Vettel f1

      2:17 ¿music?

    27. Tomasz Piatkowski

      Never be surę that's always will be happy end ...

    28. colymoli

      D N F for M A X still love it

    29. The Stig

      7:43 That did not age well, unfortunately.

    30. Kevin Moonchild

      Crashlex Albon and Crash Stroll :u

    31. Jess Partridge

      I love how chill lance stroll is when he crashes.

    32. Israelanderson23

      Wow wow wow 🙏🙏🙏☝️☝️

    33. Michael Wilkie

      Stroll at only 10 is way too low. That was the crash of the year until Romain at Bahrain.

    34. Sasha King

      2:14 guys like nono stop haha

    35. Isabelle Asquith

      Lance: "i got a puncture🥺"

    36. SimBoy

      0:40 you can literally see the rear end getting almost split and sliced open, crazy.

    37. Reuben Murray

      Cool go-karts

    38. Debbie Smith

      He. Bh

    39. Zeppek official

      Albon engineer after the big crash of Alex "i can see damage on the car" OH SERIOUSLY ?

    40. Daniel Carvalho

      Something like that Grosjean faced and survived made Ronnie Peterson to have another very different ending.

    41. Edwards Bridges-Pugh

      2020 italian grand prix starting grid 1 GAS 2 SAI 3 STR 4 NOR 5 BOT 6 RIC 7 HAM 8 OCO 9 KVY 10 PER 11 LAT 12 GRO 13 RAI 14 RUS 15 ALB 16 GIO 17 VER 18 MAG 19 VET PIT LEC

    42. Jeffrey ten thije

      2:20 Quarter of the pack: goes straight on Cameraman: McLaren go s🅱️in

    43. Zahir Sabag

      halo is hero

    44. kyogrez

      imagine the thoughts that went through kvyats head right after Romain crashed. “Have I just killed someone?”

    45. Colin Pugh

      2020 Italian grand prix starting grid 1 GAS 2 SAI 3 STR 4 NOR 5 BOT 6 RIC 7 HAM 8 OCO 9 KVY 10 PER 11 LAT 12 GRO 13 RAI 14 RUS 15 ALB 16 GIO 17 VER 18 MAG 19 VET PIT LEC

    46. Colin Pugh

      2020 Italian grand prix starting grid

    47. DimZ

      Alternative title: "The Albon & Stroll Show", with Romain Grosjean

    48. PCW

      In 2017, us Formula One fans complained about the Halo being introduced. In 2020, we will always be thankful for it.

      1. Marcel Ehrentraut

        Groajean also was against the halo

    49. Gonah.

      Am I the only one that thinks that was grosjeans fault he turned into kyvat on the straight and kyvat tried to avoid it but glad he is ok

    50. Noel Whinyates

      Daft as this might sound but I think the Mugello crash was the worst one.

    51. Napoleon Bonaparte

      Grosjean literally reminds me of the 70s

    52. Paco Rodríguez

      Looking the Romain crash, all those others looks like a video game joke crashes

    53. smurf account

      Number one Romain Grosjean

    54. MVP_ Daniel

      I'm sure that every 2. Driver of Red Bull has bad luck since Daniel Ricciardo

    55. Ludovic Mariani

      This is insane how the english commentator have 0 emotion while talking, when you compare it with french (not monza as it was a special event) but every time they put more of theme in those

    56. iSven

      2:20 just look how orange bolid managed to not get any damage

    57. max s

      When Grosjean said "This is the worst thing I have seen ever" in Italy, I was just thinking "just wait until Bahrain" lol

    58. Alejandro Romo

      do anybody knows how the mercedes medical car was already driving almost 1 sec after the crash of grossjean?

      1. Alejandro Romo

        @TiltEV just what i thought , thx for clarifying!

      2. TiltEV

        The medical car follows the pack after the start of the race for this exact reason

    59. LivelyBenjamin

      8:12 I remember that i just saw that crash on news 3 minutes after the crash on a danish news called "BT" and i was shocked

    60. Mishael Trivennios

      HAMboriiiiiiiiiiiiing time zzzzz.

    61. VALLEY

      they seem so calm when they crash

    62. Building on a Budget Models

      I'm not sure F1 would have put that at number 1 if things had taken a turn for the worse.

    63. Red_gamer 18

      bahrain: stroll we are racing in bahrain not in australia

    64. TILDE Xd

      Grogjang on mojeilo : thats the worst Thing ive ever seen in My life Me at Bahrain : 😑🤐

    65. Hassan Meraj

      Whe he said "This is the worst thing I've seen ever".... no one knew including him what is waiting at the Bahrain GP.

    66. Kiss Csaba


    67. Chris Floyd

      Motorsport safety has come so far. Wish it had cost fewer lives but better late than never.

    68. Loosey Goosey


    69. Broken Eagle

      Since the crash in bahrain alex knew that he will lose the seat i guess

    70. luke cooper

      Alex go weee

    71. Tram Nguyen

      I saw how Max was out

    72. Tomas Linda

      so sad that grosjean quit formula

      1. Marcel Ehrentraut

        Indycar 500 and maybe as a back up driver

    73. Jacob Vosper

      I'm so glad that Grosjean is still alive that hallo is really safe and that everyone is all right

    74. Steve Holt

      Grosjean should be fired

      1. Steve Holt

        @Marcel Ehrentraut his shunt was unprofessionally reckless.

      2. Marcel Ehrentraut

        Whyy?he doesnt drive f1 anymore but why u say this

    75. Anthony Cutt

      F1 milking Grossman's crash so much Kelis is planning a copyright claim.

    76. petix

      grosjean: THIS IS THE WORST THING I HAVE NEVER SEEN IN MY LIFE!!! next clip: bahrain crash grosjean: oh sh-

    77. GB2006 _YT

      A lot of crashes in Bahrain last year

    78. GB2006 _YT

      I think we all knew what number 1 was gonna be

    79. Kásum

      5:57 *bonk*

    80. Daniel

      1:56 Yuji Ide style

    81. William Smith

      They think that some of these crashes are hard? go look at nascar, literally smashing the wall at 170-200 MPH sometimes

    82. ToruOfficial

      I was watching the race when leclerc crashed, made me feel bad when he started either crying or wiping his eyes.

    83. Garwode Charm 嘉桓葛葛YT

      Before I didn’t knew Logitech sponsored mclaren steering wheel

    84. F1 Frenzy

      7:20 Crofty Bwoah

    85. Luffy but fat

      we all thought the halo was pointless... without that halo grosjean would have had the most horrific car accident in motorsport history. i’m so glad that was implemented.

    86. Marcus Alexius

      Romain Gorsjean in Tuscany surviving every mishap infront of him. Romain Grosjean surviving one of the worst crashes in F1 history. Safe to say Romain had a colorful end to a career. Glad the driver is safe!

    87. LowkeyHappy

      at crash number 2 i was there

    88. Amin

      Never wanted to be remembered of Grosjean's big incident tbh but I clicked on this video. It's still horrifying to know that he could have lost his life in a matter of seconds. Halo saved his life and his level of alertness & speed to escape the car was just out of this world. Bless you Romain..

    89. TheCoolParnell

      Personally, I hate these safety measures that end up making high performance racing cars slower; HOWEVER, I will admit, seeing a guy walk out of a flaming wreck that broke in half is pretty metal.

    90. Mohan King

      Kyviat was so sure that was his mistake that he dont even thought about that wasnt, and the truth was a punture

    91. Shalabazer The Boltstruck

      RoGro: "this is the worst thing I seen ever" and then came bahrain 🤦‍♂️ the irony hurts to the bones

    92. shaggyego

      Top 10 crashes of 2020.... I have no idea who takes the No1 spot.

    93. PoweredbyMat

      Kimi looking at those guys going off in front of him be like -Bwoaahh

    94. Valeria Gonzalez


    95. Antan

      love how lance stroll just goes "ok im upside down now"

    96. Андрей Белясников

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    97. Charlene Woods

      The unruly alley bareilly attack because font ultrasonically disappear except a irritating swing. thankful, knotty distribution

    98. theun_yt

      Grosjean: this is the worst thing ever!!! Also grosjean

    99. Existential Crisis

      Red Bull car crosses space and time and witnesses Cthulu himself. Alex- I’m fine.

    100. Drino Zhao

      The statuesque wave commercially arrest because dugout biomechanically disagree into a wicked custard. nonstop, cut chard