Sadababy - Pimp Named Drip Dat

Sada Baby

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    Shot by @Savani

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    1. The sports Guru

      This my favorite Banger 💯💯👌🏼👌🏼🔴

    2. Dragonsinofwrath Meliodas

      Do some drugd then i dance widney bobby😂😂😂

      1. Dragonsinofwrath Meliodas

        I know i made some errors yall understand what i was saying tho right?

    3. Corey Gray

      Bro this is my song 🎧 my 7 Mile nigga killing it..,they sleeping on Detroit💯❤️

    4. Gmike180

      Dis my favorite sada song

    5. Cole Judd

      Errthang 1k @Marvin Maravilla


      I didnt no chico bean could rap🤣🔥🔥

    7. Diamond Smith

      This nigga said if hit ain’t weight I loss nothing

    8. PznQ

      back when he was skinnier, he also sounds different now, still flames doe.

    9. Sharif Scruggs

      No apologizing I don’t made up my mind on em 🦾💯💯💯

    10. Young Dave

      RIPower King Von.. Scoot over! Slippin and you fell in the bullshitting.. Yall aint gone get this Goat! This is the New Pac... Listen 2 this shit! Hard as fuck!!! Soda got a General Here.. Shalom bro

    11. Nyk Edwards


    12. Yo Santana

      I’m late to his music, cause this ni$$a skinny in this video but cubby in the other damn 🤣😂

    13. Chris Coney


    14. Katey Kathleen


    15. Julian De Leon


    16. E Kylene

      Sada is so hard 😭😤💪🏽

    17. UNCLEscr0_oge


    18. BEAMTeamENT.

      I like how bruh be using basketball metaphors and flipping em

    19. Ben Oliver

      I was in jail when I Hurd of soda.

    20. Corey Gray

      On the Hood 7 Mile is lit 🔥 because of him and Big Quis💯👑 I’m still playing this New birthday 🎂 song November 16th 💯👑

    21. King Jefe

      This guy

    22. Ereeze Ubeezy


    23. *Patches O'houlihan*

      All his songs are good and then theres this one... The ugly chick in a group of dimes, but she just fine enough to hit if you faded and the night about to end and you just rearrange them guts then ghost her and if anybody ask you say you shouldn't of mix the xans and the hypnotiq so you don't remember a thing blame it on the crossfadetion. Gnaw meen?

    24. Agent 007

      I'm just soo lit off this nigga 🤪

    25. Lovely Rich

      I'm woke as hell now! This dude is spectaculaaaaaa. This shit is fireeeeee💯🔥

    26. Wouldyouglowme

      When he was skinner lol

      1. nell866 what you think of this bayarea jawn ???

    27. Lajah Gooding

      It's the dance for me 🤣🤣 but why he fucking it up thoe this my song fasho

      1. nell866 what you think of this bayarea jawn ???

    28. Johnnie Mae McCray


      1. nell866 what you think of this bayarea jawn ???

    29. Logan Brown

      All my sticks say BAR on em. Stupendous American Firearms!!

      1. nell866 what you think of this bayarea jawn ???

    30. bossele700

      The hardest shit of all time!

      1. nell866 what you think of this bayarea jawn ???

    31. Jessy Elevated

      I’m from Alabama and been living in Michigan for 3 years now. I honestly never heard of sada baby because he wasn’t internationally known. He was so big in Michigan, Detroit mainly, I think most people felt as if he was known around the world. But this Nicki feature/ tiktok is going to put Detroit all the way on the map. Then the upcoming artist SUKI is mentioned on whole lotta choppas so she’s constantly promoting the song. I fw it tho but most southerners don’t like Detroit rap I’m just speaking from experience Because I just started listening to it myself.

      1. Jessy Elevated

        @nell866 like and subbed

      2. nell866 what you think of this bayarea jawn ???

    32. CoMpLeXeD

      Click on Link I Dare You

    33. DANNY D

      Sada Baby 🔥

      1. nell866 what you think of this bayarea jawn ???

    34. Mike Amiri

      This may be the best song of all time

      1. nell866 what you think of this bayarea jawn ???

      1. nell866 what you think of this bayarea jawn ???

    35. Bernadette Sotelo

      This song reminds me of my baby daddy

    36. Dominique Morris

      The part we’re he was like , I’m bouta get you drop that don’t cost nothing , cough syrup in pop still don’t cost nun that part go hard

      1. Melanin Warfare

        Cough syrup in my cup still don’t cough nothing

    37. Khimya Mitchell


      1. nell866 what you think of this bayarea jawn ???

    38. Prince Low

      🔥🔥🔥🔥👀🔥❤️💣💣💣my favorite

      1. nell866

        @Prince Low that’s love 💯🤘🏾

      2. Prince Low

        @nell866 the Bay Area always been my favorite first real life area bay dope as f wit the game etc

      3. nell866 what you think of this bayarea jawn ???

    39. Koofs Wife with you hoez 313

    40. Daniela Trujillo

      Did I just hear you say you beat women?.:)

      1. nell866 what you think of this bayarea jawn ???

    41. geaux jugo

      beyoncé w the can 🔥

      1. nell866 what you think of this bayarea jawn ???

    42. SUPERXCOR pressley

      Sada is the new wave

      1. nell866 what you think of this bayarea jawn ???

    43. Alize Tray

      It’s 🔥 🔥

      1. Lepy •

    44. Trystyn Valenzuela

      Yo i love safa baby bru his music slap n he be goofy aff the way he dance😂😂i be dancing like that when im by my self n be hella hype😆👎🏽he the shit bru sada the shit

      1. Lepy •

    45. Beautiful Soul & IceCreamTopics

      Beyonce with this can get'em bodied he snaped 💋 side bar add me on instagram beautifulsoul_bossyy

      1. Lepy •

    46. Trav fix

      Why son black on this like that tho🔥🔥

      1. Lepy •

    47. Aisha Griffin


      1. Lepy •

    48. chrissipher

      why does he randomly start using a chicago accent out of nowhere lmao

      1. nell866 what you think of this bayarea jawn ???

    49. Latisha Williams

      Still my shit 🔥🔥

    50. todario jackson


    51. Tejay Jones


    52. Marcel Wagner

      I swear I heard Ddg say this same thing at the end

      1. JustGTA

        DDG listen to Sada they from the same state

    53. K Mac

      From da murda city #wetakinover

    54. Brandon Booker


    55. Tee Fort.

      Cause I know you will looking ass

    56. Q Taylor

      This is one nigga would definitely have to hit the club with 🤣🤣

    57. Lavell Putman


    58. Herna Charles

      Im from Florida man dude got it something different i never heard he's going someone's big ups sada baby

    59. Alondra Trujillo

      Not taking any thing away from Tee...... But sada is just on a whole other level

    60. Paxton Learned

      pills in the party bill bosby

    61. Famous Dex

      Every time I think I have a favorite Sada song I find something even hotter this shii knock🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    62. Racso L

      This song is a certified SLAPPER 👋🏼

    63. Petty Cash


    64. Evan J2 Carter

      Do some drugs then I dance Whitney, Bobby...BARS! 🔥🔥🔥

    65. jamesha jermaine


    66. Anonymous Anonymous

      2020 & this is still my shiiitttt!!!

    67. Rosetta Jackson

      #Zettie407 #zettie305 #zettie863 #zettie904 Drip Dat.....

    68. SAUCEKID

      He chooses the best beats

    69. Beautiful Soul & IceCreamTopics

      Im playing it now in 2020 add me on the gram beautifullsoul_bossyy

    70. Beautiful Soul & IceCreamTopics

      Im gone playing this in 2035

    71. Lateja Jackson-Norman

      Off ZAAHZAAH with Sadababy shaking the industry. What’s new oh I bet you mfs didn’t think my city MADE YOU !!! 😭😭😭😭 #DETROIT #EASTSIDE🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🦍🦍🦍🦍 OKAY OKAY !!!!

    72. Cedes Brown


    73. Jasmine Fisher

      Dude dance moves be lit. He be having me CTFU. 🤣😂😂

    74. A Pimp Named Slick Back

      Big bank roll or a new Bitch💯💯💯💯

    75. MiG

      How did you discover Sada? This song pop up with I was getting tatted. Me, it was this track! Had to make my mans pause so I can listen to it 3 times.

    76. Trever Page


    77. marcus derilus

      Ya start steppin we out cheaa

    78. Arturo Perez

      Damn this songs already 2yrs old

    79. Mista 808

      Purchase a beat from MADNIS Bulk discounts available. Trap/HipHop/Rap/R&B Producer MADNIS #MADNIS

    80. Wesley Cannon


    81. Jamal Dyar

      “2 Hoes with me Lou Will” 😭

    82. Terell Nelson

      This is cool

    83. kierra1057

      Anybody else heard “Whole Lotta Choppas” and now u listening to his other songs 😗

      1. Shantell Chanel

        Yesss 🤣 must say very unique


        Other way around

      3. kierra1057

        @B.I.A Richy im sorry

      4. B.I.A Richy

        The disrespect

      5. kierra1057

        @Kristopher Brown U should feel honored..this a hit frl

    84. Seth M Morris

      This shit trash!!!😂😂😂

    85. Christopher Albert

      Still playin in 2020

    86. Jesus Mendez

      Sadababy got a crack head body 🤣

    87. Tirza Baby

      My husband 😍

    88. Brandon Ellery Jackson

      hell ya bro i'm boss bummin


      That beat too hard

    90. on the come up

      Doin donuts on Gratiot to this shit

    91. XO Skell-E-Skel

      Playaz Keep A 40

    92. Goose 7o7

      Go off bruh love from bay area northern California

    93. Veleria Robbins

      Your song is on fire Solly baby

      1. Veleria Robbins


    94. Sum_ pimpin

      Do sum drugz den dance Whitney bobby humper!

    95. Ursula Rudison

      This shit fire

    96. Tokyo Livin


    97. C Jizzle BMG

      🔥 💯and im just here for his dance moves 😂

    98. Caitlynd Alexander

      check out cing crip reaction channel

    99. Real Kale

      Wat u say bout my date