Sadababy - LLYGMISTA [Official Music Video]

Sada Baby

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    1. BlackGlooves88 Stillalive

      I love this song my life soundtrack

    2. seven mclamb

      just found about this nigga in 2020 in tht tour song with bluefabe

    3. Elias Garcia

    4. Jason Brown


    5. KING WavvyAssSincere

      My kid heard this and went crazy and he's still in my girls stomach 🤦🏽‍♂️🤣

    6. Racso L

      2020 and this still is a banger 🔥🔥🔥

      1. MarQuisha Sigers


    7. Chase

      It’s hard to even rank Sadas music but this shit is big in my top 5 of his songs.

    8. clorissa porter



      Sada Baby you gotta a very nice story I hope ya'll put a documentary together BOB!

    10. Domo D’usse


    11. jasmine Cardenas


    12. MNDorse

      Now that this songs a throwback, I can look back and say that that hahadavis cameo is random & iconic af🔥🔥🔥

    13. OGKUSH74 OGKUSH74

      😂Am I the only one that hear SKUBA and think I can dance.. Lol.. He be having me do some ugly funny shit high.Lol. Gruntn n shit😂😂😂

    14. Dawit Khem Bethel

      Eastside Nigga

    15. QuickMaff

      And leave em with no brains 🔥🔥🔥

    16. Ashley Howell

      I will be needing penicillin after watching this...🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️😅

    17. googobb roc

      Pop a pill then cop me a feel.... #foolin

    18. Yamini Pasha

      D a m n b o i

      1. Yamini Pasha

        This guy snapping so damn mf hard I am really lost for words good job every damn song!

    19. Jacrispy Jones

      Love from the 615🖤🖤🖤 long live yg mista😤😤🖤

    20. Jay Da Profit

      Nah fr long live yg mista! Real Tennessee nigga. Gone too soon

    21. SlimShaggy9


    22. David Gibson

      Mane... I heard dis joint and I can't stop playing it

    23. I_am_her 1993

      🔥⛽🤟Oakland California

    24. I_am_her 1993

      one of my favorite songs

    25. Yoshinoya

      Cali vibes

    26. Nikko Love

      #LongLiveYGMista 615-313 #BellRdRoadRunnas

    27. Rachel Fletcher

      Love this beat💖

    28. Yahammi

      This song sped up by 1.25x sounds so much better

    29. Yoshinoya

      Aye make. This song into a one song video without the content

    30. Yoshinoya

      Detroit and Cali vibes West side nugga 909 951

    31. Yoshinoya

      I just wanna do a lot of Sada baby fans COMMENT THE NEXT WORD TO THIS SONG EXACTLY ONLY I DO

    32. David Gibson

      Dis sh.t hard bruh

    33. Mario MD

      A Sada Baby from the other side but this shit 🔥 C⬆️

    34. Curtis Moore


    35. Samuel h.

      I showed my neighbor that is a good kid in boy scouts this now he is facing 55 years for murder.... 😳

    36. Jarrel Brewster

      Walk her down Hershel show her what them perks do

    37. Egg21

      Why is he so angry doe

    38. Felishadae Young


    39. streetSadist

      “kill faketeen 🔞 niggas wit it”

    40. RJay Harris

      I made the beat🤷🏾‍♂️🚫🧢😂 nahh but these my theme songs now shout out RJ LAMONT

    41. Xy'Mone Alisia

      I stg he brings the heat in his sleep🔥🔥

    42. Pure Vision

      Sada Baby and Mike Mike should do a song

    43. Taylor Mclean

      I loveeeeeeee sadaaaa 🥴🤤

    44. brian jackson

      Eastside I'm on need more d4yuhs

    45. Eduardo Melo

      Sound like sum project pat ,3 6 mafia shit

    46. Swagg Montana


    47. Goal Digger

      Kettering !

    48. Katrina Kennedy

      • That Nigga Said FK ME , so YOU KNOE it’s FK THAT NIGGA TOO ‼️😎🔥

    49. Beaver Mac

      The beat go.flow go.lyrics fire

    50. William Simmons

      Rip my nigga #YgMista #30ssss

    51. Dino Marshall

      I love this song

    52. Sp Wallace

      East side nigga 🤟👑 dumb ass

    53. Nazaria Crockett

      Yo sada baby killed this song @sadababy

    54. Rana Rain

      My Vegas song 😘😘😘

    55. Kendal Woods

      I like sada baby

    56. Marquies Barner

      I’m from the Southside n be screaming in tears “EASTSIIIDDEEE”

    57. cRaZ BoY

      Sada baby go hard

    58. The Sparkling Sisters S

      U a hit r u single ❤️ I luv ya sada baby

    59. Princess KK

      Ayyy I'm.boppin 🔥🔥🔥

    60. the Crow

      My favorite song beginning to end# dont hate no niggas that don't make me no money#period

    61. Christian and Preston

      We were playing this song In the locker room with a speaker and the coaches walked in and immediately walked out😂



      2. Marcus Trent


      3. Christian and Preston

        @Tco_Leek the beginning 😂

      4. Tco_Leek

        Which part?

      5. Sixes - C


    62. Amy Michelle

      Sada baby....wassup with tha Cocoa Pebbles tho...I fux with that✌🏾

    63. 9z Beats


    64. Genuine Ruby


    65. Pedro Gonzalez

      Long live yg mista

    66. Aj King

      He the only rapper I can rap the whole song

    67. nasty nate

      Nigga be snapppinn

    68. mabi

      one up

    69. Gabby Taylor

      I need a sada and Kendrick collab expeditiously

    70. Rusty Shackleford

      My Uber driver played this last night

    71. Key 2x

      #LLYG 30zzzz yall don't kno nun bout BellRd

    72. mikail williams

      Trappin since the first grade 🔥

    73. Felishadae Young


    74. Edward Kellogg

      This goes hard

    75. Ana Gomez

      YAKIMA, washington

    76. Gideon Brock

      One of his best songs

    77. Ana Gomez

      shout out from yakima, washington huhhhhhhh!

    78. key 25


    79. Wisley Leandre

      This shit hard af!!!!!!!


      Cookin some money


      There is to many ****** in this like where the girls

    82. K & P Nation



      Southside nigga who Toledo Ohio bitch

    84. Daniel McKinney

      Hold that choppa like a iPhone go take a picture

    85. Charles

      R.I.P #YG Mista

    86. Suga T

      I just noticed he filmed this by the big K..Kettering H.S.!!!

    87. Lord Boudreaux X

      🅱️Lil Bro 🅱️ made niggas forget the D had other rappers, Eastside 🅱️🆎🆘

    88. Terrance Deshields

      Soda baby looks so cool

    89. Jake Shivers

      He’s just so cool

    90. Damien Williams

      Maaan this song be going..right? This song make you drive faster or this a good song for the gym to work out to

    91. tg tg

      That Be@t thooo💯🔈🔉🔊

    92. Jerry Rice

      He dont shoot i bench em 👌

    93. Jerry Rice

      Nigga say fuck me its fuck that nigga too💯✔👌

    94. Monique Bailey

      Sada baby 🗣

    95. Simon Quemo

      East side in my city chill as fuck lol this the hypster area still dope to bump

    96. Meekismwisdom

      RJ went dumb af w this beat ! SO fye

    97. Robert Fernandez

      This little bitch need to keep Eminem name out his mouth!!!

    98. rob

      Them Detroit niggas go hard af 🚫🧢

    99. Daniel Salazar

      Long live yg Mista still live thru em 30 boyzzz

    100. LarryDaYoungan 23

      #LLYG 30’ssss