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Sada Baby

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    1. Celeste Woolf

      I will do the Harlem shake wit the draco

    2. MMB MackMadeBishop

      U anit sick pussy nigga you just sick of me ...(favorite line)

    3. Lucas Zambrano

      2020 anyone?

    4. john castillo

      Fuck tee

    5. Official Banditgang_juno

      So y’all forgot this song that’s krazy

    6. alonzo itricc


    7. Dreson Lanton

      Drop More Sadabay

    8. Sasha Belichov

      Too hard

    9. Shawn Barber

      I would love to meet sada

    10. Tybriel

      HAHA! Awesome video! I truly adore your video!🧜‍♀️🙍‍♀️🧓

    11. Angela B

      This song just puts me in a good mood

    12. Caitlynd Alexander

      check out cing crip reaction channel

    13. Mark Cleveland

      I dont knock on doors i walk in em depends on whats in em red flag wearing big blood banging

    14. Dominick Johnson

      Who still bumping this in 2020

    15. googobb roc

      "Cheat code" game Genie

    16. Lex Mendoza

      Who’s stil bumpin 2020 💯👹

    17. Aaron

      “Ding -aling in her booty cheeks she gon feel ittttttt” 😂

    18. Kristopher Heck


    19. Dolph Paperroute

      After he say imma grill it!!! He sound like weezy you crazy if u don’t think so. It don’t got nun to do wit comparing the rappers he just sound like him 😂

    20. Robert Oatis

      Lol cuz read still gettem off

    21. Stokeyfromhood Music

      Sada baby coldest n my city right now💯💯💯🙏🙏

    22. Matt murds


    23. Lukas Gestrine

      Andre Drummond in the video still dope af

    24. Neda Dillard

      Sada verse one Skuba verse two

    25. datharian potter

      Ayyy ayyy hold up them perky thanks make a nigga moon walk

    26. Gabriel Finn

      Sadas videos are goat

    27. I_am_her 1993

      I love this fucking beat 🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟

    28. Hannah Stout

      Dope Jacket,dope style very authentic!!

    29. Rizz-O

      Fuck 2 years ago I'm still bumping it 2020! #BestNewArtist

    30. Angel Villin


    31. brendon durand

      If a nigga run off knock his shoes off🔥🔥🔥

    32. Jana 999

      Romulus was Anyu 1st grade Mumsy.

    33. Tampa Tony

      I just discovered this guy I've liked and downloaded every song I've heard so far without even hearing more than a minute hes str8 fieee

    34. Damon Figures

      Takin my ass to work to this👊🏾💪🏾🦍💯

    35. lowe down

      Sada top 3 in the world now skies the limit Louisiana checkin in 💪💪🥶

    36. Buckashi Sensei

      Sada make me tip my ash ont the floor instead of the ash tray

    37. John Smith

      listen to this all day

    38. Unknown Savage

      Did i just see ma boi grizzley there?

    39. Shakira Scott

      THIS NIGGA HARD 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    40. only child

      Ok sickxs😙

    41. ACE Goon

      Black bird number 7 what's the 9 gas or weed tell me cuz I'm tha Goon here call me Big blood

    42. ZaDora Lexington


    43. Dhurmon Cunningham

      "U ain't sick pussie nigga, u just sick of me!" Lol.... Dude too hard

    44. Gee Tee

      Im still bumping in 2020 and 2021 2022 and beyond is looking promising as well 💪🏽😎

    45. Freddy Tims

      ding-a-ling in her booty cheeks wooooa!!!

    46. Lotsa Poppa

      1:55 you niggas don't know nothin about them ops and half moons lmao I remember niggas comin to tennessee from the D we was snatchin every pill they could bring down boomin that hillbilly heroin he not lyin might have fuck round been in my city

    47. kane

      Who else from Detroit beside be ?

    48. Jazzy Visuals

      and we was on live wit it BIG 45 WIT IT !!!!

    49. ZaDora Lexington



      Was that gullytv in the video?🤷🏿‍♂️

    51. Shanae ffggrfuyHood

      Bitch don't ever diss Saginaw again.

    52. E World

      Sada dropping more content than anybody else right now it reminds me of when Vezzo first started dropping his shit and had the city on lock .

    53. lee mccurry

      Bum ass nihgas

    54. A Wax

      This is my ringtone..

    55. jazzy 0719

      Been here since 30k subscribers💀🖤

    56. منصة المستقبل المشرق التعليمية

      Who came from Chris Brown Ig ?

      1. Lil Reezy


    57. Janell Booker

      Here form Chris brown’s story on Instagram

    58. Abe Wells

      Another hit missed by these over head niggas.

    59. Steven DiGirolamo

      "Keep that ish by my stomach, Mmm, squeeze that bish till you bloody, Mmmm" 🔥

    60. Gilgamesh Ishtar

      Who said we can’t have a 🔫 in the party ? Who? 💀💯

    61. Aj King

      155 is when he went god mode

    62. Joe Green

      💪.... 🔥...

    63. Free Briccs

      Dunnies got the straight drop don't need no Fentanolllll.. #HMG #Jeffside

    64. Carlos Gill

      Keep doing yo thing Sada Fire Fire fire! 1 if the best in the game real talk!!!!

    65. Shylah Grant


    66. Grand Av elwiz bey bey

      Bruh musta smoked mac dre& Mike jack ashes

    67. Carlos lea

      If bruh was to sign me I would risk my life to change my life im so hungry for to live right period!!!!,** like this mane and put on for my city this shit hurt inside that it ain't happened yet big bruh represent his self like I would me if I had bread and was on my shit

    68. Lj Lanave

      Sada is the best bruh omg every song he put out is lit keep workin bro

    69. the Crow

      the moves got me rolling omg lol he on point tho

    70. Mac entertainment enterprise. M E E

      👍👍 Sadababy, 👍👍 Cheat Code, Detroit vs Everybody. It’s a Muzic Movement, & the Muzic keep’s on Moving. 👀💿👊🏻💯🇮🇹🖕🔥✌🏻😉

    71. Dare Ya

      I'm on dat Old English so ya know dis bihh ❌ coming off repeat 🤫🤟💯💯💯

    72. Dare Ya

      Lil cuz can't read still gone get him off 🤫 on gang 🤟💯

    73. Dare Ya

      I'm juss saying every since I've been typing dis bihh been on repeat say wahh ya wanna 😐😕🤨🤟🤫💯💯💯

    74. Dare Ya

      Still looking @ dah industry fah wahh it is tee could of easily had a verse to keep dah beat making ya dance like ya holding dah draco that makes meh wonder is tee actually letting his solid homie eat & not get full of envy 🤨😕😐 idk but keep ya head tuck & ya 🔫 uph in dis battlefield in words of Polo G dat nigga gifted on dah mic on GOD THE ONE I KNOW WHO ACTUALLY EXIST 🙏🙏🙏 not talking about Satan the God of dis 🌎 🙏🙏🙏🙏

    75. Dare Ya

      & by dah way dis bihh been on Gooo mode since I started playing it I mean it's solid keeps dats bihh by my stomach 🤨 🤟🤟🤟💯💯💯

    76. Dare Ya

      I fuck with grizzly but when yuh that industry game all bets r off a nigga will give uph his mama fah dat 👜💰 on God But tee just let ya homie shine till dah lights go out 🤫🤟💯 sada on niggas neck

    77. Dare Ya

      Niggas be talking about a nigag who pose to be gangsta dancing lie wtf that just mean a nigga will do dah Harlem Shake with dah Draco🤨 niggas betta read btw dah line fuck all dat illuminati talk I know I be talking it time to time bc its tru but aye it's yo life do as ya please but sada 👶 uph next fah dah long run as long as tee grizzly don't turn fraud & give him uph as sacrificial lamb 🤫 js my eyes open why ya think he made sure grizzly got his spot in the light w/o a verse bc niggas will turn flaky when ya poppin mo than they is # 👀been open 💯🤟 sada keep yours open that industry comes with a shaky but deadly price on God 💯💯💯

    78. City M

      Detroit y’all betta take care of sada

    79. Infamous Blackfriday

      Still rocking 2019 catch me on snake island Belle Isle blasting this D shit🔥

    80. Michael Corleone

      Adam franchi is a weak ass bitch. Family over everything fuck boy

    81. KP W

      He want half off? Knock that nigga off!!

    82. Its Business

      1:54 Tee grizzly like “fuck it err body else is dancing”😂😂

    83. Neena Simone


    84. Nino Brown

      Sadababy go hard🎵🎶🎼

    85. Jester Arts

      "I will-do a Harlem Shake- with the Drako..."

    86. Jester Arts

      "Who said we couldn't have the pistols in the party?"

    87. Tanner Sauve

      1:15 is that Andre Drummond? Lmaooo

    88. Kreative Kid Detroit

      I was in Parnell corrections with that dude im glad he made it man , we needed someone to charge up tha D

    89. angel rodriguez


    90. Joe Heaton

      Not the investigator bro🔥

    91. the Crow

      Them bitches right my wrongs dis nigga sliding

    92. John Smith

      Love the put on for west virginia w press virginia 304. This why we fuccs w ya

    93. Danny Devito

      Who still bumping this In 2019

      1. Ben McClure

        2020 what’s crackin

      2. Brayden Rose

        Rodney Martin hell yesh man

      3. Rodney Martin


      4. Brayden Rose

        Chase Simerau 2020?

      5. MrHoodfootage


    94. Lord Boudreaux X

      That jacket a beast and this song cold💪🏾💪🏾💯🔨⛽️🧛🏾‍♂️🎥💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰

    95. Bigg.Vito

      This came out last year it dont seem like it🤦🏾‍♂️

    96. maaly8111

      @1:30 tho.....

    97. maaly8111

      This song go way too hard. Lawd!!! Every song I heard from this dude go hard. Got me listening to rap again. And the video editing 🔥

      1. Lew

        maaly8111 Sada Baby something different🤘🏾🔥

    98. malachi tv

      Who said we couldn't have the pistol in the partty

    99. Ivan Smith

      Golden state anthem

    100. Almighty Thundergacha

      Unc Sada a real goat, real one💯 I strive to help the community, and inspire people, and let the m understand what a humble and loyal savage is.