Sada Baby- Driple Double (Official Video)

Sada Baby

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    Shot by : Jerry Productions
    #GrizzleyGang #SadaBaby #DripleDouble

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    1. Samuel Hill

      Sada and Jerry Production are a match made in heaven! Town Bizness!

    2. lee mccurry

      Bitch ass nihga

    3. jeremy teamjeremy

      Let it be known, on this day I'm officially a new fan.

    4. Amanda Jackson

      Lovee mee some saada baabyy

    5. Garrett

      ay bro no bs this the prime of sada baby currently


      I'm just trying feel like I'm high enough so wear I don't wanna ride;


      Two slices of cinnamon raisin bread spread Philip cream cheese and strawberry preserve on the other side an make aye sandwich;

    8. Yana Laura Lee

      So fucking much love I just wanna kick it with him

    9. Maurice Trammell

      Sada killing the game never heard anything like his whole bag needed alpha music period out here and he bringing it to the door step

    10. TheReal_ 100

      I give no fucks what noone say that sada baby shit fire oml#100%

    11. Valerie Contreras


    12. Miss Armenthya Det

      He So Damn Slick!! Rick Da 📏

    13. I_am_her 1993

      cold bitch with me but the head is fire

    14. I_am_her 1993

      mind my buisness never mind the law🔥⛽

    15. I_am_her 1993


    16. Shan F

      Dude that song was is to short, i liked it, jus wish it was longer....

    17. UKindaWack YT

      What’s this beat?

    18. only child


    19. Maurice Trammell

      Super super super hard

    20. LA 4Ever

      Sada bouta hit 200k subs

    21. Luciano Barrera

      Gang #616

    22. Anthony L

      DvE 313! 2020 STILL FIRE!

    23. Swagg Montana

      Classic 🔥🔥🔥

    24. maryjane clark


    25. Wavy Gaw


    26. MrAgodine

      Him ezale need to a song!! They sound similar

    27. Jan Michalec

      Can I use sometimes this gesture as though as drawing blade from under of armpit and seizing it again and again? I am astonishingly over about it lately.. looks okay, but also may give my drama queens some rest..

    28. KSG GBG

      This niggas a hustler. He did this with NO help. He even used to record his owm music vids tbat would hit over a mill views!

    29. TheFinalBoss

      Offset and Sada Baby🤔

      1. Nelson Thomas

        You like an industry rapper from migos when SADA is true street. Shut up you lame

    30. Michael Lewis

      Got hand guns by the can goods 🔥 🔥 🔥

    31. Taedan Alen


    32. JDPowerFitness

      ok then cuh

    33. Chris Oliver

      One of my favs sada on 🔥💯

    34. doctor k


    35. Jeremy toma

      The head is fyyye🔥🔥🔥

    36. Kimble Turner

      Sada killin everybody

    37. schmid shady

      It seems like everyone forgot about this song

    38. wee weezy

      Sada tuth😂✊

    39. Darrell Grant

      "Uhhh shit got me hot, shit got me bothered Uhhh niggas gon get dropped, niggas gon get slaughtered" Shit just started and it was 🔥 Honestly knew it was gonna be 🔥🔥🔥 when he said "dumbass"

    40. Ronald Thomas

      I hate this nigga pants so tight but I can't lie this song 🔥

      1. Cheers To You

        You still worried about a niggas pants style...this 2020...dont no body care the kinda pants niggas wearing.

    41. Michael Brooks

      Sada be tripping in the booth...I know it be lit watching him do his thing. Love this guy. Eastside for life. Dtown

    42. Vincent Lee March Walker

      This track is the Hot serial #'s! Check me out too! V-Dubb

    43. MOODY

      Who's still listening to this in 2019

    44. Julion Calderon

      Sada Skuba Baby Sauce Walka Tha Drip God Driple Double Remix Like For That

    45. Baltimore Queen

      Baltimore City All Dayyyy

    46. Corey White


    47. Andre Jones


    48. MEECH JAY


    49. Terrance Tatum

      If you listening to this song you gettin...💵💯🤟🏽💪🏾...

    50. K JUNGLE


    51. Daniel McKinney

      Please pray to your father!

    52. lamont jones

      Put sada on the blast in the car, the house your headphones and you would be fuckin with sada

    53. Strictly NorCal

      This shit slap so fucking hard 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    54. Jeremy B

      "Eat off one of them plates your ass ain't gonna be human" That's how you know its 🔥🔥

    55. jake geise

      Took the video to another level when he grabbed the camera 💪🏼💪🏼

    56. Joe Heaton

      Is it bad to hit like before playing anything with Sada

    57. T STAN

      she got me hot she got me bothered

    58. on hold

      Facebook brought me here

    59. Live Live Viral

      She got hot 🥵 she got me bothered 😕

    60. Kintaeya Kyle

      i was here before the full song 🤣🤣

    61. M A

      He got a fat head and skinny body

    62. bub

      shit got me hot , shit got me bothered

    63. Nae Finesse ❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥

    64. Not A Fuckboy

      Nobody: Sada Baby: 1:36

      1. M A


    65. darrelleffingeez


    66. BoofPaK Iverson Kakashi Wavez

      He changed sum n more towards a blue face off beat thing n he doing sum new wave shit now more he ain’t as animated as he use to be I needs scuba to come back

    67. Ayo Dinero


    68. Hosea Jose

      This Guy 🥇

    69. M A

      1:37 my mood for life

    70. Tana p

      Ubers over rucci i dont drive ni**@,while im high ni**@ i won't even ride wit cha.

    71. samiam halal green eggs and ham


    72. Big Squad Media


    73. DaMegTrada cnice

      Fire fire flame 🔥

    74. Robyn Artis


    75. buckett09XsoXfresh

      Sada Baby really who he say he is lol and he really say what ever tf he want to anybody lol

    76. Jamar Starbeck

      Cold bitch wit me but the head is FYE!!! 😩🙏🔥🔥🔥

    77. Mike Nardini

      Looks tough with that hair hahahahaha clown ass

    78. A Fucking Bird

      Where did a "Sada Baby" come from? Who is this guy?

    79. Qu33n_G33

      Trashhhhhhh 🗑 goofy

    80. savone lockley

      I’m sick nigga said “ plates got residue they talk bout they dirty bitch you can’t even use em eat off one dem plates yo ass ain’t gone be human “ 😂😂

    81. D Boy

      [Intro] DrumGod
Dumbass, ayy

Uh, shit got me hot, shit got me bothered
Uh, niggas gon' get dropped, niggas gon' get slaughtered
Uh, repent for your sins, so please pray to your Father
Uh, no pass for your mans, give a fuck 'bout your daughter
Uh, this drip on me here, it passin' for water
Uh, don't need no help, just answer retarded
Uh, smart bitch with me but the ass is retarded
Uh, cold bitch with me but the head is fire

I need bands on time, or it's candle light
We got handguns in the cabinet, by the canned goods, right?
Watchin' grams, we was livin' at moms, off Stansville life
Melvin had killed him, it's like them niggas shouldn've killed Uncle Ice
I would've killed Uncle Ice, still buyin' bricks with the ice
Cocaine slips off the ice, ten, ten, ten, ten, forty
Six more tens, get a hundred, blacked out Benz in the slums
Hop out then spin a drum, crack dawg ribs for fun
What's your business? None, that's your business, nah
Man, my business there, never mind the law
Just made me a dub off all kinds of raw
Not gon' hit the club, I'm gon' hit the booth
I'm gon' sip the juice, gang gang here to shoot
Not no video, they aim them clips at you
I just whipped a fool, made them dishes do
Ain't talkin' 'bout no food, plates got residue
Ain't talkin' 'bout they dirty, bitch, you can't even use 'em
Eat off one them plates, your ass ain't gon' be human
My baby boo say, "Do it, you can, you can do it"
I done damn near done it all before some music
Ooh, it's over, Ruccis, I don't drive, nigga
While I'm high, nigga, I won't even ride with you
Kush in the slab, the cab, keepin' them pies on me
Press on my Magnum, have my lil' nigga slide for me, huh
Uh, shit got me hot, shit got me bothered
Uh, niggas gon' get dropped, niggas gon' get slaughtered
Uh, repent for your sins, so please pray to your Father
Uh, no pass for your mans, give a fuck 'bout your daughter
Uh, this drip on me here, it passin' for water
Uh, don't need no help, just answer retarded
Uh, smart bitch with me but the ass is retarded
Uh, cold bitch with me but the head is fire, huh

    82. Rekesha Taylor


    83. Bran Tee

      This that song dude got busted on live was bumping

    84. Morgan Blake

      1:16 - 1:17 That Detroit dance 🔥🔥🔥😂

    85. Blake Smith

      Theedra in the cutt 😍😍😍

    86. Hotep West #ENDSARS

      If I ain't lost no weight I ain't lost nun 🤷🏽‍♂️

    87. Feral Wolf

      Idgaf nobody can rap or rep like Detroit

    88. Neena Simone

      Please bring out James Brown Cape place up on him, N Floyd Mayweather Heavy Weight Belt... Sada Baby has officially won the title!! 🐐 This boy is on 🔥

    89. John Zero Summers

      His flo filthy in this song

    90. George D.E Johnson

      Man I been sleeping on dude and I’m from Michigan this my shitttttttt🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾ayyyeeee

    91. JuicoKrazy •

      Video was too raw 🥵

    92. Oc Witit

      Bobby boshae do it u can u can do it 😂😂😂💪💪💪

    93. Andrel Hatchett


    94. Josh E

      This is just fire0🔥!! who else think this song is underated ?

    95. buckett09XsoXfresh

      Sada Saucey asf

    96. MrApoc89

      Sada got the game on fire right now but can I get one track with sada and Jay Rock shit would be slappin


      Dis boi is my twin

    98. Reny Bands

      Mind my business duuuuh never mind the law 🌊🌊🏄

    99. Dallas McNair

      I think I'm a million of these views😩

    100. soophiia .x