Sada Baby - Ghetto Champagne

Sada Baby

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    1. gary engstrom

      2020 fuck you mean.

    2. Chereice Sparks

      Love from this way all day baby!!

    3. OG_Juicy

      Still bumpin this

    4. Jessy Elevated

      Yeah I’m late ‼️🔥🔥🔥🔥

    5. No Filter

      Still my favorite Skuba Steve track

    6. Heidi Michelle

      Sadababy is a bad ass!!

    7. Sam Stephens

      This shit embarrassing

    8. Arnethia Headen


    9. xxThiqhsSoThickkxx

      Why didn't I know about this man before 2020 (not because of tiktok either my brother put me on in the beginning of the year) but damn I wish I would've known of him

    10. Daniela Trujillo

      Chilled no ice.

    11. jamhari man willams

      Yes sir

    12. chase the goose

      Who still listens to this in 2020 😭😭

    13. Rebeca Tello


    14. prosniper175138 prosniper175138

      i heard this so ng whe itfirst came out and still banging it

    15. 1200 BigDawg

      Damn I'm really late on this song. But Sada is overly talented. He make songs for mfs 28 n better

    16. Rchevy Jr


    17. Isaah Loveto


    18. Dominique Martinez

      This is still bangin specifically

    19. Properly Prissy

      sada been up next, glad he finally gettin his recognition

    20. Angel Villin

      missing enemyz party that's for duckin me and not saying nothing like a lil bitch shatter and disappear that's my will as KING we dnt crouch we stand stand strong BOOM GANG FOREVER CNT STOP LAUGHING FOREVER.....

    21. Brandon Walker

      All his music fire this my fav

    22. Austin Lance


    23. Myrome Johnson


      1. Principal Skinner

        Yal late, but at least you caught on.

      2. Lindsey Hussar

        is the best song in the

      3. 1200 BigDawg

        Fr I'm like damn why tee grizzley there? Not realizing I'm just late af to this song 😂😂

      4. XBLonTwitch

        Yeah, can't believe I was 2 years late to this one...

      5. Jyia’s Universe

        STGGGG 😂

    24. Senseless ColorZ


    25. Lanaejah White


    26. Savage Gawd

      Tee did you wrong skub look where you at now 💪🏾🙏🏾 keep pressing the issue 👌🏾💯💯😈

    27. Gandalf Tha Green

      This man do everything

    28. Ida Taylor

      Let s go

    29. xX Rich Amv’s Xx


    30. Jorge Ramirez

      This goes hard.

    31. big msn Dorsey

      Let's have a moment of silence who cat this😎😎

    32. Jim Jim

      Damn Grizzly lost out.

    33. Alexander Padron

      You can tell most the niggas in this video were so jealous of sada. Glad he’s solo now

    34. Monica Epley

      His dance moves killll me, and i love it! Here for thissss 🤸🏼‍♀️🤸🏼‍♀️🤸🏼‍♀️🔥🔥🔥💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼💋

    35. Reny Bands

      Thanks Sada

    36. Yana Laura Lee

      Just when I thought my daughter was a rider for me for life she up in rolls out


    38. Nadi's Channel

      I thought he said RIP Moxie Auto for the longest song is fire 🔥 🤣🤦🏻‍♀️😩

    39. Carver Heights

      Im getting Louisiana vibes off this one.. Sada Baby the truth!!

    40. Jennifer


    41. Sarah Varn

      Hey sada baby 🤘🏾🤘🏾🤘🏾🤘🏾🤘🏾🤘🏾🤘🏾

    42. OG__ KING—WAVY

      My boi gang gang

    43. MikeMike 90s Baby

      Sada baby #2020 Detroit stand the fuck up 💯

    44. Too Porter

      who banging ts today? It's my mf G Day niggaaa

    45. Mary Williams

      Rip mox

    46. Levi A

      Sada baby

    47. M Dinero

      Day before Father’s Day 2020

    48. Tyler Marietta

      This is one of the most underrated song in history

      1. Hijitoohipe letgo


    49. Brayden Rose


    50. Jeremy Green



      Im mad at Sada when you come from the EAstSide6mile90sRunNShit ya dig 4$ho 7mile with it 😝👈😭👉✌😆🍵🐸

    52. Real Drill

      Thiz Shit BOLD.....

    53. Taaji OK

      I tee grizzley in this vid LOL

    54. Angel Villin


    55. SK-HUSSO


    56. FV

      My favorite track by Sada fasho 🌊🔥

    57. Nicole Cooper

      Sada Baby hottest nigga right now. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    58. Ms. T.Johnson

      One of my favorite the beat the singing the rap everything 🔥🔥

    59. Morgan Jackson


    60. William Simmons

      I saw my dawg musta on hea #RipYgMista #LLYGMista

    61. Fritz 223

    62. Steve Sampson

      My dog this flow so crazy - would love to hear another joint with a hook like this

    63. Kyle Patton

      How can u fuck wit him? U can't his word playing fuck! N he one of da best in Detroit!!

    64. Jason Love

      Had her bent ova like she lost sum 😂😂😂

    65. Kyle Patton

      Fuckin genius asf!!!

    66. Kyle Patton

      Wtf! He kills dis shit!!

    67. Jovan SS

      This hook is amazing, shouldve remixed it with the city

    68. NaniiBandz


    69. Holly Porter

      Pop a perc dirty f****** b**** life out

    70. Holly Porter

      Millport mob

    71. Tiffany Brooks

      When u come to oakland .ca

    72. Tiffany Brooks

      Ok hit that shit..

    73. keijian


    74. stealth_killer 553

      How bout 2020

    75. OG Shawn24


    76. Anthony L

      First song i heard by Sada baby.... it still goes hard in 2020!!

    77. BDX Jerry

      Who listening to this in 2020🤔😂

    78. Jordan Carrothers

      Nah still here 2020❌🧢

    79. Carlie Jordan

      U just gotta come back to his music mane go crazy

    80. FloridaBoy7132

      Killa niiga fuh dis chain cuz it cost sumthin 👋

    81. jay perion

      2020 & dis still ah big flame 🔥🏄

    82. Ramone Spiller

      Trying to be like the Mari Boyz

    83. MONT OHANA

      U n Jon boi needa do a remix

    84. seigetsu58

      This a whole bop and I'm here to confirm that Sada Baby is indeed straight flames 😭🔥🔥

      1. seigetsu58

        @Milla Maya Better late than never! 🤣🤷🏾‍♂️

      2. Milla Maya

        seigetsu58 you late 😂😂

    85. Angel Villin


    86. Tamikyo Merida

      Him the New Bizness....

    87. Cody Dada

      The only bad thing is this song isn't longer....

    88. Xookuh

      You come on the street 3366 27'STREET

      1. Xookuh

        Fuck what time are you coming home today or tomorrow

    89. ryeon lewis

      This song is epic

    90. N V

      You got all the flows on point bro fr

    91. Glo GanG

      you Niggas wouldn’t shoot for me Why even Clutch One?!

    92. it's a croft thing

      Tht beard make him look chunky

    93. Joseph MARQUEZ

      0:29 tee grizzley just chillin wit sada baby

    94. Gladys Powell

      He so good

    95. Moe Williams

      2020 still listening?

    96. Monica Epley

      Had her bent over like she lost somethin, she was lookin for a blessing and she caught one 🤪🥰😘

      1. AJ Williams Painting and Power Washing

        U could get that same blessing

      2. Tristan Boomershine

        Dude snapped 🤧

    97. Phillip Shaw

      I'm using my dad's phone.. Jus wanted to say another 1 of my SB songs.. Much luv Brrr.

    98. XxToonzworldxX

      Sada my nigga keep droppin heat like this don't slow up on stone!

    99. starla bond


    100. Intro Maker

      still slappin 2020