Sada Baby feat. Tee Grizzley - Next Up (Official Video)

Sada Baby

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    Directed by - 20K Visuals
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    1. 14 year old

      At first I thought this was hey mister by ski mask

    2. Gk 3

      1. nell866 🐍 SlimE

    3. Keyser Soze

      That tall light skin chic is bad af!

      1. nell866 🐍 SlimE

    4. Julius White

      Wanna see more of these frfr. 🔥 🔥💯💯

      1. nell866 🐍 SlimE

    5. BEAMTeamENT.

      after i heard Sada i stop listening to Tee Grizzley

      1. nell866

    6. Chris C

      I’m glad he got out from under Grizzley Gang, you can tell the chemistry off. This the least he danced in a video

      1. nell866


      Tee Greezly bars was from 18 sec to 59 sec what’s that a 42 sec verse? Lol how much you get paid for this 😅

    8. Keith Cozart

      Why they beefin now

      1. nell866

    9. Abdullah Amiri

      You two are the truth. Fuck the beef make more slaps like this n get more paper. Bad enough cops r killing everyone. Put this Roxy n her booty how.this blue feel

      1. nell866

    10. ESHA BO

      When niggas was good 🤦🏾‍♀️.... Team Sada👌🏾💪🏾💯

    11. BEAMTeamENT.

      This nigga dance like me a lil bit lol

    12. Dayday.bugging Robison

      If wasn’t for soba grizzly wouldn’t have slap

      1. nell866

    13. Flamin Plug

      Aye yo this the first time there was actually good baddies in a music video

      1. nell866

    14. Mark Sherman

      T grizzly and sada is avengers level threat

      1. nell866

    15. joao Mortay

      Das pee wee Herman’s dance 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

      1. nell866

    16. King0913

      They do that dance to whole lotta choppas lol

      1. nell866

    17. Reel Shooterz Media

      Watch my interview with Sada Baby BEFORE THE BAG! 🔥🔥🔥

    18. Daniel Wylie

      Why they got beef ☹️

    19. Jorden Brown

      Y'all heard about payroll Giovanni?

      1. nell866

    20. CoMpLeXeD

      Click on Link I Dare You

    21. Herbert Curtis

      Sounds like these is much needed and the game won't be the same wit much advice to those without a deal wit jail house beats these are the braves step your game up next

      1. nell866

    22. BronxBomber718

      What's blue bikini IG ??

    23. Donovan Whitted

      This song makes me want people to try me

      1. nell866 🥶🥶🥶

    24. Monicia Wilson

      So we dunkin on bitches now😂

    25. Official Banditgang_juno

      It’s krazy they don’t fw eachother anymore 😴

    26. Logan Brown

      0:47 the ad libs

    27. Klyde Johnson

      They dont even fuck wit each other now😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️

    28. Construction Paper

      Good morning, Mr. Tee Grizzley. I like how you started the song! Very professional.

    29. Scotty Dippin

      Sound like a west coast beat

      1. acethekid103

        Helleva produced this #Detroit

    30. nguyendinh truongvinh VLog

      copperhead road

    31. DANNY D

      Sada Baby (with) Tee Grizzley always 🔥

    32. Deonta Johnson

      your nasty

    33. K Mac

      Helluva got tha hot handz

    34. Lateja Jackson-Norman

      Not my fault, I’ll always return to what put me hard on Sadababy 😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥

    35. Seth Gale

      It's ironic bc tee says he won't let anyone disrespect him yet sada be disrespecting tee all the time.

    36. Mikey K

      Let’s go!

    37. Mikey K

      It’s 🔥!

    38. Mikey K


    39. Collin Daniel

      I can't believe these people are rich

      1. LIFAN LIFE

        Man..!! We all a hustle

    40. Malachi Williams

      Fuck bars who got more hands?

    41. Greg Gregson

      Tee grizzly didn't like that dance but I think its popular on tiktok

    42. Ilie Bastian Zeta Neira

      cuando los escuchas en vivo son una m#####

    43. Desiderio Montoya

      Ight ima fall back

    44. Tico Lunsford

      Scooba steve🕺

    45. TaShawn Davis

      if anyone is still watching this then it's crazy how he does the pee wee dance then he comes out with " Whole Lotta Choppas" and that's all peple can do now when they hear it

    46. the Crow

      If Detroit people this lit I'm in the wrong city omm😅🔥😝🙃

    47. Q Zero

      Bruh hit dat peewee herman

    48. Brandos

      He look like he’s supposed to be fat

    49. d w . Baltimore


    50. Nicolet Griffin

      Yall forgot about predator 🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂

    51. Nicolet Griffin

      I hate everybody and everything that commented on this damn song to hell with all yall lmfaoo 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂💯

    52. Anonymous Person

      Idk bout y’all but the dance bothers me

    53. The Universe In You


    54. Keenan Glover

      Y’all saw dah luh jug sada baby did!!😂

    55. Rosetta Jackson

      #yeah #yeah #imma #uuuuh #money in the morning #@zettie407 #zettie #pleasure and #peace

    56. Brardley Martinez

      Tee The skinny Version Of Mark Henry From smackdown

    57. julio ochoa

      chocolate rain

    58. Sajin

      Lil Keed and Gunna snapped

      1. GroovIE_T


    59. Tyriek Lee

      You can be a real a nigga dig deep look within !

    60. ThaSouth Garcon

      I like how that nxgga James harden them broads real quick !! 👀

    61. CanadaTech CombatArms

      sada baby doing so much better without Tee Grizzely bro needs to catch up now LOL

    62. Caitlynd Alexander

      check out cing crip reaction channel

    63. Rosetta Jackson

    64. Huncho Daddy

      1:42 pls

    65. Huncho Daddy

      0:27 pls

    66. Kastiel Musik coldest nigga out rn



    68. Omari Irish

      I aint even know dese niggas two big brothers!!!

    69. Live Loyal Music

      that crib more famous than alot of rappers lol

    70. Shizzie Shank

      Wack... Plain ole wack... Sada you need better bars. No pet canary

    71. Joseph Johnson you're welcome

    72. I -CANT-CAP

      1:06 yall hear that?

      1. rexanator619

        Didn't even notice 💀

      2. WHAT.R.THOSE ?


    73. Suckafree Cee

      Peewee herman ass wankstas

    74. Marko Williams

      Well damn those asses were something wish my wife was black now

    75. lerpalerp

      I haven’t seen one comment about how fine ol girl in the all black bikini is. And that’s ridiculous

      1. Cameron Smith

        Been searching for months

      2. Tyrone Biggums aka Duke

        Shawty in blue w the blonde hair was just as badd🤯🔥🔥

      3. Taylor Millner

        Yayo Frayo 🤨🤨🤨 hmmm

    76. Caden Jones

      Fuck t grizzled and the deal he gave you

    77. Malzziy

      Sada Baby: Does his dance 1:35 Grizzly: Df is this nigga doing

      1. WHAT.R.THOSE ?

        How does this have no likes Im pissed 😭😭

    78. GrumpyZombiee

      the start of the song sound like some im not racist joyner lucas type shit

    79. Clint Rieber

      0:39 that’s a steal she dribbling to high😒

      1. WHAT.R.THOSE ?

        Wheres the likes this deserve 😭

    80. Mike S

      he threw some popcorn on her booty.

    81. giga alpha chad

      0:51 did she make the free throw tho???

    82. I MaChamp

      Why does this beat sound so familiar??

      1. WHAT.R.THOSE ?

        Ybn nahmir stole dat bih 😭 but this comment was a month ago so You talkin bout sum else

    83. Sir Chxrles

      Why sada baby’s dreads look like long hot Cheetos? 🤨🤣

    84. Mike P

      Sada Baby seem like he jump camp to camp... whoever got the bag

    85. allstar simbi

      These niggas need to kiss and make up man, we need more shit like this

    86. M G

      "a fcked up predicament is what you put yourself in" - sada to himself after signing to tee 😭


      I’m the only one who noticed Peezy!? *MyDawg!*

    88. Kevin

      I fuck with sadda T grizzly nah

    89. natedogg

      Sada Baby is one of the best rappers alive

    90. eatmore eats

      whos the lightskin girl in the black bakini on the court? she bad whats her @

    91. Michael Morris

      Before the fake shit .... No CAP

    92. Lucci Club Studios

      Homie was hitting that pee wee hurman

    93. moe al

      They got something I hope there sweet hearts

    94. ThatzSoo Retro

      at 1:34 tee be grizzley inna back looking like “here he go on his shit again”😹

    95. KG88 music

      Hott Cheetos out here with the pee wee Herman dance‼️‼️‼️

    96. Wael Shatila

      1:35 tee tired asf of sada’s dances🤣

    97. Kam Roberson

      Odell Beckham went to Cleveland and got wild

    98. 丂卂ᗪ乂卂ㄚ•.•

      1:37 the nicca next to him omg 😭😭😭😭😭

    99. Zaevion Fields

      when your girlfriend buy u a ps5 Me: 1:34

    100. Timothy Player

      Sada look like Chico Bean's hyperactive uncle

      1. Monica Mayers

        Nah fr he really look like he can be related and they both be on some goofy shit 😂