Playing an RPG for the second time

Joel Haver

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    Adventure awaits again.
    The third installment of the RPG series -
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    1. Joel Haver

      This is by far my most involved animation yet, I’m so happy to see everyone enjoying. Big thanks to Trent for making it with me and keeping me company over discord over long hours of animating. I’m realizing now that people might see this before the first two, so here’s the whole series in one convenient playlist -

      1. Neophobic Nyctophile

        The replay value of this game is AMAZING! I hope this doesn't mean this series is over, I love every frame of it!

      2. Seth Honaker

        "Oh, by the gods" "The suffering oh!"

      3. friedkangaroo

        @MrVelaskes201 thought it looked familiar thx

      4. Gerald Bantolino

        Hey Joel why not make this as your signature format when creating videos. I just love this stuff.

      5. Elijah Deputy

        should have included the giant vid in there too

    2. Pack Mentality Media

      This is one of the best things I've seen in ages. I love this short series.

    3. Adam Erebus

      You do this everyday? Get it cuz it's a bot Lol

    4. Phantom 壊せ

      That ending was so wholesome.

    5. TankMunky

      Old Man: "A health bar does not show who's an enemy to you, it shows who's an enemy to themselves..." Adventurer (Jacob): "Wha.." *Looks up to see a health bar* *Looks back down, on the verge of tears* Adventurer (Jacob): "Oh, fuck..."

    6. Maksym Cazymir

      Man the Oblivion music is right on the spot

    7. Matthew Lee

      2:06 I'm glad he remembered to invest in charisma this time around. Classic rookie mistake even if you're not going for a more peaceful run.

    8. Dark Knigkx


    9. SuperGamersGames

      Okay, this was an unexpected sequel, but a welcome one.

    10. Itsallover57

      Your art is unspeakably unsettling

    11. MysticFate

      I don't know what the hell i just watched... but i feel like i should have been high for it

    12. Lebensmüde

      My mans got a serious gift for comedy... i didnt think the rpg short would become a trilogy Edit: and a trilogy that kept getting better each episode

    13. G14NTBoi.

      The rats from halo were the antagonists all along

    14. TooLateTo TheStory

      Art. Better writing than most movies these days.

    15. Rohunt

      I really needed this.. It should've had made me cry or calm my soul as much as it did, but it did. Your work is beautiful.. Thank you. So wholesome. So great. Keep it up.

    16. Gunner Gilson


    17. Vindictive Design

      3:10 - 3:16 Legendary

    18. akini dingus

      This was made so well

    19. Daltoniusz


    20. StylishClover 79

      This should be a set of movies

    21. Anomal

      I feel like this would actually make a great game. Kinda like a Stanley Parable mixed with undertale. Everything is based on the player’s decision but each play through some details change based on your previous games. I’d play the fuck out of that

    22. Michel Witzik

      You sound like a Mix of rufus and chieftain orm from norsemen

    23. Randy Johnson

      are these rotoscoped?

    24. Fat Depressed Cat

      "I wasn't even that corrupt!" Honestly for a medieval king that's pretty good.

    25. R D

      I hope you guys get picked up by something like adult swim. You be perfect on there.

    26. muther1997

      Im so fuckin glad i knew the context to this

    27. hairypotter1234

      Ngl i cri

    28. Synxin


    29. The Maskott

      I didn't know that Laurence The Rat was Tony Lazuto all along.

    30. PermaFrostX

      No idea what this idea but I see rats with gun

    31. DerKaiser

      This video is so holesome, love it, watched it twice even! :D

    32. Radioplayer1997

      Elder scrolls 6 Marshal mission pls thanks @bethesa

    33. Edward Grant

      Hilarious I love it!!

    34. medexamtoolsdotcom

      Why did that giant shell casing get ejected from that tiny tiny gun?

    35. Nonyo

      Dude this was genious

    36. SupaHerby2020TV

      Since the first episode of this Fucking genius!

    37. Nicolinhas

      the good ending

    38. 86shmorey

      I liked this too much 😆 I went to Kroger today and couldn't stop doing the voice of the old man saying oh by the gods

    39. Rabail Majeed

      Adam driver the giant?

    40. LostMage 2D

      Yo anybody want some water?

    41. Leonel Soto

      This is glorious

    42. MrBlue Gaming

      Loved this wee series

    43. Nandysokar

      what did I just watch?

    44. Silver_Ws

      Update: I’m still watching this

    45. Skunkle McDunkle

      Now this is the legendary youtube content I need xx

    46. HGV Gaming

      Im getting a Ralph Bakshi Vibe from this. Reminds me of his version of lord of the rings. I love it!

    47. Maurizio Oiziruam

      How is this made? Some kind of deefake replicating real face motions into a still picture?

    48. Algirdas Šilobritas

      This is pure art.

    49. STICKMAN99100

      the king's scene is the BEST

    50. Bonny Junior

      i love how the updates were just there to mind fuck with him.

    51. Mr Indigo

      A happy ending

    52. Fred E

      This was very cathartic

    53. Blayze

      > When it doesn't matter what option you pick in a game, because every option is wrong.

    54. Sane DerpyGoat

      Little did we know this was actually a 3d undertale

    55. Mariano Gigahertz

      This is absolutely amazing. We just need someone to make the subtitles of the entire series

    56. Moonlit Aria

      One of the greatest redemption arcs

    57. Konahrik Dov

      That sweeet Oblivion soundtrack....

    58. Black DIO

      the one where he killed marshal on accident made me cry so this on is nice

    59. Jason Rivera

      I wish this man did a third run

    60. Bobby Toodle

      The good ending

    61. definitely not freddy freaker

      I actually got hyped for that final battle lol

    62. WAtheAnum

      i love the giant. he´s an epic dude.

    63. Narri The Lucario

      I goddamn love this video

    64. Hold up Its Zaid

      Dank Souls

    65. Seth Honaker

      I literally cant stop watching this raw emotional trip lmfao

    66. JamesPinecone

      Elder scrolls 6 looking great

    67. Ric Chapin

      "I wasn't even that corrupt."

    68. Doctor Jack

      Huzzah my friend.

    69. Crow's Bridge

      sigh, I wonder when the elder scrolls 6 is coming out.

    70. olivrr

      kill me pleas

    71. McDoogle

      Adventure awaits! HAZAAA!

    72. Victor Com C

      “A health bar does not show who is an enemy to you, it shows who’s an enemy to themselves” Oldman That’s deep as fuck

    73. PunishedJanitor

      Adventure Awaits.

    74. ThePositive Guy

      Can someone explains to me a lil bit about the healthbar?

    75. Loch

      This reminds me of Monty Python a bit and I love it

    76. Manuel R.

      *Someone get this man a Studio, fuck ton of chash and a laarge Soda...*

    77. Klean Cut

      The good ending

    78. Adelaide Taylor

      All glory to King Marshall tho

    79. Brian Lunagameni

      Does anyone speak rat id give my left nut understand what Marshalls monologue was about.

    80. PuppyLuvU2

      I know this whole thing is kinda a joke but at the same time the idea of a game actually doing this where you think you messed up by killing someone and such and then restarting turns out to be a mistake even greater.

    81. Litha Makhetha

      So much character development in under 10min, God damn make more

    82. Saedris

      It all *adds up*

    83. Jeremy Novoa

      Everyone talk about Marshall being a rat and not having a moral compass but I don't think thw screaming and animation of 2:29 gets enough love

    84. captain diabetes

      Man i think he set a new record with that speedrun.

    85. Clever Username

      Better move than Rango

    86. Ryan Holmes

      What.....a...... ROLLERCOASTER!!!!!!! MARSHALL! Fucking.....never saw that coming!

    87. Chopped Sirloin


    88. Saifuddin Ahmed

      Oh shit! YESS!!!! Edit: Commented toooo soon. Ah damn dude!

    89. RustyCanYEET

      Why does he look like Filthy frank and Pink guy at the same time

    90. Edward C.

      This is exceptional

    91. Daniel Harding


    92. zdanee

      2:33 - "This is the 27th of Last Seed; the Year of Akatosh 433. These are the closing days of the 3rd Era, and the final hours of my life."

    93. H3rry118

      He has a gun!

    94. Jay schmidt

      Well done. Bravo. Encore.

    95. LLockey

      This is amazing

    96. daniel ishere

      The best video on your channel

    97. Chinpo Uly

      I gotta sub after that. This is really well made

    98. Haz Ziq

      This is quality

    99. Reality Clash

      Wholesome and accurate. GREAT VIDEO

    100. Kain

      Plot Twist: Marshall the rat escaped because he is sentient and able to understand language and discovered that the Old Man is secretly an evil spellcaster whose intent is to sacrifice the Town and is working with the "not *that* corrupt" king but is unable alert anyone because he is incapable of speaking using anything but squeeks. Marshall may not even *truly* be a rat but may be a polymorphed person. (No Health Bar) The Old Man's "son" truly is a ghoul, but is naively unaware of his father/creator's evil intentions, and despite being undead, has no desire to do anyone harm. (No Health Bar) Marshall escaped with the intent to find some way to defeat the Old Man and the king and after the Hero simply passed him by, not bothering to try and open a dialogue, Marshall took matters into his own hands and returned to the town with a strange weapon to kill the Old Man. A keen and observant Hero may have recognized that a pistol cannot do the kind of damage to a town that the Old Man claims Marshall caused (but blasts of magic most certainly could). The Old Man simply disguised his destruction by making it appear that he was only blocking Marshall's attacks when in fact, he was both blocking Marshalls bullets and casting fireball spells at where the bullets were being "deflected". The Old Man always reacts with overtly fake emotion and reactions, that our hero somehow overlooks. (Note the Health Bar) It turns out, that the Health Bars don't show when someone is an enemy at all (to themselves or otherwise) but simply appear when combat is imminent (though potentially avoidable). (The bars appear with the ogre/giant and with the Old Man, but are conspicuously absent with Marshall, the ghoul, and most importantly *DURING THE CASTLE FIGHT WITH MARSHALL*.)