Never Forget the Brilliance of Mesut Ozil...

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    On this video you can see the pure talent of Mesut Ozil...One of the most criticized players of the decade and also one of the most amazing players to watch...He lost his consistency, but the truth is that when he is inspired, noone can stop him...Pure vision, dribbling skills, goal instinct, ball control...
    Never Forget the Brilliance of Mesut Ozil...

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    1. Alvarou PrZ

      En el ps3 con ozil y cristiano eran imparables

    2. Child Fitness Form

      The fact is at arsenal he played better as a number 11

    3. Gowdak Silva

      and now it’s a wooden leg kkk

    4. Hh Gg

      لونه جنب الاتي كان هههه

    5. Sajad Saad

      اذكروا الله وصلو على النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم



    7. Erina Korius

      My name is ozil


      50cr compensation





    11. Stefan Kovachev

      Ozil still Zidane!!!

    12. izharulhaqq

      Enzo Ferrari is that you :)))

    13. Anup Kumar

      He is unstoppable & untackelable.

    14. ace99100

      Deserved a premier league title

    15. BG MO

      C’est le meilleur qui est dacor

    16. Devrim Yucel

      welcome to fenerbahçe

    17. Lukas Solleder

      I said to myself if I skip to the end I bet I know what the last clip would be. I was right.

    18. Sebas

      Ozil fifa fut cumpleaños fifa 21

    19. Sebas

      Ozil el mejor del mundo

    20. Tom Knops

      I miss him :( WC 2014 was unforgettable

    21. a9ar3i rif

      Özil mesüt....el mejor

    22. Anirudh S Kumar

      Only reason I loved Arsenal

    23. sohbihi ajma'in _mamang_

    24. Mauro Grecco

      ozil was something else in his prime

    25. Dan Davice

      Arsenal's genius Ozill we shan't forget you.

    26. 1f

      definitely an icon.

    27. Abc D


    28. TUAN FoЯsaken

      9:51 the moment overpriced fridge maguire learned his trademark ; the spin of idiocy.

    29. Eduardo Bento


    30. Erina Korius

      Aku juga namanya ozil

    31. Mark McClean

      This man is the most overrated player wouldn’t even lace kdb boots

    32. وليد كوسه

      افضل صانع العاب مسعود اوزيل

    33. Eren Görkem


    34. Rubanza Bitarabeho

      song name

    35. official maudhoo

      Among the best midfielder💟hate arsenal for putting him on bench a whole season and then sold him to a small club✌️

    36. pablo aln

      qual o nome da primeira musica ps:ozil jogava mt


      Como e o nome da 1 música?

    38. Jesus Morales

      We need you :(

    39. H76

      Prime ozil > xavi+iniesta


        Wtf hahahahah

    40. Samson Editing

      Kids : cr7,Messi Adult : Neymar,M bappe ,Gareth bale Men : Mesut Özil

    41. Ethan Jia Cheng Sim

      He has god's vision and god's skills.

    42. Ice_josh

      Smith rowe and odagard are good but they dont have the sensational passing and vision ozil had and still has

    43. Yay burcu

      KURDISH Mesut Ozil

    44. Sebastian Rose

      I would take prime Özil over any other cam in the game rn

    45. Elliel Santos

      Que saudades de ozil namoral

    46. Ahmed عاشق الألوان Imad

      مسعود أوزيل عالمي

    47. محمود حامد

      the best playmaker in the world 😈🔥

    48. firstname lastname


    49. happy ruchin

      One of the best player

    50. Burak Başak


    51. khánh lê

      3:40 That is Giroud (12), Ozil (11) is in the back

    52. Beckham_7

      The assist king

    53. rian lucas

      Gênio, no quesito visão de jogo nenhum nos últimos anos teve mais que ele, encontrar espaço era com esse cara, ah se tivesse mantido o bom futebol, De Bruyne n seria tão ovacionado hj em dia rs

    54. CALIC4 FF

      Mesut Magic 😭😭❤

    55. oshean rowe

      Legendary you are a living legend

    56. Giray

      was way better than iniesta and xavi but unlucky couldn't won the champions league cup.can't think if he was at barcelona instead of real madrid.

    57. Özcan Yıldız


    58. Angel C.

      Talent: wasted @ arsenal

    59. ㅤ

      Pass Master

    60. Zaka Ria


    61. Kashif

    62. UJ

      this kid came to Spain and in 3 seasons had more assists than Iniesta and Xavi combined. and Arsenal decide to look at his performance without possession... what about all the times ozil assisted strikers who failed to score - there's a whole video with compilation of cheap arsenal strikers who cant score when ozil created the easiest assists.

    63. Elisha Rania Suleiman

      "Özil is unique. There is no copy of him - not even a bad copy." - José Mourinho, who coached Mesut Özil for a time at Real Madrid.

    64. Rodney Moonga

      Brilliant Hope he shines at Fenerbahrce ❤️

    65. Late Night In Paris

      What a player he was in his prime

    66. Gençer Başar

      Burdayııııızzz... Yaşşaaa Fenerbahçeeeee

    67. Mike Bregidin

      Ozil is the embodiment of the heart and genius of football. Where he lacked in physicality, he was gifted two fold in unbelievable technical ability.

    68. Jaime Fernández Estévez

      If my grandpa gives u a nickname, u mean something in football. He wasn't Ozil at home while watching Madrid, but Otil.

    69. يوسف الصعر

      Very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very good 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

    70. Stealth Smexy

      It’s sad to see him go

    71. Bradley S

      Watching a lot of his old videos and recent interviews since he got kicked and treated like nothing and you can just see it in his eyes, face as well as his voice, of how hurt he is after all he did for the club and that too with his full love and passion as an Arsenal Gunner. One of the greatest CM's of all time and he deserved a proper goodbye for the club legend he was. At least he will be happier and better appreciated in his new journey playing for his new team. Thank you Ozil

    72. daum m Totong

      I will always remember Ozil in my life ... the Greatest chances created ... Love you always 😘😘😘

    73. Muhammad Aayan Yasir

      He is too underrated

    74. MASTER TP

      What Are the tracks used in this video

    75. Christian Wieler

      Poop on özil

    76. Alberto Chirindza Chirindza

      One of my top 3 midfielders. The only left foot who plays like right footed

    77. Milan Szabłowski

      I like how he plays, but the fact that he supports Erdogan is shameful.

      1. Milan Szabłowski

        @Mikoo gtfo

      2. Mikoo

        Respect for erdogan

    78. Baseem Kik

      King of assist

    79. DonAnônimous yt

      BRAB⚽️🔥💯 GÊNIO 🙌

    80. Big Br

      Einfach Umut Pässe

    81. Kevin A

      I rate his Talent 20 out of 10

    82. Cengo B

      Substitutes in Turkey get the 1 to 3 million and Mesut Özil should get 3 million. If he went to the Chinese, Arab or USA league, he would get between 10-20. million,,,, UEFA you should check Fenerbahçe PLS

      1. GP_ 2268

        Mesut Türk. his biggest dream is to play in Fenerbahçe. There are more valuable things for him than money.

    83. Yunus Mustafa Taşcı

      He is a LEGEND ...

    84. Kedar

      2:50 song name please

    85. Saba gamer

      idiot arteta he sell this monster 😡😡😠

      1. GP_ 2268

        Just 3 million

    86. emrah dağ

      This is a TÜRK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. emrah dağ

        @Nameless Monster Türk = Müslim 😉😉

      2. Nameless Monster

        He is Muslim ❤️

    87. Janöd 11

      I dont like him but in his prime he was better than modric and kroos together

    88. Murat Cizre


    89. enesege efe

      fenere geldi arsenıl ağla

    90. Flex 77

      My role model ❤️ Even though I’m a striker and he is a cam 🤣

    91. Esteban Carrillo

      he is not that good. That's why he is going where he is.

    92. Elliott Walker

      shame he refused to take a pay cut for COVID. Shameful and disgraceful. Arteta made the right moral call.

      1. 8ight69

        He gave up 8M(€) for come to FENERBAHCE :) Find another reason to cry bro

    93. Tony Celestino

      horrible music ... awful shite

    94. DP

      Ozil in mercurials hit different

    95. Reevens

      7:30 danm😭

    96. The Teejay's Motion : Slow Mo

      Simply said, after the invisible era. The best of Ozil is actually the best of Arsenal. Arsenal dont you forget that.

    97. Felipera 08

      1:39 AMAZING

    98. jorge antonio

      No entiendo porque el Real Madrid deja ir a tan buenos futbolistas, hace mucho tiempo que el Madrid carece de un 10 como Mesut, hasta cristiano sabía que teniendo a Mesut haría más goles por eso no quería que lo dejarán salir, también en la selección alemana tienen muy buenos futbolistas pero ninguno con la zurda de Mesut

    99. Laz Ziya

      Magnificent German player

    100. Moiz Jutt

      Behold the king of assists