Mulatto - Youngest N Richest (Official Video)


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    2. HeartBreakKid

    3. Bands l Drip


    4. Dre _TooCold he said if he gets 150 views he will drop his song about mulatto🥶

    5. Melissa Denton

      I love how she is so self made absolutely inspiring 😍

    6. Millie Doll

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    7. Chianta Adams

      Damn she kill 💯💯💯💯

    8. Lisa Connelly

      I like her but if you watch her BET freestyle and the other one idk what it was but she really does recycle her rhymes. Like Ik she got potential but recycling rhymes is just...weak. The rest of the song is fire tho

    9. Lee Diaz

      Shawty so fuckin raw

    10. Jenalisa Fernandez

      Only thing wrong with this song is it’s not long enough !!!!!!



    12. Regina Reaction

    13. Queen Shades

      I like this 1

    14. Paul Botello

      “Put to death, therefore, whatever belongs to your earthly nature: sexual immorality, impurity, lust, evil desires and greed, which is idolatry.” ‭‭Colossians‬ ‭3:5‬ ‭ 🙏🏽🕊 Lord, May those that need this..see this 🙏🏽🕊 🩸🙏🏽🕊🩸🙏🏽🕊🩸🙏🏽🕊

    15. Marcos Filho

      Its the Brunette Latto for me

    16. Candy the Amàzon bka Mrs. Terrell

      One thing I like and respect about big latto is that her accent is so Ga and she doesn't sound like anyone else out....I appreciate that big latto

    17. Apple Chili

      She cold.

    18. Ephratah Ayalew


    19. Lance Williams

      BRAG TOO MUCH...Getting Boring 😫

    20. Taadow Lowe

      Latto got gucci flow down to a patent with her twist tho 🔥🔥🔥💦

    21. K shano

      She's tha hardest female rapper!!!

    22. Divine Femininity

      I like this one. All that other freaky shit I'm not with but this was cool

    23. jarchi

      Short and straight to the point. Support and help grow @jarchi

    24. MCKB Williams


    25. lil schwiftyy

      i wanna be a female rapper so bad bc of females like these. money and excellence all around

    26. Brion Brookins



      the fact that this beat caught my off guard MAAAAANE DIS BEAT GO HARD

    28. Haruna Kawaguchi

      𝙇𝙊𝙑𝙀 𝙎𝙀𝙓😍❤ ⇦𝐅𝐮𝐥𝐥 [𝐇𝐃] බැල්ලිගෙ පුතා සජිත්ගේ අමන හිතන්නේ

    29. Jacquelyn Jones

      💕 my favorite

    30. Veronica Curry


    31. Vonda

      Love the Southern Belle theme. This was actually an adorable video. Can’t really comment on the lyrics since I don’t listen to her music much, but I think this was a really nice video🤩


      H('^°^')T DanDan WonDerThuMP

    33. Dontae Jackson

      It's like 1:13 omg doggie

    34. Dontae Jackson

      Can I screenshot this one part of the video yo ppl???U gotta see dis even tho u didn't.Lame pay attention

    35. Nicki Lawhead

      Does anyone know who the fiddler was?

    36. J. A.

      Where is the violin sample from?

    37. Kyla Avant

      the violin omfg 🥰🥰

    38. Kyla Avant

      i fucking love this

    39. Joy Nyambura


    40. Tiffany Buck


    41. Jvontay Damon

      Love her more than Megan

    42. Camren Walker

      Anyone ever noticed She has the same Violin beat like Key Glocks Son of a Gun

    43. Utajiri Y

      This is the ish🔥

    44. Be Happy

      She tight

    45. Shomari Monroe

      Awesome video

    46. Johnny Williams

      It's the thickness for me it's the edges on flick for me

    47. Chan Carter


    48. Quincy McDaniel

      EAT BITCH EAT!!!!🗣🗣🗣🗣

    49. Jah Lockhart

      The Umbrella Real Mob Shit !!! I Love Errthang Latto ❤❤💯💯🙌🙌

    50. Brenee’ H.

      Aayyyee!! She said “Slim Thicc but the bank account gettin CHUBBY” talk to em! 😜💰

    51. Jashan Jones

      I don't know nout Queen of da Souf but she can spit.

    52. X_Yung Phant0m



      I cannot stop listening to this girl's song.

    54. Genesis Uriza

      It was the violin for me !!! Amazing !!


      I love this song


      She raps pretty good.

    57. Kristi Jimenez


    58. Char Xo

      Yooo the violinist!!!! Love Latto’s music.. hope she does this for as long as she likes... I’m here for it.

    59. Celeste Subliminal


    60. curtis richard

      She did that

    61. Lamar Fenner

      2020 was her year. She been putting hit after hit.

    62. Conor C-B

      Princess of rap me thinks

    63. Necia Nuni


    64. B Kerley

    65. SauceDante

      Youngest In riches

    66. #SWEETS

      #SWEETS Queen of Midwest

    67. Kheina Denis


    68. Dream Bling University

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    69. Courtney Thomas


    70. salvete7

      She is so ATLANTA 😍

    71. Susan P

      Bad ass.

    72. ꧁༺JENNICKA༻꧂

      I’m soo happy I re found this song . Was listening to this on my walk the other day and accidentally played another song . the violin intro immediately got me hooked

    73. Lena Valenz


    74. Blissful Butterfly Reads

      I hope I see you in Colorado one dayyyyyyyy

    75. LaMorris Minniefield

      Big Latto carried this track‼ #Never Disappointed

    76. Goose23

      what's artists obsession with white and red

    77. BLACKJESUS713

      kamil_kobani on Instagram

    78. chae

      loves how she switches it up at 1:15

    79. Brianna R


    80. FTF Tayvo

      Slam 💯🖤🔥

    81. C&R Gang

      Period I love you Multto 🖤🤍🖤

      1. C&R Gang

        No I have a dad in a mom so bye

      2. James Bucks

        How are you doing Today gang? It’s really having you here, I’m looking for a loyal sugar baby to spoil silly with a weekly allowance and pay all her bills

    82. Brea Mystery

      this song is dogshit

    83. Myesha birts-randle

      Y'all sleeping on her

    84. Lesley Smith

      Young lyric & Supa peach crying now

    85. Tony Johnson

      Please support this artist

    86. Eli Kimathi

      Them 808s & violin 🔥🔥🔥

    87. Mod Besuty


    88. Dep Dep


    89. Leyah Meekins

      [Intro] B-B-Bankroll (Big Latto) Queen of the south Know what I'm sayin', like (Yeah) When I be doin' these interviews, they always ask me what's my hobbies outside of rap Shittin' on bitches (Haha) [Verse] I'm the youngest and richest, these bitches know what's up with me (Rich) If we beefin', I got you, won't book no shows in my city (Grrah) Too picky wit' the kitty, he ain't hit me, bitch, I'm stingy (Hell nah) Dare one these rap hoes to diss me (Who?), I been a problem since fifteen (Woo), yeah Bitch (Bitch), act like you know this shit (Know this shit) I dropped a hunnid on jewelry during a pandemic Boss bitch, ain't met a nigga that can handle this (Handlе this) I was up a quarter mill before the deal, no counterfeit (Yeah) AP on me iced out, I can't tell what time it is Shooters in the build', don't be the first dumbass to try this shit I can't let no nigga baby mama me, they all green (Hell nah) I ain't stand no threat from no pussy ho, she just talking (Hahaha) That bitch said I wouldn't be shit and now look at her watchin' (She watchin') Rich at 21, y'all bitches owe me an apology (On God) I just put some more money on my brother books (Books) Another magazine cover, that's another look (Yeah) I'm the queen of the south, got these bitches shook (South) All it take is one wrong move to get your shit took Y'all bitches out here movin' like a nigga puppy (What?) Make him buy the Birkin for me 'fore he even touch it (Uh) If I let him hit the Latto then a nigga lucky Slim thick, but the bank account gettin' chubby, talk to me Uh (Uh), I be laughin' to the bank, y'all funny Brand new day, brand new money (New money) A broke nigga can't do nothin' for me (Nah) Latto every rich nigga most wanted (On God) Baby Glock in the bra, it ain't nothin (On God) Finger fuckin' these hunnids I'm thumbin' (I'm thumbin') Big Latto, yeah, I keep the money comin'

    90. *ARIES ENERGY*


      1. James Bucks

        How are you doing Today? It’s really having you here, I’m looking for a loyal sugar baby to spoil silly with a weekly allowance and pay all her bills

    91. Princess Galactic

      I LOVE Her 🤗

    92. Preston Johnson

      This beat 🔥 🔥 🔥 plus her lyrics make it a whole inferno !

    93. Cent V.

      She can flow. Lil momma nice. Do good and may all your dreams come true. You cold with the rap!!!

    94. BOO Q.C.

    95. Richard Bailey

      Bad Bitch Mula u need a real authentic Jamaican G in your life ruff that up fi you

    96. NaturalMk

      she look bad asf😍🔥

    97. Antonio Montana


    98. Antonio Montana

      Can dress her ass off taste dern good videos feminine some(😋body 😁) should sign her make the song longer beaut.

    99. Unorthodox Destiny

      Queen of the South in your era?!?!?!? Or Queen of the South Periot?!!?!?!? Maybe a tinker bell but not Tha QUEEN...Nahhh not the South South...maybe South where u from. But I love your esteem 😉😉😇

    100. Keyara Aaliyah

      She dope new faveee