Mulatto - On God (Audio)


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    katma 3 aylar önce


    1. HonestMitch

      Why you stealing wigs bitch LMFAOOOOOO

    2. Don Julio


    3. SINQWEZZY !

      Hey y’all!! Check out my dance video to ON GOD!🔥🙌🏾

    4. Eva Capri

      Beat got me Ying Yang twins vibes 🤪

    5. 561REALTLK

      "I`m in the wish a bitch woods". looooooollllllllll

    6. Jada Pittman Vlogs

      Her e

    7. Natajiae Morris

      This my shit yo 😩‼️

    8. Mr Barco

      Her everything gives me Trina vibes... That ft would be dope

    9. Rodriguez Collins

      Pussy to good hmm swipe that card🎉

    10. Samantha Valencia

      Big latto been the goatt!!

    11. Brendan Mackie

      anybody else seen the food steaming and the sugar pouring???

    12. Laura Martinez

      Pussy tooo good

    13. Marie Riley

      On God



    15. Blasted Bass

      Here before a million

    16. ariana grande

      i like some of this but you don’t need to be playing with GOD and naming it that then talking abt the same thing your private area

    17. Kerry Dorn

      New favorite song!! 🔥🔥🔥

    18. Rebecca H

      Goes harder than WAP!!!!!

    19. ameeles s


    20. Nyasia Stevenson


    21. Nick Gomez

      this song is everything!

    22. Tayshaun Emerson

      She ate 🤷🏽‍♂️

    23. Treasure Robinson

      Getting salt shaker vibes love itt❤️❤️❤️

    24. Mariah Mashay

      i love you❤️

    25. Mirso Konjevic ASMR

      Never even heard none of her music till I heard this track last week. I know it of by heart now and I think I can say I officially like one of her songs

    26. Kindra Hussla

      Queen of tha NORTH

    27. jekaa gang

      Bru if Megan was on dis it would slap hella harder


      Why the song not called “MmmmmHmmmm”

    29. Serif Konjevic

      *Kash doll* on the remix please

    30. LaTina Easley

      Yes LATTO 🙌🏾🔥💚

    31. RIA Rowland

      Can’t stop 🤦🏽‍♀️shaking ass omm 😂🤷🏽‍♀️‼️😍👑💯📌🧾✨🍑

    32. Devyn Smith

      This has been the only sample of music from my clubbing days that I like 100%. She made it hers and kept the Ying Yang Twins energy. ATL better be proud of her lol

    33. A Smoke D.

      Now with this and yo damn eat his soul lyrics I see you sold out. Hope you find GOD cuz thot songs get old.💯

    34. TacoTooThiccc

      Bro this beat is literally an exact replica from Salt Shaker by the Ying Yang Twins

      1. Kyman Caviness

        yes that's what a sample is...

    35. Brian J

      Zoie sent me 😂😭❗

    36. djon3volta

      Мужчина никому ничего не должен 🖕

    37. David Torres

      Tell me why shes such a vibe 👀😍

    38. n

      WISH it was longer.

    39. Don’t get carried away


    40. Jenae Smith

      Nice sample! 👌🏿😉

    41. Luvin The Hair

      Love it!

    42. LG RELLO 6

      Please can I have ur opinion I'm a new artist 2for 1 special

    43. KayoMayo

      i cant wait until imdontai sees this

    44. Jjnepare

      Tiktok about to take this

    45. Mine Bomer

      Who Else Noticed Its Premering at lyrical lemonade

      1. Mine Bomer

        @Robin SR Same

      2. Robin SR

        That's why I'm here

    46. Michael Wyparło

      Here befo Lyrical Lemonade

    47. Supremesamthegoat

      this make me hungry fr

    48. Team Sauce

      Who's here from Lyrical Lemonade?

      1. Robin SR

        Me lol

    49. Byues

      Lyrical Lemonade

      1. Robin SR



      I see you girl on god is right

    51. Angel Watkins

      Listening al the way home Liberia 🇱🇷

    52. Mutsawashè Mangisi

      Hmmm hmmm this à good ass song, G. A. S💯

    53. Jade b

      Double hand-twist have him sitting on a cloud.🤤😝

    54. Mariana Fernandes

      i think she’s literally the only artist that doesn’t have a song i don’t like

    55. GS Bass


    56. Brittani Davis

      Latto stop playing drop this video next!!!💕💕💕

    57. Sieara Corrales-reed

      This one my favorite, out of all of them.

    58. Kiethen

      Get yo "here before 50k views ticket"here

    59. Kelton Copning

      Put meg on this it’s gone go #1

    60. 12-3 Byambajargal

      I got the "my neck my back" vibes❤

    61. Ludmila Soke

      Big latto

    62. It’s Tae

      this really fye ayee 😛

    63. Akyrie Scott

      With Megan and swatiee omg it would be fire.

    64. LUVSTAAA

      EAT RED...RED!!!!

    65. Baby B22

      Here before millionnm

    66. Tierra Wininger

      Beat Saweetie to it lol

    67. Tika R.

      💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾Mulatto up next 💯💯

    68. Justyce Deja

      what's wrong with spirit?

    69. Zenobia Culberson


    70. Kaziyah J


    71. daydre gary

      Yes !!!!!

    72. DeAndre Bodiford


    73. Uniquee

      On God💯


      She’s not disappointing AT ALL. Not that my opinion matters but she really throwing us 🔥🔥 all 💯


      This is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    76. Steph Bissoum

      Sample of Ying Yang Twins " Salt Shaker '' feat Lil Jon.

      1. Paige Morgan

        Good ear 👂

      2. hugo corona

        Golosa - impacto mc

      3. Martin Scorsese

        Kia my neck my back yall mean ?

      4. Isaak Nur

        outkast - rosa parks in the melody for the chorse.

      5. King Kz

        okayyy thas what it was, im like why is this so familiar🤣🤣

    77. Ivan M. K. Bradley

      This needs to eventually be a single with a few female features. A smash waiting to happen.

    78. Bianca Hines


    79. Gotta B

      Low key worth a milli but still eating 10 piece combos.

    80. LaShay McDaniel

      I’m so proud of her! Been a huge supporter since day 1!!!! Love you Latto🥰

    81. Lily Jr.

      Jesus is coming y’all.

      1. Lily Jr.

        Katherine Dobson No and no.

    82. Carla Stuart

      Biggg LATTTOOO🗣🔥

    83. Deshawn Thomas

      Agreed. Megan need to be on this.

    84. KING Period

      This is the one 🔥🔥🔥🥴🥴😍

    85. 3xotic Dunge0n

      Omg gheee this song already underrated and it’s better then most of the other songs in my opinion ‼️‼️😭

    86. Ajahi Cheatham

      You snatched this ❗️😰

    87. Giselle Reyes

      this og sample go kraazy

    88. Charity C

      This the best onee in her album🔥

    89. Patrica Baldwin

      0:10 thooo😗😙😚😄

    90. Pretty Westt

      Aight this the oneeeeeeww we need the video for this one asaapppppp

    91. Summer Williams

      This fucking album is 🔥 🔥 🔥



    93. Faith Ekonorue

      Baddest out there period

    94. Ant Money


    95. Draped in Gold

      As a female, I like it when we talk it and walk it

    96. Nyla Lo

      Eyyyyyyy this fire 🔥

    97. Maria Cervantes

      I love all her music !!! 😊😊😊

    98. Adrian Barnes

      #BIGLATTO 👊🏾🇯🇲

    99. vv olm

      For the ones who see this you must realize and understand that the 144,000 who are GODS children, their memory have been wiped in many realms, the superheroes and tv shows we love and watch are them, and they do not remember who they are because of satan, a real life rumpelstiltskin, and two witches. Please I beg that you must understand we all have been under a curse for 26 years since 1994. Think about it that’s why it’s a saying the we are going to party like it’s 1995. Please if you easily think what I’m saying are is crazy and weird, fast and pray to the Father in heaven who is the great I AM for clarity in Immanuel’s name. The world we are living in is not real as it is programmed against all of us, what I’m saying here is Truth.

    100. Alexx O'Brian

      I made a song check it out