Miami Heat vs Brooklyn Nets 1.23.21 | Full Highlights

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    Miami Heat vs Brooklyn Nets 1.23.21 | Full Highlights
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    1. HNB Media TV - Highlights & Sports

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    2. S. D.

      Oh the Heat just scored 5 points in the last 7 minutes of the game. I thought the Nets have defensive issues??? @Ashley Nicole

    3. Lee Ngare

      0:27 to 0:40 the lady needed to say “PAUSE!” after that! 😂

    4. YT W

      Billy King is back

    5. M. C Ka

      harden saying that ; okay kyrie it s your team i come here to support you . if kyrie couldnt make it then steve nash must step up and tell to team what they must do with harden

    6. darko galic

      Kevin Durant the Sniper !

    7. Tijan

      Uncle Drew ain’t trying to pass! They gonna have a tough time finding touches for the big 3

    8. Blame Game Master

      Trash barely barely winning games Nets aint getting no Dam championship

    9. Ken Kendrick

      Who agree this miami team is a problem

    10. Angelo DC

      Nets only just won

    11. MuGa Psycho

      yes , finnally i see harden at 9.16


      The Big three is not enough no defense and KD n harden cannot use their full arsenal.. not making sense

    13. Benjamin Etoundi

      No way you can win a championship with this defense

    14. Lex Ogieoba

      With jimmy the nets would got smoked yall lucky 😂

    15. Ailey Azzarella

      The acidic ornament rahilly label because regret expectably increase vice a rabid tongue. damaging, magnificent cook

    16. Joshua E. Way

      Transgender NBA

    17. x2j158

      Adebayo pulling up off the dribble as a big is such a beauty to watch. Glad he added that skill to his game.

      1. xXEliminatorXx99

        He has the ball handling skills of a guard

    18. Kobe Bryant

      Nets need to trade Shamet TLC and some second round picks for some size

    19. Bobo vieri

      KD is unstoppable.

    20. Danny Baronne

      A lot of players are going to score their career-high points against this Nets team this season.

      1. Kwame Owusu


    21. englewood price

      heat probably feeling good. they couldnt have won this game even without butler.

      1. TheWarriorAce

        and without tyler herro

    22. Maxi Oh

      No Butler, Tyler Hierro being injured, Dragic not a 100%. I’d say this is a great game for Miami!

      1. Maxi Oh

        @K R Nope. I didn’t. You do know that Dragic is also not a 100% right?

      2. K R

        @Maxi Oh Did you miss my comment?

      3. Maxi Oh

        @K R Ah, right. Not bad not bad, can't wait for JB, Dragic, and Tyler to be back to 100% then.

      4. K R

        Dragic dropped 19 pts, are you blind?

    23. JustDyyy

      First time i never heard that much of a touch by Harden

    24. Nathaniel Agdagdag

      Nets need to improve their defence because of their talent (Big 3) they're winning. Offence wins game, Defence wins Championship!

    25. John Redday

      brooklyn needs more chemistry

    26. LykABoss

      Just gotta let Nets marinate, Harden needs to learn how to play lockdown defence. The big 3 needs to be more consistent on both ends and also take a step down to be a bench guy if he needs to be. If you don't mesh, you don't mesh. Take turns on the court.

    27. On3 Rad 5.0

      I just feel like the nets should be blowing team out and every game they been close besides the two loses to the Cavs

      1. Jithin Manohar

        No defense mate. They are unable to hold their opponents. Cavs matchup was an example. I wonder how they will matchup against Lakers. Lebron and AD will have an easy time scoring in the paint. It all boils down to defense.

    28. Mulume Boy

      Joe harris is quickly becoming one of the most underrated players in the league

      1. John Yeung

        @On3 Rad 5.0 soft and smooth shooting gesture

      2. On3 Rad 5.0

        @Arnold cari Eric Gordon been a shooter

      3. Arnold cari

        He's clearly not. Eric Gordon is way more underrated as a shooter.

      4. On3 Rad 5.0


    29. Angelito Dumogho

      Nice play nets I feel nervous if this team

    30. devinder fuentes

      Dan pena los broklym nets

    31. Вовка Вовка

      Кайри с возвращением 🇺🇦😁💥 КД монстр💥

    32. Star

      Miami looks like WNBA in it uniform lol

    33. Khoo Jun Haur

      Saddest time when 3:02 for harden

      1. Role Zarolaj

        hahahaha like the the youngest child on the court

      2. Sm00th GAMES

        He is back to being the third option


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    35. Kevin Hollins Jr


    36. DONSET Channel

      Lucky Nets. But still "Good Offense is Good Defense"

    37. Mike T

      Hmmmmm... Def winning the chip. Let’s go NETS! Am I right? Saaayy what? 🤣🤣

      1. Seph

        You’ll do well to get out of the East with that D...

      2. MrJeezy05


    38. xkid.darkskin

      I love how james harden is being unselfish

      1. Blitz

        Love it too but I still think he's not getting enough shots

      2. Mikael Rasheed

        @Au Potter shut the fuck up hater

      3. Asem Yamak

        Maybe too much unselfish

      4. kW W

        Luckily James is swingman guard. KI this season field goal 👍🏻 definitely SG

      5. Beast Scale

        @Au Potter he had 7 assists out there and was the reason Miami didn't get the win in this game.

    39. MarketWill

      Am I first 😂

      1. А Yerman

        No one cares

      2. MarketWill

        This is a first for me literally