Mesut Özil - All 120 Goals & Assists for Arsenal


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    Mesut Özil's all 44 goals & 76 assists for Arsenal.
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    1. iGooner

      Enjoy all of Özil's goals + assists for Arsenal! Who will miss him in the Premier League? Hope the magic continues in Fenerbahçe!

      1. Tara Arax

        Mesut Özil was like a chicken laying golden eggs for Arsenal. Arsenal sold this treasure for several golden eggs.

      2. yusuf ceylan

        Teşekkürler (Thanks)

      3. ma ta

        @iGooner I am his Uncle, he said he will always miss England and Arsenal fans, this was about UAE vs Turkey issue, never been talked about, but he said he will come and visit England often, but he has a broken heart about Germany and how they have treated him, many cases they have used racial insults against him, unfortunately many German individuals are very racists , even those Turkish doctors whom found the vaccine for the Covid-19 ,Dr Ugur Sahin and Dr Ozlem Tureci are been attacked. racism is growing in Germany very sad really.


      5. spiritbro1

    2. Moussa Sow

      1:53 Öziiiiiiğğğlll My favorite 😂

    3. Yahia Alhariri

      I love him alot he does not get lots of credit 💔😔 i wish he stayed in real madrid he is a complete player in all of terms

    4. debriyaj

      Olağanüstü bir futbolcu. Hagi, Alex falan bu adamın çok uzağında. Muhteşem bir yetenek. Real 10 numası kaptanı olmak ne lan.

    5. Pepe

      how did real madrid let him go in the first place.

    6. Gilbert Okwara

      Yo watch this video and find a thousand reasons why Papa Wenger referred to Mesut as an "ARTIST".......... I miss the two

    7. 1v1me bots

      Legends never die but form does

    8. Osman Ahmedov

      Mesut Özil Fenerbahçe'de zoruna gidenin... 😀

    9. Christopher Chan

      farewell. we will always remember him

    10. Zana Tekdemir

      Geldi ama yine de izlemeden edemiyor insan gece 3 de yaptığımız şeye bak ulan harbi seviyoruz seni Fenerbahçe

    11. Fiolita Ananda

      We love you so much ozil and we missed you so much❤❤❤

    12. Serhat Yiğit

      i know you guys are thinking about striker pass control, but you are wrong, its not abouts strikers, its all about mesut's pass

    13. Favorilerim 2 Favorilerim 2

      His assist number 17 is best that he do in arsenal

    14. kelvera88 chief

      Thank you Mesut, we will always love you. I love my club but I am ashamed of the way your career was handled in the end. But that is behind us now, good luck at your new club! And may God bless you and your lovely family COYG🔴⚪ #YAGUNNERSYA🔴⚪!!!!

    15. Cabdallah

      Everyone can pass or assist but Mesut is always the best.

    16. Tara Arax

      Mesut Özil was like a chicken laying golden eggs for Arsenal. Arsenal sold this treasure for several golden eggs.

    17. Ngọc Dũng Nguyễn

      Biết đến khi nào mới có Ozil thứ 2 ở Arsenal. Toàn đường chuyền chết người

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    19. Alperen Karameşe

      Giroud u golcü yapan özil

    20. Tijan John

      At -15:06 ozil be like" small eyes bro?"😂

    21. kittencat1983

      We miss you Ozil! all your goals and contribution and assist!

      1. Anıl Kaan

        He is Turkish and he is now in the FenerBahçe.

    22. HitsMan

      You wonder how these players never won the league and it's a real shame. All you need is 2-3 players from the different generations to have signed earlier. Imagine a Partey - Cazorla midfield with Ramsey ahead and Alexis - Ozil cutting in on the wings with Aubameyang as the target man up front. Would run riot.

    23. fatmanur gezen

      welcome to fenerbhaçe

    24. Halimul Barri

      RMA ( Ozil = Ronaldo ) ARS ( Ozil = Ziroud )

    25. ONUR 34


    26. Berra Sözer

      Arsenal formasını çok yakıştırıyorum ben Mesuta

    27. Cerkez_46 Marasli

      2013 dio mallar 10sene önceki video🤣🤣🤣bende haginin videosunu koyim yada alex onuda alin)))

    28. Cerkez_46 Marasli

      Bu mal daha kosamio,3sene sonra ama cok is yapar ))

      1. Anıl Kaan


    29. Cyrano De Bergerac

      All of them shitty! 00000000 aesthetic...

    30. FM_

      I miss enjoying watching us play, win, I miss the champions league, I miss ozil

    31. Muhammad Bahrudin

      Enak diliat cuk sumpah

    32. cchbm ik

      just chinese hate him

    33. DEAD

      fenerbahçemize geldi ama bizimkiler mesut özile ayak uydurması lazım burda arsenalda oynadıkları gib oyun beklemeyin :D

    34. f1n mackay

      Do this for Sanchez

    35. YELEDEZE

      I'm very grateful because not only Turkish people but also everyone knows that Mesut did not deserve this. Stupid political issues...

    36. tayku s

      The best player in the world

    37. puravida98ify

      Ozil work so well with Giroud & Sanchez. Giroud because he can supply him with variety of ball. Ball to head, to feet. While sanchez is very willing runner. Both flourish working with him. What bringing down ozil is arsenal lack of defense stability. When we have proper Defensive mid (such as Coquelin), he closed to break Thierry Henry's Premier League Record for assist in a season & Arsenal close to win tittle. Now we have got the proper Defensive Mid (Partey), but our creativity is at the lowest. We dont have permanent Ozil replacement. The close we have is Smith Rowe, but he will need a season or two to breakthrough. Willian as creative player is rubbish. Hopefully Odegaard can bring the missing link.

    38. Ekrem Öz


    39. Fby licious Gaming

      Good to see the perfect duo özil and ramsey

    40. SUB_ ZERO

      I dont like arsenal anymore Stupid club

    41. yusuf ceylan


    42. The SeWage

      Ozıl the best world 10 legend Arsenal good luck mesut 🔴🔴

    43. Sinar Sham

      We will miss u.. Ozil

    44. Mrke2222

      Thank you for everything and goodbye!

    45. Enes Boz

      Mesut is a magician

    46. Hikidun M

      Really had forgotten all about Joel Campbell

    47. Monster Film


    48. Ben Isaac

      ❤❤❤ for ozil..

    49. ايمن ازور

      اوزيل عازف الليل

    50. ايمن ازور

      اوزيل عازف الليل

    51. Hallel Goldenberg

      10:40 is what you came for

    52. Thanh Nguyen

      This video is better than the tribute video by Arsenal. A Man U fan but hated the way Özil get treated.

    53. Raj Sahil

      Arsenal ruined one of the best technical player career

    54. Alperen Sen

      Turkish name (mesut) golden boy💛 İlkay gundogan , emre can ...

    55. Mehmet Sezgin IŞIK

      Mesut Özil Fenerde dağılın!!!

    56. Eren Emecan

      arsenal fans should not worry. Mesut Özil Fenerbahçe will also receive the love and respect it deserves

    57. TR

      The Son of Ruhrpott..A region where the people wear their hearts on their sleeves.

    58. dudu sisi


    59. sedat kurt

      welcome to fenerbahçe republic

    60. Müzik yapan baytar

      Now you watch the mesut in Fenerbahçe 💛💙

    61. Hakan Eroğlu


    62. ร.อ.จอห์น ใบเล่ห์


    63. eren arslan

      Ozil & Giroud partnership was something else 🙌🏼

      1. Yusuf Tokat

        Ozil & Pelkas are now partners

    64. Aznan Arrazi

      anti-ozil doesnt deserve to enjoy this video

    65. Seftali Kebab

      next 100 years arsenal wont get footballer like Ozil as a Fenerbahce fun I would like to thanks to Arsenal

    66. The Football Planet

      Giroud-Ozil connection

    67. The Football Planet

      Shooting at the goalie and the ball deflecting back are not assists.

    68. Buenos Aires Street Art

      Great player against poor teams & when wants to play but never worth £350k pw. You cannot have players like Ozil in a starting 11 who don't tackle, track back, head the ball or defend if they are not contributing goals & assists every game.

    69. Yasin Uzunsimsek

      *Bu Adamı irfan Can ile kıyaslamak cidden akıllı insan işi değil*

    70. G B


    71. Ronald Chinomona

      by 13:30 you can tell how the team had diminished in talent

    72. Ronald Chinomona

      I like how how most goals and assists were of high quality. Top notch and top drawer stuff. We always appreciate genuine and unique class for that is greatness.

    73. Oba Razzak

      44 goals 76 assists Mesut Özil you will be dearly missed 😔

      1. Yusuf Tokat

        Mesut Özil is happy in Fenerbahçe 💛💙

    74. MENACE EDD

      Imagine if we had signed suarez 4000001

    75. coll calm

      I hope talented Odegard can replace him, but Odegard physically weaker than Ozil..

    76. survivor turnover

      legendary. nostalgic. good vibes

    77. Zaman Hussain

      🙏🙏🙏🙏❤❤We Will miss me Özil, Good Luck My G❤❤🙏🙏🙏🙏

    78. Hüso Müso

      Fenerbahçe'me hoş geldin Mesut ÖZİL

    79. Agah Süheyl Aydınbelge

      Fifa 2005 sesleri kullanılmış gibi video olmuş. anılarr...

    80. Furkan Yildirim

      Arsenal didnt deserve this man

    81. Medhat Basuni

      Suburb player, God bless the Turkish ÖZIL

    82. Enes Zenci

      #BizFenerbahçeyiz #M10

    83. Dibyashwor Man Singh

      this video is like a throwback to when ozil made geroud and sanchez look like world beaters LOL


      *Football without Mesut is so boring*

    85. CaptainDaniito

      lol, Giroud owns all of his goals to Ozil it seems

    86. Ferdi Candemir

      Welcome to Fenerbahçe, mesut özil, we love you with our heart

    87. Sorry Hunter

      İzle izle bitmedi vay mk

    88. Skyleonz

      He is Wizard from FENERBAHÇE

    89. Alperen Demir

      Akıllarda tek soru fenerde kime böyle asist yapcak PSFOŞJHSDIGPUS8FGHSDFG

    90. I Didnt Ask

      banter club

    91. Mehmet Murat Yiğit

      FenerBahçeye hoşgeldin asist kralı💙💛

    92. Gghjjvcsadbk 99j8gc8c8tc8

      Mesut fenerbahce 💙💛

    93. Rifaa Ukasyah

      We've taken u for granted 😔

    94. Dewangga Bayu Putra

      ozil is good player but he cannot adapted with modern CAM like nowadays who run to get back the ball


      *He doesn’t deserve the way he's treated. Shame on you Arsenal FC. He deserves better.*

    96. Engin Pekacar

      Legend! Thats All Im gonna say...

    97. Deinemamii

      what a teamplayer

    98. Petber Alfred

      Legenda terbaik Arsenal dan raja assist THEGUNNERS sepnjng masa bersm pangeran Arsenal THIENHENRY,,,

    99. İdris bozkurt

      Best 10 number Özil. Now he is play for Fenerbahce.