Mesut Özil - Best Arsenal Passes Ever


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    Neymartive productions presents - Mesut Özil - Best Arsenal Passes Ever
    00:00 Through Balls
    05:03 Through Balls Out Wide
    07:26 Over The Top/Lofted Passes
    12:43 Reverse/Disguise Passes
    15:07 Cut Backs
    18:00 Sideways
    19:27 Crosses
    20:53 Fancy Passes
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    1. Neymartive

      I recently just passed 5 years of the birth of this channel. We’ve come a long way and I couldn’t be more thankful for everything that this journey has brought me, whether it’s highs or lows, it’s always been lessons and growth. I’ve developed, matured and improved as an editor and I don’t intent to stop any time soon. Everyone who has supported this journey and jumped on board, I’m eternally grateful and I hope I can continue to bring you the same original content that brought you to join the journey and support the movement of promoting more than just goals and skills to the compilation creating community and fans of football. These first 5 years are just the beginning of something special. I can’t wait to look back in another 5 years and see how much further we have come, thank you all, we are only just getting started.

      1. footballcomps _10

        I'm new here so I'm sorry I couldn't support you through this journey but I subbed so yeah mate. Pls continue this hard work

    2. Özkan Dinç

      Bu video FENERBAHÇELİ futbolculara izletilsin. Mesutun futbol zekasını çözebilirlerse futbolculuk onayı verilsin çözemeslerse lisansları iptal edilsin..

    3. PanArmenian TV

      Segdir ozil

    4. Mr. DG

      It hurts how many chances wasted this guy is by far the greatest assister in history he lives for assisting goals


      big fan of Ozil😍


      Hello! Can anyone subscribe my channel plz

    7. Muhammed Beşel


    8. muhammet yavuz


    9. süleyman nazif

      besiktas fener maçı ne olacak?

    10. Kiko Ayari

      Aware of Manchester United strength but. Pulling-out an upset is way too easy.

    11. Hendrik Eykendorp

      Thank you for your services mr Ozil. U R Arsenal Maestro.

    12. Halil Cengiz

      My English may not be good. Arsenal's biggest mistake was not playing Mesut Ozil for political reasons and his economic interest with China. But for another reason, while playing Mesut Ozil, he sold players such as Oliver jiru giroud and Alexis Sanchez, who got along best with him, pushing Arsenal away from his goal. Having limited ability to Arsenale, FORVET TAKES, Arsenal has relegated the Championship. If there was a player like Mesut, Mesutun should not have sold his players who could make good use of his passes (alexsiz sancher, oliver giroud ....). Most of Mesut's great assists were spent by players like LAGAZETT, IWOBI etc. After that, they blamed Mesut. Like OZ BÜYÜCÜSÜ, Mesut Özil, who has many excellent passes, spent Arsrnal. Players like Mesut Özil always take risks. Of course not every pass is accurate, but when Arsenal's forward is too clumsy, Arsenal is drifting away from the Championship ... Mesut Özil is the person who ended the tyranny and blockade of Barcelona. Real Madrid missed the biggest opportunity, made a big mistake in selling Özil and then selling Ronaldo. Zidan and Real Madrid management: Mesut spent Özil selling Ronaldo and made a big mistake. Millimeter passes of a player like Özil excite the audience. Now, thank God, Fenerbahçe too. I love you Fenerbahce.. Such videos are good, but the audience's voice will be better. The audience voice adds a better ambiance to the game, it is not nice to put music there..NO MUSIC. Thanks..

    13. Hakan

      Welcome 2 ! FENERBAHCE ..

    14. Akif Yildirim

      dünyada arsenal kadar salak bir kulüp daha yoktur. elinde elmas var, sen gidip bakıra tapıyorsun ?!?! KİRLİ siyasi oyunlarınıza alet edilmeyecek kadar büyük bir futbolcu MESUT ÖZİL

    15. Batman


    16. Alexandre Dumbass

      Best assister of all times

    17. Yorgo Antranopoulos

      What a wasted talent! Simply no forward player to score...

    18. Gosho

      Don Robbie be like "What's he ever done at Arsenal?"

    19. M. Ouno

      I'm about to cry seing this and knowing how he's being treated right now..

    20. Chiến Đặng

      hey boy, come to Juve

    21. Azad Ekinci


    22. Olusegun Shogbanmu

      See 9:15, even Iwobi was shocked who Ozil was giving the ball to. Ozil's vision is 360. WoW!

    23. Atakan Kaya

      Özil > Arsenal

    24. Haitham gh

      its 2020 now, and this guy should go to juventus, that's what they lack.. someone to create chances for Ronaldo and Morata, way way way better than dybala. I hope Pirls sees this comment lol.

    25. Bongane Mahlangu

      Arsenal needs a new coach and striker department overhaul. They are terrible at finishing.


      Fucking Stupid Arteta and Arsenal Boards,Bring back Ozil

    27. Guchu Mbogo

      I had to come here after seeing how the club is treating him

    28. RayDreamChaser

      Arsenal you can play your boring expectable ball without Ozil. Let him go so he can entertain us elsewhere.

    29. christopher acosta


    30. Josh Connor

      Bro how do u not get copyrighted ? Love the vid btw

    31. Tristan Koeberg

      Arsenal could've achieved so much more if most of the chances ozil created were scored

    32. bario Hassan

      But he need someone who can understand him I'm sorry ozil

    33. سالم التميمي

      Love his playing style ❤️❤️

    34. Trill Shaun

      I cry every time I watch this

    35. Adriatik Karrabecaj

      Not Ozil fault they cannot score

    36. Adriatik Karrabecaj

      I’m arsenal fan I really don’t understand why the Fuk they don’t play Ozil in my opinion no one is like Ozil

    37. Rahmani Boucif

      Ozil toujours meilleur اوزيل فنان تمريرته متقنة ودقيقه.

    38. Red Baron

      Mesut Özil is overqualified for Arsenal... This video only proves how fucked up is the Arsenal offence.

    39. seno atmojo

      Beauty football = Ozil

    40. metincan öcalan

      Özil is the best but she insists on not using arsenal fc.

    41. Juan Mikán

      I feel bad for him: he already wasted some of his best years at a club that never could, nor wanted to, compete properly, creating chances that mediocre players wasted and then being punished by a toxic fanbase. If I was him I would regret staying at Arsenal for that long.

    42. Zubair Ahmad

      The biggest mistake of his career is that he joined Arsenal. Can't believe these Arsenal players can miss such easy goals and tbh after watching this video for just 4 mins I am pissed off... Please don't blame Ozil for the downfall of Arsenal. The whole package is worthless.

    43. Warrior Man

      Arsnal is wasting his talent Juventus must bring him so that we will see the deadly combo again

    44. MoH Béjaia

      The Best 💪💐 👋🇩🇿

    45. Akshat Sharma

      Ozil Ramsey Cazorla Sanchez and Wilshere, it was always that bloody defense that let us down 😞😞😞

    46. Meyo Comedy

      See wasted passes we didn't use ozil well, this passes we lose sometimes can even won a cup

    47. Ahsanul Mahbub

      I love mesut ozil

    48. Kiko Ayari

      Tunisian mostly smart as . Ayari Rachid isn't perfect yet.

    49. Ben SArag

      First of all great song selection perfect for Ozil.Reborn by Kanye West and Kid Kuddi

    50. Nasir Ismail

      The editing of this video is terrible....let it play to the end for goodness sakes.

    51. Addi Law

      Henry would have scored so many goals playing alongside M10

    52. Saacid Omar

      So what i can say now 😂🤣 it is Speechless ARSENAL is the worst team you can see how they are losing chances that OZIL created

    53. PKR Channel

      Suksesnya Ronaldo di real madrid tdk lepas dari umpan umpan manja dari Ozil,itu pun di rasakan oleh Alexis ketika sama sama di Arsenal

    54. Long Le

      Imagine how many more assists he would have had if there are better finishers in Arsenal. When he is on, he is magical.

    55. Ahmed Naeem

      my fvrt ozil I love u so much

    56. Tob Gyel

      Ozil is the kind of kid in our class ....who is a low-key artist and is probably more smarter than guy who tops ......

    57. Tommy Thill

      Big player yes. But not the best player

    58. Yasin İpin

      Arsenal için fazla iyi.

    59. Wieslaw Sobocinski

      Mesut Ozil -Best Arsenal Passes Ever

    60. Onur Kut

      arsenal need finisher

    61. object like no other

      imagine Vardy or Kane was his striker, Mahrez was his winger. yeah.

    62. Wieslaw Sobocinski

      Mesut Ozil is the best

    63. Aritra Ray

      This video is a testimony of what a brilliant player he is and the number of key chances he have created for arsenal over the years... And it is also a proof of the fact that arsenal had such bad strikers .. welbeck missed almost all the chances ozil created for him.. absolute sitters.. 😂

    64. Wieslaw Sobocinski

      Mesut Ozil

    65. Jules firdad

      imagine if he plays with salah, mane, firmino, robo and arnold

    66. Kadir ADALI

      adam öyle güzel asistler yapıyorki, gol ona yazılmalı diyor insan

    67. Viole Xritna

      My eyes are hurting from the missed chances

    68. Adel Taha

      Ozil ozil ozil 👍

    69. Göktürk Karacan

      amazing forball...he can pass every positions as if he has four eyes round over his head :D

    70. Nusa Southeast

      Best assist

    71. mom u are my life

      Özil 💪💪

    72. Max Ondan

      Özel deserves a better finisher

    73. alahanlim


    74. daum m Totong

      Genius & Art footballer was Ozil ...

    75. daum m Totong

      How many key passes from Ozil can't be scored by his team mate.

    76. davesaussieduster

      I'd just like to see him happy and keep playing in an Arsenal shirt.

    77. Aiman Gotze

      00:54 mamacita

    78. Kantapat Soisuwan

      ส่งอย่างเทพ คนยิงอย่างกาก คลาสเดียวกะโอซิล มีแค่ ชานเชสแค่นั้นแหละ

    79. Wayne Munjuga

      I can't stop hearing Kid Cudi's hums

    80. R 10

      Excelente video 🤙👏

    81. Kiko Ayari

      Emery had complicated Arsenal as soon as he took over after Arsen Wenger. Emery had confused himself in the first place that's why he deserves to be sacked. Sorry dude, Learn English ahead of tactic& technics. Arsenal nickname was once the . Emery should leave regardless and players will do it on their own. Ayari's best solution to get over the crisis. For 22 years Arsen Wenger was held responsible for every defeat by defending his players as if sons to him versus subjective press conferences to tell me this failure can do it?. I doubt it, however, Gunners would make today due to our comfort. I really know my team.

    82. Greg Richard

      Best midfielder in the world

    83. Rob Pi

      Here's what is infuriating about Arsenal. When we had bad finishers, we played amazing attacking football, through passes for days. We now have excellent finishers and there is no playmaking or penetration. FUCK SAKE!

    84. Ronald Ambatoho

      Mesut Ozil, best arsenal passes ever... with Arsenal's worst finisher ever.

    85. Nihal Nihu

      Ozil is my hero

    86. N4JAM

      what could've been if we had some quality finshers

    87. yalçin kayalar

      Özilin tek şanssızlıgı kazmalarla beraber oynuyor olması

    88. tazmanaya

      he is is the master of ▲ passes

    89. sermet ersöz

      This video is a proof how inadequate the likes of iwobi,wellbeck,walcott etc have been over the years when compared to the quality of ozil.Absolute legend.Imagine being a cunt like Emery and not playing him.Complete fool.Its sad as a footballer when your coach isnt anywhere near intelligent.Only football players will understand the pain.

    90. Abdul Basith

      Someone show this to Unai Emery please

    91. Djauza Soedjarwo

      emery out.. ozil come back in team

    92. Xasanbasri Warsame


    93. Beqa Gelovani

      47 dislikes from unais friends

    94. Kongwa Kasomo

      He didn't grow up playing in La Masia nor did he play for FC Barcelona but it's interesting how he has that Barca DNA in him.

    95. Edin

      Not even an Arsenal fan, but it makes me angry that Emery doesn't play him, what a jackass

    96. Abdul Ibrahim

      His pin point passes are out of this world, too bad Arsenal doesn't have an attacker that read his passes and finish it

    97. Abdul Ibrahim

      What a player he is, he should have played for City

    98. Addanc konyak

      Arsenal was and is too bad for Özil

    99. Kiko Ayari

      Very humble Ozil is as a person because of his generosity,he is not selfish which made him best assist in the entire mid-fielder.