Making liquid air

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NileRed Shorts

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    Today I'll be using a cryocooler to turn air into a liquid.

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    1. Eliana Abraham

      The lorax be like WRITE THAT DOWN WRITE THAT DOWN

    2. Nikia Lee

      I really want to drink that now....

    3. Hajime Nagumo

      What I want to know is can you drink it

    4. Hrisa Adelina

      Mom: if you have air and your phone you can live, can't you! (Her being mad at me for staying too much on my phone) Me: what about water? Mom: drink this and you will have air and water. It's 2 in 1

    5. Josh Campbell

      What happens if you throw the liquid air in a fire, is there enough oxygen in there to do something interesting?

    6. saucy pizza in the sky

      After all air is just a mixture of various gasses. This even happens in freezers! Except the air just cools down and becomes more visible instead of condensing.

    7. Marcell Rózsa

      “Ohh I just spilled my liquid A I R”

    8. Who M.D

      Isnt it liquid nitrogen?

    9. Fulookin

      What happens if you drink it

    10. That Duck

      I’m gonna make/buy this in the future and drink liquid air

    11. YVNG P00T

      Crazy that just exposing the liquid air to room temp was enough for it to boil and evaporate

    12. kirby molina

      Everybody gansta till someone makes a human mold and place it in and snap lile thanos and desinigrate

    13. Cruz. Eathan

      Can you even drink that how cold even is that

    14. Auxierre Lux

      turning the dial all the way stops global warming

    15. Gangsta rero

      now i can drink air

    16. Cassie

      Government: “much like rain water, we can’t tax this. ILLEGAL”

    17. Mustajal Al-Ajal

      i want to snort it

    18. Siraj Shah

      You mean boiling in negative temperature

    19. Ivan Kirola

      "Dial" is variac


      *sees boiling water* *Adds Mac n cheese* Oop

      1. Cassie

        I had a chance to play with liquid nitrogen and boy does it burn but it was so cool!!

    21. yogeswar

      India needs them

    22. patrick elwood

      Turn it to ten

    23. Mrs Brisby

      Air smoke, don't break this.... wait... I guess you can.

    24. Arin

      Well air in malaysia basically means water so it's already a liquid.

    25. Sohrab sadat

      What happens if you drink liquid air tho?

    26. {Ø petrisha time Ø}

      Can you breath it

    27. phycotic person

      Can you- drink the air 🥸

    28. VloneMatt 777

      The Lorax was right 😳

    29. Albert Wong

      Uhm...correct me if I'm wrong but to be more clear...he condensed the nitrogen in the air to a liquid. What he poured out of the thermos is liquid N2...Not what I would call liquid air...But that's just me.

    30. Charlie Goodall

      Liquid air like nitrogen and oxygen or just all of them

    31. Declan Jardine

      Where can I get one of these ? Genuine question

    32. Ватный Жижовский

      Сначало подумал что это cam

    33. Benjamin Rivera

      I'm assuming your hand would freeze if you poured it over it lol

    34. Shambhavi Sadawarte

      I had a chance to play with liquid nitrogen and boy does it burn but it was so cool!!

    35. Shambhavi Sadawarte


    36. Brandon Hall

      Man I would love to see some culinary experiments with that

    37. Hue_solal

      Ayo drink it

    38. Zainab Abdul

      But what happens if you drink liquid air???

    39. High Q

      Explain to me why we can’t drink it. Someone said we’d explode. Idk if that’s true but if it is explain why that would happen. I’m genuinely interested in knowing they why.

    40. Just Bob

      You my bro just discover the purest water in the history of humanity . 100 usd per galon

    41. Contor r

      Wow I’ve been scrolling for long that “I’m all caught up” I feel ashamed

    42. abdelrahman hammad

      Can you put it in your lungs?

    43. scorpion venom

      Would you need to be a waterbender or airbender to bend this

    44. Lincoln J

      Has it become mostly like liquid nitrogen? (I guess some liquid oxygen too)

    45. toast friend

      Could you drink it though?

    46. Isaac beltron

      You didn't have to do that we have water its liquid are

    47. Keith Moon

      I can feel it coming in the air tonight!

    48. Steven Space

      Can you drink that

    49. ok ok

      There is already liquid air. It’s bubbles.

    50. ufiz

      Ong that’s sprite

    51. DJ ESKY

      Where can I purchase one?

    52. TheXVeffect

      "So today I became mister Freeze from Batman because someone stole my 20 piece chicken nuggets box from Chick Fil A"

    53. Tassie Gamer

      Yo, Mr. Ohare been real quiet after this dropped...

    54. Sam Epps

      This is what I think of when the humidity is 100%

    55. Random GamerDude

      Air looking mighty tasty rn

    56. DankManClay696

      “And the most fun part”- “So we gotta wait an hour”

    57. Joseph Crowder

      Turn the dial any more than that and it starts to freeze time and space

    58. Virgil Aka emo nightmare

      I just really want to know how it tastes

    59. Andrew Tuong

      Is it the same is liquid oxygen?

    60. Moldy_Pineapplez YT

      I think we are all thinking the same thing. Can u breath it

    61. EverydayChemistry

      I have no need for that machine and yet I must have it

    62. Jake Callaghan

      Why is it boiling?

    63. jaymom mo

      This sounds mean but how do you sound like a tv show nerd

    64. Rogue Ezio

      And that's how McDonald's make their Sprite

    65. Gabriel Yusuf

      Forbidden water

    66. case540

      these shorts are great!

    67. isthatgosu

      Did he just say a mill ?

    68. JCSMANs

      Is it highly flammable?

    69. Jeffrey Rodriguez

      Can you drink that? Lol

    70. C wiz

      Bro that's just cool. Never seen it done like that

    71. Lord Turtle

      What happens if you drink it

    72. Mr Grimm

      So is that how they made bottled air in the Lorax?

    73. Hadif Ziqry Climber

      I need this

    74. Christian Torres

      Byakuya togami is that you

    75. Tristan B

      Why are there so many people in the comments who seem to think that you can melt a solid by freezing it?

    76. Pizza Hut

      Could you drink it?


      Impressive.Where did you buy that?

    78. cqvio doli

      This is the type of experiments i want to do in chemistry class

    79. comprehensivecomparison

      DRINK IT

    80. makenna shuter

      What happens when you drink it? Besides frozen mouth lol

    81. POTATO!!❶

      This is the thing you will never learn at school 🎒

      1. cqvio doli

        Is it just me or does this remind you of the Lorax when they tried selling bottled air💀😂

    82. Purple Alien

      So water lol

    83. Kai Nener

      That’s a juxtaposition you don’t hear every day

    84. WriggleNB

      Spicy water

    85. Jacob Schultz

      Now drink


      Wait what. Liquid air?

    87. Thor MjolnirBjørn

      Always wanted to see how your blood boils in low pressure

    88. Aakash J.

      I wanna drink it so bad

    89. EeveeKat

      Can you drink this???? If you could what would it taste like???

    90. Herion Gen

      Drink it for $1

    91. DBMG5 _

      Imagine the air getting this cold while breathing

    92. M D

      Ah yes... air is angry water.

    93. Lorenzo Tagger

      Imagine drinking air🥵

    94. areoheye

      And this is how mcdonalds sprite is made...

    95. Nathalie Yax

      Is it just me or does this remind you of the Lorax when they tried selling bottled air💀😂

    96. JustEye 18

      Ok i wanna drink it

    97. Matt Ryan

      DRINK IT

    98. Kibo

      Is it drinkable

    99. Saswat Sarangi

      That looks like rust on the inner rim