King Von - Armed & Dangerous (Official Video)

King Von

King Von

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    From the album "Welcome to O'Block". Out now!
    Shot by @jerryphd
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    Official music video by King Von - Armed & Dangerous © 2020 Only The Family Entertainment / EMPIRE

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    1. jaylen carter

      best rap

    2. Yasin Wade


    3. Iskenderun Anderson

      You my son I’m yo daddy😤😤🚦

    4. Tobey Maguire

      Pull them pants up boy

    5. Brittany Johna

      This song title is cursed 😪

    6. Lil Kid Gamer


    7. King Joseph

      How is he still doing music vids

    8. Sebastian Wulff


    9. ballerpro7ytbtw is my twitch

      Armed and dangerous ok that seems like some cap lol

    10. Jiggyy

      1:29 AND ONEEE

    11. Amajanae Williamson


    12. destiny Bates

      Most of yall are fake fans

    13. Clxoudie

      king von still alive? WOW YESS LESGGOOO

      1. Clxoudie

        To bad he might go to jail for faking his death

    14. jaiden Murphy

      Y’all stay safe love y’all ❤️

    15. jaiden Murphy

      And who every dislike y’all nigga frome 63

    16. jaiden Murphy

      We love you king von rip ❤️

    17. Supercharged Spartan

      all the dislikes are people from 63rd

    18. jaiden Murphy


    19. 1 ꜱᴜʙ ʙᴇꜰᴏʀᴇ 2022?

      rest in peace you will always have a place in my playlists

    20. Xzavion Amerson

      Rip king von I miss u everyday

    21. Ajcool 462

      Yes 🙌 The legend

    22. Xzavion Amerson

      Rip king von

    23. Mesha Mathis

      If you miss king and the people who died like him do this: hit like button for von :(

    24. Michael Carter

      R.I.P Young Von...On me, I recently became in tuned with young. But bro solid as they come from what I can C from here. Stay strong to Von family and loved ones. Bro watching . Still getting dough after his rebirth. Less go Von! R.I.P bro..MC LA

    25. Ja'rhrealin Heyward

      Y’all Stop D^*€ Ridin!!!!

    26. king von gang

      every since he his music was so good in win he was alive rip von i watch this song 22 times cant stop

    27. steven hlushak

      “Shit that I can’t even remember , bet they remember me” hardest bar

    28. guy yes

      R.i.p von

    29. Liane Johnson

      Long live v roy

    30. Andwele Harris

      saw a video of Quando smoking on his ig

    31. BH Serm

      Bro Von 💙Was In His Prime📈Man His Storys Hard💸 Rip

    32. shawn gaming


    33. Royal Knight

      What sucks the most is we won’t get no more bangers from Von no more😢😭

    34. Katana Love

      King von my nigga

    35. Katana Love


    36. meganthestaillionn channel

      Rest In Peace King Von & Fbg Duck 🐾 🐐

    37. Mikyra Ashley

      wish you were still here but R.I.P

    38. Maher Begmohamed

      Y isn’t anyone talking about the scene transition at 1:21 🥵🔥💥 Jerry did a good job on the video!! LLKV🙏😔

    39. Neyo Brown

      Rip von Peace

    40. Musty flick

      niggas dieing thw whole octuber the real hallaween

    41. Tony Montana

      He never got to see 63

    42. hokkaido osaka

      Y'all do realised he was also a murderer lol

    43. Seemski Ahhh

      Damn bro I miss you 💔

    44. Timah Reed

      Rest in peace 😇😇😇😇😇💔💔💔💔💔💋💋💋

    45. burnetta Watson

      Von is not dead

      1. Qxtro

        U need help

    46. Oni Wrld

      The shout out he gave to young pappy tho✅ rip both of them

    47. Roblox Gameing

      R.I.P king von i love you

    48. VIKING_GamingYT

      When von was looking at the black car he look like nba youngboy

    49. KDDAKid 2


    50. Fluey on Sticks

      Man the love I have for Von is unreal R.I.P 😔

    51. Xxxsavage

      How is von making music if he's dead?

      1. Qxtro



      I love you VROYYYYY🤞🏽🤞🏽💯💯💯🖤🖤🖤👿‼️

    53. Jamelle Ross

      Rip king von

    54. Andrew Martinez

      Rip von

    55. Nic Lee

      RIP von 😭

    56. Cam Bam Drizzy

      King von alive?!!!

    57. Taco JP222

      You Von 😎😎🧨

    58. Hao Le

      R.I.P king von

    59. Elijah Kelly

      4.1k dislike people have a horrible childhoods.

    60. Demi Murry

      Rip von but this shit go hard

    61. Justin Ester


    62. Ryalnd Longdon


    63. Phatboy414

      Jerry P just went Absolute CRAZY with this one!!

    64. Derrick Hemingway


    65. i like reddit


    66. Larry Turner

      He dead

    67. Messiah Dunn

      King Von was the best rapper come back please❤️💙🕊otf

    68. GFR

      Rip king von lil durk will finish your battle with nba

    69. Jairo bettas RD

      Rip. Von😩

    70. Walker Jones

      U fightin an arm robbery shawty that's what they offerin

    71. Laila’s World

      RIP von I wish I listened to u before u died

    72. Ronald Prince

      He was working like Tupac before he died.

    73. Lil Woo

      Rip von❤️🌡🅱️🩸

    74. sxlo Tv Baez

      Quando Rondo

    75. sxlo Tv Baez


    76. Karina Salazar

      Rip von

    77. CEO Mugi

      Why do rappers drop more tracks when they dead 💀

    78. Gracelynn Bodine

      the cops are cloceing me love i kng von

    79. Gracelynn Bodine

      rip king von i am a fan i love king von

    80. La Rose

      my uncle got that cough again

    81. dolimi jotoo

      Young pappy homicide : dead was shot King von: dangerous: dead was shot tf going on😐

    82. Anthony Robins

      Longk live VON

    83. kk nation

      jan/11/is my b day

    84. Illisia Davie

      I thought you were dead

      1. dolimi jotoo

        If he dead how did he make this song

    85. ツB l u e

      RIP king von gang👑💙

    86. Xx_vuxxy

      Never heard of his music but r.i.p

    87. tsg Squad

      R.I.P King Von love you bro

    88. damarius ford

      Did he fake his 💀

    89. damarius ford

      He still alive

    90. john kelley

      rih von

    91. Abimbola Official

    92. Abimbola Official

    93. Abimbola Official

    94. Abimbola Official

    95. Tyion Burtis

      R.I.P King

      1. lil unknown temptation

    96. Cash money kyler

      Rip von

      1. lil unknown temptation

    97. Rhonda Davis

      Asaine doll

      1. lil unknown temptation


      R.I.P. king von

      1. lil unknown temptation

    99. Saugat Lamichhaney

      If he dead how did he make this song

      1. lil unknown temptation

    100. Destiny Wells

      Rip king von but how he mack this song if he dead 🤔🤔🤔

      1. lil unknown temptation