HELLUVA BOSS - The Harvest Moon Festival // S1: Episode 5


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    Blitz sees a horse. Things sure do happen!
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    1. Vivziepop

      HELLUVA BOSS MERCH AVAILABLE ► sharkrobot.com/vivziepop Pilot Episode ► trlocal.info/u/video/gaGYoLDY0ZjNiGc Episode One ► trlocal.info/u/video/l6GWiKXOrJuwg2s Episode Two ► trlocal.info/u/video/naWlr7TNl2uee4Q Episode Three ► trlocal.info/u/video/hJyfq8nRv4DLmZo Episode Four ► trlocal.info/u/video/Y499q8e_taLRdp4

      1. Carmen Angulo

        0 l Prv^¿*^^

      2. Slyuniform


      3. Alisha Fox


      4. William Newell

        Congrats on number 1 in trending!

      5. Ufb Ifm

        ٠٠٠٩٩ انو ٠

    2. Woodsboro Slasher

      Good episode, but How did you convince Norman Reedus to be a special guest on this episode?

    3. M&a Coasters


    4. Ze Kayy

      CAN WE TALK ABOUT NORMAN REEDUS???? Such great voice acting as Striker!

    5. yeah I cry sometimes. What about it?

      are we just not gonna talk about how the hotel says "Run-away hotel, the guy who killed u def isn't here"?

    6. Denny Bianca

      That was awesome

    7. BULL3T

      17:00 i love the little details, they are usually the most funny parts

    8. meaningless weeb

      anyone noticed how different the animation is? there are some scenes were the animation is smooth af. i love it

    9. Joshua Olujide

      wait because blitz actually has mad hands... did not see that coming

    10. Luke van Kleef

      Its funny because Striker ACTUALLY looks like a possum.

    11. Alyssa The Pegasus

      Everyone: OMG, STRIKER IS SOO HOOTT!! Me: I agree. But why doesn't anyone talk about this walk Blitzø did? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 5:17

    12. Rose's sweets

      Is it just me or does blitz look awesome in the new outfit

    13. Axel Rmz

      I love this show 🔥😭

    14. Arturo Garza

      14:58 Did Blitzo call him "daddyfucker"? Guess you don't touch another man's gun like that.

    15. Maestradiana Espinoza


    16. Kaba Leart

      The 1 was g a y

    17. Fire & Ice Ninja

      Yo Striker is my favorite charter now I hope he'll be back like ming on ps4

    18. Arturo Garza

      13:08 I like that both Moxxie and Blitzo have their own favorite (personalized?) pistol.

    19. Mr. Monkey

      Dam this dope

    20. jenrri carrera

      Fun fact: Father's Millie's Actor voice is also Actor voice's Alastor.

    21. Arturo Garza

      "That's my husband, you son of a BITCH!" -Millie, probably

    22. Estel Lobelia

      Lets be honest they had many meme references in this animation 😆

    23. Estel Lobelia

      The basement and millie on chains gave me killing stalking vibes

    24. Josiah Nathaniel

      Question: how do 2 men funk

    25. Blades the Trickster

      Sassy Blitzie UwU

    26. Quincy Galang

      I love how milly fights striker

    27. Bass-D C

      Everyone please take some time to go through the comments (especially replies to top comments) and report the Link spam Bots who want to redirect views to garbage videos.

    28. Banana Milk

      Me Watching This: This is fine My Mind: WHEN TF IS THER GONNA BE ANOTHER HAZBIN EPISODE

    29. talk talk

      Omg the end is hilarious

    30. Miranda

      This episode shows how tough and lethal imps are. Striker took like 5 stabbings to the kidneys and could still fight, millie went fucking ferral.

    31. Londyn Harris


    32. Namii Tv

      Damn that shark would not give moxxie a break bro😂😭

    33. Jagoda Przetacznik

      Vivziepop your animations is amazing

    34. ildel play

      Hazbin hotellll¡¡¡¡¡!!!!🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😖😖😪😪😭😭😭😭😭🥺

    35. Cooper Diaz

      Holy shit is that *norman reedus?*

    36. Namii Tv

      Millie I'm not above from hitting a female in front of her daddy 😂😂LMAOOO😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 4:40

    37. S1DIUS

      i swear millie does her occupation so good

    38. Abject Failure

      Kinda want to see Moxxie's parents dislike Millie for being too violent as a contrast to Millie's parents disliking Moxxie for being too soft

    39. Kyle Foreman

      *hideaway Motel* The guy that tried 2 kill u def isnt here (16:59)

    40. Michael Robinson

      I love how the hell shark wanted all the smoke

    41. Zelig-Shaine

      I like Millie’s sister 😍

    42. dishiestglobe 90

      Why does the wrath ring remind me of that one song, “take me home, country roads.”?

    43. Angel Dust

      Striker is so good. The man redecorated his entire room after the moxxie encounter and removed a window rebuilding a wall in its place. Even painted his room lol. Love the episode though

    44. Adrian Janowiak

      you can do the dutch version

    45. Moon Flower

      i wish moxy would finish what he was saying about the guns in the start of the video O-Q

    46. YoungOrisha 1080

      15:37 You gotta love how these demons NOT ONLY throw hands, but fight with they’re horns and tails.

    47. Khloe Reese

      ok but can we talk at 17:04 how hot that was

    48. graham Dunne

      When hazbin ep 2 coming out

    49. Vibes With Vicky

      I feel like I may have been interrupting something in the beginning...

    50. Little Sapphire

      15:47 *Badass Blizo*

    51. not akira

      This eps was SO GOOD BRO

    52. Shane Hindsley

      I thought blitzø went to wrath for horse riding lessons

    53. Shadow playz Minecraft And more

      11:45 uhhh moxie what are you.....uhhh....Done be to loud? Uhh bye!

    54. Zackary Carlson

      do part 2

    55. Julie Schmidt

      Bro, this is the best serie on Youtybe tbh. The animation is amazing!!! I must say that even my Best freind liked this and She used to hate animations so, this is problably my favourite serie keep Going man! ⭐

    56. mystery h

      The animation is getting way better.

    57. JohnsFire

      I havent wacthed this in months and forget that stolas was gay

    58. Satya Rose

      this with head phones this the best im still wheezing

    59. Spiredmoss

      another pog animation

    60. Aotearoa Lawrence

      The ending was really really funny😂😂

    61. PramkLuna Krishnan

      4:09 look at Blitzo lol

    62. -•KWAMİ•- #saveralph

      9:08 Moxxie's perfecty cut scream

    63. Ananas

      Even though Blitzø doesn't like how Stolas treats him but deep down he's still care

    64. NerdyPi

      Is it just me or is something going weird with the framerate in this episdode? 8:15 as an example

    65. Lord MuffinTop

      This scratches some deep seated content itch like I'm an edgy 14 year old again except the animation is actually good

    66. Everyones nagito

      Moxxie sounds like that bald bad guy from skylanders Have a nice day シ

    67. KoTos

      I hope blitzo meet striker again

    68. Moira MacDowell

      while he was AT the TABLE damn

    69. Billy Hanson

      Well atleast we know that the series isnt dying cause they JUST GOT NORMAN FUCKING REEDUS

      1. Fenriz Nobile


    70. FaerayNotFound Official


      1. Fenriz Nobile

        17:21 then he noticed

    71. Jared Lancaster

      Carmine Blessed Tipped rifle. There ya go

    72. The Wererapter92

      Hehe I love watching Helluva Boss, think my fursona would probably hire them to "Off" the Stuck up Monks that sent him to hell through a portal to damnation (lol he fcked a demon), pretty sure right after that he'd ask to join IMP to kill humans for a living.

    73. Issac D.D

      Moxxie is the Meg of helluva boss

    74. Moira MacDowell

      wait.... WAIT ITS DARYL

    75. Nur Syafiqah

      This episode is by far has more serious scenes......like Blitz fighting rather than using a gun...damn that's spicy

    76. Human The Human


    77. TrAsh

      I love this "MAKE IT HAPPEND!"

    78. Katia Mammone

      Sorry #Vivziepop I was late. I was little busy.😅 But now I’m gonna watch this episode!😎

    79. Fóranzó

      Okay, maybe it's just me but it really didn't feel like the other episodes >> I don't know what to think

    80. Olivia

      ok but striker’s line at 15:59 is hot bye

    81. Spockmason

      Pretty sure the only reason why Millie didn’t attack striker For messing with moxxie earlier was bc he was working for her parents, allowing her to take it out And with more reason when she found him hurting her husband.

    82. - MixJesteR -



      It's funny how they think moxxie is weak even though he survived getting chewed by a shark twice was body piled on then got elbow dropped by that exact same shark for a weak guy he sures hell got high durability and a extreme pain tolerance.

    84. Fóranzó

      This one looks a lil rough here and there >>

    85. Zorocario2K

      I watched hazbin hotel. And helluva boss with my mom. She gave it a 8/10

    86. Queenie Halloweenie

      How the fuck did I miss that Norman Reedus played striker!!!!!?????

    87. Fóranzó

      No wonder they changed Millie's accent, she's from those parts of Hell lmao

      1. Fenriz Nobile


    88. Maya Lockhart

      Y'all want Femboys/Gf's,but we got HIM...or her??

    89. garbage is like me, trash

      "Wrath festival" this somewhat comfirmes that each circle in hell represents a different sin

    90. Mihai Istrate

      I hope Loona and Octavia will meet in the next episode

    91. Dark_foxy

      Blitzo had a crush for like idk an half day? That is the best moment in the whole episode 👌

    92. mohsina ashraf

      In 7:36 we can see moxxie's sleeve is all the way down after the bandage is on but at 7:48 it somehow moved up and THEN AT 7:51 ITS BACK DOWN AGAIN SOMEHOW- Also people have been saying sallie may Is transgender (which is canon) and we theorized it before cz the horn size (Male bodied : thick horns Female bodied : thin horns) but at 10:36 we can see the one that looks like millie's father without the moustache has thin horns so either their transgender too or they identify as a male

    93. Jack Praedicis

      Is striker an imp, or a sinner ?

    94. DB Animations

      One word: T E E T H

      1. Fenriz Nobile

        One word: H E ' L L fucking autocorrect

    95. shadow.dx2.0

      Is it just me or did the Episode Look better then usual

    96. Asterius Tempest

      Snake bro what you tryna get into 🤨😏

    97. Tyron Joro Garcia

      i relate to moxie but i relate that if I ever get into a relationship there parents will not like me

    98. griu

      9:07 the shark lmaoooooooo

    99. Tyron Joro Garcia

      holy shit look at that owl looking guy (i forgot his name pls comment his name) eyes and the freaking expressions

      1. Tyron Joro Garcia

        thank u

      2. A Chicken


    100. Dev Games

      Ok so, prediction: in the finale episode, moxxie will push blitzo out the way and get shot by the demon killer gun. And then, in a flash of light, gets instantly beamed up to heaven for a noble sacrifice. Queue the hazbin hotel crossover!