Game Theory: Did Dream FAKE His Speedrun? A Final Analysis.

The Game Theorists

The Game Theorists

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    There has been a controversy brewing on the Minecraft side of TRlocal centered around well known Minecraft creator Dream. He's been accused of faking his speedrun and it has caused a lot of stir. I'm not here to point fingers or accuse anyone. What I'm doing today, Theorists, is going over the facts of this situation and why it is a lot more complicated than people are making it out to be.
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      What if Matt was the secret scientist dream hired

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      Lemme just say that 50/50 percent of the coin rate is wrong

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      Don’t even watch this video, there is no answer, just watch Karl jobst’s analysis, it is infinitely better

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      What about this

    23. what happened

      Us: so did he cheat? Matpat: here are some facts Us: so..? Matpat: idk but imma keep talking :D

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      vid: dream cheated matpat: flip a coin 1000 times so we can see the problem here

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      He didn't give an answer because Dream is his friend. It's not that hard to figure out that Dream was blatantly cheating.

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      Racketeering not trending

    30. im just guy

      Us:did dream cheat Matpat:find out next time on dragon ball z

    31. Lord Broccoli

      The man collabed with him for a video fairly recently; did we really expect him to say anything super incriminating in this one?

    32. solax

      i teabagged a drowned that hasn't despawned in a very long time went to the nether and got pearls on my 3rd gold ingot

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      8:08 Yes, gacha players would kill for SSRs rate up that high

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    48. hmmm

      What if they speedrun in just one seed?

      1. Hi

        That already exist and requires a lot more rng

    49. Yurem Santillan

      Can you please make a video about brawl stars

    50. DangerDarkrai22

      Hey matpat Ive been diving back into your old vids for nostalgia and I realised in your theory with The Jwittz about Pokémon are humans I noticed a wee tune you played at the skit you did and noticed it was from Rayman I loved these games when I was a kid would there be a theory you could do for Rayman (maybe something like why does Rayman have a floating abdomen and arms and legs?)

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      Nobody mr beast buying everything in the store in the back ground

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    57. Train_Time

      Mat: We should have minecraft speedruns where multiple players compete in the same world Manhunt: “Am I a joke to you?”

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      "Those who cannot acknowledge themselves, will eventually fail." - Itachi Uchiha 😞

    59. Coby McIntosh

      I think you are just jealous of dreams skills

    60. zerg113

      Dream atmitted cheating also, who cares.

      1. Hi

        @what happened so I am assuming that your saying the bit where the astrophysicist say that the only reasonable thing is to assume that he cheated, that not dream saying he cheated that’s the astrophysicist saying he cheated.

      2. what happened

        @Hi at the very end of the astrophysicist's report

      3. Hi


    61. Cristian Martinez

      I like the Idea of a tournament. Maybe Dream can even start a series like that. Maybe against all of his friends to see who is the fastest.

    62. Prince Darwin

      Thank you comments for letting me know this was a waste of time before i watched. Now i dont have to watch it. Ballance is restored

    63. Magma Hot Designs

      Wow! This channel has been going downhill real fast for a while BUT THIS is the tipping point for me. MatPat has finally hit the point of no return of shitty, clickbaity nonsense which he knows nothing about.

    64. Joshua Zhao

      Bro I legit was confused when I watched the video and there was no answer like I thought I missed something.

    65. Daniel Valentin

      I’m not a math expert, but dream had no reason to cheat, he’s done tons of runs and there was GOING to be a sus run at some point, for anyone doing the run. So I believe dream

      1. Hi

        It was 6 runs not one

    66. Anupam Chaudhari

      So did he cheated or not.

    67. Slim Badger

      MFW I found this on my trending tab...

    68. MrDNR

      I thought this drama was ended already

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    70. Zachry Diehl

      Isn't this the guy that plagiarized a legal eagle episode? Same thing here? Just wait until everyone else has made their video, then just do that? Edit: Skip to 4:45 if you dont want to listen to 4 minutes and 45 seconds of this guy talking about himself.

    71. SterWasWeird

      Everyone: WhAt’S ThE AnSWeR?!?11 *Me knowing this was the answer:* B)

    72. deathk1ller100

      God you’re a pathetic TRlocal channel I missed the old game theory channel not this hungry deprived clickbait for viral stuff if a garbage can went viral you’d made a video on it and it’s just sad

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      11:38 and Why is Jake Peralta There?

    74. Kirbo Playz

      I can already hear the dream stans screaming

    75. The Doge Regular

      did dream cheat? matpat: he's pretty popular so lemme just suggest speedrun races which are already popular and completely ignore the title of the video

    76. Ghostlyboy Playz

      The thing that seems suspicious to me is that out of all people who could have ended up in this situation, Dream, a professional, Minecraft speed runner did.

    77. Kittycat Kimmy

      Hahah he is #2trending he predicted that XD

    78. Johnny Poprac

      You didn't even give an answer over fear of angering fanbases. What is the point of this video other than to get clicks by name-dropping Dream? Either he cheated or he didn't, but dancing around the subject and then questioning Minecraft speedrunning in general isn't getting anyone anywhere. Be better

      1. Johnny Poprac

        @Noah The channel name, Game Theory, implies that each video would give an actually theory around what is going on. In the video he gives the statistics, but at the end he avoids a final theory on whether or not Dream cheated. He just says that no one really knows. He never truly analyzes what either side is saying and he never really answers the question in the title. There was no final theory or verdict, therefore, he "danced" around the answer. A theory doesn't have to be right, but it should have a complete conclusion one way or another. Saying "who knows really" isn't an answer, it's a cop out.

      2. Noah

        He didn't dance around the answer. The only person who knows the absolute answer is Dream, and he isn't Dream. You are the one who needs to be better, not The Game Theorists.

    79. Uncle

      I think a great way to prove that your speed running on live stream without a custom seed is to have the first super chat pick 3 numbers for the seed

      1. Hi

        Then it would be considered a set seed

    80. Sisi • 27 years ago

      “watch this video is gonna end up on the youtube trending tab” *#1 ON TRENDING*

    81. J is Empty

      It took you 5 minutes to get to the point and by the end of the video you didn’t even give a point

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      Flipping the coin 100 times. You get more opportunities to get heads.

    83. Charlie Walker

      Yep you did get on the trending tab

    84. Connor Dauzat

      i love matpat. BUT that's not the Jedi way so I must become sith.

    85. Lord Of Puns

      There were several issues to this video, first I will address MatPats final response, second I will address whether he cheated (he probably did). For his MatPats response to rng, it doesn’t matter, if he cheated to have better luck, he cheated. He made money off streams using a potentially hacked game, these streams made money and could have taken money away from people streaming legitimately, giving him an unfair advantage. This debate shouldn’t be philosophical, if you have a problem, discuss it, don’t use it as an excuse to cheat. For if he cheated, I would say he did. Generally, as someone learning college statistics, I think he overcomplicated it. Essentially, there were 2 variables that had unusually high luck, blaze rods and elder pearl trades. The data is collected from several runs. If you have a graphing calculator, you can do the math simply. Essentially, when doing the math with 2 binomial cdf functions combined, Dream got luck so high that there was only a 1 in 70 sextillion chance of getting luck that good or better over all of his runs. In statistics, anything higher than 2 standard deviations or having a 5% chance or less is highly unusual and if this occurs, you reject the null hypothesis. In this case, the null hypothesis is that Dream is not cheating. Overall, due to the probabilities, I would say dream is cheating One important thing to know about his cheating was that he didn’t cheat his gameplay, he cheated the probabilities. This means he didn’t cheat to get good runs, he cheated to get good runs faster. I understand why MatPat wasn’t so straight with his conclusion, Dream is probably and friend/acquaintance and he felt he couldn’t snub him, overall, the evidence in my opinion is strong enough to say Dream cheated. Also, one confusion that seems to be happening is the 1 in 100 million number, that is the probability anyone gets luck as good as him, just a generous number that at best says that this aphid a .000001% chance of happening to anyone, still enough to say someone is probably cheating.

      1. Noah

        "I think he overcomplicated it" No... just no. Adding in points that are valid to the statistics is not overcomplicating it. Leaving out those points under-complicates it. "In statistics, anything higher than 2 standard deviations or having a 5% chance or less is highly unusual and if this occurs, you reject the null hypothesis." I'm sorry, but that's an extremely naive viewpoint.

    86. BeanZ :P

      I caught that Arbiter you snuck in there. 17:45

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      HOLY! This got number one on trending!

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      That was the most pretentious intro I’ve ever seen

    92. atoth62

      Is Mario mental? He brings up Mario going after Donkey Kong, but, according to a different video of MatPat's, that was Jumpman, a completely different character from Mario.

    93. Mr. DeSomber

      Just read that you don't really answer the question so I'm not gonna bother with this video.

    94. bah1605

      If it isnt about fnaf Mat Pat. It’s not a good video

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      In a year where my teachers barely teach, but assign enough work to take up a weekend, I can confidently say GT videos have helped me get my curiosity back

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      i like game thoery but wow this was a fantastic waste of my time.

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      Yes or No

      1. Hi

        There is no way to tell unless dreams says that he cheated

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