Game Recap: Lakers 117, Warriors 91

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    The Lakers defeated the Warriors, 117-91. LeBron James led the Lakers with 19 points, six rebounds and four assists, while Kyle Kuzma added 12 points and 11 rebounds in the victory. Stephen Curry paced the Warriors with 16 points and seven assists in the losing effort. The Lakers improve to 24-11 on the season, while the Warriors fall to 19-16.

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    1. Algis Veiksys

      Cmon curry only 16

    2. Chris Nymand

      why cut the video when lebron leave?

    3. わしの名は


    4. otzoruzzo nguyenlinhmanh raz god12

      Thank mother thank you mom 8/3

    5. King Higgins

      Dennis shooter Deputy viceroy

    6. King Higgins

      Alex Caruso Is the a part of the Royal court

    7. King Higgins

      The king Do His thing

    8. juan zebastian pipot

      haha. but if bron bron is down by two digits in fourth. hell cry

    9. ill C

      LBJ is like a good old bottle of wine the more he gets old the more he improves ! And Draymond is such a diams disher 💥

    10. ÆH 88

      Steph is the only guy Lebron fears 😄

    11. shasky taveras

      Wesley once again🤣

    12. Uve B.

      Green injuried, great news

    13. Louis Denny

      Love it when the warriors LOSE

    14. Shem Siemi

      All the best to LeBron & Steph curry 💪

    15. trashammerbz


    16. Elvin Manuel Méndez Espinosa

      Lebron james esta solo

    17. Ianツ

      Man I watched this game and Lakers was fantastic Go Lakers!!!!🟡🟣

      1. Sou eu ha ha

        LBJ was brilliant

    18. andercheq

      Guessing by the highlights I thought LeBron had like 30+ points. They surely made sure almost all his shots made the video.

      1. gabriel lampley

        There are only 3 lebron short here... what?

      2. andercheq

        Yeah Im not hating on LeBron, just wondering about the composition of the highlight reel

      3. Pedro Henrique Barros Cortes

        First half*** sorry

      4. Pedro Henrique Barros Cortes

        Bron ended the first quarter with 15 points and 71% FG .... So, yes, he would be made 30+ points if the lakers needed to play the whole game

    19. Ivan Constantino


    20. REDOUTE94

      Thansk for the scor 🙃😐

    21. Antoni Mateo Lanfranco

      Esta gente son imparables

    22. A A

      Lakers overrated

    23. Winston Greenwood

      When curry shoot he try to jump were the defender is or coming from to get the foul .😂😂😂😂

    24. Ali Toroganan

      first game was a fluke😂😅

    25. Francisco Brea

      Que pela

    26. Bamidele Adedapo

      You haven't heard of warriors but you heard US........come on the upper floor window Lakers and take a dump on these teams.

    27. Jheck jheck Pardo

      5 lords vs 5 minions in mid lane.

    28. DocJ

      This where LEBRON JAMES become strong when their opponent is low....he will do amything ...

      1. Henry Walker

        We're the blazers low? Cuz they were whipped too

    29. Amazing A The Dreamer

      Now that’s more like it. They needed that one.

    30. visulator

      They need a jeremy lin

    31. 気まぐれジュニア


    32. geni15o

      This is the weirdest, most idiotic way to show a game's highlights. And that idiot's voice commenting does not help.

    33. Kotaholics S.A

      Lol No KD no NBA playoffs

    34. Mili

      Team Lakers here👇

    35. Adem Ismail

      Another clippers loss where’s the clippers fans now hey jazz where coming for u lol suns will be dominated in 2 days lakers 2021

    36. Joey

      Logo Bron

    37. Jeremy Renaud

      Please do not enter scores when posting your videos. Europeans sleep during the match.

      1. Giulio Sornicola

        Feel you !

      2. Salonardes

        this comment section is gold, I see brothers from the middle East from Europe from Africa united to watch the NBA

      3. Dilson Gazite

        Africa too tho. 🤣🤣😂 3:00 the game was starting. I watched Live.

      4. Gege Bebiii

        lol, i luv humans so much

      5. volvox liam

        @Ericka Denteh thanks, really appreciate it

    38. Pc Masterrace

      Warriors 2021 NBA Champion

      1. Nuggets

        Nah, Warriors can't win rings anymore unlike the previous years where they have like 4-5 starters that are all-stars

      2. Ianツ


      3. Craig Schruhm

        🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Great start to the season by a very good team, but between now and a championship there's a potential 7 game series against the Lakers(with AD), the 76ers(who's best beats anyone), or the Nets (who once they gel will be perhaps the greatest offensive team to play the game). I also like Golden State, but in common Aussie slang, "tell him he's dreamin"!

    39. Martin Brankov

      Wow Lakers won 2 games in a row 😳👏👀 unbelievable 😳!!

    40. Asriq Raduan

      Lebron 3ptr improve

    41. Ardianto budi rahmawan

      I wish the commentator voice can be more live and energetic.

    42. BangTaoBeach

      Nice win Lakers. Who is the narrator? Really bad.

    43. AzBeast

      Lmao where are all GOAT haters? He cant win my ass. 2 game win streak against top 5 west teams without AD!

      1. Zion Cleare

        @AzBeast ong 🤦🏾‍♂️😭

      2. AzBeast

        @potty lmao. GOAT dont randomly leave sport in their prime. and he did it twice. MJ cant even clean lebrons shoes

      3. potty

        MJ is the only GOAT‼️☝️

      4. Ianツ

        @FunFan BVB Bah, were on 2nd in west while Warriors on 8th

      5. Craig Schruhm

        LBJ's an all time great, but that dirty ass foul on Embiid forever changed my opinion of him. That shit ends careers. Saying that, GO LAKERS!!

    44. Kenneth Ong Kang Yi

      Did warriors put up a fight probably not

    45. exotic deribe

      Yes finally i been waiting for this GO Lakers ❤

    46. Scaf Parbal

      stop put the result in the title please !!!!!

    47. Agent Jay

      Warriors must be happy with no Draymond on the floor haha.

    48. Generation 27

      Good to see toxicity of warriors fan and haters gone a Little 😂😂 Edit: were u at haters

    49. Marco and Christo Channel

      I dont want warrior lose again

      1. Uve B.

        Don't see any match again


        they will

    50. L. Lawliet

      Klay. We need you bruh

      1. Randy Cruz

        All need lebron must need a star player its not impressive win against warriors they had a 4 game lose streak the lakers should do is find a best defesive player not that jones !!!!

      2. ShaquilleOatmeal

        I think he’ll be back for the playoffs but the season... nah

    51. Liza Maala

      Easy win😘😘😘😘😘

    52. Jackytam 538

      Please don't wear Oakland Jersey ... otherwise will lose

      1. 10P Soh Chee Sheng

        Smh no

    53. Dritiツ

      Can't wait to see Flight's reaction to this

    54. ty ler

      I hope Stephen A Smith watched the game😂😂😂😂LOL

      1. Lemon lazer

        how come?

      2. Msimelelo Mqikwa

        Why? What did he say?

    55. Robert Samuel Veluz

      Hahahahahahaaha Hahahahahahaaha Hahahahahahaaha

    56. Darrel Alvaro

      Why golden state

      1. Craig Schruhm

        Sent to wrong comment.... Sorry for confusion, was talking with someone else, fat fingers

      2. 柊ナナ

        @Craig Schruhm how the hell is Trump connected to gsw and lal .wtf mate

      3. Jian Paulo Chua

        @Craig Schruhm ?


        @Craig Schruhm huh how is this connected to the Nba

      5. Craig Schruhm

        Maybe he's a Trump voter. They seem to believe baseless lies, I mean fairy tales. I'm an Aussie but that man took you from being the most respected nation on earth to a joke. If you can believe that fool was going to bring back US manufacturing jobs you'll buy anything

    57. Blake Blako


      1. Infamous BVZ

        @jarvis popo this guy probs a golf watcher

      2. ジPichiez

        @jarvis popo bruh

      3. Richmond100%

        @jarvis popo his average minutes is 33

      4. jarvis popo

        @Richmond100% thats a lot of minutes..

      5. Richmond100%

        @FRANCIS EDOMWONYI 26 minites only played


      Great to see the Lakers win

      1. emmerson sobers

        good win

      2. Charles YT


    59. MrAntonious


    60. アシカ

      Not interesting

      1. What are you doing Step-Sis!!

        curry choke

      2. TEAM Draggo


      3. アシカ

        @Pravin Kumar me too

      4. Pravin Kumar

        Butthurt warriors fan😂

    61. Christian Manuel Cordero Jiménez