Formula 1 documentary ᴴᴰ - Pit Stop in Two Seconds


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    CONTENT: Documentary looking at the history of Formula 1 pitstops to coincide with the third anniversary of its sub-two second stop at the 2013 US Grand Prix.
    The Milton Keynes-based squad serviced Mark Webber’s RB9 In 1.923s to set a new world record. At the 2016 European Grand Prix, Williams officially equalled that record by turning around Felipe Massa in 1.92s, although the team’s telemetry data reportedly recorded the stop as taking just 1.89s.
    The documentary, titled ‘The History of the Pit Stop: Gone in 2 Seconds’, is presented by former F1 driver David Coulthard and it covers the evolution of pitstops from the very start of the world championship up to the rapid wheel changes we see in modern F1.
    Coulthard describes the changes from the abandoned pit complex and grandstands at the former Reims circuit in North East France and speaks to former F1 drivers John Surtees, Gerhard Berger, Jos Verstappen and Webber about their different experiences in the pitlane.
    The documentary also features an extended focus on Gordon Murray and the 1980s Brabham squad, which brought in-race refuelling back to F1 with the BT50 - although the practice was subsequently banned in 1984 before being reintroduced between 1994 and 2010.
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    2. Devansh jain

      lost audio from 22:18 what should I do?

    3. Kristian Niss

      the comment at 4:45 is fucking cringe. Stop assuming that people are stupid. Ofcourse they knew it was dangerous. That's part of what made it great. They weren't stupid, they just weren't pussies.

    4. LastName LastName

      Gordon Murray is a legend. Many of the problems killing F1 today can be due to moving away from Gordon's principles

    5. Gautaman S

      I think suddenly youtube seems to be pushing out all the videos, that I'd already watched. Weird.

    6. angel Izquierdo

      11:03 El logo de PEMEX jaja increíble. Cuando eramos la 7ta economía mundial.

    7. AkiraEggroll

      Summoning Salt's reach has spread far

    8. Om Channawar

      Sebastian Vettel contribution for redbull was most but none of them give him any credits or even took his name.

    9. n0rie9a

      a reupload maybe without editing errors?

    10. Toxic Blueberries

      Ah yes 19fi....t1

    11. shitzu peggy

      Have I just gone deaf

    12. Thorsten Sellheim

      Great Film, brillant David!

    13. otto16121970

      An 44 minute video about a 2 seconds pitstop?

    14. Andrew Kim

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    15. bighammer

      A proper documentary wouldn’t start after world war 2. It would start with the invention of the wheel and go from there.

    16. Seth Louden

      Its not a pit stop its just changing tires

    17. Jan Gosselaar

      Jammer geen geluid meer op de helft

    18. James 7176

      1:18 this is what you came here for

    19. Dominic Downs

      The audio cut out really annoyed me

    20. Keith Goslin

      This is the only racing where there are 3 guys per wheel. Indy car has one, nascar and imsa/wec have two to do both sides. F1 pit crews are a joke. I was over the wall for years.

    21. Mello Lonergan

      this is silly lol, humans are weird.

    22. John Weedon

      AS A MUCH QUALIFIED MECH ENGINEER, THE HIGHEST ACHIEVEMENT TO AIM FOR IS TOchange one wheel one a car l will never be able to afford. bolox

    23. Stephen Packer

      Why is the sound all jacked up?

    24. Skippy 4077

      Great now I'm self conscious of my blinking ...thanks ha curious did alot of ww2 pilots end up racing ?

    25. Sheriff Hortixoon

      ...I heard about this team learning it's pit-stop speed skills over in jo'burg South Africa. 🤔🙄

    26. Uche Oji

      F1 safety has really improved. One day a documentary will be made about UK train stations today having no barriers between people and the tracks. Future people will wonder at us, the way we wonder at the past today.

    27. skYcunian

      They should have servos built into the rear spoiler that turns down when they corner or brake.

    28. onestop cop

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    29. Green Arm Chair Gaming

      unwatchable cuts in and out.

    30. Alfredo Fabbretti

      I remember the first time. Austria 1982

    31. OkSharkey

      This is a great documentary and now I really need some Weedol

    32. Bruce Long

      Who else blinks non stop at the beginning of the film.

    33. A2W

      beatiful story

    34. John Leo

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    35. Michaela Burnvil

      Pure woke Hollywood dog poo..check out moto gp if you want some propper racing.

    36. Jason Brand

      Audio completely drops out at 22:06. Tried on 3 different devices, same issue.

    37. Consistency main

      I do not blink every 3 seconds....not even close. I'm pretty sure that's something that you just made up.

    38. Jonki Pastramki

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    39. Phil Stevens

      That was fantastic David - really interesting. Thanks. Phil

    40. Dx Rocker

      Major audio issues in the entire clip

    41. Jahn Sung

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    42. Jason

      Issue with the audio from 22:05-23:40

    43. Diocritic

      Roast of Max Verstappen

    44. Anoop Joshi

      Man why would you put a Ferrari as a thumbnail on a 2 second pit stop video.

    45. Tore Venheim

      Is it about pitstop-time or the drivers ability to drive a 4 wheeler fast? its a sunday "yawn" sportscar-race! i can not see a real sprint-race coming here soon! lets f1 be f1 until we find something better

    46. webb webber

      Wish I could see BMW turbos on the track again.

    47. webb webber

      Sound cuts off at 22

    48. Deadass Bee

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    52. Matthew Groff

      What happened to the sound at 22:00 suddenly No Sound!!!

    53. Valentino Rossi

      so Jonathan admitted that Benetton cheating in 1994......

    54. UMU-i-D

      A 44 minutes video on a 2 seconds pit stop! OK

    55. Leo Zendo

      that air tool probably has more horsepower than my car lol

    56. Skillful Man

      interesting, thanks for shear


      ultimate attention to detail , and practicing gives these results. but , there is always the human factor. great documentary .

    58. dod dod

      He says Mercedes changed the wheel it was a slight improvement but it total changed there season from loosing to winning yeah just like now allways winning its boring i stoped watching its not a sport anymore its Mercedes and who ever does win the race after them its not a fair fight when one team is so far in front with car tech that even Ferrari or Renault or redbull cant even compete with them id rather go watch nascar atleast theres diffrent teams winning each race

    59. V Sohn

      "For average human our eyes blink 20 times a minute". For Elizabeth Holmes her eyes blink twice an hour.

    60. James Coulson

      What time does the grand Prix start?

    61. xfire7

      Watched the whole thing . Best video I have watched in ages.

    62. K. McDonnell

      34:19 mark. What he’s saying is it literally take only one half of an ugga-dugga Amazing stuff.

    63. Chris Persson

      Please fix the sound gaps... It destroys a lot of the most intrigueing bits...If you are intrested in the technical stuff you can´t lose out on minutes...

    64. trav gran

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    65. D M

      need to remove the drivers completely so no one can ever be hurt an replace them with non binary robots.

    66. Mechanically Creative

      "Forget her there's a faster thing out there".....…........ouch.

    67. Andrew schickler

      bad doc bro half the time there was no sound

    68. RacingSlow

      Mercedes should watch this...

    69. Adeniyi Emmanuel

      Absolute masterpiece 👏

    70. sabr686

      Timely, given the Mercedes debacle last weekend.

    71. Ronny Börjesson

      sound missing from 22:06 to 23:40.

    72. Wisam

      who's here after Mercedes fucked up in Bahrain?

    73. kevgermany

      Great, but a lot of sound dropouts.

    74. Aristotle Limjuco

      @34:20 Is the red bull test car an EV ???

    75. GloomGaiGar

      Ferrari 2020: DOWNLOAD THIS VIDEO!

    76. Brendon Wood

      I am particularly curious what the piano music is in this video.

    77. AP

      23 min in, the audio stops

    78. Supernova

      Great documentary!

    79. SnipeWrec

      Mclaren: WE ARE THE BEST Ferrari: WE ARE GOD Mercades: we better then everyone

    80. dai le cong

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    81. Sanjeev K

      22:05 the sound stops and comes back again at 23:41. Something is wrong with the video between these two timestamps. Please repair.

    82. Jimmy Neutron

      I always thought David was German lol

    83. BartholoTV B

      9:21 Who is the hot Woman?

    84. Rory Lackey

      Funny they use Ferrari for the thumbnail, they botch more stops than the other 19 teams combined!

    85. Scott Rhodes

      Most disappointing part of this was the lack of footage after the 80's. A series of photos doesn't do it justice.

    86. Calva Dos

      16 seconds

    87. Robert Philipp

      1954 and 2020 is basically the same, that is Mercedes finishing a lap ahead of Ferrari. xD

    88. AnimeNerd

      some of the audio is gone????

    89. Giovanni van der Male

      This is a dream

    90. metonymy3

      Why is there no sound?

    91. Henock Sandesh

      Anyone else found the video mute in between

    92. Gearldine Schneck

      Who else blinked when he told us the blink fact?

    93. Justin Case

      Why does f1 want itself so hard. Its cringeworthy

    94. Coastfog

      My boy David can moderate the shit out of a docu!

    95. elwingy

      The B52 is the most beautiful F1 car of all time for me... its absolutely gorgeous...

    96. Psychedelic Pain

      So, correct me if I am wrong. Since the 50's, pits stops became 10x faster

    97. Praveen Konda

      Seriously Ferrari in thumbnail?🤣

    98. Quantum Anomaly

      Skip the audio issues and watch for free in better quality on the source site:

    99. boop sam

      Great piece. Well presented, beautifully produced. Really enjoyed it. Thanks so much for posting.

    100. Viliam Cibik

      What's with the sound?