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    Driving as George Russell at the Marina Bay Street Circuit in the best way to drive on F1 2020 game
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    #F12020TrackIR #F12020RealismMode #F12020Cockpit #F12020Game
    CPU: i7 7700k
    16Gb DDR4 RAM
    GPU: Gigabyte RTX 2060
    Build Up 0:00
    Formation Laps 2:27
    Race 5:14
    Pit 1/Stint 2 25:19
    Rain Starts 40:45
    Pit 2/Stint 3 (INTERS) 41:51
    Pit 3/Stint 4 (FULL WETS) 56:43
    Pit 4/Stint 5 (FULL WETS) 1:03:40
    Pit 5/Stint 6 (INTERS)1:17:00
    Safety Car Start 1:17:45
    Safety Car Re-Start 1:23:14
    Pit 6/Stint 7 (DRY) 1:34:05
    Hit the wall 1:46:30
    7th and Final Pit 1:46:45
    sBinnalla (Getting tired at this point) 2:03:14
    Finish 2:05:07

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    1. Ibraheem Zein

      Now imagine this with G force.

    2. Hafiz Aznan

      imagine real driver with the G-force and so on... T_T

    3. Adolfo Salani

      gets fucking scary when you see it form this angle

    4. Luan hughes

      not being able to see the pit release lights on cockpit view pisses me off... whyyyyy codemasters

    5. Trần Nguyễn Hữu Nghị


    6. MINJIUYG2


    7. jorge figuera

      Dijiste realista eso significa que tenías que quedar de último como un buen conductor de williams

    8. Eshref Memmedov

      This is not real for williams

    9. Yaseer Choudhury

      this is dope, I love it, but also, folks this is how NOT to use ERS

    10. nurmansyah paneo


    11. RXS stra

      f1 realism mode but with 0% bots

    12. Ahmad Afrizal

      Mate, I am a big fan of your work!

    13. mustafa özgül

      shit track

    14. Elsyvien

      Sad that f1 2020 doesn't have vr, I love driving f1 cars in vr in other games

    15. Richardson richly

      Got to say the halo pillar is a good reference point

    16. Likelihood

      Is that really the drivers' viewing angle? How do they drive without seeing anything? Let them put a pillow or something under them to get a little higher.

    17. Sergius Arizmendi

      That is not realism, in real life the pilot can see the mirrors out of the corner of the human eye, in real life Jorge would give him reports without you having to ask him how the wheels are, your lap time, etc. . Disabling the hud does not make it realistic because there is a lot of information that your team gives you that you do not know, or things that the real pilot sees and you do not by playing on a screen.

    18. JY Choi

      what a breaking. respect


      Realism mode?? WTF albon starts 2nd

    20. Richardson richly

      3:41 he did it he did the thing !!

    21. Domecost

      what is the difficult?

    22. Domecost

      Wow you use this view! I appreciate it!!! 🤙🏼

    23. Raphaël Huyghebaert

      is that in vr?

    24. VirtualGobllim47

      God I hate Williams' MFD separeted from the wheel

    25. The Godfather

      "George, stay off the kerbs please, the floor issue is critical"

    26. Murilo 22

      2:03:14 nelson piquet jr. 2008

    27. shakey

      6:56 Didn't know Dyatlov became an F1 race engineer after Chernobyl...

    28. spyrox

      Realism mode: Bottas better than Hamilton.

    29. Sean Hogenauer

      How are you able to look sideways

    30. ajay5grapes

      drivers sit higher in the cockpit

    31. Hyo ryeum

      Love your gameplay!

    32. tvl civil limited

      the way u drive is spectacular ! mate

    33. Pete Peterson

      2 hours F1 2020 GAME video with halve a Million views? right, let me grab my beer and lean back then

    34. massaldoo

      Respect bro

    35. mohammad esmaiel Emadi

      how you could see?

    36. sultanabran1

      people should be driving in cockpit view all the time anyway.

    37. Facundo Arce

      Poca emoción, se nota mucho el poco realismo, que ni mete los cambios!!!! Y cuando apreta el botón del volante dudo mucho que se lo apreté tantas veces y de esa forma en la realidad....

    38. Trent Whiteman

      I swear at 6:07 he bumps the guy infront. Guessing collision is off? Lol

    39. Afil Japi

      how do you not get the green rev lights???

    40. moofymoo

      but where are those downtown Singapore landmarks, can't see any, there are only fence :(

    41. David Ellis

      I wonder what the next F1 game will look like on the PS5.

    42. Ka Du

      Entring to pit where mechanics stand and exciting animations/movements ot w/e are just discusting. I dont get it how no one else notices..

    43. hugo velasquez

      100% realism? cmon Albon 2° in the grid? LOL

    44. avarmauk

      This is literally what the weather is like in Singapore right now

    45. redcobra1246

      I did almost an entire season like this lol no assists, cockpit view, tracking, 100% race, but I removed the halo because screw that. Oh and let me tell you...Monaco is the worst. Made me quit

    46. Cozzaronero

      Actually i tink it would be impossible to drive in this mode whitout a VR headset

    47. Marcus Zarb

      He can't even score a point in VR

    48. kongkangan

      not real.. that halo wont be visible if we look front in drivers eye...

    49. Chuck W

      This why Williams are losing they can’t even build a complete steering wheel with screen on it.

    50. Alex Al

      Realism mode? No one wears a mask at the start grid!!

    51. Petar drug

      6:59 last time i heard someone say that... Well lets just say it didnt end well

    52. Oh NO! I said my Opinion!?!

      I know it doesn't add or take away from the game but it really bothers me how many times the racer presses a knob instead of turning it or using the right hand to press a button on the left side when it is right next to the thumb on the left hand.

    53. André Porcaro

      Verstappen is the first? Where os the realism?

    54. CastleBravo

      "Not great, but not terrible" on lap 1....apparently Dyatlov is now a race enginner.

      1. Vinnicius Thiago

        I see you just finished watching Chernobyl

    55. Derrick

      TBH, bad shifting

    56. Ari Tuhkanen

      "realism mode" and the center pole of the Halo is opague? Please. Anybody (seems to me, almost) knows that when you are in real life, looking beyond that pole, it will appear as transparent and off focus, not focused and opague!

      1. Ari Tuhkanen

        ​@SuperSpatman How can you tell, no mention about it? And even so, this comment is not only about that guy. Not everybody own the VR-equipment, so that´s exactly the view for them, ridicilous.

      2. SuperSpatman

        Except that he's in VR. It looks solid to us, but he is focusing around it. You really don't get an idea of how the game looks in VR when watching the 2D output.

    57. wastefellow

      Why don’t you rev at the start?

    58. wastefellow

      I go 100% race and no assists around every track on career. Last time I raced there, it was an important race, and the game crashed towards the end of the race. I had to restart

    59. Narcissus Narcosis

      cam so smooth to be realistic

    60. Cristian Dinu

      That's impressive. But how can the blocked tires screech in the rain?

    61. Kushal Sosale

      1:18:31 You should've gotten a penalty for exceeding the SC delta pace for more than 10 seconds. Looks like you're playing with penalties off.

    62. Thedude1983

      Lol realism mode.. it’d be a Mercedes front row and Albon would be like 7th on the grid

    63. Joe Mama

      How do you get track ir

    64. Patrick Larsen

      realism mode its that mod or a setting

    65. Agua Menti

      Are u using medium Traction or no traction at all?

    66. wzup77ify

      No buttons in the middle of the steering wheel but he kept pressing on the knobs 😒

    67. Gandalf the Grey

      There are two kinds of people: People that play city circuits and people that skip them I suck at Monaco and Singapore

      1. c lown ?

        monaco is terriyble

    68. Okita Soichiro

      Realism mode : watermark and Fraps

    69. RMechAlloy

      57:20 - Mate, I crashed at the pit exit mate! :D :D

    70. MisterMaster4life

      2h 3m 16s Ouch....that's 2 hours of your life you'll never get back.... But thnx for sharing. Looks good!

    71. Selahaddin A.U.B.

      there are 2 inter stints one after another if you look carefully

    72. BoneYard

      Do it on Assetto Corsa, then I'll be impressed :p

    73. Sun Heqiao

      Realism mode... Can't even make the trophies look like the real ones

      1. Chevrohn McBean

        Or when you progress further in career mode, the banner behind the podium always say the same date in 2020 even tho youre 8 seasons in. Absolute laziness

    74. k4rec4

      The problem with F1 official games: it lacks tweakings... Why can you just barely see the pavement? Plus, If you do a sharp turn, the steering wheel and the driver's hand block all the objective view! That's BS! We all know that, in real F1, before each season, the teams do measure and model each cockpit to fit its driver perfectly and with the best sight possible, so... That's pure lack of adjustments on the game.

    75. cNash

      Now that I think of it: To add more realism, could the rig developers add a fan to the simrig that blows air according to the speed.

    76. El Chorch

      El Halo... La Puta Madre al Halo!

    77. Mtys

      Extra realism mode: Does zig-zag

    78. ralmslb

      This is not realistic, where is the team of 50 engineers?

    79. RYJ

      how can i get a game or sim like this

    80. Joao Carlos Jacinto

      what is the AI% DIF

    81. 06_devara annan_XII MIPA 3

      Realism mode F1 : yes pitstop : *NO*

    82. Mori Ruec

      Vettel on podium? Realism mode in a parallel universe, with a solid SF1000 :D

    83. Jezza Clarkson

      So irl I will always see my FPS counter in the top left?

    84. TUBE YOU

      2020 *realism* Albon P 2 Gasly P 20

    85. Luis A.

      Realism mode is with VR?

    86. Max Llorente

      Im only 7 mins in and I already like how the steering wheel blocks your view when doing sharp turns. Immersive asf! Also great driving! Good sense of distance between cars!

    87. Declan mukombiwa

      This is obviously on earth 2 where Lewis is on p6

    88. Julian Ruiz

      i could accept hamilton being p6 we can pretend he had a penalty or something but albon starting p2? c'mon lmao jokes aside tho great vid

    89. shep 18

      The way the game is supposed to be played👌I do struggle in this view though, such a small area of view

    90. NichoTBE

      7 pits lol

    91. SharvinPlayz

      It's great and all but why did u choose the weakest team in F1

      1. SharvinPlayz

        @Soap - Sim Racer oh ok

      2. Soap - Sim Racer

        Because it's not the only one of these I've done, and people ask me to do a team/driver or track!

    92. Kevin Hermawan

      And P20 congratulation

    93. Shaegyol Hong

      how were you able to look around so smoothly were you using VR?

    94. Liam Piggott

      Definitely realistic with Albon starting 2nd😂😂😂😂

    95. Anthony Molina

      When Williams getting a wheel with a display

    96. the Beast

      I want this soooooooooo bad

    97. BugerKing Bubbb

      Anyone knows how to change the gearbox light to this style?

    98. vlst

      2 hours????

    99. Yessid Noreña


    100. Rafael PC

      Se fosse vida real motor ia pro saco com essas reduções de marcha