F1 2020 Canada Track Guide - How to Master the Canadian GP Circuit

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    Welcome to the Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve in Montreal, Quebec for the Canadian Grand Prix! In this video Mikcow takes us through an in-depth look and breakdown of the circuit helping you get up to speed! Then, Fr4Zer takes us for a flyer!
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    1. Misfits Racing League

      See the full Misfits Circuit Guide Playlist Here: trlocal.info/white/PLa1vv_J_JqZEeoH8DB1dtJO0okTQXCtqO

    2. F1R-iShadow

      Nice work guys👌🏼👌🏼 thanks 🙏

    3. rmxavier92

      Great video! I'm having a lot of trouble at those chicanes, receiving punishments every time.

      1. lemmy2k

        I having problems with the whole Game since F12020 and since i switched from controller to a wheel. im 2 secounds off pace :D