F1 2020 Gameplay Monaco 100% Race Lewis Hamilton


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    F1 2020 Monaco 78 Lap Race: No Assists, Simulation Damage and 110% AI and starting from Last Place. What more could you want?
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    1. Kenny XD

      The f looks like Forza Motorsport logo?

    2. RandomGuy56

      Ben can survive with sim damage at Monaco I can’t even survive with damage off

    3. Rutul Tarambale

      Bro that safety car literally was god sent. Great race man

    4. Tashiro Sato

      They still haven't cracked this one

    5. Tobias Fresemann

      master of lock ups

    6. 967santip

      I hate Monaco I am about 5 seconds a lap slower then a williams when I am in a Mercedes

    7. PapouPLAY

      I really enjoyed it! Amazing as I am a new player to this game

    8. Asbjørn Nielsen

      Nice job

    9. Declan mukombiwa

      Get in there lewis!! Oh Sorry, Ben, get in there Ben!!!

    10. AA - 07BL 869159 Fairwind Sr PS

      I couldnt even get past the left turn

    11. Jojo Jojo


    12. Luiz Eduardo Amaro

      Ps4 ou ps5 ????

    13. Ultrawide Racing


    14. Its OURS

      Theres no such feeling when u cant even play pc games lol

    15. Hex : I think we did a pretty good job so far

      Kudos for getting the vid to be exactly half an hour

    16. Rob Bago

      specifications and terms of recording can you please publish it so I can record F1 2020

    17. Recep karaboğa

      I subscribed please

    18. Phenomenon Studios

      you can tell this is a game because lance stroll was in p9

    19. Umer Hayat

      That was phenomenal. Just phenomenal. What a last corner cut.

    20. DKING

      Lewis Hamilton finally gets driver of the day

    21. Sharique Mukadam

      Can't believe i watched the complete video.

    22. Juanjo Soler

      New suscriber

    23. Ryan Evans

      This video earned my respect and my subscription... new here btw

    24. hguh

      man that was so close i felt like i was watching a real race at monaco

    25. Benjamin Mayhew

      My dad hates this track

    26. Franz Briggs

      skip to 19:42 and close your eyes

    27. Garry Scanlon

      Unreal.. some driving

    28. John Murphy

      im just here to say tiamet is the thumbnail king

    29. For2 ex


    30. Daniel To

      the memes of albon and hamilton countine austria: hamilton smashes albon

    31. Alessio Marcelli

      Always the same Hamilton's luck😂😂

    32. Damion Mensah

      Jesus must play this game a lot....like a real lot

    33. Nicole CB

      F1 rule 🏎🏎🏎

    34. bezee

      Check my fastest lap on the circuit of austria! 1.04.368 just with controller!

    35. KurisuTina_46

      turns out, lightning did strike twice for ben!

    36. ana luiza campos

      What a race man...Gg’s Bro! 😉

    37. Eric Gutierrez

      Me: -tried this- The NPCs:Crash enabled

    38. Fevo 61

      oh look at the odds. he just happened to overtake bottas on the straight/finish line. theres no way any of this was scripted with a gazillion reloads

    39. Adam

      that overtake manoeuvre on the last corner is so satisfying



    41. Rebotxd

      This game will be litteraly free on Google stadia on January 2021 and you can fricking play it on your phone, now thats amazing

    42. Haoussa Zakaria AEK

      I'm surprised your front somehow managed to remain in shape after all those consecutive lockups XD

    43. Samuel Louden

      The fm4 music got me tho, listen close in the intro to hear it and then go to the game

    44. Nick Barnes

      The curly horse plausibly educate because pest climatologically back underneath a belligerent head. intelligent, vast transmission

    45. Triobee camp

      it looks like a real race not game.... what such a perfecr graphic!!!

    46. Soop at Dawn

      Just WOW

    47. Ben Stevenson

      That last corner on't he last lap omg I thought he was going to be 2 nd but it's a 1 2

    48. Renuka Kutty


    49. Dylan James Weggz

      Whats the point in lowering your fuel load in the beginning of the race to preserve tyres when you lock up your front tyres 3 times per lap?

    50. FL 5

      Is this mouse and keyboard?

    51. Felix Moormann

      Lord that was soooooo intense

    52. Dragos Munteanu

      Wow. HAM BOT VER. Where have i seen that before?

    53. GHK902

      This is a very difficult track. Kudos to you!

    54. Anthony Quigley

      i don't get how it can be called ultimate 110% driver level, when you can always get in front of everyone and stay in front within a few laps in any car as any driver... It's not realistic at all, also why is this course not called Monte Carlo anymore?

    55. GuiMelo Games

      Valtteri is James, Lewis Go to pass you open space for her.

    56. Noah Jayawickreme

      Well lightning did strike twice :-)

    57. London. 16


    58. Malvin000

      Botta as always no luck 🤣

    59. Simba Munemo

      Why do u sound so much like McCreamy

    60. John Collier

      That’s incredible man!!!!OMG

    61. Varelity


    62. Halit Koşdu

      what a race

    63. kynX

      Do u use ABS ?

    64. Francis Luke

      im new to f1... why does he remove his right hand every shift??

      1. Francis Luke

        @Ben Dunaway oh.. tnx for the info and for being nice

      2. Ben Dunaway

        it doesn’t have to do with shifts. He’s changing fuel mixes or ers deployment. The game has the driver act like he’s changing the setting on the wheel, that’s why his hand moves off the wheel.

    65. Jorge Rafael

      WOAH!!!! Bro that was legit!!!

    66. Clay Clark

      dude i do 14 laps and im done

    67. The Gargantua Times

      Great video. I'm not even into F1 but I liked it. Also your commentary was very good.

    68. george duncan

      F***** amazing im gonna buy this game 💥💥💥💥💥💥💪🏾🙌🏾💪🏾🙌🏾

    69. bb beeking

      Ben: i enjoy doing 100% races around Monaco Me not being able to complete the first sector without loosing my front wing

    70. Lilian

      26:32 you can just push them when you want...

    71. maksim dobrijevic

      do you play on PS4 as well as PC

    72. Road Range

      If you like Formula and action! Then check out this channel @Aleenexo and subscribe!

    73. Ilija Novak

      I wasn´t expecting to watch a 30 minute F1-sim video today, but here I am. Great content btw.

    74. Seven Sisters

      I finally became F1 driver in GT... i hate the halo.

    75. Akın Zortuk

      What a content! I am just wondering how the game is like and want to look up for 1 or 2 minutes. But man, I watched it all without a breath!

    76. GH BAYAT

      This game is too realistic Hamilton not in P1 FIA: lets see what we can do......time to deploy safety car. Few laps later Hamiltons engineer: get in there Lewis

    77. kim cooper

      Have you seen grosjeans crash

    78. fastcar1979

      Nice driving!

    79. Legacy D

      Damn that was enjoyable to watch honestly

    80. Telisa Jackson

      That is cool

    81. Dan Ahern

      Holy Sheet.... That's some driving 👀

    82. Drew Sibz

      That ending just earned u a new subscriber👍🏾

    83. John Boko

      And then Mickey Rourke shows up on the track with his electrical whips and cause you to lose the race

    84. Ghost 141aj

      Who else is watching after Lewis won his 7th world title lol

    85. Freedom Machine

      I dare you to run a whole season 100% everything, distance and rules

    86. Ivan Volf

      Insane race. Insane. 3 drivers within 0.150 seconds with almost last corner thriller. Monaco...Monaco never changes (Fallout quote)

    87. Ben Roberts

      I may actually buy this game now, because you make it look very fun and extremely challenging. I’m a fan and new subscriber.

    88. RoastingWithRust

      I think it’s safe to say that lightning did in fact strike twice

    89. Josh Fadden

      I wonder how many go DNF as I do 25% of the race and hardly any retire

    90. Groove Federation

      your driving skill has improved massively since 2013, your corner turn in timing is amazing!

    91. Elton Babayev

      I love F1 a lot

    92. Javier Ah


    93. EcFlipz

      Initially thought 30 mins was long for a video. Not realizing it, I finished the whole thing. This was dam entertaining. Great vid!

    94. Blaziken45duck

      I would love to do this in Hungary

    95. Icy


    96. Charles Pletzke

      nO hErOiCs InTo SaN dEvOtE pLeAsE

    97. Yusof Barghouty

      you sir are a LITERAL beast bro

    98. Thinkfast

      Don’t know why everyone plays this game in the outside view like this. Thought the point was to simulate the real thing but everyone drives as if the driver sits on the halo.

      1. naenae

        Cause most of the people are confortable playing with this camera, if you want to simulate the real feeling than you can use the cockpit view, but not everybody likes it

    99. Seshvir Seodutt


    100. Panashe Gotora