F1 2020 Gameplay! Race at MONACO with Charles Leclerc! Mega Overtakes & A Safety Car!


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    Exclusive Direct-Feed F1 2020 PC Gameplay, Monaco GP, with Charles Leclerc in the 2020 Ferrari Onboard Gameplay!
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    1. Naruto Uzumaki

      The realistic cars 2

    2. Bijay basnet

      Game name

    3. Mirko Miranda

      Ciao a tutti i giorni nkdjod Moda Lolita a tutti Mix di una bella serata di

    4. aliansi game

      What name is game ?

    5. Spotify Premium

      what steering wheel do you use?

    6. Sasuke Uchiha

      I found f1 off forza


      At least the game gave Vettel a new car

    8. Richard Smart

      do you ever pause for breath???


      chido video! :)

    10. VINI V


    11. Roberto Dema

      Ma quanto cazzo parli...

    12. II MaynarD II

      You talk faster than Ferrari

    13. Lucas_8

      ive just finished the whole monaco gp and by hands are destroyed

    14. Snolber

      Que jogo foda

    15. arthurneddysmith

      9:22 Awful close to four wheels off track.

    16. Cuno van Voorst

      Vettel P2? That's over and done with :S

    17. Mohammed Kamal

      I love your videos

    18. Shrek Epstein

      10:33 Oh how the turn tables

      1. Mark Evans


    19. Daniel Joubert

      Change mph to kph!

    20. Nico Arnold

      iTS a god video

    21. KaRtHiKeYaN PvR

      Wht happened to Bottas?


      What is this game name

    23. Kenneth john

      I hate Monaco

    24. Akshay Kumar

      What's the game

      1. Bashy_Playzz

        Akshay Kumar it's in the title dumbo

    25. Henrique Oliveira

      Shut up!!!!!!!

    26. Christopher Abramor

      Multi 2-1 Charles!

    27. junior domingos

      O my god

    28. Leoo 95

      2019 not 2020

    29. Rook FPV

      Shut UP! and give to Me oryginal game sound lol

    30. Nico Choque

      Por qué lo penalizaron

    31. Pedro Forcina

      i Noticed this youyuber wont stop talkin for 99% of the gameplay...

    32. Ivan Santos Santos

      You speak much

    33. Bob Boutros

      Is it available on ps4?

    34. Kyro Muggz

      Why dont u race in 1st person lol

    35. Io Yf


    36. Paul

      Just, shut up lease

    37. Yuzz Y

      RIP Controller

    38. Easter

      My God your overtakes are really good....

    39. Kestas Kavaliauskas

      All 15min non stoping talking.

    40. Alexander Jaser


    41. José Renato

      Speak to much! I will just listening the car.

    42. Asriel

      Even if I trained for 1 year, I wouldn’t ride as well in Monaco

    43. psygn0sis

      Do you ever SHUT UP?! I've never in all my life heard someone literally say so much without actually saying anything.

      1. Melancholy


    44. marc Jack

      Nice videos but honestly you talk waaay toooooo much for me, sometimes it would be nice to actually here the game sounds a bit....

      1. marc Jack

        Hear lol

    45. Koragh

      F1 2020 changing wheels 8seconds While irl top teams they make 2.5-3 seconds Game logic

    46. Wayne Shum

      in the beginning... i thought it's real.....haha

    47. Drew Brislin

      You are beast

    48. Mia Renata

      magnific 🙏🏼

    49. SindenOfficial

      He could genuinely be a commentator for F1

    50. Indra Juanno

      Damn, how can you talk and drive good at the same time ?, I'm playing this with mouth open and screaming every time I crashed lol

    51. Mario Estevez

      Habla demasiado el tío este 😂😂🇦🇷

    52. James Luna

      Is the commentary from the game? While you play it?

    53. Lucky_Sh0t

      rap god

    54. Marios Filippas

      How can i learn driving at Monaco?I'm playing in F1 2019 in Ps4, i have learned all the tracks but i don't know how to drive in Monaco...i always hit to the walls

    55. Alex Stavros

      Has anyone played this game on Windows 7 ?

    56. Need2Speed

      Is it as good as f1 2019?

    57. Volkan Açıkel

      f1 2012 better than all series :)

    58. Edwin Voix Off

      For me nothing different between 2018 and 2020 on the car drawings.

    59. limasoma

      Fala pra caralho

    60. The regular 5thgrader 13444-

      This isn't Monaco without Jeff saying NO HEROICS INTO SANTE DEVOTE PLEASE

    61. Nicollas na área

      vc fala muito

    62. Vishnu Vardhan

      U dont stop speaking all through the game.. its annoying

    63. gcm747

      At what point in the season will Rokit disappear?

    64. BalintK98

      why? they haven’t enough 10 years to make a correct pit model? the steering wheel....

    65. richard robinson

      This guys loves himself

    66. Jayne Davies

      But I'm happy for you aarava

    67. Enrique Gallego

      When F1 games is released before the start of the season. Damnnnn

    68. The Referencer

      What happened to Bottas?

    69. MIKE-PC SimRacing

      Too arcade, it's not true simulation.

    70. TheFlyGuy87

      Hate this track

    71. Ralph Todhunter

      Anyone know which button the overtake button will be?

    72. Ian Williams

      WOW: Is he playing F1 2019 or 2020, I can’t tell....

    73. Christinah Ahens

      This was a great video

    74. Fardan Fadhilah Andicha Putra

      the pit stop is getting worse imo

    75. Omar Simsaj

      looks like trash...

    76. Julian

      This Race was so insane!

    77. Everything Gaming

      Why does the engine sound like the merc engine

      1. ProStreet Beet DHD

        Because codemasters are still lacking in the sound dept. Its crazy that in 2020 that a game developer cant do better. Ive heard Assetto Corsa sound mods that blow these sounds out of the water

    78. Floatt

      This is a Hugh step up from the game I have f1 2018

    79. ChrisWhyte WRL

      Hamilton is OP! He is fast but not that fast! Made it look you weren't moving

    80. nguyen cong

      Whatttttttttttttttttttttt!?!?!?!? In lap 20, Leclerc in P3.

    81. Tom Bardsley

      6:28 unfortunately despite this whole being on the edge thing, I'm still not a fan of Monaco as a circuit.

    82. Rhys Milford

      Why is Monaco infamous, Crofty? It's not famous for bad reasons.

    83. Maxime RCBB

      Engine's sound is perfect

    84. The Joker

      Where is the heineken sponsor I can't see it ??

    85. Lenny Si

      shut up I don't hear the engine noise your video is useless !!! Sucks

    86. Jurancsik Balazs

      F1 2020 the best game ever

    87. hola

      that move in to rascasse JESUS

    88. RhyssyG

      Can you not put ERS down to none instead of just medium?

      1. Draconic

        ERS is automatic, Apart from the overtake button

    89. Alessandro Molari

      wait where is botta at the end?

    90. chris graham

      I still cant believe they don't have the interval on the starting lineup, just the time run

    91. aotds

      my only complaint is the default HUD is so big. i hope we can still change the size and placement of it

    92. CAR LOVER 003

      5:40 and 5:42 Man U scared me ! 😂

    93. albertus surya

      hey aarva how about f1 2020 my own team ? can you make video about that Sorry for bad English,Thanks

    94. Sonu666

      0:45 why they all covering their balls? its F1 not NFL or cricket

    95. Niels Hoogeveen

      How are the physics in 2020?

    96. Felixxx Gaming

      Sind auch 🇩🇪 Deutsche hier?

    97. Ricardo Ferraz

      Pressurizing? Is Hamilton an airlock?

    98. Marius Zaharia

      Great job for today race! Keep up the good work, i really enjoyed it!

    99. Ronewa Thanyani

      More race game play please 🏎️love your content.

    100. Kai Pritchard

      You can do it arava