F1 2019 Career Mode Part 21: SEASON 1 FINALE


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    F1 2019 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix - Yas Marina
    Patch Details - blog.codemasters.com/f1/07/f1-2019-performance-updates-and-patch-1-05-notes/
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    1. Kaizer Duszel

      Hamilton outdated Butler overrated Long have we waited Brake callibration activated

      1. TLR Eclipse

        'Can it wait a bit, I'm still in the middle of some Callibrations'

      2. David Varela

        Weber too op

      3. Roberto Castillo Acevedo

        @Ian horsfall hahahaha ok, I got it

      4. Roberto Castillo Acevedo

        I don't understand the brakes joke, can anyone explain to me pls?

      5. SmileFaceGamer

        Jkay 2110 Shakespeare has his true successor

    2. Spencer Rollins

      Seeing “Rich Energy Haas F1 Team” is kind of sad. For those that don’t know, Rich Energy was essentially a shell company for this dude who was just wanting publicity. Haas signed a contract with “Rich Energy” which wasn’t a real company, and at the end of the season, Rich energy bailed and didn’t give Haas any money, so Haas operated with huge losses. Somebody released the bank statements of “Rich Energy”, and they only had $700, so they never intended on paying Haas. It was all a scam. That just sucks. 🙃

    3. ExuberantRaptor

      The was the most intense race between me and my teammate the last 5 laps, it was basically 2-3 times each overtaking eachother every lap. But I came out on top. My last overtake early on the last lap had him slowing down a lot and so I pulled away into a comfortable lead. I went for it. I already won the championship with 6 or 7 races to go, but still :P And ALWAYS push on your first proposal attempt, it's easier to cut back to get it just right within the next 2 attempts than getting it just right on the first.

    4. ExuberantRaptor

      Why should a safety car come out when a broken car safely parks outside the track for the security personnel to just push it behind the wall safely for it be picked up later or they just lift it over the wall with a crane. Unless there's scrap on the track or been a crash there's no need for a safety car imo. Virtual safety at worst, yellow flag at best. And always push it byt not crazily on the first negotiation attempt so to get a good indication of what you can get and lower the demands reasonably from there. That way I myself never get an undervalued contract.

    5. D I D O U

      You have to put damage on to get safety cars

    6. Thomas Theuring

      Dude Riccardo really got screwed by reliability in your career.. So many DNFs..

    7. Jandre Visage


    8. DiddyRadar

      i was sure Leclerc was going win....

    9. Enzo Lachi

      Tiametmarduk not getting a single safety car all season. Me : looking like a p8 or p9 race leclerc breaks in Australia down safety car comes out than devon butler breaks down in the safety car lane :p making me finish p3 talk about luck.

    10. MARCELO l

      🔥🔥🔥🔥 🏁🏁🏁I recommend that you look through to the end🏎️🏎️🏎️ 0:32 🔥💞 👇💓

    11. Carl Mrad

      My opinion is that you could've gone for a one stop Med-Hard

    12. ThisIsAdept


    13. Izaak Gann

      Bro I have not had a safety car in the seasons. (only 2 vsc )

    14. Hallenplayz

      f1 2019 career mode 1795 safety car

    15. Dominick


    16. ken kuriken

      18:46 Huh? Why is Ricardo running? I should have retired

    17. Lukas Schröder

      It always says Disqualified when someone has touched an other car or the barrier.

    18. Ayrtonna Jones

      that contract negotiation though LMAOOO

    19. Hooderaw

      know your worth! you sold yourself short on the contract negotiations.

    20. Dharma Dude

      I really only discovered F1 racing last week through this game and discovered this channel on Monday after watching my first Grand Prix last weekend, which I loved. I've been binging these videos. I've learned a lot from this and love your editing and commentary as if its a live race! Looking forward to Season 2!

    21. Alex Horne

      Ben - I want wet races USA, Brazil, Abu Dhabi - ok I got you

    22. Ayush Shrestha

      What a great series this has been! Thoroughly enjoyed it. Next, you should do a top 10 F1 circuit video, it would be interesting!

    23. Domenico Zagami

      Domenico Zagami alto

    24. ZYST3MzaxYT

      Please don’t mention f1 2014 😭😭🤮🤢🤢🤢

    25. Alex Henrie

      The commentary in this game is so lazy. Identical at the start of every race, no mention of championship standings, just the same cut and paste garbage every time (“Driver X won last week. Are they confident this week?”). All the time and money they have and it still sounds like a bad mobile game.

    26. God Antique

      Valtteri Bottas is going to win the championship Valtteri this is James.

    27. AJ Gooner

      Bottas’ AI needs to be nerfed

    28. King of Clubs

      Such a dull and bad track.

    29. Willy the Lapiz

      How long does a gp take

    30. UndergroundRevolution

      >Ricciardo is out of the session >starts anyway codemasters...

    31. Bob The builder

      Rain in Abu Dhabi??

    32. Nuno Monteiro Soares

      No one talking about Ferrari stuffing it once again? 😅

    33. Fred1672

      In F1 2018 I did four and a half seasons with no safety car so I think it’s a glitch because I had some crashes with 2 or 3 cars stopped on track and they would just disappear after a few seconds.I did have it on I checked many times.

    34. berrieds

      Those negotiating skills 😂😂😂

    35. RobbyTHD98_UK

      Great season finale and congrats to whoever won the driver's title in this first season of F1 2019 Renault Career Mode. 👍 Bring on the second season!!

    36. Jaime Cortes

      I got a safety car because of the amount of rain I got in the British GP

    37. Shaun Caratozzolo

      Where are the season two episodes?

    38. BurnZn RL

      @Tiametmarduk When u get overtaken , u should change the camera more often to the other car, like in previous Episodes before

    39. Osamaa Bin Lacking

      18.10 why did his steering wheel not move when he went in the pit box

    40. Thomas Hamoen

      Love this series mate keep it coming :) hope you have a nice weekend in Silverstone :)

    41. Jaybrtt

      I had a safety car in Baku but only cus I missed a breaking point and went down an escape road

    42. DK 95

      You need power bad

    43. Robert Cooke

      What can I watch tonight I know f1 falls as,eep Thursday same question fall. Assleep Tonight I did it three time I have watched episodes 17-21

    44. Koen Visser

      You did have a virtual safety car just before you crashed into your teammate

    45. Daniel Shakesheff

      codemasters need to fix the safety car

    46. XPRO

      When I started my season 2 with mclaren Ferrari went from second with 600 for their progress to 700+ from one race so season 2 kids a random team straight up

    47. Henrique Reis

      Ben you rertuned to season 1 of f1 2014 carrer mode

    48. Phnex

      Finally a good start!

    49. Thiago

      Those “climax” soundtracks 🤮

    50. Vais Mais

      Is the SC calibrated?

    51. Noah Akb

      Jesus Christ i can hear Matt crying from here

    52. Kristian Wade

      Your career mode this season has been so much better than other youtubers!

    53. Rinish Harpal

      This season Butler overrated Williams overated Hamilton outdated Verstappen outdated

    54. Miky

      Funny think calibrate pedals was meme here but i stared career for McLaren losing speed on straights and in Canada just checked full gas pedal down and 98-99% so nice :D

    55. Dajeero

      Anyone know the name of the song at the start of the race?

    56. OnyCirja

      24:07 Francis Tiafoe Anyone?

    57. Sr.Guetta

      Raining in abu dhabi...WTF DUDE???

    58. SquareCircle101

      What the fu** rain at Abu Dhabi!?

    59. John Berger

      I plan on getting to Ferrari by Season 3 of my Career Mode. I'd be the first American driver to drive the Ferrari F1 car since the 1970's.

    60. Takumi Fujiwara

      Ferrari will never want to sign Ben in carrer mode. Caused leclerc the title. If vettel got thru bottas would have lost the title

    61. Toby Hefford

      Hi, why does it look like bubbles are coming out of the back of car when the plank hits the floor?? Instead of Sparks.. still it's been good watching you race 🔥🔥

    62. TheParkster15 #P15

      I’ve been wondering is there a story behind your number or do u just like it?is it your age age you started playing f1 orrr

    63. ElectroNights

      4:55 Graphics Look Amazing😀

    64. i 6

      Lower battery doesn't fucking reduce wheel spin wtf is wrong with you

    65. Frank dms

      You should report that bug to Codemasters

    66. Jordan Tweedy

      I miss the F1 music good old days of playing on F1 2010

    67. Peter Vehring

      in my first season hamilton got dsq in the formation lap and stand in his slot but did not start. Verstappen just drove into him at the start

    68. TheAceG _

      What a season❤😚💯

    69. King Crimson

      When’s season 2 coming out?

    70. Josh Morgan

      Is it just me that can’t overtake anyone on straights. DRS and slipstream and the car in front gets away from me...?

    71. Luca Eckhardt Eckhardt

      I have the same Problem with the saftey car it doesent want wo came out 😪

    72. Angus Huddy

      Waiting eagerly for the start of season 2! Can you upload it now plz :)

    73. Joe Joe

      This years game seems so buggy

    74. Robert Cone

      Fantastic series- looking forward to Season 2!

    75. Malhaar Khaladkar

      GG's to Ben!

    76. loki gamer

      The highlights are so bad. I had a spin on 1 through eau reauge and it wasnt in the highlights

    77. Damond's Assorted Topic

      Hey just got the game and I love it. This is my first time playing F1, Any advice?

    78. Isaac Browne

      Go to Williams for s2

    79. Somatic Coast

      The only way a sc comes out is if u make a train of ai not move. So in a corner if u park the car the ai will hit each other to brake themselves then a sc will come out

    80. Alex Spinozzi

      i have a safety car almost every race. idk why!

    81. Retro Hub

      I can''t believe we are at the end of season 1 already. Been such a good season!

    82. James Townley

      29 top trending in gaming👏

    83. McPlayer8t

      I had Kimi retire on a formation lap at Abu Dhabi once for terminal damage in the last game, I also had Verstappen retire in Singapore. Both times I started down the field and missed what happened.

    84. Max Power

      I really love these episodes. It's like my daily cup of coffee or my daily fap. A nice little moment! Hope to see season 2 soon

    85. Quinten Onbekend

      I want a update that during the Ricciardo incident a car send to pitlane and start from there

    86. Dama Bugova

      This season was mental. No dull videos, in each one things happened from left to right. Here's to hoping the 2nd one is even crazier. Much kudos, mate. All of them. ;)

    87. Sid Vish

      Why would you be sponsored? 95% of your content is Codemasters f1 ffs lol.

    88. Jean-Louis Duval

      Can you do a segment on gear shifting and also what controllers are you using to play this game? Handheld controller or Wheel?

    89. Timothy Stott

      Just got my first VSC in France. Two cars out on the same lap in heavy rain with wet tyres. And apparently that was only worth VSC and not a safety car...

    90. FusionSniping

      The fake teamorders, literally only in the first race, codemasters is such bullshit

    91. Adolfo Cordeiro

      getting ready for season 2 yeahhh boiii not to mention nature gave ben the finger with rain

    92. brodeur212

      Codies need to adust safetycar sensibility

    93. anthonyaldousgaming1

      F1 2016 last to frist nico rosberg

    94. RagingRhino101

      going into this race, Bottas and Leclerc had the same amount of wins, 2nds, 3rds,4ths AND 5ths!

    95. Leonardo Escorpioni


    96. RagingRhino101

      based on last year, you would NOT LOSE the upgrade if it cam for Aus

    97. Fin Regan

      This has been the best season yet Ben....Loving the series and bring on season 2 cos I can see that Renault being a monster by the end of it

    98. Miwska a

      Go Finland!!! Im from Finland

    99. Márk Rahóty

      "Are you telling me in Abu Dhabi it's raining!?" -Ben;F1 2014 Carreer mode

    100. Spiked Platypus

      Falls out of p3 on lap 3 that’s ironic