F1 2019 vs F1 2018 | Direct Comparison


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    Direct visual and feature comparison of the recently released Formula One 2019 (F1 2019) and Formula One 2018 (F1 2018) playing on the PC.
    Win 10
    i7 8700k
    32gb 3200Mhz ram
    rtx 2080ti Founders Edition
    #F12019 #FormulaOne #Comparison

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    1. Nawit Atd

      no feature comparison whatsoever, it's because of people like you that the game markets are full of trash, because rules and tasks are what make games, visuals are just a bonus

    2. DelFathur

      Winter sale have come, got not enough money and laptop specs for f1 2020, just come here to see the difference between f1 2018 and 2019 to see if f1 2019 is good for me, im about to buy it and i hope my laptop can run it^^

    3. Lame Gaming

      Keybored users lol

    4. -

      Looks like a new console generation. Hopefully F1 2021 on PS5 will be stunning

    5. Jonathan Parkhurst

      2018 has better sounds

    6. priv1leged

      tests sound quality: both games feature V6 Turbo engines.... result: test failed in both games.

    7. MrBoombast64

      Love my F1 2018 i got on Humble give away.... :)

    8. A B

      I prefer realism. Because I cannot drive these card in real life. I never know how "real" cars look like.

    9. 9A48 Shourya Solanki

      I know 19 is better than 18 in all ways but one thing 18 is free for now😅😅😅😅😁😁😝

    10. General Rishabh

      f1 2018 is free for a limited time!!!

    11. shuriya

      Wtf? 1440p 4k gaming we want 2140p

      1. shuriya

        @Nick930 wait buy the Samsung 2140p moniter 3 dimensional curved moniter

      2. Nick930

        Ok. Go ahead and buy me a 4k monitor then

    12. szewei1985

      2016 sale buy 2017 sale buy 2018 sale buy 2019 sale buy 2020 full price finally hahahaha just 2 commemorate F1 70 years anniversary😂😂🤣🤣

      1. szewei1985

        @Bipolarbear 😂🤣haha yeah full price in 2020 i wont buy anymore in 2021 lel

      2. Bipolarbear

        Post in "2020" about how price is full price in 2020. Brilliant! Is this your first game purchase? -szewei85 "2021... WAH? 2020 edition is on sale and 2021 is full price!!!, it's a scam!, and 2019 madden is only $5! WAHHH?!?! *shocked pickachu face*

    13. zMidøryiaZz

      I came back to play f1 2018 and man, I had not even reached the First corner and I was already blown away by the Sense of speed and the way the rear end reacted to the throttle. It is more Fun than 19 as It requires more concentration. In f1 2019 the chassis upgrades make the car lockup more than a not upgraded car. Complete bullshit

    14. Charlie Sukhoi

      Steam discount:YES!

    15. J. H.

      Looking forward to F1 2020 vs F1 2019

    16. Xbox X

      Same price

    17. Xbox X

      I think im going to wait for 2020

    18. ionut619

      Why 2018 is better?

    19. Bosco24

      Anybody else here when F1 2020 is about to come out?

    20. Mecciii

      There's a Codemaster bundle on Humble Bundle atm. You can't get 2018 for 4,6€ ja 2019 for 13,5€ with bunch of Dirt Rally stuff.

    21. Owen Fisher

      Everything about f1 2019 is better

    22. Owen Fisher

      The reason the shapes are less sharp and advanced is because it is more realistic that way. If when you are driving, everything around you is clear, that’s unrealistic

    23. Javier Tan

      No offense, but this guy is bad at the game

    24. Cotoi

      they fucked up the lighting in 2019. In 2019 f-stops and dynamic range is still a mystery to those who manage the rendering

    25. Phillip Carr

      Curious, what did you use to record game play? I’m playing @ 4k and using Bandicam is not too great

    26. Rawat

      Apparently 18 is more costlier than 19

    27. gaming robot

      the red bull one doesnt work as well because it is two different engines

    28. ꧁Chris Moran꧂

      Can't wait for the F1 2020 game 1st race no crowds 2nd race cancelled an hr before racing 3rd, 4th, 5th..... Download and play F1 2019

    29. Phil Clarke

      Chase cam?!

    30. ZeroTheHero

      The main reason for "give and take" changes are those bloddy consoles. If it were a pure PC-game, they would've cranked up the quality to the max.

    31. Dav L

      3:21 isn't the guy on the right Ocon?

    32. Çağdaş ERDOĞAN

      Settings are not same!

    33. Binay Kumar

      Bold of you to assume i have a PC

    34. Hus 9

      this game play is still not sim level

    35. Anton Iriawan

      the 2018 gear ratio is longer

    36. Papa Grounds

      3:03 It's been a hard year for the guy on the left...someone has stolen his hat! Edit: And pants!

    37. RohitPlayz 1656

      And Xbox and ps4

    38. Banshee2X

      Codies focuses way too much on graphics instead of gameplay improvements

    39. Mohamed Sameh

      F1 2019 lighting is better

      1. Mohamed Sameh

        F1 2019 is better than F1 2018 because of lighting

    40. HyperCarArt

      Where i live f1 2018 is worth 1$ and f1 2019 is worth 60$

    41. supersonicwings

      Night time in 2019 is perfect!

    42. RAY M

      they downgraded some textures but increase enviroment detail

    43. Hey_ There_

      For the sound test, you should’ve done it on a time trial. So it’s only yourself

    44. Karl Lee

      I smell a conspiracy 🤨 You had the lighting quality set to "ultra-high" for 2019 and only "high" for 2018. And c'mon... the damaged front wing on the Red Bull before a race even took place 🤔 Seems like sabotage lol

    45. RJ WJR

      dont try and play F1 with a PS4 controller....your hands will be mangled after an hour of playing ... at least they will fell like they have been beat with a hammer....and all the little sharp edges of the controller will dig into your skin until you will actually have to wear some sorta protection...like gloves or wrap your fingers up with cloth or something..serious

    46. Matteo Bonaduce

      F1 2019

    47. Andrew F.


    48. Julian Lai

      I bought F1 2019 when it was on 70% off sale, it is awesome.

      1. Julian Lai

        @El diablo da Costa I win, I can play it on Linux in Steam without tweaking it by myself.

      2. Julian Lai

        @Khoa Do I don't trust them.

      3. Harmonigène

        same here

      4. Julian Lai

        @LoreDiF Steam

      5. LoreDiF

        where did u buy it?

    49. Dan Perry

      3:03 I didnt realise Vinny from Jersey Shore was an F1 steward...

    50. martin kacmar

      Hes litteraly compring last years cars with this years and he calls torro rosso more matte color while they litteraly changed the livery from glassy to matte

    51. Lukas Leonardo

      2018 the best

    52. sermerlin1

      Humble bumdle subscribers... Are you here? :D

    53. M Pa

      I always thought that the "blur" of things like the tarmac and people added a little bit more realism in 2019, having them too detailed like in 2018 looks fake.

    54. Parth Deshpande

      Not helpful

    55. Ronin Bayacal

      First time I've seen someone on youtube actually drive in 3rd person, thanks a lot

    56. Grigori

      Reselling the same game with a lighting mod...


      Huge difference. 😂😂

      1. Freakson

        yeah if you aren't blind it actually is

    58. Clay3613

      They couldn't have patched the old version?

    59. Zorica Sremcevic

      This is the difference Only..lights,Shadows ,and sound is better in f1 2019!

    60. Alexis Perez

      In my opinion, the only thing that they need to improve is just the view from the inside of the car. Everything else looks awesome.

      1. Freakson

        @Bobby A To be fair I haven't noticed anything but you might be right, the lightning quality in f1 2019 is so great that they had to make something look worse to optimise the game. Same case might have been with fm

      2. Bobby A

        @Freakson the lighting reflection in the cockpit is better and realistic in 2018 than the 2019 no reflection at all. This is also true for fm6 and fm7. Fm6 has a more realistic car shine than fm7 matte finish.

      3. Alexis Perez

        Freakson the textures are not that polished like in the rest of the views

      4. Freakson

        @Alexis Perez What is tyere to improve?

      5. Alexis Perez

        Freakson the "first person view"

    61. Danuta Schäfer

      Sound F1 2018 9/10 somewhat unrealistic F1 2019 8/10

    62. Moto Gamer Idumick

      Great 👍

    63. AlienEYE

      are you sure its not the raytracing?

    64. doo doo fart

      the texture quality of the smoke is the deal breaker lmao

    65. BlakeClapz

      F1 2019 when u play it on wheel u feel like a god.

    66. Racing Whatever !!!

      For sure is better the new version of the game Formula 1 2019 is better but the only thing that I would change in the game is the sound engine files except from the Renault Engine with sounds incredibly real the other ones is just sounds silly, boring and no real the 2018 Honda Ferrari and Mercedes engines is more realistic is better for listening is better for playing the downshift the upshift the revving limited the sounds of the Ferrari the Mercedes specifically from Honda is MUCH MORE LIKE REAL LIFE I love the sound That's is my only deception with f1 2019 THE ENGINE SOUND FILES apart from Renault

    67. SweetShoxxx

      i like the sound and the night lightning in the 2019s. but textures and details are much better on the 2018s. they should add a texture pack where u can choose for yourself.


      F1 2018 no me guarda las partidas y me dice que no tengo espacio para eso. ¿Alguna solución? 😖

    69. SydneyPhotography2019

      Wow I can’t believe how much ACTUALLY BETTER it looks. So realistic!

    70. BlueFlag Alpha

      F1 2019 have F2, which makes it even better

    71. Jonas Plett

      also let's not forget how much better the tires look in 2019

      1. Cronic Gaming88

        Yes its cool

    72. Hari DJ

      F1 2018 looks more like f1 mobile lol

    73. Alexandre D'ARPA

      Which one was the best on x360? Most realistic graphics(not too colorful), fps, lightenings and gameplay? 2010, or 2011 or 2012 or 2013?

    74. Mukkena

      Appears smoother=less glossy?

    75. Stanley Smith

      Those cockpit cameras look pedestrian on both games. It's like 50% of the detail is lost when you switch to cockpit. Strange, because no other Codemasters racing game does this. Since 2011 the F1 titles look worse and run slower than the Grid/Dirt titles. Dirt has realistic lighting since Dirt Rally. That game came out in 2015 l guess, but looks and runs much better than F1 2019. It's the same engine and the same studio, so I don't get it.

    76. Benjmack

      7:22 definitely using a keyboard

    77. Peter Griffin

      Today I got f1 2019 from PS now

    78. Rizal007

      2019 : the tyres made by plastic

      1. u2zero2u

        Because they have a shine on the edge? This is the case in real life F1 this year. A change was made to the tires so when they have not been used they have a shine look until they have been used then they look like previous years tires.

    79. NicklasWaterFontaine :DD

      But on pc.. why downgrade?

    80. Grant Gomes

      ctrl+c then ctrl+v and done

    81. Mickey Jaymz

      2019 Tires look better. 2019 Cockpit view has better lighting. I would recommend that the center vertical portion of the halo be visible but transparent. In real life we see with two cameras converging at a point in space, thus making near objects out of focus or transparent. Don't believe me? Hold 1 finger up as you look beyond it. What do you see? Two out of focused fingers.

      1. ReV_DeatH

        And that is the actual proof that humans really have X-Ray vision.

    82. Ignatius Kusnanto

      3:20 f1 2019 has eden hazard.

    83. Mark Sibson

      I play f1 2018

    84. cristian iba-her

      grid 2019?

    85. GoProJoe

      They need to sell F1 games as $20 update DLCs. It takes very little work to produce them.

    86. Fog

      “Very different”. You and I have very different interpretations of these adjectives lol.

    87. eirrep nirtred

      It's the same game new driver line ups n f2 in it that's all most games do copy paste like fifa madden nba nfl mlb all copy paste

    88. Dimitris Χ.

      2019 looks like the same game as 2018 but with some downgrades in graphics and sounds.

      1. ýungchris

        Are you blind? The lignting is FAR better in 2019

    89. Maurizio Scolari

      Those wings are like that as its the regulations. Only f1 fans will know

    90. BlackEasterEgg

      i wonder if they will ever make the physics better so it doenst feel to much arcade. now its just driving with some toys.

    91. Robertito Lewandowsky

      18 is best

    92. Victor Piranga Dias

      can i run this on my nvidia 9800gt?

    93. Marcelo Novato

      In F1 2019 the shine of the tires does not fade as the tire wears down when running on the asphalt of the track, this is a small detail that makes a difference

      1. kodian neutkens

        This is just a change that's made in F1 in general not only in the game

    94. Bobbbyyy

      Am i the only one that feels like 2018 is a little bit better?

    95. Heathweather

      2018 looks better.

    96. Giwl Gwamer UwU

      Still long way to look like DriveClub from 2014. Seriously, why no one wants make such a beauty?

    97. Nioh

      2:50 what do you mean 2019 has reduced asphalt quality? That's like the only thing I immediately noticed is much better. Looks *much* more realistic now without extreme contrast that makes 2018 look bad and "gamey". Just look at any real actual photo and see what's more lifelike. As for the tree you mentioned, textures are done better in 2019 again. They have been smoothed out slightly and have contrast reduced for more realism, on purpose! Not everyone likes high contrasted overly sharp unrealistic textures.

    98. James Coster

      The smoother lighting in the 2019 vers improves jagged body appearances.

    99. Sr. D

      Okay...I already bought F1 2012...

    100. djim youtube channel

      Why so far 2018 looks much better?