F1 2018 - Official Gameplay Trailer

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    Check out the first official gameplay trailer for F1 2018 - out on August 24th, 2018.
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    katma 2 yıl önce


    1. Cton88

      Playing the latest one on my new tv. It’s gonna yuge!

      1. Nurein Kizito

        F1 2020 is a fantastic game I own it 💯

    2. Arjun Muraleedharan

      Got it for free on the Humble Bundle!

    3. sandy campos


    4. Ethan Cotton

      What a great trailer so much better than the f1 2019 and 2020

    5. Isaac Ribeiro

      This song should be in the game as the menu song.

    6. Arly Motorsports

      2:21 grosjean crashing this game is super realistic

    7. テレワークきよちゃんー働き方改革中

      かっこいいーーー レジェンドエディションでセナになろう!

    8. Patricia D.L.F

      Jxkxkx su de pon la 1 Fórmula 1 la 1 11444 31 5000 the committee conmigo 5000 5000 udj Kd

    9. Patricia D.L.F

      2011 US 2019 elfo la 1 Fórmula 1

    10. Patricia D.L.F

      Sus ons jddk Jdjx

    11. Jazzo koo

      I have this game Ps.amazing game

    12. KaiAsk

      Why has this come up on my recommendations now 😂

    13. Kevin Cage

      0:12 Make mistakes and get messy!

      1. BlasterBlaze4

        Take chances.

    14. Gabriel Lucas

      what name the music

    15. barkın aytekin

      i like turtles

    16. Bubbalubba

      Raj from Big Bang theory on the far left

    17. Assassin 4056

      I don’t get why people hate the classic cars as a add on to be honest they deliver the following -better races Against the ai without putting the difficulty over 50% -A overall cool experience driving cars legends did and to see the evolution of technology safety and speed from the cars -get to have a fun side experience off of career and multiplayer Honestly this add on is amazing shouldn’t be so much hate towards it

    18. Sebastián Acevedo


    19. Shar1xZ

      Can we play 1vs 1 in demo?please answer

    20. Prakash Vijay

      Nice 👍 song

    21. r tera

      I love this game

    22. Top Tube

      If they make f1 classics with everything up untill the mid 90's. Be a much better game, sliding all over with no downforce. I find all new racing games boring AF how was boxster challenge for ps1 so exciting, burnout 2 n 3, roadrash, diddykong racing, Sega rally all with little to no computing power. Grand turismo lost my money when they lost offline mode, needforspeed is whack these days gaming is a big disappointment, no imagination just micro transactions and forced to compete with nerds who have faster broadband or better player cards. It's a game! I wanna play the computer, maybe some friends. Occasionally i feel competitive but it's just a game I need to pause it and I don't want to grind it! Happy days for the people who enjoy competing and can give it their full attention, but where's the game gone, this is just a simulator! I have a control pad, and I button bash. What's modulation!? I learnt on a mega drive pad, give me a break. F1 classics with arcade feel and a history lesson of a story. Project cars was cack wasted bout 300quid on racing games to come to this conclusion. The Internet kinda killed gaming. B4 the game had to be a game for you to buy it. Now it reminds me of those magazines where you got one piece of the model every week for a a year untill you built the spitfire. Who the foka bought those! the adverts really grinded my gears... At least I know this games not for me. I think I might start a charity that makes decent games, you can donate to pay the developers wages. And they can spend their time creating the best games as apposed to the highest grossing garbage. GAME=FUN GRIND=HUSTLED my time or my money which will it be. Vanity items aswell usually, how Ffing annoying. What's the first thing you do int morning, get dressed! But I can't unlock the cowboy hat I want till rank 80 unless I have 14 goldbars. What kind of facking roll play is this!? I want to progress to better locations and harder levels not the outfit I wanted to wear on the way. R. I. P video games.

    23. Elisa Frigeri

      1:46 l halo e tarocco

    24. Muce75

      Mint tune shit game 💃

    25. Kester Ikediashi

      In 0:47 was THAT AXURLY aravva

    26. Lion Roars

      Does this support vr?

    27. Simão Lopes46

      Pq n trazem o Circuito Estoril?

      1. Bleron Preniqi


    28. MilanRohrbach


    29. Roy Jones

      I have a few questions maybe some of you can help? 1. The last F1 game I bought was 2015. Is this new one bullocks as well? 2. How realistic is it? Do the same cars lose, get lapped and are stranded in the back every race? Is Mercedes always 1 and 2? 3. Do engines go on fire? Do cars flip over? 4. Do cars act like they are on ice and skid at any speed? Just tired of all the bullocks with this game.

    30. Strieb

      For the people who want to know the name of the song: Chase & Status - Love Me More ft. Emeli Sandé

      1. Arhat Ménez

        thank u so much

    31. Owen Bromage

      Why didn't make it on Nintendo switch

      1. Raz

        Because why use Switch when you can use a laptop?

    32. Tekno Racer48

      Sounds like there bringing back those V 12 engine sounds 🤟

    33. Ashford Gorejena

      I love the sound track

    34. Thomas McGarry

      I only have one complaint from this year's game. There isn't an option to tell Claire that the reason I crashed was not because the Aero was wrong, but because PEREZ DID A SENNA AND DIVED INTO MY CAR

      1. Thomas McGarry

        @Gabe Degrossi I hate the fact that if you so much as brush a wall at all during the race she says "you left a lot of paint on the walls today" it's like no I really didn't 😂

      2. Gabe Degrossi

        Sometimes you can give answers like "I was like an idiotmagnet today" or something like that. But it really bugs me that more often than not every answer pisses someone off, especially if there wasn't even a single crash in the whole race...

    35. Joel Bates

      But the real question is does it simulate the Ferrari launch control accurately?

    36. Reece Goatley

      Thank goodness I pre ordered, can’t wait to get racing! 😊

    37. Brian Brockett

      Looks great but too much has gone into career mode and not enough on new tracks, ( apart from Hockenheim and paul ricard which are part of the seasonal calendar anyway ) we get nothing on new tracks. But we do get classic cars 8 of them but none of the tracks that they raced on ie turkey,valencia,estoril,san Marino just to name a few.but we get a great career mode lol .When instead what they should be focusing on is giving us no setup sharing on tt. As giving crappy drivers fast setups just makes them fast crappy drivers ,.why we have to give our hard work putting them together to noobs who dont have a brain cell to put a tune together .As in previous F1 games this never happened on the xbox 360, like on f1 2009, where no one could take your tune & therefore you would have fast guy's in lobbys who can drive instead of people treating the hoppers like a demolition derby & another idea i have is maybe on 50%-100% races online, let cars breakdown with either engine or parts failure like in career mode and maybe make the wheel and pad even like in 2015 the 1st game released for the xb1 console .just a few ideas for Codemasters to look at & take in .

    38. BigosBłyskawica

      I have bought!

      1. BigosBłyskawica

        @Aloneforever98 YT Superb!

      2. Aloneforever98 YT

        Same here

    39. 2010 Ford Explorer

      What real men play

    40. Viktor Bakai

      What about damage system??? There is no damage system, am I right??? Very bad!!!

    41. Y1zu

      Im ready to WIN!

    42. TLL productions

      no multiplayer, no buy

    43. yaomicqui

      bugfest 2018

    44. samghost13

      F1 2018 by Codemasters presenting: The ICEMAN Kimi Räikkönen F1 Champion with Ferrari 2007 and 2018 ? One of the Best Drivers and the oldest is soo Fast! Ferrari is like a Rocket compare to Verstappen "The Fishhead or Fishi" a DNF Driver/Car combo! Eat my Dust or Eat Ice Cream sponsored by Kimi the ICECREAM MAN ; )

      1. Fabian 0906

        samghost13 Is that supposed to be fun? And bro Räikkönen is not gonna be WC anytime in thhe future

    45. Gya Gros

      For co-op or splitscreen career use: www.f1career.com. It's still not in the game, a shame. Offline career is well taken care of this year though. Excited nonetheless!

    46. franc esco

      omg this is a beautiful game in the world

    47. Robbe Bloemen

      Im excited

    48. Justice Warrior

      This game is stunning!! You can see they really spent a lot of time and big money in this one and the trailer is awesome!

    49. o 123

      This is a great game i will definitely buy this for my younger brother when it comes out

    50. Eric Gamer

      hope they have an option to remove the halo,its kinda difficult to see or if it stays i guess i have to get used to it

    51. Riff beatbox

      08.24.2018 okay😂 wtf

      1. Redfall Xenos

        It's how the U.S. uses dates.

      2. Insuin Deprived

        xRubm its an american date system

    52. Neomar500

      They should have used the same music as last year :)

    53. Elena Bacciotti

      Ma può piovere ?

    54. Szumixx.


      1. Bleron Preniqi


    55. Stand

    56. Urban Chaos 2.0

      "The most authentic F1 car simulation". Lol, these people are high. The most authentic F1 experience, maybe. But the driving simulation still looks like shit.

    57. Dominooo

      Does it mean we will finally be able to play with players on our level? No dirty players?

      1. Dominooo

        BelievingGold 81 yeah that's what I mean

      2. Insuin Deprived

        Mr. Domino I think so, thats what it looks like anyway Because I think it puts you in games with people with the same safety rating and level as you judging by what they show

    58. Γιωργος Μαυρακακης

      Εχω κανει προ παραγγελια το f 1 παιχνιδαρα μπραβο Αρη εισαι τρομαιρος

    59. El grande Boopkins

      It will be enormous. The evolutions will do a super game. But sadly we have to preorder DLC of the Brawn and Williams.I belive than it will be avalible in a special edition like MP4/4 in F1 2018

    60. SkyBurst

      Who is going to buy this game cos i am :D

    61. RobM

      Much like Fifa, I think one game per generation is enough, feels like a waste of money to buy every year.

      1. Redfall Xenos

        RobM Then dont buy it every year

    62. Skategalaxy04

      No split screen?

    63. Nico 123

      Which Song is this

      1. Fares Nsouli

        "Love me more " Chase and status ft. Emeli Sandé

    64. Bede Young

      That’s all great but will the AI overtake anyone on this game

    65. Dave h

      Still playing f1 2014 on ps3. Cause im a broke ass bitch.

    66. Dave h

      2:20 haas spins. Has to be Romain. G.

      1. Tyler Campbell

        dave 2010 wait... Did erricson hit him?????

    67. Richard Quinn

      AARAVA COMEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    68. peter schiller

      The music was good.

    69. Vasilis Bourtsalas


    70. Vale VR46

      Best game ever

      1. 48some

        untill you get F1 2019

    71. Silvano Diruzzadj

      Cant wait love.this game forza ferrari n 36 challenge.me.the champion hahah

    72. WCR Fish

      Why not use f1 theme?

    73. Pascal Leidenberger

      I think Codemasters and Chase & Status are very Good Friends! 😅

    74. BialyBrC

      Chase & Status ft Emeli Sande - Love me more

    75. Lucas 9725

      We want a normal multiplayer (2 controller-1 Playstation)

      1. Lucas 9725

        Reactive Revolution hoffentlich

      2. Reactive Revolution

        Der eine Typ vielleicht ist ja Split Screen dabei

      3. Lucas 9725

        I want to play with my father

      4. Lucas 9725

        Pascal Leidenberger I know...😑

      5. Pascal Leidenberger

        Der eine Typ this is not a normal Multiplayer in 2018 xD

    76. Oliver Lane

      Small little thing but I'm glad there's an audio name feature lol

      1. Gabriel Klock

        My surname isn't there, i'm sad

    77. Jack Carey

      This looks nuts

    78. Pain Aux Raisin

      online is still going to be garbage im sure

      1. Pain Aux Raisin

        so if i drive clean i won't be paired with dickheads?

      2. Insuin Deprived

        Kino Zomby I think it matches you to people of your level and safety rating

    79. V8Hilux

      Hmmm so they show absolutely ZERO damage... so that means no major update again... your front wing will take a massive wack to get it slightly damaged and will come off in chunks again to keep the sponsor logos intact. I would rather they stripped the cars of all non essential sponsors on the extremities and bring in REALISTIC damage!!! The lack of a decent damage engine in ALL these F1 games just takes the realism out of the game... i don't care about paddock interviews or sitting in the garage to update the fkn car... even though you're the god damned driver and not an engineer... MAKE A HALF DECENT DAMAGE ENGINE FFS!!!!!!!!

      1. Insuin Deprived

        V8HiluxZX6R it's because teams and sponsors don't let them do it because they don't want people to see their cars getting destroyed and torn to pieces because they say its bad for bussiness

    80. palany

      Needs a Nasa`s computer to play

    81. Fab Day01


    82. maiden burgos

      todo esta muy bien menos la musica d fondo...suena horrible,encajaría más algo d hard Rock 😉

    83. Виктор Крам

      Блин, срочно нужно купить комп.

    84. joao santos

      1:07 f1 didn't make that sound animore...v6 engines...

      1. joao santos

        KH28 CrowdSign ok, i didn't see that, you're right...

      2. Tyler Campbell

        They are classic cars. That's why they sound different

      3. joao santos

        Pascal Leidenberger yap

      4. Pascal Leidenberger

        joao santos Really?

    85. imraan julius

      The cars look shit with that thing infront of camera. Even in live race they cover it with throttle and brakes images 😂

    86. PaTTy

      Wenn Kimi keine Sonnenbrille aufhat und nicht immer cool bleibt dann ist es unrealistisch

    87. Cody Slab

      *Another pay to win garbage?*

      1. Tyler Campbell

        Cody Slab *ricciardo*

      2. Cody Slab

        hmmmmmmmmmmmm, its hard to process after news that ricky-yardo is now joining Renault

      3. Pascal Leidenberger

        Cody Slab no. No mikrotransactions!

    88. Zorglub Z

      No VR makes F1 2018 just another mainstream product that caters to the common denominator. VR should be as standard as wheel support in a racing game. It's not always about making $$$, it's about being at the forefront and building long-term goodwill.

      1. Tyler Campbell

        Zorglub Z there is wheel support in f1 2018. Any racing wheel on pc, ps4 and xbox one will work on the game

    89. WhyAreYouReadingThis? Stalker

      There had better be a way to toggle the fooking halo out!!

      1. Tyler Campbell

        WhyAreYouReadingThis? Stalker there's a way to remove the little bar thing on the halo from in cockpit cam. In my opinion, the halo looks pretty good in this game

    90. norahCCharon

      I hope i can make headlines with my helmet off,i don't want to see those shitty ass looking helmets in cutscenes,having to deal with them during my career is disgusting enough!

    91. Owen Matthews

      When you have more than 90 000 rp

    92. LegendarySiqx awb

      Well done Codemasters! I'm happy with the new F1 game!

    93. Luke

      Too bad there's no f2 or 3 like Moto gp

    94. Justice Warrior

      The first good F1 game!!! It only took them almost 20 years!

      1. G_ Webb21

        2006 AI was good 😂but it's not codemasters'

      2. Tyler Campbell

        XpoZedBeatz I like how you skipped f1 2011 there.

      3. XpoZedBeatz

        2010, 2012 and 2013 were good...

    95. Justice Warrior

      I'll using the hypersoft tires for everything like a real noob!!

      1. Dutchguy712

        @Svenska Soldaten those pink

      2. Connor Pelkmans

        Good luck trying not to get DSQed

      3. Justice Warrior

        BelievingGold 81 I'm taking about the real race itself

      4. Insuin Deprived

        Justice Warrior well in some circuits in qualifying you'll have to because the AI will use them in those circuits to set fast laps so I'm afraid you'll have to get over "playing like a real noob"

    96. Charles Wesley

      I wish they make Nascar games there good at what they do..

    97. TJ1999

      The camera flashes in the logo like 2010 , this promised ,but , fucking halo wish out It in the game

    98. Paul

      The thumbnail

    99. Samuel Rodrigues

      Name music ?

      1. twitchingdan

        lucas gamesbr "love me more"

    100. P P

      2:27 08.24.2018 😂😂😂

      1. Bradley Morris

        It in American calander😰

      2. DonAmoS / Path Pad0riX

        du hast dich grad selbst zum affen gemacht😂

      3. Pascal Leidenberger

        superspieler ph and?