Evolution of F1 Games 1979-2020


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    Evolution of F1 Games 1979-2020
    1979 Monaco GP
    1981 Turbo
    1982 Pole Position
    1983 Chequered Flag
    1984 F-1 Race
    1985 Formula 1 Simulator
    1985 Formula One
    1987 Continental Circus
    1988 Winning Run
    1989 Super Monaco GP
    1990 Final Lap 2
    1991 Formula One Grand Prix
    1992 F1 Super Lap
    1993 Formula One
    1994 Formula One World Championship: Beyond the Limit
    1995 Grand Prix 2
    1995 F1 Challenge
    1996 Formula 1
    1997 Formula 1 97
    1997 F1 Racing Simulation
    1998 Prost Grand Prix
    1999 Formula One 99
    2000 F1
    2001 Formula One
    2002 Grand Prix 4
    2002 Formula One
    2003 Formula One
    2004 Formula One 04
    2005 Formula One 05
    2005 F1 Grand Prix
    2006 Formula One 06
    2006 Formula One Championship Edition
    2009 F1
    2010 F1
    2011 F1
    2012 F1
    2013 F1
    2014 F1
    2015 F1
    2016 F1
    2017 F1
    2018 F1
    2019 F1
    2020 F1
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    We’re lifelong video game enthusiasts with a passion for showing the world how our favorite hobby has grown with us, from individual series to industry-wide retrospectives.
    We put significant time and creative effort into each one of our videos, including research, digging into archives, recording voiceovers, and editing. Every video takes as many as 10 hours to produce, because we strive to give our fans consistent, high-quality content.
    Our popular “Evolution of...” series goes far beyond simply presenting gameplay footage. We take the time to show how a video game property - its gameplay, character designs, graphics, sound direction, etc. - have evolved over time. We include unique voiceover work on each video to enhance the viewing experience.
    People have been playing video games for decades. In that time, we’ve gone from moving a white line up and down to block a moving pixel, to participating in full-fledged, painstakingly rendered real-time battles with people all over the world. We help older gamers look back on how these experiences have changed throughout their lives, and new gamers to understand the broader context of the series they’re playing for the first time today.
    The video game medium never stops growing, and we’ll never stop chronicling its evolution.
    Recording, Editing, and voice over were made by me.

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    1. Nixian

      Evolution of Racing Video Games 1981-2020 ----->> trlocal.info/u/video/dpiwma6qpoW8m2c

      1. Brunamici1

        Ad forza motorports

    2. LED-01

      The number of games that are simply called "F1" or "Formula One" it's a bit baffling.


      2009 F1, u made a mistake, that's from 2002 more a less

    4. Marco Roberts

      5:10 just a reminder that this was the year toy story came out

    5. Nick Saunders

      What happened to F1 World Grand Prix and F1 World Grand Prix 2? Both on the N64 and great games.

    6. Spoilerz05

      man these gameplays are bad

    7. Lightningfun 64

      Pole position Atari 800 my favourite

    8. YeuTheGamer_Xx

      Continental Circus is still a legend game of f1

    9. Andy Chen

      The 1979 game was literally about going heroics into a Sainte Devote that doesn’t even exist

    10. Ssss Ssss

      You missed out GP3!

    11. Roborav D

      The speed is a bit too slow on the latest ones you don't get that rush when you see them on TV through their camera on board the car. They need make the cars more faster and everything whizzing by like you see on TV. That's the only thing they have got not right.

    12. Donkey Dem

      I don’t know how this was possible but thank you.

    13. Philip Matthews

      I loved 1985 F1. Played that gane so much. More a simple strategy type game. Remeber having a different ream with my friends and having to control the pit men to change tyres and fix the engine.

    14. Stephan G.

      The best was Racing Simulation 3. It had many realistic car failures (engine smoke, for example).

    15. Edson Bueno

      2000 and 2001 best ever. 2013 last great sound 2014 bees ......

    16. Akarshan Arun Sinha

      i have 1984 game in sup 400 in 1

    17. bfg9000d1

      Maybe it's me but it seems like in the early 2000's they got into a rut graphically speaking. GP4 was a big jump I guess and it took a while to advance from that. Don't get me wrong there was some advancement but nothing inspiring. It wasn't until F1 2011 that it looks like a push forward was made.

    18. neonpop80

      Looks the same

    19. Ângelo Valim


    20. Emanuele Salvagnini

      ...when our games will appear to new gen like the 80s games for us, un I’m sure it will happen

    21. Anthony Cutt

      Continental Circus was epic. I spent a whole evening at Butlins playing it, even though it meant I missed the Chuckle Brothers. Sacrifice!

    22. jj s

      1988 Was impressive, with banking cornes.

    23. Rich83

      Dude it's Mon O co, not Ma naco

    24. jesus maurcio

      brutal la evolucion del año 1996-1997

    25. Viktor Eremeev


    26. Viktor Eremeev

      F1 Challenge 99-02?

    27. Fauzan Farsya

      Karakter pembalap F1 saya adalah Sebastian Vettel

    28. Dalozsan The Fox

      Where is F1 challenge

    29. The Rakyat Warrior

      Ads:Realistic Graphics The Actual Game: 0:38

    30. Эпизоды

      version of 2019 looks better than 2020

    31. Всё серьёзно!

      В 2025-м будет посимпотичней

    32. S. Fuchs

      That's cool. In 1995, me and a couple of friends started to play Grand Prix 2. I can remember, that we are all were impressed by the "excellent" graphics and the detailed physics of the Cars in this Game. We played this game so many nights from the evening to the break of dawn. And in the middle of the night, when the beer was empty, it was very dificult to hold the car on track... 🤣🤣 And now, 25 years later, i'm playing the F1-2017 simulation since a few days - just to see, if the feeling is the same. It is. So i will buy the F1-2020 Simulation now - and for the next few months my nights will be saved - and, also, my boyfriend can sleep in peace🤣🤣🤣

    33. Arthur Morgan

      Where is GP3?

    34. 1 Park

      Did this guy just started the video saying "manáco"? It's Monaco dude say it right

    35. Kirolos gaming pro

      Where is real racing

    36. Jake K

      Hey good video man, included a lot of games and the presentation was good, but maybe just keep the subtitles by themselves next time. Saying the name and year with nothing else creates a kind of awkward feeling especially considering this type of video format works best with just audio from the games. You also fucked up saying Monaco twice which didn’t really mesh well with the perfectly spelled version on the subtitle.

    37. Tman456

      The way you said Monaco is so bad


      Where is Grand prix 3?????

    39. p80mod

      In 1988 there was a great simulator released: Grand Prix Circuit. Instead, you're showing us some stupid arcades.

    40. Jolanda de Kwaadsteniet

      It never changed....f1 is shit

    41. Carlos Sierra l Simracing VZLA

      And The Grand Prix 3 (1998), Grand Prix 3 Season 2000, And My Favorite F1 Game F1 Challenge 99 - 02 (2003) ???

    42. Jose Rodriguez

      1987 continental circus looked better than all of 1988-1998

    43. Dušan Čičerikov

      You forgot 2007 F1 Challenge

    44. samet taydas

      1983-1985 years so bad games 🤔

    45. Yorgos2007

      Many of the old games selected for this video were made for arcade machines. That's why sometimes it seems that there was some step backwards in graphics. It is not fair to compare an arcade video game to a game developed for a contemporary home computer platform (like e.g. Chequered Flag for the 8-bit Sinclair ZX Spectrum with 15-colour 256*192 resolution graphics).

    46. Stefano Martinelli

      1979 and 1982 🔝

    47. Phill Carter

      Grand Prix 2 in 1995 was SUCH a leap forwards, the few games after just looked so dated compared

    48. OscarBet99

      2:38 Impressive graphics. I imagine people back then thinking those were the most realistic graphics in a game

      1. Rob McKay

        That’s exactly what we were thinking ☺️

    49. Norry S.

      F1 2010 - F1 2020... same procedure as every Year.. same like Fifa... Full Price Game for an Update

    50. Jean-Luc Crepin

      I've played several f1 games. To me, the best is f1 97 without any doubt!

    51. gbessone

      2006 looked amazing considering the year

    52. kingthepro14

      10:33 this is awesome!

    53. Trekan Belluvitsh

      It is interesting to see that it needed some time to get a significant progress from "Pole Position".

    54. DaNangBoyzz

      There are a few things on earth that are impossible, one of them is a product of a human mating with a fish able to live underwater and the other one is overtaking an arrows on the straight so easy without him having a capital engine failure

    55. Michael Tian

      3:15 i think u said it or wrote it wrong

      1. Michael Tian

        @King Crimson aight

      2. King Crimson

        No he's right

      3. Michael Tian

        same here i think 6:14

    56. Kasra 14

      From 2006 onward I’d play

    57. Giovino Bonannino

      Wait...2009 is after 2006?

    58. Ponce Bangit

      The 2013 is the best

    59. Bot Human

      The same game over over f1 f1 f1

    60. GTAGIS

      RIP F1 : 1950-1994 Today evolution of Formula Parking by Duracell

    61. Darwin Bustamante

      falto los pith

    62. Peyters

      Very creative game names! F1

    63. nickname87

      F1 2020 need most realistic sound, gameplay and real car onboard the sound is different, wait for 2021 and new next gen consoles

    64. Sir Daniel

      94 to 95 was the biggest jump

    65. Oleg Capovani

      Where is Grand Prix Legends?

    66. wdaswwqads

      Where is live for speed

    67. Corrupt_president 04

      Learn to pronounce Monaco right the dumb ass

    68. DarkMagic666

      Too bad the cars sound like busses after 2013

    69. DarkMagic666

      "MON-aco" not "mon-A-co"

    70. İsmail Çetin

      1984 Nintendo .. number 1

    71. Tony Wright


    72. Jerôme Bernard

      Oh, I loved formule one 95 with Schumacher and I played at Formule one 97 and 2000 after I stoped, it's my brother than had continued

    73. Nick Mascitti

      did he just say mon auco?

    74. FlyingAce1235

      in my opinioin 1999-2006 with an exception for F12005 grand prix, they all looked better than F12009

    75. Duncan Atkinson

      Monarco gp?

    76. Cameron Ermini

      Ma-Nah-Kow?! Lol come on man!!!!! it’s Mo-Nah-Kow

    77. Damar Fadlan

      The F1 series found their peak from F1 2016.

    78. Konsta Vilkman

      Boy in 1979: I want to go to Monaco GP. His mum: but we have Monaco at home. Monaco GP 1979: 0:00.

    79. Antonio Clown #84

      Still playing f1 2012

    80. Kevin Jeng

      Where is the F1 99-02 by EA?

    81. jernejj5

      GP2 was the game I played the most.

    82. Dargo

      lol 1985 engine is just deep “buuuuuuurrrrrrrr” even though its 8000+ revs

      1. kim

        Should have been called tractor race

    83. Dargo

      1979 No gears... lol

    84. King Ozymandias

      '91 Formula 1 Grand prix all the way👍🏻

    85. Antonio Mazzola

      I like F1 2020

    86. riquelmeone

      Grand Prix 3 is missing.

    87. Play • Pause • Stop

      I am preparing similar content. you can browse my channel

    88. mohd izani abdul majid

      Just imagine in 2040....😎

    89. sean riopel

      Wtf ma-nock-o? Try mon-a-co. How can you have a video about F1 and not pronounce one of the most famous tracks in it? Shame on you.

    90. ToneLoc

      “F1” seems pretty good

    91. ToneLoc

      You missed “Revs” the most important one of all....

    92. Marl Kalone

      "Moe-nah-ko" sounds like an African rapper's name.

      1. Panos - Sim Racer

        Haha, true!!!

    93. YaddelsDude Gaming

      Dude, you repeating every single game outloud was the most annoying thing ever. And you pronounced "Monaco" wrong

    94. 75huisho

      Hubiera sido interesante saber de que consolas eran los juegos

    95. Soporte Gamer

      monaco gp in a straight line WTF hahahahahaha lmao...

    96. Hahalek

      Since 2018 I feel more secure - thanks to the Halo system

    97. Nincs


    98. Ivan Polyacov

      Many old games missed. At least GPU (Grand Prix Unlimited, I think it was 1991 or maybe 1990)

    99. peterprm19ify

      1995 Grand Prix 2...now we are talking!!!!!

    100. João Márcio Rios

      Where is Enduro from Atari???