Every F1 Game With Red Flag


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    A compilation of every (official) Formula 1 game which included the red flag feature. Afaik there are only 6 games, which has red flag in one or another way.
    Credits go to the creators of following clips:
    SerialKlillerrr: trlocal.info/u/video/q5xwcNbWuZqarZ4
    Joey T: trlocal.info/u/video/iYunrqiYr4naYms
    The other clips were my gameplay footages.
    The present F1 developer and publisher, Codemasters, has on several occations in the past few years shown in their (hidden) game files, that they thought about implementing red flags in the game in the near future.
    Below are some interesting sources, you should check out:
    Mantazzo discovering the red flag icon in F1 2020: mantazzo/status/1287803478090407936
    Jeff's lines about red flags (from F1 2018, however if you extract the files from F1 2020, you'll get excatly same lines):
    F1 2013 - Main Menu Theme

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    1. Mariota

      Red Flag with Maldonado and Grosjean* 100% original

    2. Net597

      Where do you even get a copy of F1 2013 these days?

    3. Tyler Can

      3:47 Why did he got no damage after this crash?

    4. GarkKahn

      For f1 2014 Without patches the only thing you need to win in monaco is simply survive turn 1 because ai is so stupid that will cause a monaco 1996 right there

    5. GarkKahn

      *F1 2014* Proceeds to simply choose a race in monaco and just wait

    6. Valentijn Willems


    7. Davj -05

      5:16 😔 F for red flags

    8. Zuch Ocampo


    9. Peter Weer


    10. Revvy


    11. Mark Young

      F1 2001?

    12. Musik singkat sa

      👍👍thanks for sharing👍

    13. Nutelko8

      F1 2006 and the Championship edition shits on any current f1 game.

    14. Ikcatcher

      Kinda pathetic modern Codemasters games are too lazy to implement this, they think turning cars into ghosts makes for more realistic gameplay

    15. Lewis Hughson

      Did anyone notice Jean-Eric Vergne flying over about 6 cars in F1 2013?

    16. Michael Delgado


    17. Kristers Mucenieks

      Get your credit card waiting for f1 2021 cuz prob you'll need to pay for red flags

    18. Jeffrey ten thije

      Wait, red flags in the f1 2020 files? What's going on codies, where is it.. I've had enough incidents already in my career (hamilton going for a front flip at spa after ai generated crash) wich didnt even bring out a sc

      1. JP Racing

        Yeah same here these guys are absolutely destroying the franchise, yesterday I raced in Spa for MyTeam and 2 AI cars crashed heavily in eau rouge and we just had a VSC for like 20 seconds

    19. darien taylor

      Random fact but as of last year Jean Alesi’s son guliano was racing in f2

    20. avif Priangga

      3:44 *crash like this on f1 2020 the game : yep virtual safety car

    21. StoneXL

      To be more specific: The Codemasters F1 games display a red flag only when the safety car's path is blocked (that's why it comes out so much sooner the closer you are to the pit exit). So I imagine it was implemented as some sort of countermeasure to prevent the game from having a meltdown.

    22. Cm Leo145

      3:49 they need to bring rear wing damage back

      1. PAV

        @Iceman yeah

      2. Iceman

        @PAV yeah i agree, it have many unrealistic things, like the almost 90 degrees turn in the pit lane, the rear wing is harder than Thanos to get out of the way, there's no "flat ground" damage (or how it's called in english)... Also no red flag and lot of bugs with VSC, SC, AI and others lol

      3. PAV

        @Iceman that's what I mean Cuz like you crash very VERY hard and your tyre still on the car

      4. Iceman

        @PAV Well, real life F1 cars have a protection to avoid tires to come off and hit the crowd (as happened in the past), so it's normal that, unless really big collision, it'll not come off.

      5. Cm Leo145

        @PAV 😂😁

    23. lukers

      Hearing his voice on the classic games is just. *heavenly*

    24. JP01

      I'll be f*cking piss if codemasters/EA don't implement red flags again on F1 2021

    25. Daniel Kelterbaum

      Thanks for the video. I have to say that I think the other formula one games from the new gen is really a backstep. Yes, the graphic is much better but that's it. The car damage is so silly. If I take a look to rfactor 2, THIS is a really good car damage. Or if I look at grand prix 2, 3 or 4, this car damage model is better too. I have the formula 1 2020 game and I have to say that I'll be really disappointed about the game. It's not fair to the players.

    26. Pat: CS

      Maldonado would be proud

    27. Cleared Hot

      Oh god, that F1 2013 music gave me the best hit of nostalgia. Thank you algorithm!

    28. Paul

      Only in Monaco...


      Ngl, that clip of the Williams in F1 2012, I thought was a video to start with and not a game 😂

    30. Mark Matthews

      We need this back.

    31. 部首

      Wow, i didn't know that it was in F1 games, but it is kind of useless, because you dont wait, because that would be stupid

    32. Ertug F

      Why u played 24 lap at 2011 xd

    33. matthew c

      maldonado doing maldonado things very routine i expect that well done maldonado amazing maldonado u make the best red flags

    34. Jayqo

      They couldn’t use them in 2020 cause no one would ever finish an online race

    35. Πέτρος Παπαγεωργίου

      maldonaldo vibes in f1 2012

    36. DutchTrains

      Commentary in a session is great

    37. 33- Swagato Sen

      Yeah we're gonna see tons of red flags for no apparent reason once EA takes over Codemasters

    38. NFSU2 Java Still Cancelled SoZ

      Guy in the Pit: Maldonado what are u doing? Maldonado: Just doing my stuff and causing a Red Flag

    39. Bu Buka

      I played F1 2011 and 2014, but I didn't know they have red flag.

    40. Atrail McKinley

      If F1 2021 doesn't have red flags, imma be disappointed

    41. Vector L

      Maldonado was the best F1 driver in existence

    42. Obi Wan Kenobi

      But I hope when it returns that you can drive back to the grid by yourself

    43. Niceguyman

      4:10 I love how he’s playing as Maldonado

    44. Fauzi Firdauss

      Put Grosjean like we won’t notice eh?

    45. Earth

      How you make these damage in f1 2012? If yes, its possible in xbox 360 demo version?

    46. Trains4lyf

      damn i always kinda wanted a tv broadcast voice pack (like sports games do) as an optional setting for races and qualifying but i never knew it used to actually exist like in the first clip would make career mode races a lot more drama filled like in real life being able to know whats happening elsewhere in the pack by the announcers. obc it would need to be optional bc that shit would be distracting trying to push the limits.

      1. GEO Burners

        Exactly what I thought too

    47. aidan drury

      I think they should bring the red flag back because there's some situations which won't resolve with a safety car

    48. Moni

      Plot twist, he's just bad at f1 games and made this video as an excuse.

      1. Ahnaf Wisnu


    49. Κωνσταντίνος Θεοδοσίδης

      Great use of Maldonado

    50. I don't know What to call this channel

      4:06 dream come true

    51. Tropicaljoey

      I have never had the SC or VSC in my F1 2020 (my team career) and yes i have the settings SC on, that sucks..

    52. Amir Azraei

      how i wish there is red flag nowadays

    53. _pa0l194 _

      to bad red flags where never implemented correctly in either of those games... i would guessed that codemasters knew the f1 rulebook in their games from 2011 to 2014

    54. galaxy

      I wish this was in nascar heat 5

    55. Rahman Hakim

      I like how he added details like using Maldonator

    56. Afiq Kamarudin

      bring back red flag in 2021

    57. Kevin Ramscheidt Fotografie

      If mick Schumacher had a race with restarta........ ITS A PODIUM WITH HAAS 🥰😅

    58. Captain_ Nesquik

      Jean Eric Vergne just fly in f1 2013 !! 😂 And he's left wing was broken, we can broke it ?

    59. wolFFGang 76

      4:02 the same thing except the cars are hideous

    60. wolFFGang 76

      3:40 that overtake though

      1. Yue Fei

        Well he went for the gap before it no longer existed

      2. Dragon KRIEG

        result of Maldonado's 1% success rate

      3. BadDay - Lets Plays

        need to overtake need to crash

    61. Iceman

      Can u show us the voice lines for Jeff talking about red flags?

      1. Iceman

        @kalextrasher thanks

      2. kalextrasher

        Sure, here it is: twitter.com/kalextrasher/status/1348003883910631425

    62. The Tigeroza

      And every F1 game made after 2014 doesn’t have a red flag which is just sad ...

    63. Nico Rosberg F1 Fan

      I like how you chose Maldonado and Grosjean for F1 2012 - F1 2014

      1. Zenon 45

        @Nico Rosberg F1 Fan which he did 15 out of 19 times in 2013. Not bad for a driver that seems to have a worse reputation than pastor Maldonado

      2. Nico Rosberg F1 Fan

        @Zenon 45 Yeah Grosjean was quick in 2012 and 2013 if he survived the first corner

      3. Zenon 45

        @Nico Rosberg F1 Fan yeah. Regardless of what you think of Grosjean the kimi Romain team was actually a pretty good combination. Grosjean isn't exactly a slow driver

      4. Nico Rosberg F1 Fan

        @Zenon 45 Except for the 2014 car they were

      5. Zenon 45

        Those lotus' were fast you know

    64. محارب

      And why did they remove it

    65. danverss

      In 2013 a red flag can occur when there's a retired car in the middle of the track, you don't always have to create a pile up

    66. TundeTheEpic

      Pause at 3:49. Now we lose our rear wings.

    67. DKW

      Why your ps1 footage looks with nice resolution?

    68. isaac gaming 21

      3:48 Red Bull gives you wings

      1. iiExplosionz12

        I just collapsed while watching this part 🤣🤣😭😭

    69. Grindcore Rager 40

      Lucky bvstard for not getting DQ'd doing that in F1 2011; I always do if I do so.

    70. THE Riften Guard

      why does f1 2011 have a FAR BETTER damage model? lol

    71. THE Riften Guard

      im amazed how older f1 games show more quality that freakin f1 2020

    72. Pineapple

      We want F1 game with commentary back!

    73. CT5

      Red flags need to be in F1 2021

      1. Thee125guy

        do you think that would happen with ea in charge of making the game

      2. Connor Sargent



      Be cool if they came back also why not add barrier movement

    75. eskimosPL is Drivin'

      Let's be honest - red flag was removed, because you can't simulate almost none red flags from reality in the game. During normal gameplay probably no one never saw it.

      1. Robert Watson

        I have had multiple races in normal career mode in Baku where a red flag would be appropriate and the crash was fully caused by the AI

      2. Tegar Satriyo

        Cus when some cars make a huge pileup, they'll be ghost. If they decide to keep damaged model or pileup as a solid object then put the red flag in the game will make sense. That's something that I really think any developer should do in this new console generation. But I don't think It'll be codemasters since they're so far from realistic damage or gameplay, I think other game like iracing or assetto corsa should try it tho.

      3. Samuele Capirola

        That's what people won't understand...tbh I'd like if they include that again but we're all now in normal circumstances isn't "realistic"

    76. BlueFlag Alpha

      I like how you use Maldonado to crash into Vettel

    77. Crirave_SimDriver 06

      did vergne just flown over mark webber? 3:47

      1. Nacho Alvarez

        No he did over Adrian Sutil

    78. lookatfrance

      red flag starter pack : monaco maldonado

      1. Shitass

        $4.99 to unlock. Or... If you cannot, select another driver.

    79. Vale M

      I once had a red flag in my career race in F1 2013 in Monaco after a lapped car went straight on to the racing line after I passed him and crashed out. He created a huge pile up and eventually a red flag. But the red flag is completely broken. All the cars that didn’t cross the line to start the new lap, were all one lap behind. Only five cars, including myself, crossed the line and resumed on the actual lap

      1. _pa0l194 _

        red flags in codemasters games where always a big mess. they never implemented it correctly. in reality the order in theast full lap before the red flag situation is used for the new starting ordner. codemasters never understood that which perfectly shows that they have no love for f1 at all. i never missed a single practice session since 1998 and codemasters f2 is a disgrace to the sport

      2. PAV

        Thats probably why codemasters removed the red flag

    80. Abdul Juanito Adoma

      I still don't understand why Codemasters took the red flag out

      1. Henrique Mota

        @部首 but thats a major part in F1 races in real life, and the game is suposed to be a reflection of the real life, its a feature that needs to be in, its like making a soccer game without the mechanic of players losing games by injury

      2. 部首

        I think in game Red flag is useless, because you dont wait, because that would be stupid

      3. aidan drury

        I think it's quite important especially when the road is completely blocked because otherwise you get disqualified for stopping on track

      4. Mr Bones

        provably because moving to the 8th gen was quite a task in itself for codemasters. take a look at F1 2015, that game didn't even had safety car, later they added it, split screen and other stuff aswell

    81. leewat

      Romain are you okay?

      1. N2144

        Yeah, that f****** f***** f***** my f****** car and he f****** get the f*** away with it!

    82. Bartłomiej Podstawka Music

      I managed to do it on my 8th try in F1 2011 Before I got 3 SC and 4 DSQ XDDDD

    83. Noah Da Silva

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      1. William Warby

        @Noah Da Silva The way your going your heading too an insane asylum but ok homie

      2. Noah Da Silva

        @William Warby no, I won't see you in hell. But I could see you in heaven, if you accept Jesus. :)

      3. William Warby

        @Noah Da Silva Well in that case I'll see you in hell pal . Actin like a cultist or sum shit

      4. Noah Da Silva

        @William Warby Jesus is not "hiding" God is literally being patient with the world. What is *messed up* is that we are so bad that we need over "two millenniums" for the world to get right with Jesus. In fact billions of people, reject Jesus and disrespect him like you are doing. lets say Jesus came now, billions of people would be sent to hell, for chosing to live in sin. Before Jesus comes, the whole world needs to know about him, and God wants as many people as possible to be saved so they don't go to hell.

      5. William Warby

        @Noah Da Silva So your telling me the bastards been hiding for 2 millenniums in the clouds , sounds like a fucked up game of hide and seek. Better yet why did you comment an entire prayer on an F1 game red flag video

    84. Noah Da Silva

      Lord Jesus, I am a sinner I ask for Your forgiveness I know You died for my sins and rose from the dead I accept you as lord and saviour.

      1. Noah Da Silva

        @William Warby how?

      2. William Warby

        Your such a joke lmao

    85. Felipe Gálvez

      2:41 Maldonado's Style

    86. josh bygrave

      You know I didn't even know there was that many f1 games but ye thanks for letting me and everyone know. ✨🌈

      1. BerzerkIsNotAqt

        @LeCrocodile XD

      2. LeCrocodile

        @Emre gay flags have to be everywhere, you forgot ?

      3. Dokilla

        @Emre he gay

      4. Emre

        Wtf is that emojis lol

    87. László Riczu

      I can't believe that f1 2020 game has no red flags

      1. Noah Da Silva

        If you haven't accept Jesus as lord and saviour...here is a Salvation prayer Dear Lord Jesus, I know that I am a sinner, and I ask for Your forgiveness of all of my sins. I accept you as my lord and my saviour. I believe that you died on the cross for the sins of the world. I also belive in my heart that God rose you from the dead 3 days later. I turn away from my sins and invite You to come into my heart and life. I want to trust and follow You as my Lord and Saviour. Thank you Jesus.. In Jesus mighty name Amen

      2. László Riczu

        @Luu Duong Hy yeah i know but they didn't add it to the game. I hope they will add that in 2021 game

      3. Luu Duong Hy

        If you look for game file however, you can find the icon for red flag.

    88. Bartłomiej Podstawka Music

      3:44 Okay this crash was spectacular XD

      1. SpartaLeaf

        @Rasos Red Bull gives you wiiiings

      2. Noah Riccardi

        love how they call it a serious incident between only three listed cars as if half the grid hasn't just retired

      3. Yalçın Öztürk

        Nine cars retired in three seconds

      4. Rasos

        @HRL_01 yeah ikr :D

      5. HelloItsJames

        Jeean Eric was grosjean in that scene

    89. Iciee

      I want red flags and yellow and orange stripped flag to come back 2021 game. For the yellow and orange stripped flag, add actual oil in the track.

      1. Adam Sales

        Also floor and exhaust damage

      2. Mohd Shafi

        ofc u expect EA to do dat

      3. Sharl legreg

        @AviaNerd it’s in the game

      4. AviaNerd

        EA: N o

      5. Sharl legreg

        @iVladX 17 they will only release the game and such they won’t make it so don’t let your hopes down yet

    90. Cristina Torre

      2:41 typical maldonado

      1. Shitass

        The king of memes in Formula One

    91. Lightening McQueen

      Interesting. Such a shame that we haven't got any games for eighth-generation consoles with red flags.

      1. FireNerf21

        @Lightening McQueen Wydm?

      2. Lightening McQueen

        @FireNerf21 I don't understand.

      3. FireNerf21

        @Lightening McQueen wat

      4. Lightening McQueen

        @NFSU2 Java Still Cancelled SoZ I guess?

      5. NFSU2 Java Still Cancelled SoZ

        you want a Cars Simulator Legend?

    92. ThatGuyWithGlasses

      3:59 Okay, that got a tiny chuckle out of me.

    93. Marcos Bremermann

      In F1 2006 PS2 you could also have a red flag by making a pileup of cars

    94. 86 Official

      On F1 World Grand Prix I started a quick race in Belgium and there were 2(!?) red flags and i thought it was a glitch, however it was 3rd time lucky and if there really was a bug it was eventually resolved

    95. Thomas Kloos

      I just now realised he's playing as Grosjean.

      1. sharle legreck

        What about decheesarice

      2. Luka matzen

        And Maldonado

      3. Pollux_id

        and jean alesi

      4. Thomas Kloos

        And Maldonado lmao

    96. Owen Carlson

      I really enjoyed this video. Keep it up!

    97. Pubgg G

      Good video