Deep Focus - Music For Studying, Concentration and Work

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    Enjoy this Deep Focus Music for Studying, Concentration and Work from Quiet Quest Study Music.
    This relaxing music to study combines soothing ambient music with beautiful nature images, so you can play in the background while you focus on your exams.
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    Listening to focus music for deep concentration while you study can help you with memory retention and recall.
    This deep focus music can also be used for work, reading and writing.
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    Music by Quiet Quest - Study Music
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    1. Story Teller - Baby Sleep Music

      Dear Simon, I would just like to say that we really appreciate your amazing work with Quiet Quest - Study Music. Thank you so much for putting in all the effort, the results are brilliant! Our day definitely gets more fulfilling when playing your videos, so we are really grateful!

      1. D Ojo

        Ditto to all the thank you comments and I specifically thank you for not adding adverts to this 💪👌

      2. LOOP

        @cong nghiep daiduongxanh good job!

      3. Gavin Downs

        I have adhd, and the end of the semester is this friday. I have some pretty big missing assignments. It's really hard to focus, and this is my last resort. I sure hope this works...

      4. Milo E

        @cong nghiep daiduongxanh Dude it's not funny to copy. Someone actually had final exams for medical and you decided it's a good idea to copy? I can understand that maybe you got the same score or some other reason but these things are important to people and it won't work out if copying is worth it or not. It's not good that you made so many people think you really passed final exams for medical. Not the best choice man, just sayin'. :I

      5. Milo E

        @cong nghiep daiduongxanh Nice job!

    2. Mosammat Nazmun Nahar

      I looked at the number of views and the date of uploading and I was so amazed that they managed to reach 5million+++ views in less than a day. But then I realised that today is January 20th 2021 and this was uploaded exactly a year ago, not today. Now it's starting to sink in that we're in the year 2021 and 2020 has gone by in a blur.

    3. ImperialShadowRodent 1

      Amazing, but maybe turn off the comments cause I cant stop reading 😂

    4. Khong Muon

      Poor dog I liked my own commet how sad.

    5. Faith May

      Great work love the song

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      Deep Focus Yes, but I can't stop reading the comments below.

    8. Thinkin' with Lincoln

      Thanks for the music I literally use it every day

    9. Danyal Danish

      To anyone listening out there, this really helps. Keep listening & get on working

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    11. Jennifer Lee

      it's ok

    12. Jennifer Lee

      i love it! very helpful.😊 ❤️❤️

    13. SAM

      Hi random person. I just want to tell you that you will pass your exams and every other things you do. Be positive on what you do and one day all your hard work will pay off. Have a good day.

    14. Therese Delos reyes

      the thing is i have this music on great right but my brain is empty so how the freak am i gonna do this assignments when i dont know anything the frivck

    15. Khong Muon

      Very nice….

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      *Everyone here trying to study* *me trying to finish 34 missing assignments*

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        Wow same🤣🤣🤣

      2. Emira Kuka

        sammmeee my prof. made us write the whole book up, and im drained my shoulders are numb as hell

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    20. Abel Rock Gaspar Edwards

      This helps me a lot with concentrating with homework, I really appreciate it.

    21. Erin Lanigan

      This music makes me so emotional. Like the end of a movie where the main character is driving away into change, and you are sitting there sobbing happily. Deep feels. Thank you. I needed that.

    22. Laz Noyb

      i appreciate the effort. but this new age elevator music makes it almost unbearable to me. i prefer some american indian flute music, or some mellow middle eastern oud music.

    23. Caroline Bell

      Who watches this video so often, that every time they see the cows they get excited?!🐄🐄

    24. Tranquil Music

      The vibration of music surely makes a good impact on my mind. Thank you

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      Now I'm focusing on comments..

    27. Teresa Chen

      Thank you so much for sharing so beautiful music. I am feeling peaceful and grateful.

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      By any chance, is this tuned to 432Hz?

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      When You're Trying To Focus, But Can't Stop Watching This Video 😫

      1. Nicolás González-Jiménez

        I mean, it shouldnt have such beautiful images to distract us :'(

    33. Arpit Raj singh

      Go study why u looking in comment section vruu!😂

    34. Selina A.

      How amazing is Mother Nature? Like whaaat... I can't stress this enough. It's a gift that we are living on this beautiful earth. Always be thankful for nature. 💚

      1. Laz Noyb

        indeed. humans are part of nature. yet so many humans behave in ways that directly and indirectly destroy this gorgeous rock and so much of the life and beauty on it. it is why i wonder if the human species has lost the innate drive for species survival.

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    46. Ignite the Inferno

      Hello dear fellow college peeps! Hope you all have a great semester!

    47. Nick Jones

      How can I focus with all this awesome footage

      1. Mystical Ambient Vibes

        :) defintely agree - awesome views

    48. passionchamp

      How could I possibly focus on ANYTHING but these BEAUTIFUL DRONE SHOTS?!?... what was I supposed to be doing now? Hmmm, must have not been important.

    49. REDACTED

      Two mountains will never meet each other. But Humans will -Kolya that storyteller

    50. Kandian Neha

      Am I the only one searching in the comment section, does this works .Whatever it works or not, I hope that u are able to concentrate on ur studies and reach ur goal 😊💜💜

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      This music goes great with rain

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        love the sound of rain too with this kind of music :)

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      This is sooo relaxing when I'm studying

    62. Bfjmha

      This is damn soothing

    63. nads imran

      This music is making me stare at my book and think about how nothing is okay

    64. purplexlight _

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    77. SpendingTimeTogether

      Awesome and soothing with great views.

    78. Soothed To Sleep

      If you are having difficult moments, things will get better for you! Keep going on to better times! Peace for you my friends!

    79. Mariah Lee

      hoping that this music helps me pass state testing lol

    80. András Kanti

      Good luck for the test tomorrow😉

    81. Victoria Cordell

      Truly helps me relax and work at an even pace. Thank you

      1. Mystical Ambient Vibes

        same with me :)

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      To be honest this didn't help much ; it made me less focused and distracted. AND IT IS THE SAME AS THE OTHER MUSICS BUT WITH DIFFERENT TITLE! >:(

    86. Bangtan Juseyo

      Hey you! Stop reading the comments and continue reviewing! You can do this! 🍒 And to whoever did this video, I want to express my deepest gratitude to you. I hope you'll live a great and happy life!💖 btw I am an ARMY💜

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      Perfect music for inspiration when editing video!

      1. Mystical Ambient Vibes

        I also listen to it when editing


      So beautiful music and video of relaxation. Thanks for your sharing.

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    98. Springs of Eden

      Never heard anything like this before you just go in the flow with it and makes you feel better and brings a smile on your face even if you are angry or sad I like it more than any other I have heard up till now.

      1. Mystical Ambient Vibes

        totally agree with you - it touches our innermost core

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