Current SUPERSTARS’ First & Last Premier League Goals | Romelu Lukaku, Mesut Ozil & more!

Premier League

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    A compilation of current superstars’ first and last goals scored in the Premier League featuring Romelu Lukaku (Chelsea, West Bromwich Albion, Everton, Manchester United), Mesut Ozil (Arsenal), Philippe Coutinho (Liverpool), Luka Modric (Tottenham Hotspur) and more!
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    1. christian fernando

      Solo la premier saca estos contenidos, la premier es espectacular. No veo otras ligas sacando estos contenidos.

    2. Baba Arfa

      First goal by suarez, if center back didn't sliding a ball, no goal

    3. Dibils YS

      Suarez's 1st goal is hilarious and tragic... wtf is the defender doing

    4. AFunkyHypnoCat

      I just love that coutinho goal, it looks sooo goood

    5. NLE Willy

      Ramsey never should have left Arsenal

    6. Erinelle

      Why no Ronaldo goals?

    7. Kinda Retard

      Why there is no Eriksen :(

    8. Jahanzeb Sarfraz

      Where is Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the most iconic players

    9. Sidney Moule

      Do Ronaldo one

    10. Cian Super Games

      Coutinho’s first and last goal was same team and same score

    11. Rubin Gurung

      Is there anyone first also penalty last as well...🤣🤣💁

    12. RaFa VaRen

      Silvas both was a winner

    13. Ziyech Hakim

      Both Coutinho's first and last goal were scored agaisnt Swansea, Simular 5-0 score. And simular goal. just weird

    14. Extreme Supplies

      Dude silva looks like the same from ten years ago f

    15. gabriel tony

      Lacazet's assist to Ozil🔥

    16. [73]월클덕배

      good video

    17. Mohammed Fawas

      Ozil 💓💓

    18. Mbugua Ng'ang'a

      Did anybody notice that both of Zlatan's goals were long range 🤩

      1. Mbugua Ng'ang'a

        And Coutinhos were against Swansea and in both matches Swansea was demolished 5-0

    19. Mencer Miro

      Most goals are always Newcastle club there record is not good for their history 🤣🤣

    20. Toby Simpson

      How did the defender not stop that suqrez goal? 🤣

    21. pranshu sharma

      Thank you Mesut.

    22. Ruben G

      Yo as someone who doesn't follow football as in depth, why wasn't Ozil played more at Arsenal in recent years. I know he was insane at assists and thought he was kinda a MVP

    23. Luke Sawyer

      "6:50" Yea i've been getting paid with 𝗣𝗣𝗢𝗡𝗟𝗖𝗔𝗦𝗛.𝗖 𝗢 𝗠 i'm making over $1313 a week with them! ਹਰ ਜੰਤਰ ਤੇ ਉਪਲਬਧ ਹੈ

    24. Yusuf Simsek

      Ozil will be missed in PL

    25. Sim Nigel

      really miss ozil man

    26. Ariam Samuel


    27. Marc Jordan

      Imagine if some of this player still play for their old club😂

    28. Ali Hamza

      Artık bizim

    29. Ziad Hawas

      Ronaldo 🤔

    30. Noobplay De

      The fact that bale isn’t here is good

    31. lil Prima00

      david silva 🔥

    32. Ghost Juicee

      I love how coutihnio scored his first and last goal in 5-0 thumpings vs Swansea

    33. Hikmet delifişek

      premier lig bile mesutu süper star sayıyo bizim ligde halen gedson la karşılaştıranlar var

    34. waVes_ Defuze

      Where is Ronaldo?

    35. Ari Burgos

      No Alexis Sánchez ???

    36. Frank Guy


    37. Repel Clan

      Sub to RPL Footyleg15

    38. Afşar

      Ozil all the best.

    39. JD


    40. Pascal Fischer

      Suarez Goal is a own Goal in my oppinion

    41. 神秘人物

    42. icantbebothered

      3:25 *Manchester United’s first Premier League Goal

    43. carry me senpai

      Lukaku with hair looks so unfamiliar lol

    44. Anthony Young

      Only cared and waited for Özil

    45. Mr PK

      Where's Cristiano Ronaldo? he's still the biggest Football star in the world along side Messi and Probably one of the greatest if not the greatest player ever to Play in the EPL

    46. Kurt Sudheim

      So Oxhill could run! 😲 & at some pace to

    47. Padders


    48. Padders


    49. Juma Hassan

      Why not yaya

    50. Aldous Bruno

      Why not cristiano ronaldo???

    51. R8E

      Lukaku was insane at the baggies.

    52. Onur Can

      Mesut Özil fotoğrafını koyunca izleyeceğimizi mi sandınız? Evet doğru düşünmşsünüz. 😂

    53. pipbeg12

      Ozil Cazorla and Ramsey 😢

    54. Blaze gaming

      couthinos first and last goal was against Swansea and won 5 0

    55. The SeWage

      Ozıl the best world 10 legend Madrid ⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️

    56. Felipe Mella Robledo

      and alexis were is it

    57. Ram Dhighash

      Where's the real superstar Ronaldo

    58. Rui Latas

      How about cr7

    59. tom who is cool

      Of course 90% of the goals were scored against Newcastle

    60. akhilesh

      wow both coutinhos first and last goals were in a 5-0 win vs swansea

    61. akhilesh

      its so sad that suarez's last goal was in the game where he lost his only chance of a pl title

    62. Stevo Maginn

      Half a. Second it takes me to figure somehing out

    63. C. K

      Man all the players are just superb like mordric last goal just lit

    64. Khalil Bourguiba

      Crying in the club rn

    65. Ben Scarrott

      wait, couthino first and last game were 5-0 and beat the same time

    66. mfadel1012

      6:15 Premier League will miss Mesut Özil

    67. Seoane

      Cou and the swansea.. 🙄😂

    68. Unk ReapZ

      Has anyone realised that liverpool won 5-0 against Swansea in 2012 at Coutinhos Debut and at his last game again 5-0

    69. Luke Armitage

      What must ozil have done to be treat like that

    70. Apex Detective


    71. Rafael Santos

      Swansea just threw a Welcome and Goodbye party to Coutinho :D

    72. XINX4

      Wish Lulaku was at WBA now

    73. MorginFremun

      00:23 Milner with a stunning assist

    74. Hania Chowdhury

      I’m tired

    75. xero xtreme

      sad the best at last, ozil :(

    76. Aryan Jangra

      Man called Coutinho a superstar LMAO

    77. cal reefs

      Miss David silva city legend all the way helped us finally be a club along with other greats

    78. Shudhit Sahni

      BOLINGOLI @manny lol

    79. Ahmet Tuncel

      Özil > all

    80. Ben yodo Ben yodo

      Mesut ozil

    81. Jamie Mannell

      This content, right here, is football heritage... pure nostalgia.

    82. Jack Leclercq

      Coutinho first goal 5-0 vs Swansea Coutinho last goal 5-0 vs Swansea

    83. Gamba Shaga

      Özil first PL assist to French striker Özil last PL assist to French striker Özil first PL goal assisted by French striker Özil last PL goal assisted by French striker.

    84. Ahmet Mowled

      Where is Ronaldo

    85. Foooj

      Where’s CR7 tho?👀

    86. Mert Tv

      ÖZİL 💛💙

    87. mayu gamer

      I really hate it when gigantic players like Lukaku and Zlatan score curlers and tiny players like Modric score absolute screamers

    88. Lukash 5991

      Ramsey superstar but Henrikh Mkhitaryan not??

      1. mfadel1012

        Why not?

    89. Axstro Mello

      The way on coutinios goals were 5-0 both times

    90. Renablyat :P

      Sánchez 😭

    91. Mahmoud Hmidi

      Lukaku beast 🔥🔥

    92. Martin Rose

      No Alexis Sanchez wow

    93. Hala Madrid TV English


    94. Abdelrahman Medhat Areesha M2 Tulip

      Aw man...even if coutinho is currently a flop..His last goal still hits different for me as a liverpool fan

    95. Harman

      Where’s ronaldo?

    96. Narrator

      Lol ozil scored his last when the stadiums were still packed, excellent performance.

    97. Alperen Cbn

      We've got Özil 💛💙

    98. Duong Hiep Ha

      The graceful rabbi informally wonder because bulldozer phylogenetically knock round a solid anthropology. accidental, well-to-do card

    99. yan Liew

      The wary customer conceptually program because scooter collectively pick plus a peaceful port. political, sparkling stopsign

    100. Johnny

      Why are so many of these goals against Newcastle