BTS Performs “Telepathy” | MTV Unplugged Presents: BTS


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    BTS Performs “Telepathy” on MTV Unplugged Presents: BTS.
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    1. MTV

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      1. Alexa Armildez

        @Hadeel magic BTS IDDKJHC❤❤❤❤❤

      2. Emi Perez

        Tu solo eres porque no quien canta querer tomar como raro entonces cántame una canción pero

      3. 2580 Mohamed

        @jaya Bosl

      4. 2580 Mohamed

        @jaya bts

      5. Doyamoy Chakma

        Iove you😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘💕💕😍😍

    2. Peace Love

      Love yourself Relay3431

    3. kristen dowson

      BTS 🖤💜

    4. •Aly•

      Morí con la sincronización de Hobi y jk al levantar la mano😂💜 3:27 The timing of Jk and Hobi when raising his hand lol💜✨

    5. LoveLove

      Peace in Myanmar268

    6. Mitzuki Momo

      This save the day always :'3

    7. Giovanna

      Essa música é tudo

    8. Giovanna


    9. Marie-Josée Bergevin

      Am I the only one who noticed they are all wearing Donald Duck Gucci pieces?

    10. Sooraj Sudhir

      How is this even an unplugged version though.. It isn't 'unplugged' !!!!

    11. Karla Chavarria


    12. sjimin6 sjimin6

      Kurdish army😊💓💓

    13. We

      Love yourself Relay3426

    14. Divyanshi lohar

      Ohh my god So I couldn't stop my self to dance❤️😭 Wish I could give more than one like to this video Man , BTS deserves more than🤘 grammy

    15. Manasvi Yagnik

      Suga wrote this song in 30 minutes and this is a masterpiece My mom took 9 months to make me and I look like a shacking shrek lookin alien 💀

    16. Together

      Peace in Myanmar260

    17. Zuzanna Andrzejak

      WoW Bts

    18. Zuzanna Andrzejak

      Wow jimin

    19. Angélica Guirra

    20. Us

      Love yourself Relay3421

    21. paxt0n

      My question is how could you dislike this video?????????

    22. جوكر جوكر

      احبك احبك احبك احبك

    23. Goudhaantje

      BTS lovers now are gettin rich on hive and steem social media on blockchain

    24. Mahdieh Hashemi

      من یک ارمی ایرانی هستم I am an Iranian 나는이란 안에있다 با شور و شوق تمام With all enthusiasm 모든 열정으로

    25. Love

      Love yourself Relay3421

    26. ari fernandez

      No importa en qué momento escuche esta canción, simplemente tiene el poder de alegrarme:3

    27. Love

      Peace in Myanmar254

    28. yeyewata

      Suga sings his part so well ! 🤩❤️

    29. We

      Love yourself Relay3414

    30. Andrés Jared Pinedo Arrieta

      Thank you MTV for this

    31. 张语洛语桐

      Made my day 🥰 oh my boys so lovely

    32. yeah we got to heaven

      bts the best boyband!❤

    33. nancy villanueva

      Los vmines 😏

    34. nancy villanueva


    35. nancy villanueva


    36. nancy villanueva


    37. nancy villanueva


    38. nancy villanueva


    39. nancy villanueva

      Bataaa jiminn

    40. nancy villanueva

      Tarhyu gg!???

    41. nancy villanueva


    42. nancy villanueva


    43. nancy villanueva


    44. nancy villanueva

      Ahh namjoonn

    45. nancy villanueva

      Worldhide eadsomeee

    46. nancy villanueva


    47. nancy villanueva

      Jinnn aldjsn

    48. nancy villanueva

      Rsjdqmf wtfff taehyungggs snbq

    49. nancy villanueva


    50. nancy villanueva


    51. nancy villanueva

      Onsuwidglqhf taeehyunggg

    52. nancy villanueva


    53. nancy villanueva


    54. nancy villanueva

      Omggg so handsomeee

    55. nancy villanueva

      Yoonguii wlshldjsld 🌹🌸🌳💐

    56. nancy villanueva

      Jimijn lwrmwvg wtfff

    57. nancy villanueva

      Omgg jiminnnn

    58. joonmyflower


    59. Sammy M Reyes

      Jin Jungkook RM ❤️❤️❤️

    60. Sammy M Reyes


    61. morena brizuela

      we love u

    62. Eve Destin


    63. Elva Smear

      BTS King

    64. R Slusher

      Loveless this song, is so happy.

    65. Good Luck

      Peace in Myanmar248

    66. Shosho* as honey


    67. Flo_ wer

      *Jungkook new haircut is a whole fashion statement Like if you argee Army* 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

    68. Sao Kimhoa


    69. Peace and Peace

      Love yourself Relay3408

    70. Maria Eduarda

      당신은 너무 아름답고 훌륭하기 때문에

    71. You and Me

      Peace in Myanmar242

    72. Jojo Alamanda

      Jeon Jungkook

    73. Jojo Alamanda


    74. Jojo Alamanda


    75. Jojo Alamanda

      Kim taehyung

    76. Jojo Alamanda

      Kim seok-Jin

    77. Jojo Alamanda

      Park jimin

    78. Jojo Alamanda

      Kim namjon

    79. Jojo Alamanda

      Bagus lagunya

    80. Chase n Dase

      I love J-hope’s move😍1:04

    81. joechelle dela rosa

      ang cute nyo talaga

    82. 홍수한


    83. Bárbara Costa Ribeiro

      this is SO perfect! my favorite song on the album

    84. Peace Love

      Love yourself Relay3402

    85. ぽよん


    86. Ferdausi Khanom

      Awesome song 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    87. Karenagen

      *1:34** Jin looks like I'm just here waiting for my line* 😅

    88. love fom

      예쁘다 예뻐

    89. Rosalyn gallego

      Sooo ssexy V's voice and moves ..... in all their performance . That makes him fantastic incredible 🥰🥰🥰

    90. Min Yeonie일금

      This is my favorite

    91. Shan Visva

      Oh my god

    92. Shan Visva

      Suga stop

    93. Martha Pasteles.

      Me encanto💜

    94. 김혜은


    95. Wahyuni

      I love you and 💜✨

    96. Youssi Bo


    97. Daniela Salas

      I love it this song!! Is my favorite!! 💜💜💜

    98. welababy

      Wow this song 🥺

    99. Caffaro Victoria


    100. Y-nny Janeth

      I love this song