Audi RS6 v Lamborghini Urus - DRAG RACE *Mat vs Yianni*


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    Need help buying your next car? Click and my team and I will help you choose your ideal car at a fair price - from Mat Watson!
    It's time for a daily driver showdown! We've got Mat in 'his' Audi RS6, going up against Yianni's Lamborghini Urus!
    When it comes to performance stats, both of these are easily drag race ready. The Audi's packing a 4-litre twin-turbo with the ability to put down 600hp & 800Nm of torque! As you might expect though, it's pretty heavy, weighing in at 2,075kg.
    As for Yianni's Urus? Well under the bonnet you'll find the exact same 4-litre twin-turbo V8 as in the RS6, however it's been tuned to deliver 650hp & 850Nm! It does weigh a bit more though, coming in at 2,199kg.
    So how do you think this one will play out? We all know Yianni's the king of reaction times (sorry Mat 😬) but will the extra weight work against him?! There's only one way to find out... LET'S RACE!
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    1. Mat Watson Cars

      Hi Mat here: VOTE which car won by liking MY reply to this comment for either: Audi RS6 or Lamborghini URUS

      1. saulHD

        Yh the audi obviously won

      2. AR Gamer


      3. Anjali Gupta


      4. Phoenix W

        Audi just edged it as the front is longer than the urus

      5. Anonno Khan


    2. Al Yap

      Audi RS6 anytime .. the Lambo can be beaten and not as good looking

    3. Gazmend Hajderlli


    4. ashraf mohd

      Rs6 won

    5. AMGVIR

      Carwow. If you can can you do an SSC Tuatara vs Koenixegg

    6. Areyousure

      Everytime I see a drag race on this channel it's either raining or the runway is wet.. what a horrible place it's like the "UK".

    7. Nuzhat Ara


    8. peterlittlemind

      pay double or triple the price to get gapped by a RS6

    9. Shravan Shivakumar

      6:15 that's why mat and yianni are best friends 😉

    10. miracle mora

      The rs6 wins the race

    11. Banzai83

      That’s a horrible color on that Audi.

    12. thotob27

      weird flex bro

    13. Gerry Boudreau


    14. Amanda Steyn


    15. Michael McCormick

      Audi won!!

    16. John Fay

      Pictures don't lie. The RS6 won that by inches.

    17. ronald RVC

      Best part of race, you got the camera at finish line.

    18. Gavin Lee


    19. Gavin Lee


    20. Dave Clark

      really enjoy and like you two guys working together on videos

    21. no one no one

      Audi won i think

    22. Sumarin Thongsuk

      The audi

    23. Jannet Hudson

      Lambo of course!!

    24. Zoleka Cekiso

      audi rs6 win

    25. Niklik Gaming

      Audi RS6 won

    26. muhammad iqbal


    27. Mario Glory



      7:20 audi win😁🥰

    29. Keith Richard

      Paused* I'm only subscribing to the winners personal channel (for now) *unpause

      1. Keith Richard

        Yeah, I'ma still give Yainni a pity follow.

    30. Edgar A

      audi rs6

    31. animeshs90

      Shit, the Urus sucks😂😂 dint expect that

    32. Kethees Rasiah

      Rs6 💪

    33. Luka spirov


    34. bananajoe123

      Race starts at 05:05

    35. Marco Ulisse Scarì

      Lambo won, sorry Mat...

    36. yeet_Gaming

      get yianni to show us his chrome garrage

    37. Nick Migabo

      The audi

    38. Yvonne Kay

      The confused gold specially yawn because pocket sporadically ask sans a sleepy robert. wide, xenophobic work

    39. Paul Taylor


    40. Vedant Mishra

      Lamborghini Urus

    41. Glenn Found

      I think Audi did win that drag race

    42. Mihailo Tipsarevic

      I think that the rs 6 won

    43. Deependra Gurjar

      Heart of carwow yanni

    44. nika saralidze

      Audi wins fuck lambo😂😂

    45. m4 pony siblani


    46. Marcel

      Rs6 is just insane

    47. Kenneth Mendoza


    48. Eldin Mirditovic

      Audi RS6 vs Audi R8

    49. FantasySKY!!!

      Lamborghini and ferrari looks good sounds good but are hollow within

    50. Aleksander Wiatrowski

      VW Anus vs VW "we pretend to do Audi". Meh.

    51. Matts Phiri

      Audi rs6

    52. Krisztián Ferryman Konszky

      The Urus is not only a beast, it´s clever, practical, great looking and most of all, a Lambo! The RS6 is an Audi. I don´t like Audi.

    53. Ensar Islamovic

      Audi rs6 won

    54. DammBoi BTB

      BMW X6 Vs Urus

    55. ViBeZ YT

      The Audi won the drag

    56. OllyCam

      Do a Rolls Royce phantom vs cullnan vs wrath

    57. OllyCam

      The Audi won. Great video

    58. Mike - Leon BENDER


    59. Mike - Leon BENDER

      The Rs6 eins the Race close

    60. kasikara1985

      Yanni sold the urus after this race 😂😂😂

    61. kasikara1985

      Audi 👍🏻

    62. vs string

      This yani fella looks like a teenager

    63. Fügi08 PF

      I think that the Audi RS6 was first!!

    64. Mike Muthama

      both cars won at the same tme

    65. Akmal Syafiq

      Mat wins all the races

    66. Jesus Castaneda

      Now that’s a race! Best one

    67. Osvaldo González

      Rs6 win the drag race

    68. Alcaeus John Gania


    69. Varady Ferdinand

      Audi is Audi.... but really... Lamborghini And nope can’t do the same as Audi engine

    70. Scum


    71. Romanoir Garcio

      URUS wins becoz Yanni looks beefier.

    72. H C

      Do a diggers race with Ashville 😂 or a Terry race between Ashville and Yanny

    73. Harry Dillon

      audi 100%

    74. JASH


    75. Dave Luna

      Launch in 2nd in a rolling race from a 50

    76. Lucine Avakimyan

      I think it’s cuz the urus is heavier than the rs6

    77. Pedro 919

      That guy looks like DJ KHALED 😳

    78. Hammad Akbar

      Audi won in drag race

    79. Richard Ikin

      Yanni wins by a country mile on the sound test!

    80. kamal sari


    81. Alessandro Giangreco


    82. Dev Dubey


    83. modisha phasha


    84. Ghaith aljazeeri

      sadly audi

    85. Sydney Pereira

      Rs6 vs merc. Estate

    86. Mohamad Diallo


    87. Jeremy Schilling

      Hi carwow



    89. Agung Aditya dharma


    90. Amanda Phillips

      Audi wins

    91. Rico aceituno

      Am you know everyone will still run down that lambo just it look good

    92. sarah mullaney

      Why does this race show the complete opposite of the archie Hamilton video where he put these two up against each other with BOTB?

    93. doreen knox

      Vote: Audi

    94. Nico Jones



      Audi won

    96. ViDeO UzMaNı

      AUDI RS6 👑🚀

    97. MrGold

      You guys should change the rev test sound to soft limiter test


      Urus win

    99. Moutusi Raj

      Audi won

    100. Velocity HAWK

      Audi won the drag, why not URUS VS TRACKHAWK ?