Anne-Marie x KSI x Digital Farm Animals - Don’t Play [Anne-Marie Behind The Scenes Video]


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    Anne-Marie x @KSI x @Digital Farm Animals - Don’t Play [Anne-Marie Behind The Scenes Video]
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    About Anne-Marie:
    Anne-Marie has proved to be one of the UK’s most exciting and successful British breakthrough popstars of recent years. A former 3x world karate champion and West End child star-turned 9x BRIT Award nominee, A-M’s rise has been nothing short of meteoric. In 2018 Anne-Marie released her debut album, ‘Speak Your Mind’ which featured the hit singles 'Alarm', 'Ciao Adios', 'Heavy', 'Friends', '2002' and 'Perfect to Me'. She subsequently ended that year as as the UK’s biggest-selling debut artist, selling out headline shows and playing stadium dates supporting long-time friend and champion Ed Sheeran in the process.
    She has also sang on and co-written many other hits such as Birthday, Rockabye, Don't Leave Me Alone, To Be Young, f*ck, i'm lonely and Don't Play, collaborating with the likes of Clean Bandit, Marshmello, David Guetta, Lauv, Rudimental, Doja Cat and KSI, as well as starring on The Greatest Showman: Reimagined soundtrack performing Rewrite the stars alongside James Arthur.
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    1. Yesica Aguilar

      What did ksi do wither hehe

    2. Derek Baker

      Wow you are so so so good at karate...... ......And singing

    3. Delu Dx

      FATNEEK : D

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    6. Abdullah Cetinkaya

      I'm from Turkey I love you ANNE MARIE

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    8. Fatiha Bouzid

      Love 🥰

    9. Oliver Wood

      Anne Marie What’s the point in al of us watching it, when we all know the result of it (days/hours before it’s aired) sing off. Same thing series after series, same thing, (Voice sing off) we all know Olly sexist against women Olly states, keeps on stating when a woman sings (it’s not what I’m looking for) ie a woman singer. Not when a man singer sings a song (Olly doesn’t state nor say that) that’s sexist from Olly. It’s suppose to be done on the Voice, your Voice, not gender, Olly have men singers sing off against women singers (well Olly already stated) it’s not what I’m looking for (a woman singer) (SO WE ALL KNOW FREAKIN RESULT) Olly puts through 2 men singers (who a shout, and b shout out of tune) and stubs the 2 women singers who a nail there song and b smash it. Same for you Anne knowing a man singer, cas going to put him through, and stubs the woman singer who nails it, smashes it, which happens, Anne Poor man singer who shouts, sings out of tune gets put through. (Solely because he’s a man) and this happens series to series on the Voice sing off, Girls and Boys sing off, 5 boys winners. (5 boys stated the winner of the sing off) What a fix that was, poll has been done over it, on average 86% of people (per singer, per singer thought the girl/woman was the better singer who should have gone through) Yet judges fixes it up to make poorer man singer go through. Anne, another thing public don’t know, often very often on precious series of the Voice they would put 2 powerful Female singers together (solely on the basis of getting rid of one powerful female singer, and solely on the basis of putting more men through) The Voice shouldn’t treat women singers like dirt and trash like it does. Girls boys sing off, 56 boys won, only 38 girls won. (That’s 65% for boys, and 35% for girls) ridiculous that is from you judges. Women and men, both have very very good voices, stop making the Voice into a gender based, fixing and making us know the result of it. By the beginning of the Voice, should turn for people/women who smash they song, and not turn for poor performance. And at the sing off stop making it gender based (it should be done on the voice) not gender, you wouldn’t have it the other way around (would you Anne) 56 girls wins and only 38 boys wins. So then stop making it gender based (also another thing) in early series judges used to turn around 4 chairs time after time, that hardly happens now (due sadly due to the fix)

    10. Youssef star

      I love you so much Anne-Marie

    11. hakkı iş

      for rhinoplasty inst: dr.halim.ish

    12. Derek Baker

      Best singer ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 💖💝💗💓💞I cant wait for the voice! Good luck I hope someone on your team wins it because that would be so amazing 😉

    13. Derek Baker

      When ever I listen to Don’t Play or 2002 I always sing along! I really want to meet you! 💖😉

    14. Derek Baker

      Love you Anne-Marie 💝💖

    15. Derek Baker

      Could you do another TRlocal concert with this song please it would be amazing I would definitely watch it

    16. Derek Baker

      Could you do a this or that game video with Olly Murrs, and Tom Jones please

    17. Derek Baker

      You are so talented at singing and karate it would be so awesome to meet you i can’t wait until you go on tour

    18. Derek Baker

      How long will you be on the voice for?

    19. Derek Baker

      Please please please reply to my comment This music video is so good well done to you and KSI and DFA

    20. Derek Baker

      I’ve done Tae kwon do before which is like karate 🥋

    21. Derek Baker

      I love how you did a behind the scenes video of Don’t Play how’s your finger now

    22. Derek Baker

      If you could get more views from the same person i would have given this video about 100 views love this song so much your so good at singing and so good at karate!

    23. Derek Baker

      I watch the voice on ITV hub and I loved it when you sing 2002 on it. What is your favourite part about being on the voice? I’d love to know ❤️ i can’t wait until Lockdown is over so you could go on tour because I would love love love to meet you

    24. Derek Baker

      When I went onto the internet to get your fan address, there were two addresses and I don’t know which one is the right one. I’ve sent it to one of the addresses but I don’t know if it is the right one. which one are we meant to send fan letters to? Or is there another way I can get in contact with you?

    25. Derek Baker

      Could you do another live stream and sing Don’t Play please I love this song so much

    26. Derek Baker

      It would be so cool to meet you I can’t wait until you do a concert Anne-Marie. What was it like to film this music video?

    27. Derek Baker

      I’ve watched this video so many times and I still can’t believe that you broke your finger doing it I hope it doesn’t hurt

    28. Derek Baker

      I wish I could meet you

    29. Yusuf Khalid A Dauda

      Loved it

    30. Alya Meric

      its not anne if its not have : ugh mmh yea ...

    31. Krypton

      alternate title " Little red riding hood trying not to laugh at a farm pig with a TRlocalr "

    32. russell french

      Anne-Marie you are playing games with my heart

    33. شبكة العاب ادم

      Iam hit you anne marie iam like ksi

    34. Baman Buchem

      Marry me

    35. ChromeYT

      Thats were all the toilet roll went. Knew It.

    36. Garry Mannu

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      I donno y I listen to ever every say at least ten tyms a day

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      Ilove you 🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿 Anne Marie

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      anna marita

    40. Leah the epic and awesome Holloway

      Congrats for 9 million subs

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      ❤ u

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      Anne 💝love you so much sweetie 🌺🌹🌸👍

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      Hey guys I love this song sooo much check out my cover of it Don't forget to subscribe 😉💕💖

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      Happy 9m subs anne marrie

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      Fighting Genius flipping Bruce Lee Master - *Troy Roscoe*

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      Long live Babatunde

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      Anne Marie ❣:: your voice are very sweet...i listen ever and again ....again

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      Anne is my favourite 😘😘 Many many love from india🇮🇳

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      anne marie to 9million subs

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      I want see you 😘 love from sri lanka

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      Mam please change your hair colour from pink to white I really love your white hairs 🤍 and your this song was really amazing hope you'll read my comment 😍

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      Love u

    64. Edmundo Baca

      Amazing song

    65. Neel Gamez

      Bro should have picked Jake pual

      1. sultan wibisono

        Yeah... Anne marie will beat jake then KSI will go for the KO. My prediction round 4 KO

    66. laila-jade lamb

      fire af

    67. Fish Fighters. #F

      Im from Thailand Fc you

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      Turkey loves you❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🇹🇷🇹🇷

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      Hi... I'm your biggest fan from Tamil Nadu, India

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    71. Craftz DIY

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      sesi çok güzel ya c:

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      Damn thats a lot of toilet paper

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      Who else is obsessed with Annie Marie hair 💖💖💖💖

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      Marchmello con anne- Marie

    76. PANDA

      Yl abl españ

    77. MinhHieu Official

      From Viet Nam with love ❤❤❤

    78. mehdi hosseini

      Where is the music video of dont play!?

    79. Marlvis Leo

      my love

    80. HockeyMom Love god

      I love her voice and just her story’s with such bumpin beats

    81. anonymouzy 23

      That face when she's happy to get kicked a guy in the balls 😅

    82. SHMOO

      Anne Marie is gaining a load of subs Edit: almost at 9 mil LEZ GOOO

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      Its an amazing song and awesome and fantastic and farbulous

    84. Aman Prajapati

      I like very much soooo sosoo so so so so much

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      need to get anne marie in cobra kai s4

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      Yo check out my keyboard its weird lol thankyou

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      Anne Marie really can fight if she keeps training lol

      1. SHMOO

        She is already blackbelt in karate. She was only acting

    89. My Family My Adventure

      Love you anne 😘

    90. Ashmit Iyer 01

      This video actually has a copyright claim by JJ of Don't Play😂. WTH man!

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      0:44 Did she say israel??

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        @SHMOO OH

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        It is real*

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      Love you:-) ✌

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      Feel bad for digital farm animals just getting beat up

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    97. The Phenomenal Lyrics


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      Anne marie please film a video with the sidemen... it'll be a banger 🔥

      1. sultan wibisono

        Yeah they should get her, harry, and stephen tries. "I thought pancake day was yesterday"

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      The Bass dropped so hard that 👉 One direction went another direction 👉 Chainsmokers stopped smoking 👉 BTS went behind the screen 👉 Alan walker stopped walking

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        and avicii went back to life

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