An Honest Review Of The F1 2019 Game


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    What is the F1 2019 game like? How much of an improvement has been made since last year?
    We take a look at the brand new F1 game from Codemasters and give an F1 fans perspective of what it is like to play.
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    1. RAY M

      They actually changed F2 in 2020 well except Devon and Lukas were removed

    2. Jeffrey ten thije

      I REALLY hope that now with the EA budget, that codies can make a (myteam) story mode career in the future... or like "story related events"... access to 4 different careers or have an option in the menu to change it at the start of the season

    3. Family Meares

      Yeah Australian Wifi is trash

    4. Cheeky Squirrel 13

      yes, WTF1 are still in the game

    5. ??

      And now EA buys codrmasters

    6. Charles LeChair

      You also can get in the same team with your F2 teammate in F1 but its like they are asking ''Your old Teammate did very good today, what do you think'' and there is an answer of ''I am happy for him, I know his team will be'' like boi ur in the same team with him

    7. Ivar Nilsson

      I bought a steam key on Eneba it only cost 4 dollar

    8. peter 163

      React to the f1 2020 game Matt

    9. Outings and fun times with Reece

      Your face was there for a couple a months sadly it’s gone

    10. David Thompson


    11. YeGhorrr 0072

      graphics is very very low quality... I've seen the same 20 years ago in games like race driver, even the model of player is the same...

    12. DILO GOD !!!

      Anyone else waiting for 2020 game review?

    13. Abhishek Dubey

      Man why did you not upload the review of F1 2020

    14. pixel car racer master

      I'm late I know but one crew mate looks like u

    15. Aniket Wagh

      5:12 "butt, and I mean a big butt ."

    16. M Ahmed Riad

      f1 2019 to me was harder to drive than my daily driver PROJECT CARS with a controller of course without any assist I dont know why that happened

    17. tomzicare

      rear wing still doesn't fall off, abusing this to destroy opponents behind you is broken af

    18. TheSPEEZY99

      Think that’s why f12020 has my career mode.

    19. Tyree Stevens

      I've just bought f1 2019 on sale havent played it yet and was wondering if its worth buying f1 2020 aswell please help?

    20. Leon52 Gamer

      0:00 why that mercedes look like a Ferrari aerodynamics?

      1. Putzeus

        FOM car

    21. Man

      guys I think WTF1 is in the game

    22. Elion Alejandro Paredes Bornaz

      There's a thing that you didn´t realize, *did you know that WTF1 is in the game?*

    23. Marius B. L-P

      F1 Games looks so boring. is it just me or is it just boring :(

    24. Stru Bew

      Me in a year's time and F1 2020 is out

    25. swordandkeyboard

      worried about car handling while playing roof view and no wheel on a xbox. LOL sigh.

    26. Goutham Suresh

      5:31 that pentagonal light flare😂😂

    27. Twin Turbo

      Can we play offline

    28. fearinwaves

      F2 completely neglected tbh, these games are fine for a week or so and then you just get bored. Codemasters are too vanilla with this series

    29. J man racing

      This game was the worst for handling

    30. Lee Croft

      Still missing the inclusion of rocket launchers.

    31. Kajus Rudzevičius

      I have F1 2018. My next F1 game will be F1 2021

    32. MasterGaming Nic

      Looks like the Codies heard you, Matt, F1 2020 is a huge step up from F1 2019. According to what they're saying.

    33. Joshua silvestri

      You see 2020

    34. F1 Racing

      F1 2019 is an overall 10/10 for me perfect handling everything is 10/10

    35. Mark Smit

      It seems like codemasters went for the start your own team option instead of focusing on a story from the driver’s perspective

    36. matt holford

      Agree about the story being continued throughout career mode. They should include something like from Nascar Heat games, where the ACTUAL real-life drivers are recorded with messages either congratulating you or telling you to watch out etc. This would add even further to this possibility. Also VR support needed. Could have a team member career mode, working up to team boss etc. So much could be done, but it also takes a lot of work to achieve all this. So just have to watch this space

    37. Usanda Mbuli

      I am the only one that found that whatever car I use it is significantly slower compared to everyone else

    38. Republika Dugave

      In 2020 career mode you will be playing as lando norris playing f1 2020...

    39. rob b

      i couldn't disagree more so started to play F1 2019 on ps4, it is SOOOOOOO annoying have to sit these terrible video clips of drivers arguing, stupid press crap and dumb agent meetings etc etc.. i JUST WANNA RACE!! WHY is there no option to skip them like in all other games ????

    40. DSOA Gaming 21

      hey, when you finish carrer mode, you can’t restart another again?

    41. jdmikeg4

      This is an F1 game, not an F2 game.

    42. Arthur Smith

      I love his reaction to WTF1 in the game it’s AMAZING

    43. Arric Graham

      They went the 2k route.

    44. [Content Deleted]

      "We don't get wiped out by laggy Australians" True, our broadband is terrible

    45. James Thomson

      Watching in 2020 ...? Anyone!?

    46. Papa Grounds

      Did you know that the WTF1 is in the game?!

    47. Bo J.

      Just picked it up a steam key on instant gaming for about 12 bucks. No fucking way would I have paid much more than that but for the price of lunch why not

    48. TheAfricanToimez

      Who is here after they have anounced F1 2020 Game where you can be the 11th teem!?

    49. Freakis

      who are there after f1 2020 trailer

    50. Hamir Thapar

      I'm surprised Matt didn't mention the fact that WTF1's in the game.

    51. Paul

      Not played this yet, but it sounds to me that the most gamers just want a good formula 1 and 2 season with all the extras including the drivers parts again, also just the classic cars and old drivers in the right era. No Dlcs, stick this in the full game, job done! This would be a must buy? Just a hint Codies

    52. kirb.

      The only thing i don't enjoy about this game is the sounds. Now, don't get me wrong, the sounds are okay, but the rev counter feels out of sync to the actual revs you hear, and I would like to hear some variety with the Honda engine, as the 2 cars don't sound too similar throughout the season (obviously excluding that amazing sounding purr at low-rpm), and the same goes for the Renault engine. Nevertheless, a cracking game! Can't wait for the next one.

    53. trickle teeth

      I have f1 2017 but havnt played it but now in lockdown im gonna have to. Is it worth buyin this???

    54. Joshua Gadsby

      Man I can’t wait for F1 2020 Oh wait

    55. Banana Man

      Realism is a 4/10

    56. DonTrentino☮

      2020 game will be so much fun :DDDDD

    57. HenryDanger__

      I just bought it lol

      1. Alvaro39MG

        @IchMarcSchokoEis hell no

      2. IchMarcSchokoEis

        Is it worth just for multiplayer?

    58. GamerBoy Clark

      I live in America and it costs around 50 dollars$. I am not going to convert that into pounds£.

    59. British Rifleman

      I would like dw drivers to transfer into f1 and maybe a fewdrivers to retire like rai and some of the older ones maybe?

    60. hYp3racta1v3

      They need to have a story mode separate of career mode.

    61. Stephen Crompton

      The next game's career mode is gonna just be you sat at home doing nothing because of the coronavirus.

    62. Thodoris Efstathiou

      your channel has almost half a millions subs and you couldnt even lend a pc to test the games full graphical potential?

    63. R ob

      which has better physics. F1 2019 OR ASSetto corsa f1 2020 mod?

    64. Diego Driesens

      was 15 bucks. so i bought it on pc. last time i bought f1 game was in 2012 on playstation

    65. Pend0

      Im looking to get this for my B-Day but with the career mode, is it a once you finnish it u can never do it again, or can u do it over and over and just do an infinte number of races, like in mariokart, u do the races, u get the cups, but u can still play the grand prix 's again?

    66. GT.Nguyen

      Whats the name of the background music?

    67. Baphömet666

      Me, playing the F2 part of career mode: “I bet WTF1 will like the little reference to them in this game” Me, watching this video: “Huh... doesn’t look like they noticed”

      1. Kastrati Jur

        Can you just play whith your firends ?

    68. UnFresh

      3:01 "doesn't have the greatest processing power at times" my video froze and stuttered a lil bit, I thought it was a joke XD

    69. Blakewaa R

      where do you buy the game online?

    70. Ai

      In the Philippines its 2490 Pesos in DataBlitz (Filipino version of gamestop)

    71. arPos Kraft

      what peasant plays this on xbox?

    72. Cpt. John Price

      Is it worth buying it now?

    73. Astro

      0:00 the Mercedes nose is nothing like real life

      1. Astro

        In fact all the noses look the same

      2. Astro

        WTF is that

    74. Random Stuff With Max

      I reckon it was pretty good

    75. Lostin TheRace

      I can never get in a Race online. i get in a lobby that says "in lobby" and i join.....they are already racing. if the lap is 5 out of 5 still takes forever to get into a race. then i have to deal with people kicking me because im American lol When i finally get in a race everyone drives like a child. what an experience. at least f1 2018 i can get in a race within 5 minutes... its sad because i have a 1K racing Sim and i cant even get in a race.

    76. Rc_vroomshoop schutte

      Hoop aleen dat ze de mensen wat vrij mogen zijn in de F1 2020 die komen gaat. Zo als je een pitstop ook echt zelf kunt doen kwa rijden het in sturen van de pit gaat van zelf en het uit rijden ook. Warme up ronde net voor de start gaat het van zelf naar zijn plek toe. Was wel leuk geweest als dat handmatig kon. De F1 auto in de pit dat je de auto ook kan zien van af stand in plaats dat je er in zit dat je zelf naar je laptop kunt lopen net als in gta of naar je auto.

    77. Clyde G

      I can’t stop playing this game having never played any of the f1 games before.. and it being on PlayStation Now is dope

    78. Cartercarts YT

      Should they include press

    79. Iceman

      Your face is finally in the section

    80. Simon Dean

      Not happy with ther change during the race , wets to dry and dry to wet pits offer change but it doesn’t happen

    81. Agung We

      can we play offline? the internet on my home is sucks

    82. HM Car Reviews

      Last F1 game I bought and own was 2010 and that was a great game then. But the story line seemed a bit gimicky then and they have continued along those lines. I'll wait until the next gen consoles are out before buying another one.

    83. Lexeo 007

      I was planning on getting it, but that has changed many times because there is no actual career mode it needs to be fully intergraded into every season not just a few F2 races and that's it.

    84. Studio 404

      How to ACTUALLY make F1 games better; 1- as WTF1 said, the career mode personality stuff is cut waaay too short. Speaking of which... 2- Depending on how good you are in the pre-F1 scenarios, you'll be out in a certain team. Really good ajd you might just make it to the top teams. Average puts you in a midfielder car. And not so good puts you in a backmarker car. 3- Mess up all the scenarios and your punishment is spending the first year of career mode in F1 as a test/reserve driver. I miss the days of F1 06 and Championship Edition where if you did below average, you'd just be a test driver. 4- You have no idea how often I've hit "Simulate Session" and ended up skipping the session. I hate it so much. So, why not just actually simulate it, like it's spectator mode? I mean really, there's not much benefit from skipping-- I mean simulating a session in career mode, so why not just do what I suggested? Can't be that hard to program.... right? 5- Spectator mode that's not tied to online stuff. Yeah, that thing used to be a separate option from 2001-2006. And that was on the PS2, a technically underpowered console. These days, you can easily pull this off on an old computer, so surely this is more than possible for a PS4. The online spectator mode is so weird and buggy online, so having it available without having to pay for it online makes so much sense. Anyone else got ideas?

    85. Levi rubes

      Uuuyuyyhhhhhhklsnovnjrkpwjjjrnfnhpejiqrghippfrjnqprijfnupiwruiprsnfuipwfpiipgripufgpiusregfipuvbofsbv Song Iodsff Mviosdmffdmsfbenwb

    86. Karl Lee

      I think the AI was programmed by Sebastian Vettel, because they drive like angry maniacs with a personal vendetta against you 😜. Seriously, I've almost lost complete interest in Codemasters' f1 games. The AI are relentless and ruthless cheats who are impossible to race with! For starters, you'll never match their 0-200mph in 1 second starts off the grid, secondly, is how they drive right into you or punt you off the track like you're not even there, then continue with their race with no more than scratched bodywork. Lastly, no matter how good you're racing, and how far behind an AI car is, make no mistake about it, they are scripted to pass you and there is zero chance you've got of stopping them. When they inevitably catch up to you it's either let them past freely, or try to defend your position and be wrote off into wall! If it weren't for the classic cars in the game, I would no longer be playing it!


      When 2020 will show up

    88. Twingamer1212 Team

      I love it

    89. Dietary Fiber

      add a full season of f2

    90. Fluffer

      They should make it so you can do an f2 career mode and/or do a full 1 or 2 seasons in f2 and you should have to actually do well to get promoted to f1

    91. Epsongreen 13

      Career has driver transfera

      1. Epsongreen 13


    92. Kto to Čo to

      How dare you do a review when you have played only on controller?

    93. Holly Weston

      the one thing i hate about this game is that the cars always start faster than you after the start of the race

    94. Sinead Hession

      I think 9.5/10

    95. Omar Hajbi

      I saw your face on the esports section next to lando norris XD

    96. Lucas ok

      Can you still play if in 2019

    97. Jorgen D

      Yet still NO random mechanical breakdowns

    98. Edgardo 4567


    99. Jean Povey

      adding some of the lost tracks would have been better, Valencia and hungry to name but two

    100. Peter Griffin

      Its Not 70€ its Free, now on PS now

      1. apersonexists

        Charles Lecock yeah but you have to pay for ps now, correct?