Amazing! Luke Bryan Calls 15-Year-Old Casey Bishop A Massive Star! - American Idol 2021

American Idol

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    Small but MIGHTY! Casey Bishop completely blows the judges away with her powerful rendition of Motley Crue’s “Live Wire” for her American Idol audition. Luke Bryan makes a bold statement, claiming he believes Casey may just be the next winner of American Idol! Will Luke’s prediction be too much pressure for Casey to handle going into Hollywood Week?
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    AMERICAN IDOL, the iconic series that revolutionized the television landscape by pioneering the music competition genre, returns on ABC.
    American Idol 2021
    Helping to determine who America will ultimately vote for to become the next singing sensation are music industry forces and superstar judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie. Emmy® Award-winning host and producer Ryan Seacrest continues as host of the beloved series, while multimedia personality Bobby Bones serves as the in-house mentor.

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    1. David Ley

      Every now and again a contestant comes along where you have to say : It doesn't really matter if she wins or not. If she really want it , it can all be hers

    2. ArtLadybyMonica

      Who dislikes talent, honestly!?!

    3. blissful and bookish

      Wow! Incredible vocals!

    4. Debby Gollobit

      Old soul. I close my eyes and her voice reaches out and grabs at me. Beautiful voice and her looks are so natural. She seems like she could sing many songs thrown her way and also add her own twist.

    5. ciara todd

      WOOOOOOW!!! Another great performance!! This girl may be only 15 but she sings like she has been doing this for years!!!! She is going to have an awesome career in music!!!! I loved the first song and I absolutely loved loved the second song 🎵 ❤ 💜 💕 She has got what it takes. Love this girl!

    6. Gilles DesRosiers

      It’s nice to see a young person keeping rock alive🤘

    7. Marcy Tremayne

      The afraid sweater identically tire because level interestingly radiate throughout a thoughtful couch. orange, silent effect

    8. Speedy Maguire

      *Wow! just watched the winner of American Idol 2021!* 🤷‍♂️🤩

    9. Isabully Encarnado

      Wow ...can't stop listening very soulful

    10. Sean R

      Her musical taste is awesome she’s a special one

    11. Susan Matheny

      Absolutely gorgeous voice and a lovely person.

    12. Susan Matheny

      Winner takes all

    13. Eddie de los Santos

      It's been years since I've heard something like that. OMG!

    14. Mosh With Josh


    15. Caloy Etc.

      Wow... From Rock to Blues. Amazing 😍

    16. Joede Shull

      What a sweet beautiful young lady ...with talent as high as the sky ...and such beauty ....good luck sweetie

    17. Gwendolyn Brown

      She is a #powerhouse

    18. Jaren Jackson

      Yeah I'd say she has some range there for a fifteen year old she's Amazing

    19. HITMAN

      Damn 💙✨🔷🌟

    20. Arber Juventini

      15 🤯👌👏

    21. TheRVisions

      WOW. This girl is IT. A part of me wishes she was coming in older so that she had had more time to know herself and defend herself against the industry machine, but I still can't wait to see what she puts out because there is no way she isn't releasing an album in the next year or two!

    22. Achilles

      I think ..This is an scripted act

    23. Pedro Tamad

      Grabe mga talent nga taon magaling halos lahat

      1. Pedro Tamad

    24. huia waihape

      I want to hear her sing Nora Jones so bad! 👏👏👏👏👌

    25. maxx zhale

      Damn I love it❤️❤️

    26. Kings

      Fake show.

    27. Home Slice

      Looked so staged how that pianist came in ready to play that second song. Amazing voice though.

    28. Banker Tangsang

      She's a mini Selena Comez💜 Anyone else?? Or is it just me?

    29. Joselyn Cabradilla

      Good luck Casey!! Amazing voice!! Top 10

    30. Chinhoikim Haokip

      Go girl goooo👍👍..... rooting for u😘

    31. PRIVATE

      The second song was soo soothing

    32. Karen's Kloset


    33. starryeyes58

      It’s very very rare you hear someone sing a Mötley Crüe song for an audition. Get it girl!!!

    34. Peter Athana

      Most beautiful voice I’ve seen on American idol on any audition. Literally breathtaking.

    35. Cameron Brunet

      Oh my good god. She's gonna blow up no way she doesn't.

    36. Siti Fatimah

      Beautiful voice

    37. jerichorayel

      Im hearing Nora Jones

    38. Cat Mitchell

      15?!!!!! Crazy unbelievable!

    39. Daija Matthews

      It’s just something about her voice singing blues. The first song was great but the second was EPIC!!

    40. Nick

      Wowwwwwwww 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏she is 15 years old

    41. Leo Degas

      I agree, old soul.

    42. Heather Huber

      Again, I just am baffled how great she is

    43. Maria Dominguez

      Absolutely amazing

    44. Joshua Miller


    45. thebigbail

      Yeah she is amazing

    46. Zig Madrid

      This girl is for real! God given natural lovely talent. Makes one cry kind of voice...15 Yrs old. What? Why and how is she able to sing “Funny Valentine” like she just did? Like Katy said it’s not the first time on this planet.

    47. APSHA

      She can be longer in this competition..

    48. Rhino Tha Barber

      She's definitely a star in the making👌🏿

    49. Jomson Ejing

      omg she is 15....she is so mature n im hitting my head in wall!😅

    50. Not ur lil Princess

      She is going to be a magnificent woman, very soon. I hope someone is watching over her. The wolves will be coming round.

    51. Peterson Peterson

      All I can say, old soul......

    52. with love false or true

      Did anyone notice that she basically stole Alice's version of this song from Britain's got talent? She sounds like she's trying to replicate it. It just bothers me that she's getting a lot of praise for it. She sings great though.

      1. Raks Molata

        she did not said it was her original.. why bothered ?

    53. alonnacee

      Wow... She is incredible! I'd love to hear her sing some Nora Jones!

    54. John Imossi

      Am I the only one that wants her to sing Valerie or an Amy Winehouse song??? She's amazing! 👏👏👏👏👏

    55. in2Trading

      I graduated high school in 1987, I remember rockin that Motley Crue album. I couldn't believe what she did with Live Wire, so freaking cool. As if that wasn't enough, nailed Funny Valentine too.

    56. adventure002006

      A phenom. I am looking at top 10 if not the winner of this years show. No one in the World would think that voice is coming from a 15 year old who has never performed before.

    57. Vicky Orr

      2nd song fits her much better

    58. Sally Young

      This is my friends grand daughter and I AM BLOWN AWAY !! BIG THINGS COMING HER WAY 🙏🏻♥️

    59. Mike Suarez

      This reminded me how AMAZING Live Wire from Motley Crue is... congrats to this young gal she rocked it

    60. Frank Wilkinson

      Truly Amazing

    61. JC Maldonado

      Okay Bebe Rexha

    62. Sonia M

      I love that she's doing acapella. That should be one of her things you should keep doing. Absolutely beautiful

    63. Mayor Zane

      My dad and my brother where in the car listening to Hair Nation. They told us to look her up and she is amazing, did not disappoint. She is the next American idol in our book!

    64. Arual Starr

      She's dressed the way we dressed from like 1999-2003 lol, weird to be an adult now and see fashions coming back around.

    65. Summer Breezey

      *wowwww what a natural!! Beautiful, talented, angelic voice* 😍🥰💙

    66. soinu foig

      That second song when she opened her mouth and that old soul voice came out! She is definitely winner material

    67. Tim Everett


    68. Gatare Christ Halley

      You are special my girl and yes you can really compete with the bests of this session cause you are the best, but go work on being much in the mood of feeling what you songs and enjoy it while doin it@! Love from Burundi

    69. swolekat

      please don't compare to Alejandro

      1. swolekat

        She is a great singer. Alejandro is a great artist. That's all I meant.

      2. soinu foig

        That Sarah Vaughan style is her sound.She reminds me of a beautiful girl I saw at Woodstock.

    70. sngscratcher

      Best singer to ever be on the show. Absolutely amazing. Mega-star in the making!

    71. 3TNT3

      First, don't misunderstand any of this, as I want to be very very clear, I think this young lady is absolutely phenomenal and amazing and a great great singer that one can only imagine how much greater she could become with lots of great advice, instruction, experience, Etc. But, with that said, the main thing I would just like to say, which applies to countless other great and amazing singers I have seen on American Idol, The Voice, America's Got Talent, Etc... Seriously, be honest with yourself, how many times have you heard amazing great singers that all the judges have gushed and raved over saying that they were a total star, that they were destined for greatness, and all the other platitudes, and then two years later you have completely forgotten about them, or at least 99% of the rest of the world did, and they are no longer on anybody's radar, they are not selling millions of albums, and they are not the big huge singing star that they were told they were going to almost certainly, automatically become? There are tens if not hundreds of great singers, over the last roughly 20 years, or however long it's been since American Idol began, that have come and gone, like that, alllllllll but never to really be heard from or about, again. With all that said, for many years, now, I have theorized or actually seriously wondered whether shows like these are actually ultimately horrible and bad for music, and that they maybe somehow ruin potential great and amazing careers of would be True Music superstars, because they pigeonhole them, put them in a box, polish them up, take away all of their real grit, unique originality, sincerity, integrity, and they try to make them into a commercial product, which poisons their musical souls. And, also if they don't "win" the show, they then are labeled as someone who didn't win, and therefore some might put them in the category of singing competition show 'loser.' Not saying that they are a loser, that's ridiculous. Just saying that they may be considered not hugely marketable as they can't have the platform of being introduced and pitched as 'The winner of American Idol / The Voice / America's Got Talent,' etc, and maybe leaving some people to wonder why they didn't 'win,' and therefore not give them as much of a listen or credit as they should be given. Also, there are a lot of morons in the entertainment industry who don't fully grasp and realize that the so-called winners of the shows are largely mostly chosen by 12 - 17 year old giddy school girls who either select a boy that they think is super cute and hunky, and also with a really good voice, or they select a girl that they think is really pretty and they look up too, who also has a really good voice. And there are many great and amazing singers who fit in genres that just don't appeal as much to these younger girls and kids who are the biggest voting block, by far, and then they therefore do not 'win' the show, and then the morons in the entertainment industry are too stupid to realize that if they just properly presented that singer to the demographic that they would most appeal to, in the right way, that they could be extraordinarily successful. I just can't say enough that I really have to wonder how much damage these shows ultimately do to a lot of these budding, would be music superstars, or at least those who would be extremely successful If instead they found their way onto the radar by a different path and Avenue other than these silly shows. This amazing young singer, here, Casey Bishop, the type of singing and music that would probably work best for her, where she would really be in her groove, is just not the type of music that is top 40 mainstream that these slimy snake sharks that try to capitalize off of these people like to work with, or know what to do with, properly, and they will either ruin her by trying to put her into a box that really doesn't fit her, dress her up and put makeup on her, and have her dress and talk and do all sorts of things in a way that just isn't really her, and do things with her in such a way that she just isn't Authentic and genuine and True to herself, and that will ultimately bleed through and be apparent, even if unconsciously, to many, and she will miss out on a different path being True to herself of which she almost certainly could have had Amazing and extraordinary success in. It's just a real sad shame, if you ask me. Especially being someone who is a True Music lover and would love to see the kind of great music and singing this Amazing young lady could produce over the next 30 plus years, if only she was placed into the right hands, rather than the wrong ones. Yes, there are exceptions to some of the things I have said, up above. I realize that Colbie Caillat try out for the show and didn't get anywhere and she has had very good success in the music world. Also, same for the lead singer of Lady A. But, they didn't go far enough in the show to wear that is stuck to them as part of their Public Image and identity, where people would be more inclined to look at them as having so-called lost the show. Alejandro was / is amazing, a great musical Talent who is unbelievably gifted in so many things, is songwriting, musicianship, singing, originality, authenticity, Etc... But, please tell me, how is his music career doing? Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't know of millions of albums that he is sold. There are so many countless others that could be given as examples of all of what I have said, up above. They are the typical, and Colbie Caillat and the lead singer of Lady a are the exceptions. Unless somebody convinces me otherwise, the shows are ultimately, on balance, by and large horrible for music and these otherwise would be true music stars or at least those who would have had very very successful musical careers. But instead, they go off to either never be heard from again, or just barely scraping by and hanging on to the ledge of the music business by the skin of their teeth and what's left of their worn down fingernails. The suits and the executives and what not in the music industry are, by and large, predators and bloodsuckers who just pray on these young, naive, inexperienced great artistic talents, where they just pump them up, fill their hopes and dreams, and then pop them like a balloon and go on to the next one while they're flailing around and shriveling up and landing on the ground somewhere where nobody can see them. They're fake phonies who try and make those poor young Souls think that they care about them and have their best interests at heart, but all they care about is what money they think they can or cannot make off of them. And because they don't have any real souls, or Integrity, themselves, they don't truly understand, and appreciate great genuine artistic talent with honesty and integrity and know what to do with such talent.

    72. Ella Benyehuda

      she’s so beautiful

    73. TheReal LZA

      Not all girls fall in love with Taylor swift and princess...Some legends(girls) got one in a billion music taste ,protect th

    74. Leigh powley

      Goosebumps! Amazing first performance, can't wait to hear more ❤️

    75. Geoff Lloyd

      Step aside Vince. Nikki please sign her !!!

    76. alpha

      Seriously amazing, and she's only 15! Classic taste in songs, when songs were still good! Very well done!

    77. Courtney Henley

      SHE is amazing! She is the real deal - sang little one sang! OMG that Sarah Vaughn cover. She is also so adorable.

    78. Judy Faul

      Giving the pros a run for the money! You're going places lady!💃

    79. Motlhaotsile SBOJO Keetile

      She might win i hope she does

    80. KarlaElaine100

      I think Luke Bryan is correct.

    81. TakeNoPrisoners 83

      She is absolutely beautiful and her voice is amazing, I'm really impressed she's phenomenal☆

    82. Anna Trujillo

      Casey Bishop rare talent future ⭐️

    83. Anna Trujillo


    84. Jack Kelly Dunn

      That Sarah Vaughan style is her sound.She reminds me of a beautiful girl I saw at Woodstock.

    85. MC

      She looks like Selena and Nina Dobrev

    86. the lady sings the blues

      I hope she wins...singing Sarah Vaughn !

    87. the lady sings the blues

      So mature...luke's face is priceless.....he sees a star in the making and just can't understand how good she is!

    88. Jepoy TV

      a disney princess just walk in and auditioned.

    89. Paul

      This girl is going places!

    90. Radzi Flamingo

      Awesome the no2 song 👏👏👏

    91. Hugh Murdoch

      I’m sorry but this song is iconic and not having the actual music absolutely ruins it

    92. Fred Douglass

      Haven't been that taken back by a voice since J Hud.

    93. Ed Rivera

      The girl can sing!🎤🎵🎶😊

    94. dya


    95. Alex Yontz

      I am 19 years old, and it is great to see the younger generation loving this music. I grew up around 60s-90s country, rock, blues, etc. This girl has it all, for any genre. Keep up the great work!

      1. phoebi arum

        You are the younger generation 😂

    96. Eric Jackson

      It's weird seeing kids that look and sound like adults

    97. Hady Hakim

      3 ladies, first second and third.. Red Cassandra, Blond Grace and black haired Casey.... not in any particular order....all 3 will make stardom.

    98. bubbles

      I LOVE HER

    99. bubbles

      the way we have the same music taste-