aespa 에스파 'Black Mamba' Dance Practice


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    1. Tang Marwa

      #GREAT_ 🌸💘

    2. Alexandra Fedor

      They are copy itzy wannabe 🙄

      1. Kobe

        it's so clear that you're new to kpop, so if you have nothing nice to say, better keep your mouth shut, kid.

      2. Kobe

        mygosh, those dance steps originated in the 2nd generation of kpop. girls' generation did it first, so itzy copied aespa's seniors. shut the fck up

    3. akshara aaa

      I can see many same blackpink choreography

    4. Ralph R.

      There are many Blackpink-wannabe these days.

      1. Kobe

        alam mo ralph, kung sa tingin aespa copied bp for having 4 members, then you're dumb. bp isn't the only 4-member kpop girl out there. if you also included aespa, kung matagal ka ng fan ng kpop, you'd know that the dance step in black mamba (chorus) originated from Girls' Generation's "The Boys". 3rd-4th gen kpop groups reuse the dance steps of 2nd gen kpop groups so shut the fck up. you're just proving na konti lang knowledge mo sa kpop. nakakahiya ka.

    5. Ralph R.

      There are many backup dancers because Aespa don't know how to dance. There is nothing special about them seriously.

      1. Kobe

        ralph, never doubt SM artists' talents. you'll just embarrass yourself lol.

      2. imaky imaky

        @Ralph R. I don't have grandma. But anyways such a vile person like you has no right to talk about her! don't cross the line. Go admire your favorite artists, don't touch Aespa

      3. Ralph R.

        @imaky imaky your grandma.

      4. imaky imaky

        Who cares baby?

    6. Courtney C

      Yeeeaah Aespa

    7. 츄

      카리나 첫 파트랑 첫파트 안무 맡은거 진짜 레알 쩜 존멋탱

    8. Amy Weasly

      I can't see any difference between all the u forever.🖤🖤

    9. 콩순이

      카리나 비율 바비인형 보다 좋다.....

    10. nai nai

      It's still weird to see girls dancing on this

      1. nai nai

        @imaky imaky SM newest girlgroup ♡ please love them lots

      2. imaky imaky

        Same :) Omg who are they? :D

    11. park yoga

      Amazing dance.👏👌

    12. Tiara Zamroni


    13. Ais Waw

      hoping that SM will release the behind the scenes version for the dance practice and the studio version too, kinda like how nct are doing right now. they turned it into a vlog. and also hoping that it would be 10+ minutes and not just around 5 minutes like how we got with the my time videos. *fingers crossed*

    14. Mulfand K-Popers

      The best😭❤️

    15. JH Y

      삐리리리리~ 할때마다 에어컨 켜진줄 알고 뒤돌아봄 불편한 노래군...

    16. Fatma Bozkurt

      why nobody talks about background dancers,they are awesome 💜

      1. imaky imaky


    17. annisa Anggita


    18. あいうえお、、


    19. あいうえお、、


    20. ꪖꫀડρꪖ᭙ꪗꪀ᥊

      12.8M ✓

    21. loveley cloud

      try not to break your knees doing this challenge

    22. Era Manjeonsin

      12,797,754 goal on or before black mamba 1 year: 100,000,000

      1. imaky imaky


    23. Diane Valiente

      Pls don't copy other dance moves from other kpop group you copy cut

      1. skylar star

        boo just looking at SNSD coreography before you talk others group and go make protest to kyle hanagamy lmaooo blackpink itzy snsd red velvet aespa have same coreographer

      2. imaky imaky

        You're not completely right, but your words make sense, I hope next time they will show themselves even better, they will show who are the real queens here :)

      3. Hae 66

        Kyle Hanagami who's incharge their dances.. They have same choreographer

    24. Shazwana Safiah

      NingNing the cutest

    25. hAai HeEllo anYeOng

      stream debut stage too

    26. ᄅᄌ


    27. ᄅᄌ


    28. Agent Yeontan

      the one with the white top is the best dancer


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    30. Black Jack

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    31. Fajar Ibnu

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    32. little broo broo

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    33. Carla Nascimento

      Amo Black mamab

    34. Nea_


    35. Annabelle _

      Where is Ningning's dance position?

    36. Krïstoffer Juärez

      나는 이해하지 못했습니다. 무엇을 aespa 또는 blackmamba 그룹이라고 부르는지

    37. jorge eduardo godoy perez

      This is freaking GOLD

    38. 피트뀨

      ㄹㅇ 후렴에 쭈구리는 부분이랑 아야ㅑ야야ㅑㅑ 하는부분은 일반인이하면 개웃길텐데 진짜 뭔가 박력있게하네잉.. 웨이브와 절제가 같이있네

    39. black berry

      the best one karina than giselle than ning ning than winter but its so hard to say who is best because alll onens are so beatiful and good

    40. Sabrina's

      Ningning radiates the same energy as Jihyo when dancing even though they're not the main dancer

    41. MarkTerMel0n

      Gua baru sadar sekarang kalo rambut winter pendek

    42. Ankita Baruah

      Who's that only in black top

      1. imaky imaky


    43. Doni Brasco

      MY's please vote aespa on mubeat. Download app mubeat on google play store. Vote aespa with multiple account google. Thank's.

    44. Rv On Orbit

      ok so that "mamama mamba" move in the chorus is actually fire even without the camera work of the MV

    45. Audrei

      aespa the choreo stealer

      1. Hae 66

        Don't be bother.. Kpop doing it much before.. U mybe new

      2. 〜あっくん

        no ❤

      3. blu lemoned

        Discrediting the choreographer’s hard work I see.... the choreographer maybe not sleeping because busy making the choreo but you here... being useless af💀 do your homework first

      4. aeri uchiha

        and doing it better

      5. imaky imaky


    46. Dian Safitri

      Oh my god, This is a Amazinggg... Good Job Girls - Buddy

    47. Courtney C

      Still me bring amazed with Aespa

    48. Tiara Zamroni


    49. 「aestheticeu 심미적」

      look at Ning Ning's unfair treatment here. see, Ning Ning is always behind. and they're giving me vibes that they don't like Ning Ning tbh. see, Ning Ning is wearing black here to camouflage with the back-up dancers.

      1. Beauty Holic

        Ning Ning literally has most of the lines in this song, 20 seconds more than most of the members, obviously they'd showcase the others in the choreography or what else would they get? Stop making up drama.

    50. LMM


    51. eliana

      aeri looks so nice and healthy in this

    52. Gabriella Sinaga

      Vote aespa on mubeat pls


      1:18 blackpink Lisa yapıyor loveck girls dansında yapıyordu

      1. imaky imaky




    55. imaky imaky


    56. imaky imaky

      Hey ma mamba

    57. flower power

      ok but why's no on talking about how karina twisted her leg in this part 0:53 and 1:52 ??

    58. All is Well

      Guys stream their debut stage guys it is 11 million let us make it into 50 million....

    59. ꪖꫀડρꪖ᭙ꪗꪀ᥊

      12.7M ✓

    60. mingbotsog uy


    61. Iixiethepixie mwah

      who in their right mind would willingly open youtube and dislike this????????

    62. Mela Marie Doromal

      Amazing! I think I like Karina but I really like aespa...

    63. Qanitah Salwat

      This group! They're taking kpop by storm!!

    64. Isabeli Soares Pereira


    65. mina sapatão

      the choreography all plagiarized🗣️

      1. aeri uchiha

        And done better B)

      2. ꪖꫀડρꪖ᭙ꪗꪀ᥊

        @blu lemoned loudeeeeer

      3. blu lemoned

        It would have been a problem since day one😭 stop try to reach something that doesn’t even make sense... so are you saying that those professional choreographer not doing their job properly? The audacity... worry about your homework first😭😭😭

      4. ꪖꫀડρꪖ᭙ꪗꪀ᥊

        In your dreams! 🙄

    66. minjeong


    67. Andrea Chaw Cepeda

      Lo único malo de esta canción es que termina. Es demasiado buena

    68. Uchinaga's MY

      Appreciation comment to all back up dancers. They made the choreo more beautiful.

    69. Isidora Gomez

      A quien más le gusta cuando karina dice black mamba

    70. cryingoverjungwoo

      Stan aespa

    71. Chloe

      I love and support these girls so much (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

    72. Ni-ki

      This will be remembered as the 'Break your legs Era'

    73. Kuah Kelor

      vote aespa on mubeat we currently 1possition but the gap with #2 is close and this award will choosen a winner with pure 100 vote so this time we should give our best for aespa

    74. Winter Lim

      MYs please vote our girls on mubeat app the gap becomes decreasing PLEASE VOTE for the girls we love. They deserve it MYs

    75. -

      fuck you

      1. hAai HeEllo anYeOng

        lol your so obsessed 🤩

      2. Stan Talents

        You're so obsessed

      3. Gabriella Sinaga

        Stan aespa 😍

      4. Gabriella Sinaga

        Stan aespa 😍

    76. baechu


    77. Nahdah afifiah Nurfitri

      0:42 wow

    78. Белый Ирис

      Стр*мим! Давайте наберем 20 миллионов! Также не забывайте ставить лайк!

    79. Nuraeni Solihat

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    80. Rachel Wiyarta

      i can't take my eyes off from winter😍 she's stunning


      Woah the backup dancers look as if they are apart of aespa. Wowww

    82. Gamonwan Gumtan


    83. Azzahra Nur Maulida

      Piks gw sendiri indo🤙😘

    84. OmeletteP

      periodt karina invented hairflips and she is officialy my bias now

    85. Wilde Bloem

      I tried that iconic chorus part dance but my knee hurts so much about a week huhu

    86. Marmar Streaming

      monochrome to color~ str34m1ng guys

    87. Белый Ирис

      Девочки и мальчики, давайте активно поддерживать Эспа! Будем активным фандомом)))

    88. Rei Ciel

      I didn't really care about them when the smngg news came but I still watched their perf because of yt rec. And damn. Black mamba is such a good debut song. I'm now looking forward to their actual album. Their presence on stage is amazing. Can't wait to see more of them performing.

    89. Golu Dubey

      So we have an main vocalist that like to rap, our main rapper can hit high notes, winter can easily be main vocalist while karina is basically an ace.

    90. ꪖꫀડρꪖ᭙ꪗꪀ᥊

      Come on mys lets get 13M

    91. 뀨뿌잉


    92. Doni Brasco

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    93. sagelnight

      Let’s hope they don’t stop uploading dance practices Knowing how SM is.....

      1. Stan Talents


      2. ꪖꫀડρꪖ᭙ꪗꪀ᥊

        Yesss 😭

    94. wael Amghar


    95. ꧁᯾jenjen blink꧂

      I look forward to the next return with great choreography, I love them uwu💗👍🏻

    96. ꧁᯾jenjen blink꧂

      super easy thats good👍🏻

    97. 아랍 아미 Arab이라크

      I love this song but I don't understand it

      1. Kobe

        it's about their concept.

      2. Taehyung's bae

        They have a concept with the avatars

    98. Bonny Marak

      All member of aespa is like all main dancer

    99. dhanashree Gosavi

      I am a super blink And I think aespa is gonna take place of blackpink I mean blackpink is my God And aespa for the second number for sure I mean its my favorite too

      1. ꪖꫀડρꪖ᭙ꪗꪀ᥊

        The taste ✨

    100. Tiara Zamroni