Inside Anfield: Liverpool 4-0 Barcelona | THE GREATEST EVER CHAMPIONS LEAGUE COMEBACK

Liverpool FC

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    Watch the unseen footage from Liverpool's greatest ever Anfield comeback. Get up-close to the players and the fans as the the Reds put four past Lionel Messi's Barcelona in the Champions League semi-final second leg. This is the Inside Anfield you've all been waiting for.
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    1. Guano 64

      Ah the cheer for 4:0 isn’t that great as 3:0 even the fans didn’t expect that. What a game

    2. Dave Jacinto

      This is just... Beautiful

    3. Goutam Suraj

      this isnt the greatest comeback, FCBarcelona vs PSG was

      1. Goutam Suraj

        actually JUVENTUS vs ATLETI was the best. CR7 hattrick

    4. Gabriel Balon

      We may have lost to Atleti, bu THIS WILL REMAIN!!!

    5. dumitrachevirgil

      le plus grand ,,comeback'' c'est BARCELONE-PSG...6-1

    6. SoSw 04


    7. jo te

      Through the good and the bad times. YNWA. We will rise again

    8. Bima Asro

      No salah, no firminho, No Problem 🔥🔥

    9. IMDAD

      LIVERPOOL 👑💞💞

    10. gritasminombre

      4:25 el zape a Messi

    11. ABRI HJ YSF

      This is the history

    12. Dimitris Strimmenos

      Barca - PSG 6-1 is the greatest ever cameback in golf.

    13. Mr Chifoumi

      Coutinho says to Barça : You'll never walk alone 😂😂😂. THE MAGIC OF ANFIELD ROAD !

    14. Samael Morningstar


    15. erc rad

      best comeback in semi-final history

    16. erc rad

      THIS is the beauty of football. YNWA. To my fellow lfc fans, things will get better.

    17. AFMakers

      Don’t mind me, just coming back to better days. We’ll be back to nights like this very soon!! YNWA

    18. Shreyansh Surana

      How is this the greatest comeback of all time, yes it was ok but the greatest comeback was by barca against psg

      1. AFMakers

        That was corrupt

    19. Utub Premium

      Koci menangis melihat ini

    20. Ahmed El Hefni

      I’m just back here so I’m can get happy after all the poor results recently i miss this Liverpool

    21. Mohamed Yacoub Djilali

      Jorden klop🥰🥰🥰😘😘😍😍

    22. Mohamed Yacoub Djilali

      Barcelona 🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫

    23. Helen Hill

      Lfc fan here

    24. Cian Mul07

      Greatest ever is a bold statement

    25. Julian Aguilar

      This is anfield

    26. Albert Padmore

      Watching this still gives me goosbumps, i love it.


      This game gives me goosebumps whenever I watch. BTW who’s watching during COVID and fans aren’t allowed in stadiums. YNWA

    28. Wernher Pottaren

      February 2021 n am still here☺😊

    29. Pablo Cabrera

      Who else is here right now because of our terrible form? ):

    30. Jack Hicks

      Gotta say after our recent league form in back here again reliving the past as any Liverpool fan does. At this point I'm more hopeful for the champions league than I am for the Premier league. Unless the teams above us lose every single game, we have no chance. So a top four finish will do.

    31. Ingvar Ellingsen

      Come on now Liverpool! Lets bounce back against Sheffield United this weekend, lets play like we did in 2019 /2020. YNWA!

    32. Glass Gloss

      I am an Arsenal fan but I have to say that this was beautiful to watch

    33. 뿌뿌뿡

      I miss that time

    34. Nazz 57

      Always support up & down for my beloved team.. ynwa..

    35. Selim Uzman

      7,5 thousand dislikes from lionel and his other 7.499 fake accounts.


      Thank god salah and firmino were not there barca would have gone bankrupt

    37. Aliabshir Ali

      Anyone else here after this horrible injury crisis and horrible form not far from being in a mid-table battle and close to not even in a champions league spot and fans saying klopp out and losing 2-0 to Everton in the derby after a long time and, I should stop here.

    38. Lucas Vadsager

      Is it only me some cry Then i see This great Comeback


      Miss these times..

    40. Myst3rBysteR


    41. Malollan L

      dont mind me , im just here to rewatch the old liverpool after losing 0-2 to everton

    42. Zaki Moha

      Who's still enjoying YNWA❣️season 2021🤙

    43. AlI hamid

      Man without sports idk what life would be like I’m glad we witnessed this great game

    44. Mati jluk

      Bad times are worth it if all the good ones are like this ❤️ YNWA

    45. Nia mai shayra Mohd saupheh

      Liverpool comeback!!!!please!!!!

    46. Goldie Haque

      Barça vs PSG 2017 is the highest comeback in the UCL, ever.

    47. TwójStary Najebany

      12:36 whats namee this song?

    48. Amed 5377

      1:24 لا تستسلم أبداً mo Salah

    49. muhammad dany Ilallah

      Thanks for destroying Barcelolna

    50. Tomas Andersson

      This is Anfield, this means more YNWA❤🤘

    51. かまなはまはた


    52. Echte Liebe

      Not expecting to see Sturridge in the video...i

    53. cletus TELLIS

      The night wasss crazyyy

    54. Jonas Kazachstan

      There will never ever be a night like this again in the history of football

    55. Precious Asemota

      Am a gunner, liverpool my second most loved club in the world and I can never forget this moment...

      1. Conor

        @Precious Asemota bent af

      2. Precious Asemota

        @ConorI don't pick teams randomly I have been a gunner since 2006.. I can't hate other football club because am a fan of Arsenal, it's a game we keep the passion and set aside hate..

      3. Conor

        So you just pick random teams to support?

    56. Louis

      6:52 this guy was lucky enough to be at this game and he is just on his phone during the equaliser.. pisses me off so much

    57. Terrence Udoma

      who else still watches this in 2021(YNWA)

    58. fishtick is best

      i am still crying watching this❤

    59. Ross May


    60. ameena laghrib

      miracles happen

    61. Jace Amward

      Gini-Genius, Trent the cheeky and Origi the miracle


      I love you liverpool❤malaysia

    63. Fijoy Official

      0:38 😡😡😡😡

    64. Sebi Melone

      Whats the name from the music in min 12:00?

    65. Mathieu Hennes

      No disrespect but the greatest comeback was Barça-PSG

      1. nashvin joshua

        Then y r u here?


      2021 here?) Russian from Love. UNWA

    67. jace amword

      Liverpool fans will never forget this moment. LFC FOR LIFE

    68. ̇Mbappe the goat


    69. Wilson Macharia

      I keep coming back here more n more.

    70. Khadar

      Almost forgot to watch this today

    71. Agungskie

      YNWA ❤️🔥🔥👊

    72. sh4dow bear

      Who else is here in february 2021

      1. John Herbert

        Nobody. Go home

    73. //////////

      Баракалла.from IS UZBEKISTAN

    74. Jaturong Kongsuwan

      17/02/2021 ☝💪

    75. All in 1

      We are Liverpool 🔴🤜🤛

    76. Santiago V

      2019/2020: Best season for our club YNWA!

    77. Masdim Septiawan

      7:36 ericksen?

    78. Leonise Johnson

      I miss these nights when Anfield was filled with fans the love wow

    79. Karen Storgaard

      could use this spirit and energy right now:(

    80. iwillget aoneclick6

      The filthy badger diagnostically frame because helium numerically sin for a adhesive jeans. ritzy, somber bolt

    81. Marzouq Almarzouq

      Who’s here because their depressed because of our current form 😔

      1. Samael Morningstar

        @Muhammad Eyssa well that's what i was talking about.

      2. Muhammad Eyssa

        @Samael Morningstar Yes mate

      3. Samael Morningstar

        @Muhammad Eyssa weren't you talking about the players who were in this team aren't playing at the moment because of injury?

      4. Muhammad Eyssa

        @Samael Morningstar What are you talking about?

      5. Samael Morningstar

        @Muhammad Eyssa i know but we're out of form since they were not injured.

    82. Sushan

      Who else is here after 2 years? Such an amazing game YNWA

    83. Rhesa Rafsanjani

      Whenever I feel down, this video always give me power to keep walk on through the everything

    84. AmrDroid

      4:23 👎look what he did to messi

      1. humphibip

        Maybe he just got a bit frusrated coz as u can see,messi want to seek a chance for penalty

      2. AmrDroid

        @Pencil PLAYS no i'm not fan i don't watch football but when i said this i was shocked

      3. Pencil PLAYS

        AmrDroid fan boy

      4. asaf zilbershtein

        Damn no one knew about it except you! let it go mate it was a year and a half ago...

    85. liverpoolfc8nov

      goosebumps. Every single time

    86. Rohib Priyanto

      Ultras? Casual? Anjayyy ngeriii

    87. Zulfikar Hidayat

      This is Anfield, what we recently lost 3 league home in a row wasnt anfield, that was just pitch with 4 empty stand.

      1. Ícaro M


    88. Muhd Firdaus

      this still gives me goosebumps

    89. 손현준1


    90. Alka Yadav

      It is not the Greatest comeback are you forgetting Barca vs PSG

      1. Pritam Nanda

        Still Istanbul 2005 was the best

    91. saiful abrar

      common we will rise again.

    92. HaMzAH SAYED

      Who’s watching this during Liverpool’s tough run 😓☺️

      1. Elroie Tegete


    93. Jeriah Conover

      This not better than the psg comeback😂

    94. JJong

      4:27 ㅋㅋ

    95. Liampoo282

      Barca played like a 4 year old rec team

    96. 영영바리


    97. Dusabe Derrick

      Just here in 2021 to see our world class team we hope you guys can gain such form

    98. 호도

      이번시즌도 화이팅💪 다시 분위기 반등가자 🔥YNWA🔥🙏

    99. Bjoejiecozy

      It’s funny how Liverpool celebrates a win over Barca more than anything else, says enough how big Barca is 😴

      1. Bill Mason

        Barcelona were considered by most to be the favorites to with the UCL that year. Despite playing phenomenally well in their 3-0 loss at Camp Nou, not many would've thought it possible for Liverpool to turn things around. Couple the disappointment of that Camp Nou loss with the fact that, despite a tally of 97 points, Liverpool agonizingly lost the premier league to Man City by a single point just two weeks earlier, and the fact that Liverpool were without two of their first choice forwards for the home leg vs Barca. Maybe then you start to understand why Liverpool supporters see it as the greatest ever UCL comeback.