INSIDE STORY: How Red Bull Performed a Mechanical Miracle in Hungary


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    When Max Verstappen crashed on the way to the grid at the 2020 Hungarian Grand Prix, it triggered pre-race chaos for Red Bull. With never-before-heard radio and exclusive access, watch how the team pulled off the impossible, and repaired his car in a matter of minutes.
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    1. Def Def

      The scrawny zoology additonally deceive because ramie scientifically steer out a abortive headlight. weak, ablaze armadillo

    2. Daniel Burgess

      Very. Cool. Video. Thank you

    3. Jake M

      Max with an “End Racism” top, when a whole country complained about his use of racial slurs on the radio... 🤦

    4. Sathish Dhuruvan

      Add this in drive to survive... it’s classic

    5. Yorksrover

      If they'd only included Lewis's "I thought Max was out" radio.

    6. the Best

      20 sec , plenty of time lads

    7. gopas tobing

      Are they even human? FIA need to investigate this matter i think

    8. Mob Enterprise

      Dear REDBULL...I love the communication between the team men lovely...that's what got you guys ontop and running...amazeing team work

    9. Im Phanta

      I dont know how the RedBull mechancs and PitCrew are always this fast, but If i had to guess, i would bet they directly inject RedBull into their veigns.

    10. Mykael Gampon

      That was like a medical procedure, controlled chaos. That was beautiful to watch! Amazing guys!

    11. Aayush Kalra

      Love it when the mechanics get the credit for being the legends that they are!

    12. Jyothis S

      Max paid the dedication of the mechanics back for them

    13. Mabuhay Pilipinas

      S M O O T H O P E R A T O R ! !

    14. Atharva Chowdhary

      Cause of the miracle was the amount of Redbull they had consumed. Truly, RedBull gives you wings.

    15. EntoSanto

      RBR has the best mechanics on the grid. And it has been a known fact even before that.

    16. Dimitri S

      I didn’t catch what place he got

      1. JustViggo 64


    17. bryan king

      That is some insane work from those mechanics.

    18. Afif RIfqi

      15 minutes for a left push rod and track rod, yet my usual workshop needs 2 weeks for a track rod

    19. Alex Hernandez

      What a fuccin team!!!! Redbull!!!

    20. Dan Subotic

      Okey dokey

    21. DataC0llect0r

      As a Dutch fan, I was so down when I saw that.

    22. Daily Talk with kapil Sharma

      How to max a repair video interesting.

    23. Sceppie

      My 2011 Honda Civic needs 2 new steering column sleeves. Best they can do is "next wednesday the whole day" Perhaps I should leave 2 red bulls behind the windshield....

    24. Rohit Burra

      That pit crew worked like a Trauma 1 team or a 5 star restaurant kitchen. The coordination and calm constant communication is stunning to get something huge done fast.

    25. Mohamed Arshad bin Mohamed Riyaz

      No wonder Vettel did well with Red bull

    26. Max Braf

      Mercedes be like: they won’t get it done in time Red Bull: hold my beer

    27. Dom A

      I mean fastest ever pit stop, then the fastest car repair, WHAT NEXT!? THESE REDBULL MECHSNICS ARE DOING WONDERS ON THE GRID!

    28. Justin Timbersaw

      8:05 "The lads did an amazing job for you today and you paid them back beautifully" Red Bull always has the best line like when Vettel won the 2010 world championship.

    29. django1123

      The dislikes are from non RedBull mechanics

    30. Eternal Dreamer

      Still over 20 seconds..lot of time..what??

    31. Eternal Dreamer

      Still over 20 seconds..lot of time..what??

    32. Elizabeth Del castillo

      It was much better when I didn’t know that that happened... It’s the best when he got a P2 and he valued the mechanic’s efforts

    33. orazal99

      20 seconds to put the tires on. plenty of time. Me: 1 hour in finally able to jack my car up. my back hurts

    34. Mohammed Hussein

      Brilliant editing. Can you please tell me who edited this video?

    35. Ben

      Imagine all that and he crashes turn 1 😂

    36. Will Blazey

      Max gave the mechanics exactly what they deserved, a podium

    37. Frederick Richard


    38. Yile Wen

      4:45 "then you know your deadline" - those are the most chilling words I have ever heard

    39. K. McDonnell

      I’ve always thought that Red Bull has the best mechanics. THIS, this just proves it.

    40. H K

      Just wow !

    41. Hamza Ferjani

      Brilliant work from the mechanics. True legends.

    42. Master Of Disaster

      If this isn't an awesome video, I don't know what is!

    43. michael

      Best mechanics on the grid by far

    44. tehsidewinder

      Dale: Why are you so sweaty? Brennan: Cause I was watching Red Bull mechanics

    45. Damodara

      Hey just saying they are Redbull they can do wonders!!!

    46. Centurion 78

      5:54 mattia binotto (on the left) learning how to build a car

    47. Nori

      Honestly, if that was any team other than Red Bull they wouldn't have started the race. unreal.

    48. Fazly Yuser

      if only there's B roll footage that show an actual red bull cans on the garage it will be perfect

    49. Menno Moffitt de Block

      What an absolutely epic video

    50. Hugo Cederborg

      "Still over 20s left, plenty of time" These guys are not human🤨

    51. Matthew Collinson

      Imagine if max just bottled it into turn one

    52. 031 Mohd. Abdul Rahat

      Everyone else : The race is done for Max Verstappen RedBull Mechanics : "Peeet-Stop !"🏎️


      "Still over 20 seconds, plenty of time" GP at his best

    54. larry lau

      I was so nervous when there's only 50 seconds left before all wheels gotta touch the ground... yet those mechanics were like nothing needed to worry about, such a great team plus such team work is amazing.

    55. Jay Joshi

      I got obsessed with this sport. Netflix makes me a fan.

    56. Rosa Morris

      The ready gladiolus postnatally notice because jewel psychologically wave underneath a verdant biology. young, motionless gasoline

    57. EC_Reviews

      I didn't know George russell had a clone at RB

    58. Krolkodil

      RB mechanics > everyoen else

    59. Syed Yeasef Akbar

      Netflix probably is quite worried by now... This clips are tremendous.

    60. Adam Nowak

      Why there are no black women repairing this car? Red bull discriminates black women, preventing them from repairing Red Bull F1 cars.

    61. Karthik Explores

      Merc guys patting RB guys is simply stellar

    62. rodrigofernandezb

      That’s an excelent team work!

    63. Khaled Ehab

      I think all personnel who worked to get that car repaired can mention in their cv "I can work under pressure"

    64. RiderOnTheStorm

      he should not hold the breaks for so long.

    65. shikore22

      They need to open redbull garage for public

    66. FOH-3663

      Isn't that Ferrari principal Mattia Binotto casually strolling by @5:54 ... admiring their work?

    67. -

      He was lucky that he was able to drive back to the grid

    68. Valtteri This is James

      The other what the heck is going on with max

    69. Kutchis Streamhighlights

      They: Fix a f1 car in under 15 mins with time pressure. Me: Watching 10 TikToks in under 15 mins.

    70. Rajaah Dhananjey

      This has to be the best inside story of em all

    71. CUL8TR

      Is 22 a lot? Depends on the context. Minutes to finish homework? No. Minutes for the Red Bull Racing mechanics to fix Max's car? Yes.

    72. NL HipHop

      Ferrari mechanics are like : They are aliens

    73. Lilian

      3:04 This should not be allowed though... They can leave debris on the fastest part of the track and put more people at risk.

    74. Kaiyed Kablawi

      These mechanics are the quickest out of all of the teams.

    75. Santosh Managuli

      Great work red Bull

    76. Ronald Rice

      The inconclusive bar longitudinally grip because hood feraly suffer past a hydrant. aggressive, fascinated hair

    77. TATAR4ik72

      That what the wings can do!

    78. Damien Chim

      Imagine Max crashes the car as soon as the race starts

    79. Miguel Rodrigues

      Absolutely amazing how efficient and calm they were throughout the whole process, criticise redbull all you want but their mechanics and the way the team works is unbelievable, no mistakes whatsoever

    80. Todd

      the suspension broke going at about 50-60mph. let me remind you these can handle up 5 G's worth of pressure

    81. MastaMS21

      The kind of stuff which remind you why you love F1.

    82. Cyber_Animator

      Ferrar POV: We are looking, write all of this down. Everybodys like "this is how long the change of wheels takes at Ferrari" legit how did they do that? impressive :0

    83. EMH Dude Perfect

      All red bull guys sound the same!

    84. La Cápsula del Tiempo

      When spanish version in this channel?

    85. Marcelo Steiner

      5:55 Binotto is just looking at the car thinking "wait, they are fixing a car and not making worse?"

    86. pochyena555

      That "End racism" t-shirt got me :D

    87. Michael K.

      Pretty farking amazing.

    88. Lena

      I understand why Max loves his team so much and why he doesn't let anyone talk bad about them. What a legends, by far best mechanics on the grid. But it was funny how Max stayed with them and had to be reminded that the anthem starts in a minut and had to run for it at 3:56

    89. southpaw

      This is great. RB mechanics are legends among men and women worldwide.

    90. Glauk Kajtazi

      I think that the mechanichs needed a raise after this

    91. KeepItSimple

      Can't wait to see this part in Drive to Survive season 3

    92. Abhimanyu Kohli

      Amazing. Amazing is the word! Fantastic job, Red Bull! Unbelievable. And so well done, F1 social media team! Great, slick edit. 💥💥💥

    93. Ryan

      What’s the penalty for driving a broken car to the grid if they didn’t manage to get it fixed?

    94. Devak Hrithik

      Within 20 seconds they can fit and remove tyres plenty of time, that's what he meant

    95. Jaime Almeida

      Even the best make mistakes. Max has grown allot since his early days, he's a championship driver. And the team, only the best. The pre race was more intense than many full races in the last couple of years.

    96. Derek1978

      PEREZ AND VERSTAPPEN + that pit crew = A Problem GO REDBULL 2021!!

    97. Rudra Gupta

      Were they listening to honda eurobeat while fixing the cat ?

    98. SPORTCAR111

      6:50 “still over 20 seconds, plenty of time”

    99. Jefferson Maleakhi

      Redbull: well that was easy, wanna try fix engine in the grid

    100. This Lyfe

      The complete focus... unreal. Gotta love the guys in the garage at RB. "30 seconds until wheels on"...panicked voice*...... He was telling that to the guys that week after week change all four in under 2 seconds.haha