I Took Tommy Shopping...


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    I met Tommy in real life and took him shopping! It was very awesome.
    gents: @TommyInnit @JackManifoldTV
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    Today I met TommyInnit (creator of the Minecraft But and also You Laugh You Lose challenge), & Jack Manifold in real life! It was so funny and we had lots of laughs and fun and pog. This is a vlog like other vloggers but I am the best vlogger. We had funny moments and even talked about the Dream SMP and our War VS Dream in Minecraft. It was so fun and Pog Champ

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    1. •AsoCan Aso•

      4:56 If u want to buy some, buy it with Ranboo. Its his style.

    2. kmbrose

      "We're getting you a new top." ;3

    3. Thomas Cole

      Swear that Victoria centre

    4. AptitudeGaming

      3:08 Old people when they see someone with blue hair

    5. Petra Milovic

      Lmaoo tommy's height compared to tubbo's

    6. Mikuláš Strnad

      I Took Shomy Topping

    7. ArtByBlox

      "I'm vloggin' " "YEAAAAA" Funniest thing tho

    8. Dyah Ananda k

      AH THAT'S NOTHING ABOUT how BEAUTIFUL tubbo eye color is 😭😭

    9. Pinkish

      tommy is tall..

    10. Milk Tea

      I was there at the same day the vid was uploaded s a d n e s s

    11. Waifbu


    12. Yamato Tsukishima

      These two just makes boring things exiting-

    13. Aleesha Hussain

      Why does Tommy have a literal adventure every time someone does a thing a normal human does everyday?

    14. Paige Davison

      Its depressing how i can't get a picture with any of these. If ANY of these came to Tesco in Balby on Wednesday next week i will lose my sh!t. WHERE CAN I BUY THAT ICONIC TOMMY SHIRT?? I DONT CARE IF IM A GIRL I WANT IT 😂😂

    15. Flori Meh

      there's so much chaos since the first second

    16. Jabba Dabba


    17. DJ DamienDash

      Just subbed great channel!

    18. delinquent winners


    19. Neehar Joe

      Don't take Tommy to shopping 🛍️

    20. we stan robbie rotten

      jack really turned into violet boulegard

    21. Isabella Pillay

      Tommy: I’m not buying you anything this is your blog Tubbo: e x b o x

    22. SaCredxKllrC

      POV - tubbo

    23. Joaquin

      Its funny that the latest upload is the most popular on tubbos channel

    24. Kemalcan Onur

      çko iyi verı gud

    25. Teodora Casule


    26. TigerClaw

      Easily the best video on his channel Lol

    27. Electrogator


    28. Froofashroo

      I still can't believe Tubbo and Tommy are 17😭✋

    29. hamburger

      Tubbo is driping in that quackity merch

    30. Classic sans [ Slashed ]

      Technoblade mug

    31. Dark user

      This location is in Nottingham Victorian centre

    32. Nandinkholboo

      Oh GOD tommy is so big next to tubby-

    33. Promaticed

      wanna play roblox with me?

    34. KNOCKED

      Disclaimer : Jack wasnt hurt on this video

    35. autobotOG

      I just love the fact that tubbo threatened to cut off grookeys head

    36. SpyApolloAgent

      Literally Tommy was even buying a pokemon😁😂

    37. rupert punting

      Not gonna lie the blue wig suits him

    38. RainbowSky

      0:56 I want that Vulpix :(

    39. Omeir

      POV: ur thinking of :"Tommyinnit makes shopping a 1000% funnier."

    40. WhyamIhere

      jack is more feminine than me

    41. Frosty Lemon

      1:40 ROBLOX TOYS!!

    42. happy pile of blanket

      Where are your parents?

    43. D a i s y


    44. Husky Runt

      tubbo: *uses wii party music* me: I KNOW THIS

    45. LimePra WasTaken

      tubbo n everyone 1% Shpping:99%

    46. Buue

      funny thing is you guys can buy everything in those shops, twice

    47. Ern Tzer Wong

      Dream: excuse me jack

    48. Hi Hi

      I just noticed the big q merch😗✌️

    49. Emah Swag

      Tommy a 17 year old : "were not getting red bull" Me : "how dare he neglect the child of energy"

    50. Vid Ličen

      Where is xbox 360????????

    51. vLxcas


    52. BonBon Lover

      Today and yesterday we had test and our classes got stuffed BEES and I named mine tubbo.

    53. MrHyperTV


    54. evarioust

      i love you guys u made my day

    55. TinTin Uy

      Jack looks like Kagami



    57. Cherry Sheep

      Watching during science pog

    58. • Çhįłł • • Ōrqūiza •

      *its like he never went shopping👁👄👁✋*

    59. Nanny Dienemann

      my l'manburg

    60. rice noodles-

      anyone thinks jack kinda be looking like dora the explora no? only me?

    61. Sherwin Hazany

      Yoooo. Tommyinnit , I was wondering if you would friend me on discord. I really want to play Minecraft with you. My discord name is SPECTRE#7599. Just copy and paste this in the friend request section. Thanks.

    62. Sherwin Hazany

      Yoooo. Tommyinnit , I was wondering if you would friend me on discord. I really want to play Minecraft with you. My discord name is SPECTRE#7599. Just copy and paste this in the friend request section. Thanks.

    63. Sherwin Hazany

      Yoooo. Tommyinnit , I was wondering if you would friend me on discord. I really want to play Minecraft with you. My discord name is SPECTRE#7599. Just copy and paste this in the friend request section. Thanks.

    64. Nandana 145

      Whoever comes across this may have the best day they have ever wished for❤💯

    65. Unlike Goemetry

      3:47 LMAO

    66. Coppen


    67. Coppen


    68. Unlike Goemetry

      this video will get lotta views cuz in the tittle theres tommyinnit

    69. Aroxia

      TommyNotInnit 😍

    70. arqc

      tommy clickbait

    71. Pheter PH

      The blade is awsome

    72. Ravenclaw Potato

      2:36 Cooking by the book-

    73. Pranish Karki

      You look good with mask😂

    74. Lucas Hall

      Or did tommy take you shopping ohhhhhhh

    75. Stan Tech Tips

      I just like doing the same thing in currys pc world ireland

    76. Dream wastaken


    77. Butter Doge

      Just a vid about bri'ish kids shoppin'

    78. Shay_thegay 0:

      You know, when shit opens up, you should go to afflecks palace in Manchester, it has a lot of good shit

    79. Lexie Lol35

      when you got Tommy a top you should have let him wait outside then you go into the women’s section 😂

    80. some dude that has no life

      Tommy is like a cartoon character, he wears the same shirt and he looks the same almost all the time

    81. Lady of the Orka’s

      why are you all my little bro and his friends, but british????

    82. ゼロshirtokiya

      Why you not verified

    83. Precious Mae Soliman

      Is Tubbo wearing Quackity's merch? oww❤️❤️

    84. R E N

      I wanna see a tubbo vs tommy boxing match

    85. ME IS GAY

      Alternative title: Shopping with Tommyinnit is 1000% FUNNIER!!!

    86. lovly

      Thank you tubno for taking care of the child

    87. tommyinnit Fann

      Thank You for making Tommynotinnt

    88. SMG ._

      Imagine meeting them in a mall

    89. Woodzy Woodz


    90. Vince Ivan Santilices


    91. JordanChillOut

      Not the wig

    92. trabajo de informatica


    93. JustCookieYT

      Tubbo & tommyinnit makes shopping 1000000000000% funnier

    94. francisFFGamer

      4:07 "why"

    95. Noobie the great

      YEEEAAHH 0:02

    96. Joaquin Quimio


    97. Shaen Pediangco

      its not Tommynotinnit its Gogyinnit

    98. cnmmd qiuoo

      tommy is the guy who records school fights.

    99. cloud

      jack manibald