I Must Win MrBeast's $10,000 Refrigerator


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    Mr. Sandman, bring me a Dream...
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    not linking Fundy. that man is getting nothing from me
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    1. PaintedTRW

      Forget technoblade, technoSAND

    2. Bottle Gaming

      I love how out of everyone else that they found, they knew Technoblade would snitch if it means another chance of winning the $10,000 Fridge.

    3. technoblade fan

      Cool tecnoblade tecnoblade never sorry is I say your name wrong

    4. Eyeblyss Youtube

      yoooooOoO POG

    5. Black Stat

      Techno, may i interest you in the piglin brute on the Origins SMP pros: - you deal extra 1 and a half hearts of damage with an axe -standing near piglins will make them protect you and give you free items -standing near gold blocks, blackstone bricks and all other blocks found in a bastion will give you fire resistanse and regeneration -you can ride and control striders without needing a sadle or warped fungus on a stick cons: -wearing a helmet will make you deaf -using a sword is 1 and a half less efficient -water makes you shiver and be weakened -zombiefied piglins and soul fire (normal soul fire,soul fire lanterns, torches and campfires) make your character week and slowed hope you like it and use this role on the Origins SMP

    6. Crab raver Coffin raver

      The safest place he knew is Afghanistan😂😂😂😂

    7. Techdude

      Who needs a $10,000 refrigerator when u got $100,000

    8. Majlinda Nasufi


    9. Cryptic125

      6.9 (giggity) million subs. 7 mil soon i bet

    10. D 10

      techno should stream


      u did a great job

    12. Chloe Beard

      dear techno, I have recently found a weird bug that places random end portals in your world. I personaly found one in my spruce forest. Please can you do a video researching this haunting fact - THX XXX

    13. Mefi

      6,9% of the way Nice

    14. SupermanAJV


    15. Archie Parker

      Plz upload more


      Whatttttttt!!!!!!! Technoblade Technoblade dont have a discord server what!!!!!!

      1. R Tori

        He does but you have to pay to enter LMAO

    17. Techno Lover

      Technoblade played roblox first than minecraft then moved on to a shooting game idk what it was called but after that he joined minecraft and was good at it.

      1. Techno Lover

        So he stayed

    18. Priya Sinha

      0:37 wither technoblade confirmed Poggggg

    19. TheincredibleLion


    20. RichieRex

      The God is almost at 7 mill! pog

    21. Stragic-Tragic

      "I immediately went to the safest place i knew....... Afghanistan"

    22. Luke Nguyen

      or is it fake?

      1. TrollPiotr Official

        If he doesn't have TRlocal or Pig rank then of course it's fake

    23. Luke Nguyen

      Technoblade why did you friend me in Minecraft???

    24. Nightmare

      *Technoblade Isnt Pogchamp He Is Now Pigchamp 👍*

    25. Free De La Hoya Forever

      All the TRlocalrs know you and they get open-mouthed when they see you!

    26. Free De La Hoya Forever

      Hello king Technoblade! It is an honour to meet you.🤩🤴🏻

    27. Savy Bibiano

      yo techno it’s 11:54 can’t sleep what do I do fam

    28. EnderJoker

      I never thought a fridge can be that much good luck

    29. timm wiese

      you make my life much funnier you are the best and btw im new here and i luv you

    30. Kidlat LFB


    31. Jackson Stark


    32. Galaxy Luna

      I belive you If you say your the best bedwars Player But you have to win on Pocket Edition

    33. Jesus Retes

      Origins Smp Stream?

    34. Kirby Kona

      Imagine typing in Techno's comment section and not having a cool sword. Couldn't be me.

    35. Alec

      Come back to skyblock you are being voted president by the resistance with 200k votes

    36. Anith Karandagoda

      Hey Tech why don’t you watch a new animation called the hog hunt

    37. Tatayy is cool

      “He who know the sand skin strat need not fear the result of a 100 seekers” Sun tzu the art of war

    38. Kalian Rani

      come on do something

    39. conthegreat


    40. Nice crispy Baguette

      Technoblade really is Achilles, he has great game skill, good story's, is funny, and never makes you feel bored while not annoying you, also a nice voice. His Achilles is his horrible upload schedule

    41. NoobLyfe

      i look up what does techno look like and tommy was 1 of the pictures

      1. NoobLyfe

        and pewdepie

    42. saythrt L


    43. Layla Jay


    44. Chicken Nugget

      “I just got nuked!” Me: See Technoblade never dies even If he’s being nuked

    45. juan miguel valdez

      And im serius about that techno pls answer my question😐

    46. juan miguel valdez

      How did dream escape in the prison that he just build?

    47. juan miguel valdez

      Techno can i ask a question?

    48. GTeb _

      Technoblade: *gets camouflage second layer* Ranboo: wait a second, something’s a little off there

    49. Tnedie Master

      You show other parts that mr Beast didn’t show

    50. PanDorA

      It feels weird hearing mrbeast without the intense music

    51. Kris Pounds

      6.9 million subs lol

    52. Baki

      Do openig of the fridge

    53. aimdot

      anyone remember when he had 100k and posted tons of skywars and everybody didn't say he was the best pvper because people in 2017 and 2018 could scale a players skill level and watched him just because he was funny? .... nope? just me ...

    54. WaveSplitter

      im born the year of the pig

    55. Paul Mincey


    56. Dark video death

      it does look good but I am already sub

    57. Duckie

      That ending is hilarious

    58. Pancake Productions

      anything YOUTOOZ please I think they would be awesome

    59. Pancake Productions

      ORRRR something about potato's youtooz again

    60. Pancake Productions

      TECHNOBOAT YOUTOOZ pleasee!!!!!!!!!

    61. Zackery Simmons

      What do you look like

    62. shosho 502

      I MISS YOU

    63. hen ko

      "I immediately headed to the safest place I knew, Afghanistan... I GOT NUKED"

    64. Thane Fenrir


    65. William Walford

      Hi dave🤣🤣🤣i know everything

    66. fmran_ ph

      Sir Techno Did I Beat Bedwars? I Kill Them 109 Times!

    67. dumblings

      Puberty hit him like a train

    68. Anomal Abnormal

      Here's how to not be human on Origin SMP: Uninstall and reinstall the mod and then choose.

    69. LimeGaming

      Pig Man

    70. Gavin964

      Bro I love how they didn't notice technoblade right next to them until Connor pretty much sod him out

    71. Jack Vanni Beats

      Bro Technoblade I cant with him! LMAO

    72. Drunken Atomo

      Gonna get more subs than Tommy pog

    73. Philip Cerqueira

      In your base

    74. Precursor

      Your past will pull you eventually back to hypixel skyblock

    75. Philip Cerqueira

      Hey techno make a artic lights in the dream smp with beacons

    76. Snow Crystal

      part 2???

    77. Zenitsu

      we need more of this.

    78. a normal guy

      techno you kinda need to go back to skyblock but EXTRA VIEWS

    79. FluffyEcho Gaming

      Tomorrow is the 16th, we better get some lore

    80. Mason

      1:10 proof the earth is flat

    81. totally not a google account

      "Why didn't you tell me you gave him a boat you nincompoop!?" -Quote, Mr.Beast

    82. Panda Master

      whens the unboxing vid

    83. Lost Viper_


    84. snowed_in

      For shame Fundy.

    85. Tobias Thøgersen

      Anybody just watch technoblade and then got adicted

    86. mudkip is awesome

      As i looked at the map i saw it filled with my peers, my friends, people iv'e know for years, did i really have it in me to sabotage two of them, just for a measly refrigerator? *Y E S*

    87. TheGamingGirl

      I got your Youtooz. Pretty awesome.

    88. Melissa Weinmann

      hay tech every tride recording on the hive

    89. landonfireball05

      The world is flat..... Huh

    90. FMT Mammoth

      I have subscribed to technoblde

    91. Yes BraveSniper217

      nos vincemus haec

    92. Luna A

      have you gotten the fridge?? please update jk

    93. Blue Ninja

      He withstands nukes beacuse Technoblade never dies

    94. Arda Baki

      Ok what map is techno on for the commentating part ? Anyone know ?

    95. Drexel Ngo


    96. GuyWho WatchesStuff

      I hope you're doing okay Techno

    97. Emerald


    98. Whiskey TheTango


    99. Zoya Iqbal

      Random comment for the blade U are the best and u deserve the world ly❤️

    100. miguel melo

      6.9 mil subs...