8 Graves x Unlike Pluto - The Underground


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    8 Graves x Unlike Pluto - The Underground
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    "Do something today that your future self will thank you for."
    - Unknown
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    1. CloudKid

      What in INSANE collab 😍 If you could make any two artists collab... who would it be?

      1. GOMBA *A.V.*

        Grandson and 8 graves

      2. Suicide Goat

        One Hope&Silent Child *wet dream*

      3. Smoothy lendlyxx

        grandson x missio

      4. Lolz 22

        Jazmin bean & Melaine Martinez

      5. Yuki

        Aurora and Alice phoebe lou

    2. Jelani Scot

      thanks cloudy for being there when i feel down your musick..is like a cure

    3. Cam movie

      U.U HI

    4. _ leahh


    5. Raheem Sparrow


    6. lalogamer

      buena musica

    7. Rita Pieciene


    8. Erik Rodrigues

      best music ever

    9. Cuau Jiménez

      This background reminds me of strawberries and cream ice cream

    10. Electron


    11. S Gibson

      Why does this, to me hint towards the underground in the new miles morales game?

    12. سامر حسن


    13. MagicMaster

      I again asked some people to rate this song and they said 6 out of 10

    14. Sam Robinson

      I like both of these artists, don’t know how I didn’t see this before!


      Muito bom ❤️

    16. Manish Chandra

      Do you Earning Money? From making these music videos? Hope you don't mind if you won't reply it's fine but if you like this comment i will get your answer. #Cloudkid

    17. ΝΙΚΗΤΑΣ Μπαιλας


    18. Piyush Tambare

      Everything black 🖤

    19. ᄋᄉ

      I don't know this video's lyrics Please someone write some lyrics

    20. DJ XMAS

      I know I'm thankful for Cloud Kid and the beats that're served out

    21. DJ XMAS

      Hit the like button if you're tired of the year 2020.

    22. the quack man

      The background looks like lungs

    23. XD K45

      1:21 aww

    24. Emre Canbulat

      thats pretty good

      1. Free Music JEXX90 NCS


    25. EYEPlaster eyeLad

      Be alright for me

    26. Rodney Cooke

      Greatness that I strive to achieve

    27. Trap Music Floating

      Why do many people dislike? This song is great! 🔥❤️

    28. Lolz 22

      Why does the bg remind me of hazbin hotel?

    29. Karma woods

      You know it's about to get real when the cloud creature does a flip

    30. Boyart

      late bro

    31. Dc2_ Johnston

      8 Graves and Unlike Pluto?? It's a dream come true!

    32. Shrrade

      8 graves is easily the best thing that happened this year

    33. Viren Singh

      Love from India

    34. Fykon

      Unlike Pluto and 8 graves are literally the best as is. I was always vibing to their songs and I was so damn happy when they both came out with this!! 🔥🔥 ...Also Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 🦃

    35. kkiouris !

      What a duo

    36. Charan Narain

      Late night rides to this 🤘 Bike rides .. Not the other thing.

    37. Crusader JUNIOR

      Planet Pluto.

    38. Crome

      Wow! a really dope mix between 8 Graves and Unlike Pluto right there for sure! if you are interested in founding new music to listen to you can check some of my songs down below i would greatly appreciate it! THANKS

    39. Slayser

      Woah that hit different like holy sh*t that so good

    40. E L

      Eeee >_< When two of your favorite artists collab (ノ>∀<)ノ

    41. Hallofang

      Now these two with Grandson and collab

    42. Lofi Candy

      Great master piece

    43. Noah Buchanan

      You should do magnum bullets by night runner

    44. Atram yeet

      i had autoplay on and this starts playing. right away i knew it were 8 graves, only something was different and oh boy was i plesantly surprised when i looked

    45. JustToFallAsleep

      My old fart butt thought of The Underground from Labyrinth...

    46. Chrxs IOS

      Omg these songs are fireee Also I don’t know much about copyright but am I allowed to use this song in my montage (with credits) without getting my channel deleted?

    47. PONEI TAPADO play

      Top iam from brazil and like you work

    48. DCGP

      Saving 2020 right on time

    49. 8 Graves

      Here in the states, it’s Thanksgiving, and we’re thankful for CloudKid and this amazing community! Can’t tell you how much your support has meant to us all this time! Thank you for giving our song a listen! We truly appreciate it!

      1. Rodney Cooke

        U guys killed this🖤🔥

      2. Josuep8hw

        Happy thanksgiving bro and have a great day !!! 😁🤟🏻#CloudSquad✨🖤

    50. Alabri King

      8 Graves x Unlike Pluto yaaaaaaaaass

    51. Pickle marine

      Background looks like big brain

    52. Gru


    53. Sunset Vibes

      Maybe im not early but atleast i get to enjoy this masterpiece

    54. SRT ESN


    55. Russian Boy

      holy shmouks it's a good song

    56. Rivercloth

      I nearly didn't believe my own eyes when saw those 2 legendary names doing a collab

    57. ZORRK

      WOW😮👍🥰 (music)

    58. Kye10.1

      Aight its not my fault i'm late blame my.. cat

    59. Louis Edward

      I didn't know i wanted this collab this bad

    60. yuuki 8915

      i love it

    61. Fynn R.

      Sounds like the perfect song for John Wick 4

    62. NicoraiP

      I follow Pluto for quiet a time seine hin on These is nicht:)

    63. Nico Palencia


    64. Sham Wow


    65. Jorge Enriquez


    66. Initial C

      I am so thrilled to see these 2 artist cooperating. Can't wait to hear more!

      1. Free Music JEXX90 NCS


    67. Mr_Hoaxed

      Great song!!! Good job cloudkid! Luv ya!

    68. Rick Astley Official

      Why those two artists are so frickin fire

    69. lucy valis


    70. clounation xi

      Hello cloudkid You like hi i'm 👍😎

    71. KAIN ARTZ

      ok gotta say i didnt expect this collab

    72. VTR_H

      I like 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    73. Eddie Karira

      This is the collab that we didn't know we needed

    74. Oi

      didnt expect this collab

    75. Trap Citys HD


    76. Duleon Shio

      The collab we didn't deserve but got.

    77. CientisFDK Felipino


    78. iZzy

      Wow another epic smash...!! 🔥💥

    79. DEEPROT


      1. MagicMaster

        Congrats this your 572th comment on this channel :D

      2. joshua 6543210

        You have a checkmark

    80. ANDREI gaming

      Is it just me or does this song sound perfect after loseing you 11 ex because she cheated

    81. Josuep8hw

      *I had not realized that Cloudkid already has 4.55 million followers time passes* and you are still incredible brother I wish you a soft and amazing day LET'S GO FOR THOSE 5 MILLION GUYS! #CloudyficationSquad ❤☀🎄

      1. Josuep8hw

        @Davids Staugis soo Amazing !!

      2. Davids Staugis

        Glad I've been here for 3 years now! Time flies when you're having fun

    82. palloravis

      Whaa, oi?? Unlike Pluto AND 8 Graves?! Oh my, this is my lucky day 🤯

    83. Erika myers

      The underground beat

    84. Nix

      This collab....AWSOME 😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️

    85. Indiffrence _


    86. RK HomeMade Food

      Amazing great 👍💐 please stay connected

    87. Lennie O'Connor

      yeah gotta love it when they collab

    88. Johanna Criollo

      good song :D

    89. Trap N Bass Sahariano


    90. Colt Nolin

      we never die

    91. gredethw

      *omg so many people asked and it’s finally here* , this is honestly so good #CloudFamily

    92. SavageMike

      Nobody: The ants i keep stepping on: 1:20

    93. Avanish Srivats

      Hey cloudkid did u do grandsons dirty?

    94. SavageMike

      This is very good.

    95. gredethw

      #CloudQuote "Laziness travels so slowly that poverty does not take long to reach it" - Benjamin Franklin

    96. BillyBob0606

      me likes

    97. Avanish Srivats

      Man,8 graves red album is maybe the best music I've heard.

    98. Colt Nolin

      oooh the flow of this song is fire

    99. gredethw

      Lyrics: 💥....🤟....💀 8 Graves x Unlike Pluto - The Underground We're the underground We're the lost and found Never see the day While we hide away (hide) Soft spoken like a gun At the top of my lungs We're the underground We never die If you don't mind me I won't mind you The game is for two Your first move Igniting I'll never lose Lost hypocrites Lies never quit Avoiding the truth So delicate Hard to predict So out of the blue We're the underground We're the lost and found Never see the day While we hide away (hide) Soft spoken like a gun At the top of my lungs We're the underground We never die I've seen it I mean it I found the truth They try to Contain it We set it loose I'm sick of it We're infinite It's time to move We're not the winners But we'll never lose We're the underground We're the lost and found Never see the day While we hide away (hide) Soft spoken like a gun At the top of my lungs We're the underground We never die

    100. Josuep8hw

      *Those who don't like it are from the underground, but* that's fine, because they don't know good music. LOL 🤣😅😂