Sada Baby

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    "Bartier Bounty"

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    1. Michelle Ark

      Omg is to good

    2. Michelle Ark


    3. SimplySeal


    4. J,a.y. Thugga


    5. XxToonzworldxX

      My wedding is going to be lit asf lmao

    6. George Arkwright

      gang gang take this recipe

    7. Tashaun Arrington

      HI sister

    8. BOOGIEMAN 219

      I dedicate this song to Kamala Harris ;)

    9. Nivin Sulaiman

      I love this song lol awe-inspiring gratitude ditto relating can I please ask? what does skuba suggest do!!! ? lol awww

    10. Alaina Antanaitis

      Fuck all the cute shit 🏓🏓🏓🏓🏓

    11. TJ The goat

      Fuck all the cute shit bitch you gone do what i say

    12. Kevin Dupree

      On god

    13. Kevin Dupree

      My this my favorite rapper

    14. adam flood

      Riding wit a dumb bitch look like I got dori wit meee

    15. Jessika Gleason

      Bitch u gone do wht i say🤪

    16. Money Counter Rail

      This song is every mans hopes and dreams.

    17. antoine lloyd

      Bro got it I like this nigga he rep tha city n da homies

    18. Buddhaman Trey

      Riding with a dumb bitch look like he got dory with em map out in my expedition look like I got Dora with me 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    19. Markgraphics Ja

      Waiter: How do like to salad... Me: Wolverine my order please

    20. Zane Ludwig

      there are literally 666 dislikes

      1. Jaylen Watkins

        Nigga there's deadass 777 rn as I saw dis comment

    21. Chris De La Torre

      Make me wanna bust moves like Sada 😂

    22. LiL Deuce

      Let me get my 45 and I got my 40 on me

    23. Nick Abbe

      Sada baby x elvy the god

    24. John Bartley

      Lemme get my 45 And I got a 40 on me Dumpin' at your whole life And you got your shorty with you 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    25. bigahelmful

      This song brings my inner 🅱️lood out 🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴 🅱️arter 🅱️ounty

    26. Dylan Schmallie

      Perky’s in her booty crack🤣🤣🤣🤣😂

    27. TheAstroNut

      Percies in her booty crack😂


      Slappin during quarantine

    29. Andrew Johnson

      Shit still slaps

    30. Dezire Robinson

      I might spark a wood yeah😭💨

    31. Dalton Thornton

      Who here in 2020

    32. Jesse Lucas


    33. ItzSpeedy 420

      he said bookie blunt ain't got no seeds lmao

    34. BadNewzKenny Gaming


    35. Jadalondynjustin4life

      My song 🥰

    36. FollowMyDemons YT

      Gang gang gang gang hood hood hood gang gang

    37. I_am_her 1993

      look like I got Dora with me😂🔥🤟

      1. B EZ

        empresslovessans and o got my map out like I got Dora with me don’t be so quick to correct someone over a song you didn’t write

      2. empresslovessans

        Dory* He* him*

    38. Thomas Stanley Iv

      Speed it up to 1.25x , thank me later

      1. Cynosure Ram

        Wow, lol

    39. Odie Spiller


    40. Sasha Ortiz

      Bands in her backpack. Percies in her booty crack

    41. Critten Williams

      Son can rap rap on the low

      1. Jade Jones

        on the low ??

    42. Anthony L

      DvE 313

    43. Brandon Johnson

      Who here before this hit 1 million views?💪🏽😎🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    44. 2700nigga

      Blud have dancing even when you can't dance lol have niggas dancing in the trap and shit

    45. Keluana Camp

      This beat slaps harder than my Abuela's chancla.

    46. Top South Bullies


    47. Alesia Wesley

      I like it in a blood

    48. Troy O'Brien

      I'm Crip yet this Blood go hard like 25 to life with no mail visits or commissary! CA love sent to Detroit!

    49. Anthony L

      DvE 313

    50. Darnez Jackson

      I loose my fucking mind playing this shit!!!!! 🔥

    51. Leslie S

      I mmm N

    52. Javona Wynne

      He is so mf hard. Period. 🔥💯👌🏽

    53. Steven Edwards

      I keep telling my wife I'm playing this at our actual wedding. Lol 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

      1. XxToonzworldxX

        I’m playing it at mine too idgaf

      2. Marcus Daniel


      3. Derrick Flowers


      4. Marcel Nesbitt

        Wedding going to be extra lit

      5. Boghman22


    54. Lil Hashbrown

      i thought this nigga said herpes in her booty crack

    55. ferragamo faro

      i might spark a wood YEAH! 😁 draco with the wood YEAH! 😁

      1. TiggyMane

        HE TALKIN!!!!

    56. That Guy

      This shit is on another level

    57. Caleb Dearinger

      Sada the type to shoulder dance before he beat you up .

    58. Google Inc

      still fk with da medellin still got methampetamines still gor promathezine and am learning lebanise

    59. SlimmGod God

      My Guy 💯💯💯💯🦍🔥🖤💯✍️.

    60. MEECH JAY

      My shit

    61. Yungeen Zay03


    62. Bamber 1brat

      When you move out your city🌍 an the only thing that motivate you is your city 🌏🌏 I'm so goofy an thankful for all my rappers from the D anit shit like it I'm a rap feene😄

      1. Mobley Mcfly

        Bamber 1brat on god Fl from Detroit I knew that feelin

    63. Muna A.

      Uh, fuck all the cute shit, I'm here to shoot shit I need a bitch who gon' suck dick and shoot trips None of my stuffers can't come with the loose lips Bitch, you gon' move shit Bitch, you gon', bitch, you gon' do what I say Bitch, you gon', bitch, you gon' do what I Bitch, you gon', bitch, you gon' do what I say Bitch, you gon' do what I Big jug of Act'-Act', bands in the backpack Perkies in here booty crack, never in no man-purse 'Member we was on Xans first? 'Member I was usin' hands first? Now it's ambulance, hearse, anytime I put in work We ain't got no Sprite levels, drop the Acty in a Squirt 'Member first time I had the Acty, it was me and Smurf? Now when I get the Acty-Act', I gotta spill some 'Cause I'm a young rich nigga and I peel blood Thousands, on me right now, we load up then slide down Bitch, ain't no pipe down Stupid bitch, you pipe down Ayy, let me pipe down, huh Bet I pop an RP if I hit the White House Shoot that bitch in Trump face, hit him with the hood face I might spark a 'Wood, yeah, Draco with the wood, yeah Check a nigga temperature, I put that on my hood, yeah Samurais beat the block, sittin' on them woods steps Grandma gave me whoopings, yeah, never was the good one, yeah Me didn't work no nine to five, I was drinkin' on the clock Sleepin' on a bad bitch, broke, dreamin' on the top Now when bitches see me, diamonds blingin' through, they pieces rockin', yeah yeah yeah Let me get my four-five, and I got the forty on me Dumpin' at your whole lot, and you got your shorty with you Ridin' with a dumb bitch, look like he got Dory with him Map out in my Expedition, look like I got Dora with me I might have Storm with me, Wolverine my order please Slice 'em for my Portuguese, put me on with forty keys Drego, baby, I don't think nobody else in disbelief We got all these young bitches thinkin' they Coretta King Still fuck with the Medellín, still got methamphetamines Still sippin' Promethazine, and I'm learning Lebanese And I'm earnin' extra cheese, blowin' at the referees Bookie blunt ain't got no seeds, you be smokin' sesame She been suckin' so much dick she need some extra knees Matter fact she suckin' so much dick I need an extra me Gang gang hit my cellphone for an extra P Gang gang, you don't need that, take this recipe, huh, uh-huh Fuck all the cute shit, I'm here to shoot shit I need a bitch who gon' suck dick and shoot trips None of my stuffers can't come with the loose lips Bitch, you gon' move shit Bitch, you gon', bitch, you gon' do what I say Bitch, you gon' do what I Bitch, you gon' do what I say Bitch, you gon' do what I A-Z lyrics

    64. Mac entertainment enterprise. M E E

      👍👍 up. Detroit it’s Muzic Movement. 👀💿👊🏻💯🇮🇹🖕🔥✌🏻🙏🏻


      Who’s better Yg like Comment for sada

      1. the Crow


    66. Yxung FR34K

      *Perky's in her booty crack, Sada-2019*

    67. Lifeof Bry

      He went nuts boah 🤣😂😂

    68. K Rock

      2:06 When i stub my toe on the bed rail

      1. Michelle Jacoby

        I just yelled

      2. Tara Murdock


      3. Dareus Barnhill

        Lol you fucking dumb 😂🔥🔥🔥

      4. JustNJoy Highoff_Joyy

        K Rock 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      5. Trey Brown

        😂😂😂😭truu 👌🏽

    69. Gordon Moritzu

      0:31 instant turnip buttons 0:52

    70. Kezahrian Thompson

      Perkys in her booty 🍑 crack😂

    71. aiden.gamerBoy

      Been here since 2K17

    72. Jase Mannie

      Never been the good one YOP!

    73. Reginald Irvin

      Big blood

    74. Xion Sellers

      This song slept on

    75. Jeffromoney Family


    76. Trevor Johnson

      and I'm speaking Lebanese

      1. Reallhoxhoes

        *learning ♂‍🤦🏿

    77. Emilio Castaneda

      Big jug ah act bands n the back pack perkys n her Booty crack☝🏾💊💃🏻🎒💵

    78. Dion Murphy

      Sada man and it's the shit

    79. Nekoda Laskey


    80. dog shyt

      Got all these nights thinking they corretta keys

    81. Tae Red

      Too hard he harder than tee grizzly on gang 💯 🎶 🎤 🔊 📱 💰 ☑ ✖ 💡

      1. dracwyd

        they both hella good on bro

      2. Yxung FR34K

        Detroit is were it's at

      3. DEADDRUNKEnt. Television

        Dat Boy A Real Unreal Beast On Dem Beats Been Fuckin wit Da MidWest 💯💯💯💯

    82. richard

      perkys in her booty crack 😭

    83. LRgDean


    84. Spec The kid

      So fire

    85. Jo Ennis

      Greatest record ever NIGGA

    86. Jr DaGreatest

      My MAMA made me mad when I asked to go to Chuckie cheese she said no I was like BITCH YOU GONE DO WHAT I SAY now I'm living with my uncle an I have a broken arm an leg

    87. Reeso Doe

      And im learning Lebanese

    88. Brandy Bert

      Sitting on the wood steps

    89. Brandy Bert

      Ok dada baby I see u

    90. Brad Porter

      Still goes crazy!

    91. Drew Smith

      Bet I pop an RP before I hit the white house 🤣 Hit trump with that uhhhhh face

    92. Michael27@gmail.com Johnson

      This my everyday 💪🏾💪🏾💯💯💯💯💯💯🤘🏾🤘🏾🤘🏾🤘🏾

    93. Pink Nation

      He so fire

    94. Versace Vasquez

      Gang gang don’t need nun here the recipe ughh

    95. Dalton Ward

      Buy the mixtape if u a true fan my dudes!

      1. Joseph C

        Aren't mixtapes supposed to be free?

    96. Addie Benford

      My mans sada getting off 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    97. Regg Brown

      Make a video to this shit!! I wanna laugh seeing you do the Trump face😂

    98. Hip Hop After Dark

      straight fire

    99. John Jones

      Sada Baby went fuccin crazy on this joint.