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    1. PrettyCold

      3:51 medium rare please

    2. Algafer 30

      Soy el único que piensa que este tío puede dominar el mundo si quiere.

    3. Sam Lewis

      This is how I want to die


      Id rather take the time and carve foam a Star Wars mandalorian Jedi hanger ship wall and cut it

    5. ZackGames

      Bruh you got my sub, also you deserve my subs. Also cool lightsaber.

    6. Anon B

      Yeahh but ....More burning than cutting.

    7. Crazy man Sarthak

      2021: empire strikes back

    8. body XUX


    9. Classy Alien

      Finally some good news in 2020

    10. Skullcrusher

      Where can I buy one, when, and how much!

    11. Bruh Moment

      Ma boi got a fire aspect sword

    12. Adam Hodgson

      It looks cool

    13. rcpilot

      Basicly ust a fancy plasma cutter

    14. GLD31

      Next step would need to be the lightsaber without the backpack

    15. tarhana çorbası

      This is amazing. !!!!!!😰😰😰

    16. helium_ 777

      This is a good fire Trower for body to body

    17. LeRoyRouge

      I see you've constructed your own light saber... your skills are complete.

      1. Fade Chris

        50 years later: them: we have made a invisible Xbox 930 with only a sheet of paper

    18. LeRoyRouge

      if it was hotter would it cut through faster, or would it need something to pressure the object being cut?

    19. Emoe Blk

      Wary to rain on your parade... But to be a lightsaber it has to be able to cut and block

    20. Pencils and Pens

      It's weak but really really cool man ...dude??

    21. Julian Campbell

      It's actually frowned upon to cut off a head with a lightsaber

    22. Lone wolf 4221

      My lightsaber is bigger than yours

    23. Honza Kundračík

      You are a legend

    24. Lonely Guy

      Now imagine if the Britain got their hands on this.... We’d have a British Empire with a bunch of Kylo Ren wannabe’s

    25. Giorno Giovanna

      imagine you are fighting this guy so you bring a gun but he bring a fookin lightsaber you lose automaticly

    26. M McDonald

      So... you made a oxypropane cutter... That's been around a while.

    27. Jimbo922L

      Ok you made a lightsaber. So when do they go on sale and how much? I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!

    28. Luke Dietrich

      Wall of Styrofoam

    29. فضل عزيز


    30. Lol Bro

      if someone found a way to condense the flow and make it more 'solid' damn, you got a real light saber. wait, what if you combined the solid rod saber with the plasma saber to create the practically perfect recreation 🤔

      1. minij hooi

        Lightsabers colide with eachother, this wouldnt

    31. 121finalfantasy

      I love my steak well done

      1. minij hooi

        him: gets molten concrete exploded onto his arm also him: "ow that's burny."

    32. vr puppy

      Just wait until 2030 so they can sell these

    33. EivindDev YT

      I wonder if it can defleckt a bullet

    34. Tsucube

      What if you did rapid strikes

    35. ChupaChubra

      Хороший инструмент для взлома сейфов

    36. Firzen_ Official

      Your team mate IQ 999max

    37. Firzen_ Official

      I can tell you love Leonardo da Vinci

    38. Soós Armand

      3:31 "we know lightsabers can cut off limbs" me: "dont try it"

    39. Juan Vasquez

      "Look at that perfect hole" That's what she said😉

    40. King Ramama

      Robers broke into my house Police :what did they use Me:lightsaber

    41. Davit Abelyan

      Can you use the same tech for iron mans blaster thingys?

    42. Ashraf Alzar M

      test it to your cybertruck(im just playing)

    43. Goldzahn Jackson

      Now do a Blaster! Can‘t wait to do some Bountys

    44. fried stuff

      Nerds would call it a protosaber. Great job still

    45. Charming nowhere to hide

      him: gets molten concrete exploded onto his arm also him: "ow that's burny."

    46. Frederick Saillant

      Lightsabers colide with eachother, this wouldnt

    47. ROBERT J KIS

      A giant plasma cutter. Wow. No not really.

      1. Charming nowhere to hide

        May the Force be with You

    48. J KHALIB


    49. advancedlamb

      not good enough, not until it can instantly cut through a whole pig corpse with a single flick of the wrist.

    50. TheGuruOfNothingness


    51. Lemunde

      I call bullshit on the meat cutting. It looks to me like the cut the recording after taking the "light saber" to it then took a knife and cut through it then finished the last bit off with the "light saber".

    52. Brandon Mendoza

      Arthur has entered the chat

    53. Justin Lancaster

      Kylo Ren plasma light sabre

    54. christopher mort

      Plasma cutter

    55. Dincler Family

      Please make some real retractable wolverine claws 😇

    56. Brian Meskanen

      I see no issue with sneaking this into Comicon to finally deal with Roddenberry's Dogs.

    57. Awesome Brown

      The forbidden toothpick

    58. James Frake

      What is the reason for using propane instead of acetylene?

    59. Noah Churchill

      Pay days new update a LIGHT SABER

    60. Sirofilm Roblox

      I would like to buy that toy to defeat my Friend Light Saber toy. It's completely safe for people's, right?

    61. Ernesto Concepcion

      Making stuff that strong is fun to break stuff

    62. Toxic potato YT

      Make zabuzas sword from naruto

    63. Damiano Sollazzo

      May the Force be with You

    64. Battle Cats Dude 88

      You must be rich

    65. MrTnbopp123

      That is not cutting, its blowing heat onto an object. Mega fail

    66. Ryan Phoebe

      US army wants to: know your location

    67. Chang Rider

      shut up and give my money

    68. Gilang Armanda

      This is stepping stone for real lightsaber

    69. Galactic Gamer

      Do you think his dad ever told him not play with fire? 😂

    70. Jxck

      So that the tip looks more like one you could put a clear material over it and make it retractable just like how an extended back scratcher is retractable

    71. Kevin O'Connor

      Just a bit slow

    72. Klayton ThomasYT

      What about bullet resistant glass

    73. springtime bonnie

      This dude is going to be the future Obi-Wan Kenobi

    74. Ciaran O'Neil

      everyones sponoring honey now

    75. Shine Hex

      That is cool and all but you use it as a flame thrower then a saber

    76. that one kid

      Holy shit

    77. Aldrin Euri

      It's basically a flamethrower

    78. Marcus See

      Theyre just burning things with a flamethrower

    79. Evil Blade

      Are we officially living in the star wars universe now?

    80. LoganBTW

      Could you have a lightsaber battle with the working one? I'm not asking you to do it, I'm just curious, will it be like in the movies and hit each other, or would they go through each other?

    81. nuclearthreat545

      Flame thrower

    82. Ryan James


    83. The WindyREDPanda

      As a StarWars Nerd:.... Ahem.... THAT'S A *PROTOSABER!* As a Kamen Rider Fan: *REVOLCANE* as a MegaMan Fan: *Z-SABER* As a Smash Bros Fan: *Beam Sword*

    84. Skitchyio


    85. Nitrote

      Imagine the FBI breaking in with this thing

    86. David Pressman

      notice how he hits the bottom half of the steel door with the hammer 2:08 and uses the lightsaber on the top half (maybe not steel) 2:13

      1. the Hacksmith

        Same steel. If I hit the top I'd have knocked the wall over

    87. xweert711

      I'm not even a fan of Star Wars, I just love the idea of some dude making a super hot flame and cutting holes into shit around his garage with it

    88. PhoenixZ

      4:22 imagine the lightsaber falling in his face ;-;

    89. PhoenixZ

      I need that

    90. Forsaken_Salsa

      Me: Yay I made a tissue box paper towel roll and rubber band guitar :D Them: *we made a working lightsaber*

    91. Gavin Powers

      It's good but not quite cigar. It needs to be the width of a cigar and, after it fires up, needs to stop 4.5ft in mid air. I'll continue shopping at the junk mart on Alderon, thanks.

      1. the Hacksmith

        4.5 feet? No light saber is that long. 3 feet tops lol

    92. Juanito Luciano

      Wonder why the US army is not recruiting him for this

    93. Æ S T H E T IC

      It is good. It just need to cut faster and be a little longer.

    94. Lawson Rhea

      Now you have to build the Force

    95. Slenderchif

      I can already see soldier traning to use this things

    96. Lukas Donagher

      I can already see the government and the army all over this

    97. DoodooMcSparkz

      I love the fact that he essentially did this to tell the comment section to stfu

    98. Ian Helterbran

      "This is frickin awesome!" Gives himself a haircut by accident while waving it around

    99. fabipol two.O

      im so happy you guys tried sand

    100. MyLife

      This gives me hope for the future of lightsabers